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World Of Steel : Tank Force

World Of Steel : Tank Force for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by BraveTale located at He Yuan Dong Lu - 3 Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Beautiful tank game. Graphics, gameplay, mechanics, physics of the game are all great. Very immersive. That being said, Panzer IV turret on a Panther chassis is very lame and looks ridiculous, which it is. Hope they fix that. During World War 2, Allied tanks were garbage, but in this game they are unrealistically over powered. Meanwhile the Panther is too weak, and you have to buy it, or grind until you're dead.
Looks pretty. An almost Immediate steep ramp in difficulty at the final boss of the very first chapter turns this into nothing more than a annoying grind fest in a hard and fast attempt to make you open your wallet sooner rather than later. Controls can be a real PIA too. Uninstalled.
This game is great it has good graphics its a fun game. I like destroying the other tanks im so happy that it has survival mode so i can practice how good i am and online mode so i can play with other players and the world boss its pretty hard but i can still win the people who made this game is great at making games keep on doing what you're good at oh! .And one thing left for me to say I've always wanted to become s soldier and this game makes me confident to be a soldier
I love this game but I wish I could get back all the progress and tanks I had before I got my new phone.. like seriously what happened? Does everyone start off from scratch again? Just because of that im sorry but I'm rating this game 3 stars.. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜€
not so far this game's good and even the game lag maybe because of my mobile don't suit the graphics but it can be adjust.
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This is the best tank battle game I had ever played on my device.The game really seems to be promising to what the devs had saidπŸ˜„.Moreover, the high end console quality graphics keeps your eyes on the game and really provide an awesome vibe, which are really hard to be seen in android games nowadaysπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–. Deserves 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, nothing less than that.kudos to the devsπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ‘.
Your game is really ok and i can't reach last tank your graphics are look like 558 MB games and update the games I want play online modeπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
It was OK. The graphics aren't as good but the gameplay is quite good. But boss battle? Seriously? You've got to change this feature. Your game is a historical game and shouldn't have bosses. Please add the online play quickly instead and remove the missions. The COM is way too smart and knows where I am. Please work on your spelling and grammar. I have played two of your games. Both have big grammar mistakes... It hurts so much to read it that I decided to stop until you fix it.
aiming is atrociously impossible, no matter how I adjust graphics. just bad all around. intrusive ads after each battle. at least they've been short ads..
Just a bit dodderry on the controls/movement , small choice of basic/additional vehicles , other side has same tank as player , lack of structure wreckability & no infantry/aircraft aspect for involvement in scenarios & swapping combat perspective/roles with , & weather variability would be cool , but this is a fairly decent time massacre'r nonetheless . Tank-U coders !! ☺ . D .
Really it works offlineπŸ˜ƒ now I can enjoy this great game anywhere.... Thanks to developer for such a great game ... this is really good game.... I recommend this to all πŸ˜ƒ
Saw this in yt looking for offline tank games since Archaic tank warfare needs wifi so you can play.. 15/10. But minor setback. Tracks are moving but wheels arentπŸ€”πŸ€”.. Btw keep it upπŸ™‚
Well its a nice game but there are problems of the game laggy bug and sometimes it glicthes its a cool game make an update for the game like add more maps then tanks and add a pvp or multiplayer thats all fix bugs to!!!!!!! Nice game
Unlike WOT this game has the training 1st. Tanks look very realistic. And No groups. Solo play. I'm hooked.
Like the game good graphics and game plays just maybe start with a better tank slight hard to buy new and better tanks but all in all nice game
Great game... however, I am at a loss as to why I can't return to the original game I was playing before my phone broke! I purchased another phone and was looking forward to resuming my game where I had left it. I was at level 15 and injected over $100.00 to enhance my experience. Unfortunately, I have contacted the site twice at the direction of the info provided. Two weeks no response. I am disappointed with lack of communication as a paying customer. Will not play or pay ever again until.
The sights are not steady. Like some other tank games. It doesnt work for me on my fone.(phone). Sorry uninstalling.
Great game. I love the graphics, authentic ww2 tanks, and basically everything about it. I would like if it had a secondary weapon like a machine gun. That would really do it for me. I know i speak for every rpg when I. say, be warned. if you don't intend on paying to get money for upgrades, you will be spending many hard hours trying to defeat impossible bosses with limited power. sure, you can slowly upgrade with money you earn, but it is very slow.
Nice game awesome graphics good controls but the enemies gets strong way to fast that the level your in has an advance enemy tank and you have an outdated tank
I recommend playing this game who likes tanks and strategy and three tanks must be added it will be Maus a super heavy tank it will cost so expensive than tiger II also add m1 Abrams tank the strong one who can pierce through almost all armor and has a great armor at front and kv5 the Russian tank its strong armor and turrets πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸŒˆπŸŒ„πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒ
This game is good. If you add more tanks and maps or if you make it multiplayer by wifi or bluetooth conenctivity the it will be awesome. please add this mode.
best game in the whole wide world thank you for the creators of world of Steel tank force to make this game.
It a good realistic tank game I also play tank commander which is also good but different style of gameplay I just hope this is not a spend to win game or it will probably be dropped as I'm a strict non cash player .but on the whole it's good stuff.
This game is amazing! it has great graphics, concept and gameplay! my only concern is the controls, when i put the sensitivity to 0.8, its a bit too fast, when i put it to 0.7, its too slow, so it makes it hard to aim, and the joystick, its quite tricky, unlike other games, and the positioning of the Scope and Fire Button is weirdly positioned, but overall this game is Fun!
Yes!! I've been searching for a tank fighting game like this for so long ! it's a very good and addictive game,and the graphics is good too. I can't put my tablet down,I'm hooked . Thank you and well done developpers!
This game is so complex that I had to uninstall it. The game was realy focused for hardcore gamers, this game should've been a multi-player platform if it has a complex gameplay.
incredibly easy and then all of a sudden incredibly hard. Just lime the other gamez made by this outfit it is designed to get you interested just enough to start wasting hour money on it. gameplay starts and in 2 seconds your tank is turned into swiss cheese. The CPU cheats every chance it gets.
good so far but should try and make a better animation for the tracks but all in all pretty damn good
Ahh its so fanyastic i love it but can you add a little thing cuz i want to have a lan game so team death match and other modes. Thanks for the game.
It's a good game but I would like an update. And the aim system needs to be fixed. Hard to kill enemies around corners or next to buildings cuz the camera bugs out and then I end up fighting against the camera. Try to make the aiming in the tank rather than on top. And maybe some new bosses and smarter ally AI. They kind of sit or dont help me. Other than that great job. But please update. This game can go far.
I like the game even though I never passed the first stage, unfortunately the reason to why that is because after every time I finish stage 1-1 the game immediately crashes and doesn't even save the accomplishment.
Not a bad game I guess. Graphics could be a lot better. Seriously need some updates this hasn't been updated since 2017. You either gave up on this game or don't care. Could be a good game you put some time into it. I'm going to have to uninstall this game it needs updating . I take it this is a dead game (given up on).
This game just copied another game. Just look at this, whenever I play the game the screen it lags and my other games doesn't lags at all. This game sucks iam against one of the strongest tanks plus players here are cheating LOL THIS GAME SUCKS NEVER EVER DOWNLOAD DIS has all of it. DOWNLOAD WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ
The only thing that im not satisfied with are the controls on the phone.It is really hard. Gave 3star only because the controls were hard.
Its a great game but i seem to be in a situation were the game crashes every time i complete level one and it doesnt save the victory so i have to do it again and again iv tried reset but same prob.
Not bad for what it is. Takes forever to level up if not playing online. Also shouldn't be able to unlock a tank at level 1 if u can't use it until level 20. Kind of a scheme to get u to pay real money in order to be able to use it immediately. But a nice alternative to WoT which I wish had a mission/story mode for offline play.
very nice game with very nice details, I like the way that allows us to destroy the tank, to the person or team that made this game, congrats never stop your work (:
oi the gameplay is good enough and the graphics ain't good enough for low ram devices and the controls is hard. but good enough
this is the coolest games ever i really really like it and thank you for making this game because i like tanks
The graphics and controls are definitely some of the best, the gameplay is good, my only complaint is that the difficulty increases too quickly and there aren't enough other ways to get stuff, while there is survival mode to get stuff, it gets pretty repetitive. Good game but needs some improvements.
4 stars cause the OT130 tant does not have a barrel. Intsead it shoot flames. If you are making a game make it more realistic.
Download UNTIL A BETTER OFFLINE TANK GAME BECOMES AVAILABLE in Play Store. That said, game will cause you frustration due to processor lag, even with an ultra-fast processor! The only action you can take is to reduce the Graphic level & try reducing the Resolution one notch. It would help if the developer would remove the 'baby' on board the tank!!! It appears processor priority is: the running commentary (baby), followed by movement, with shooting last on the list. It's like a cyberwar !!!
Basically World of Tanks but stolen and converted badly into mobile format. The english translations they put in are filled with broken grammar, the tutorial has straight up stolen bits from World of Tanks tutorial manual. If u don't mind supporting theft, then this game is better than the other tank phone games
best tank game but plz add more money when repeating a level..its just too cheap that need 5 repeated level to upgrade 1 attribute...otherwise fun game :)
A good game graphics are good and gameplay and can be played offline which is a plus it's got multiplayer aswell for those people who like that so all round a decent game in my opinion. πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ––πŸ€ͺπŸ–
DEAR.developers the game is great but I just have something to say....that there must be a map n the controls.firing system should be in our hand I mean free to shoot...although I gave five* hoping its going to be better next time....thank you all
Very, very good tank game. Alternative to World of Tanks Blitz. It reminds me of War Thunder. Problem is that it takes super long to reach just the Panther.
ok this game has a big potential...the graphics and the controls are far enough... but the gameplay needs to be balanced because the 1st boss is very stronger than you and his companions are better that your ally tanks...you can't defeat it unless a real money and the upgrades are useless and even your own strategy...and the mission reward is too damn cheap...please adjust it.in the next update...
Best graphics best controls but the wheel of the tank doesn't move🀨. But the chain is movingπŸ‘just fix the wheel movement and its betterπŸ‘. I don't understand others are they dumb the second tank needed level 20 to unlock but the 3 tank to 13 tank doesn't need level to unlock. Highly reccomended on World Of Tanks Blitz fans
Hi I have some requests I really enjoy by playing this game and it need some thing more like muse tank(German tank) and T-28 tank(American tank) and it's oil should be limited and it should have different ammo like smoke ammo and destroyer ammo and fire ammo. machine gun and crews. Thanks a lot from u and from your company and your game If u do this for us we become more happey. Thanks alot
Fun and derp game. Game Play is nice and simple and most vehicles are correct but the last two stars are not there due to mechanics. Armour in the game is not well done, e.g. in the tutorial, the t 34 shod penetrate the panzer 3 turret.
This game has potential.Hopefully there's an online PvP feature added to it someday but please keep improving the single player mode.I'll keep playing it for now cos i think its one of the nicest tank game out there.Keep it up!
The graphic is very awesome,the controls need a fix,but tank armours are so realistic hard...this is NOICE...
This is one of the best tanks I've ever played. Because it has high graphics, great gamplay, challenging enemies, and many more! And i wish there will be some updates that i could enjoy like tanks and maps.
nice grapics and make some nice features like missiles in 3 wave shots and the multiplayer in offline just wlan wifi and online and the survival make it 10 times to use it or if you dont want too make it just 5 not 3 and in boss battle increase the prize after the battle make it 3k+
Nice game, needs some updates though. Things like more ammo types, and better controls, more map types. Other than that , really good game.
Great I love the game so far, but if you can please do add an ally tank or two during the hard levels I know this may make the game easier but having ai on my side just makes me comfortable also cam you add different gamemodes, please. Tnx
I think the controls could be smoother, and I'd love to see a version with modern weapons and vehicles
Its an ok game it just need a reward systen update because your getting 2200 of the curency and you have one of the top vehicals which requires over 100 000 of the currency and it just becoms impossible to play its made so you literally have to spend money to progress in the game which is rediclous and when you buy anything its so little for so much. Inproov the ammount gained when finishibg a mission for the first time and if you want to repete it keep the same amount of currency.
i love tanks so this game practically let's me see what i love and stage 3 is too hard i can't even get past level 1
It was OK. The graphics aren't as good but the gameplay is quite good. But boss battle? Seriously? You've got to change this feature. Your game is a historical game and shouldn't have bosses. Please add the online play quickly instead and remove the missions. The COM is way too smart and knows where I am. And I know you are from Hong Kong like I am, but please work on your spelling and grammar. I have played two of your games. Both have big grammar mistakes... It hurts so much to read it that I decided to stop until you fix it. Please do so quickly and reply soon.
To put it simply this game sucks, won't let you fire when you are aiming at the side or rear of a tank. Awful controls needs a lot of work. Uninstalling now
Awsome tank game considering how difficult it is to find a good offline tank game but pls fix the bug were shells go streight through the tanks without doing any damage
it is said that this game is supported by using a GsmePad.....NOT TRUE.....1 star graphics 1 star game play
The front armor is pretty much immune to any kind of damage. I think armour and damage system should be updated.
Really good game, nice controls, nice graphics but what I do mind is that you can play survival only 1 or 2 time per day. That makes really hard to upgrade tank that's why I rated the game with 3 stars. Make survival gameplay unlimited you will have a lot more players.
Why do these company's hire worthless devs. Sick of games where they can't make a good play. They put you against overpowered tanks,or put you against 4 or 5 tanks or all of the above. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, NOT WORTH PLAYING.....
Its a good game but it does need some improvements like the control and a few more secondary guns like machine guns different types of shell that you can select overall a good game if you do this I'll give five stars and check if there's any bugs please fix it
ok this game is good...but the problems is the reward money after you complete the mission is too little...its too hard to earn money...
The graphics and the gameplay is one of the best no glitches so far, but I have some concerns. The explosive sounds everytime I press anything is annoying, there are way more less tanks than I have expected so, devs pls add more tanks, and lastly pls in every mission pls pls add some friendly commarades it's boring if Im the only guy who's fighting and it doesn't give the war vibes. I'll change my rate if you guys take care of my complains so far a good game
Awesome Game Has tons of levels and The graphics aren't that bad the creator made the Parts in the game that really matter, the tank looks real cause the sun shines on it in game! NOT BAD!!!
Great game it's very accurate to real army tanks the only problem is when you unlock a tank with stars you have to wait until your level 20 or something but it is still a good game
The game is nice. A tank game where I can play a solo mode. The only thing I am upset about it's landscape or environment; it is not continous or vast or unlimited range to explore. It is limited like in an arena. Couldn't explore or maybe escape.
The game so far is good but levels are too hard (or maybe I don't have a good strategy :v) in my opinion and because of that, it's hard to gain money to buy better tanks, so i really hope the levels are easier at the start
its good but could use work with the feel and depth the of game. It would benifit from a story line similar to a call of duty or medal of honor not cheesy but imersive. it could toatly change the way this game feels to play and take it to the next level.... Storyline Is Everything, great graphics and controls are only 60 or so percent of an epic game the legends All had great storylines.
Good graphics, but horrible controls Tank can't even climb the smallest obstacles on its way....real Tanks I knew can even smash through building on its way......this needs overhauling.
Greatest offline game.....! πŸ˜€ I love this...!😘 .High GraphicπŸ˜ƒ, Control OKπŸ™‚, Colorful☺,Remove bugs and ads. 😑 Good jobs Teams.....! πŸ˜‰
Its actually good also I suggest add a control like the ones in world of tanks blitz bc WoTB has easy controls :) -Edit) Its sad how the developer gave up :(
I liked this game- what I dont like is when you shoot two times in the same side of the tank he dies.
The game is designed in such a way that you will not be able to win without buying anything. It's like pay to win. Don't install it. Until an unless you want to waste your time an money.
A damn good tank battle game.B patient n always do your homework n you'll advance smoothly in this game without much spending real hard money on items.This is a game that reads on good smart strategy and tactics.You must own a Tank that can communicate easily and trust.Gointo battle with great passion.You and your Tank must possess a strong trusting bonding relationship together and you'll get along easy in any mission level thrown at you.Love n understand your Tank and do to it what's the best
This game is very fun to play and please add more Tanks to the game like German Maus Tank and make the map bigger and the controls are very hard to use ,make it easy to use
Thank you for all your games their fun and not hard as hell . If you don't buy funds ' which aren't costly ' it will take you a while to move up
I love the reality of the expierance. Graphics superb. the rounds bouncing off the hull. Its cool. main 2 issues is one once the game has been uninstalled for whatever reason if u pull it back up all the frustrating hours and $$$ u spent is as nothing. Some games will recall especially" play games" all ur hard work is recorded but ur gonna start at the begining anyway . i personally spent 40$ 50$ but here i am usiing that stupid 1st tank.
Joystick control to move the tank is too erratic,,cannot move tank where I want it to go,,needs much improvement like Furious Tank, or War Machines tank games,,will uninstall now. Also, cannot get camera to view where I am going.
The game is bad. The whole game is pay to win, you need to have 25$ to get new tank or be lvl20. Survival mod is restarting everyday and its bad. You pay some gold 175$ and that is a lot. And you will need like one month to get lvl20 because first boss is too hard. Please make the game better
This game is a cool game because it's the only multiplayer tank game that also has a single player option.
Good game I like the graphic design it looks super realistic better than world of tanks graphic but both of this games are good and world of tanks are a lot of fun
this is a good game but why did i gibe one star? i would like to advise the developer to please just the t-34 boss make it more easy im stuck at that level because im not yet level 20 if im level 20 i could win i think someone is also stuck on that level please fix this As Soon As Possible!
absolute garbage, it gets way too hard after level five if the bosses were a bit more easier id probably give this game a higher rating
The graphics are kinda nice but other than that it is hard to move around and fire the cannon on your tank in battle. I would suggest a way better game which is called world of tanks blitz.
Please make it so the aim follows the target. It's a pain having to keep the aim on the target, move the tank and shoot and the same time..
Ive lost all my progress when i upgraded my device at level 18 .There has been no response from the game manager . No customer service. Player beware!