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World of Mines

World of Mines for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Cogoo Inc. located at 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, 12F Suite 1206, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great controls and the world map aspect was really cute. If you're a completionist, be prepared to fail at Canada and Indonesia up to a hundred times because the unconnected islands make it tricky but really satisfying once you've won. I like the extra maps available in the store with stars that you earn in game. I completed just the base world map and had enough stars to get all of the current available packages without grinding through stuff I've already solved. Fantasy maps would be neat
This game is very good and fun to play. It also adds the perfect thing to normal minesweeper: the lands where the mines actually are/real life connection. Also, it'd be cool if you added the 80 Macedonian municipalities XD
The only reason I'm rating it this low is because of an oversight by the developers - the controls. There's no way to use your volume button to start or stop flagging or change the position of the flag button. Controls matter in a game where you compete for a faster completion time. Here I feel very restricted with the given choice, even slowed down, forced to put mind on something unimportant. The concept's great, just add the ability to flag using the volume buttons and I'm back in no time.
I love this game! I use to hate mine sweeper, but my love for geography roped me in and now I just can't stop playing!!! Also, the USA, Oceania, and Greece are my picks.
A fresh & fun minesweeper game. I have completed all levels so far & would like to see the US added as a new region.
An interesting concept with a major gameplay issue. When you click on a square randomly there's a reasonably low chance of hitting a mine. However, when you have to do this eight times for a nation with eight islands more often then not you will hit a mine. Also, you don't always clear a big area meaning this problem gets worse. Overall, a fun game that has a nice spin but end up sometimes just being frustrating.
Great game. Love minesweeper. Only gripe is the continue feature. I like having the pressure of minesweeper. Being able to continue takes away from the stress P.S. After taking a look at comments, people seem mad at guessing in minesweeper. What these people don't understand is that, classic minesweeper has guesses. You can find a bomb on the first tap in classic minesweeper. These people have been playing minesweeper super easy mode.
The idea is good but creating minesweeper area ot of country borders is generaly not good, because there can be multiple areas where the field is broken to multiple parts and other wierd corners that forces you to guess.
I love this game. The whole idea of using map of countries to play minesweeper is original and intriguing. I'd like to see Taiwan being its own independent map and also a map of Chinese provinces. (Including Hong Kong and Macau)
excelent concept to bring classic game a new taste. Everything is nice except the fact that there is a time when you start the game with only a little clue or just get the bomb at the first tap
Good idea but needs some tweaks. It's so frustrating that you can't move the flag button or press your volume button to switch between flag and discover. I keep accidentally hitting the flag with my fat right hand and losing. Also the island thing that people mention is annoying. Easy fixes just hope the devs care.
While the gameplay great, there is one major problem in the design that makes beating certain levels impossible without paying for the undo function. Any level that has multiple islands make you blindly guess a random square on each island, which just ends in you losing. Additionally if a mine is in a 2x4+ region you are forced to take a 50/50 guess and pray bc you are physically unable to figure it out. Canada is particularly brutal, so if you could do something about this it would be amazing.
The game is fun, the controls are great and the graphics use the old original windows minesweeper aesthetic. My one big issue with the game is that I had several games where I hit a mine on the first move. That just completely soured my experience with it
I don't understand how anyone at this stage of human development, still can't make a minesweeper game without eliminating guesses. Take notes from Simon Tatham, seriously, it's not that hard to "borrow" code from someone when they already posted the code themselves.
Cool idea, poor execution. Buggy controls and ads that never appear leave you constantly opening/closing the game to even be able to play. Great idea buried under some painful programming, happy to check it out in future. Also looks good too.
I wish you could play vertically, but other than that, this game is great! It would be neat if y'all added a United States package to the game. 😊
I like minesweeper but this game could as well be called 50/50 cause 90% of the time you have to take a risk just to finish a country makeing the game just a risk taker. All tho its just supposed to stay on the basic square pattern
I want to like it but $1.69 for each redo beyond the two that you watch ads for?! Especially when you have to guess at times. It is enjoyable but I will be giving it up soon. Far too expensive, I expected a few redos for the money but one???
The gameplay is very fun and customizable, and it's very engaging and helps ease boredom, though sometime when I long press to put a flag down, it doesn't register as a flag and I fail, so I've mostly just used the flag mode now. I'd also like to see countries with states, like the US's states and territories, or Australia or Russia.
My only problem is Canada. The amount of luck required for that map is insane. At least 7 different islands, plenty of 50-50%s, 1 rows
This is pretty much what it says on the tin, but it's got the best minesweeper AI that I've ever used on mobile. Regarding the gameplay, with maps this shape, especially with islands, it introduces a lot more luck. This isnt as a big issue because you get 2 "free" undos, which eliminates some of the luck factor (you have to watch ads for it). Despite this, canada is still insanely difficult. That's definitely one to grind out. I cant complain, great app overall
If your a fan of minesweeper this may be for you but the shape of states makes it a lot harder to strategize playing as some parts give no indication of where bombs are through numbers, which is how the game is even played. Still fun to get through each state and try saving the U.S from bombs lol
Generally a good game, but some of these maps require a lot of luck. This is on the more frustrating side of gameplay. It is minesweeper though, and the map progress makes the game pretty damn addictive.
The game is great in general. Only one small issue, which I'm not yet sure is the problem of the app. The problem is that while the Arabic language uses the correct letters, the writing is showing left to right, and because of that the letters are not combined as their supposed to be. Other than that it's definitely a great game. It would be interesting to add a detailed map of the US.
Nice idea. I'd love to play that version but the absence of an option to switch to permanent flagging mode makes it impossible for me to play. I'm used to be putting flags by simply tapping the field and then chording around. It doesn't make sense to put a flag with looong tap. It makes the game slow.
Love the game, love the concept. But... I think some people do cheat a lot huh? like they barely touch anything and they break the record? Also, like Australia, whenever they click in something thats not mine, their time decreased while mine not?
You should solve somehow the fact that solving countries with many islands is very frustrating and repetitive. And add more countries to the regions maps like the US, China, France, etc.
It's pretty good, just hate how some of the islands are impossible to do without guessing because there are so many corners, maybe its designed like that. Itd be cool to see the US states as a map.
Not very good minesweeper, forces you into a lot of 50/50 guesses because of the odd shapes. Novel idea, doesn't work that well
Great concept! Very fun! I completed the whole world, but I would like to start all over again, not sure how to do this...
It's a great idea but in every other game there are two bombs next to a 1. It obviously ruins the whole game! ☹
Great concept. The controls to zoom in and out are frustrating to work with. There are many cases where it is impossible to tell where a mine is without guessing due to the odd shapes.
Uniqe game but please upgrade the mine placement! It's very annoying when you losse over and over due to the imposible way to guess a mine that is somewere in an island that is 2 square wide and to 7 square's long
There is a logical error, when im solving a corner, sometimes i cant deduce where are the bombs, i mean, in some situations of corners it all depends on lucky, so i hope you can fix that problem, for the rest im enjoying very much, maybe you can make a japan map
Amazing unique game! I would like to see the United States of America pack next, with all 48 contiguous states!
it is a minesweeper game with countries as the grid. however, there may be sharp areas/islands that you must random guess and you can get really frustrating if you clicked a mine on a new island and causes you to restart everything again. I got every country except Canada because Canada have way too many islands and thin areas that you must guess the way through and wish yourself luck.
I think this is really good and has all sorts of challenges. I would prefer that the island ones (with 4+ seperate areas) would have 1 more video allowed, since they are very difficult. I would love to have Canada or the U.S. as a seperate thing.
Overall the game was good. I had fun, but the problem was that every time that we hit a mine and we wanted to undo it, we had to watch an ad and the most free chances you get are 2 times. After that it's $1.48 depending on your currency. I believe that this isn't fair and that this game needs to have some sort of hint to prevent impulsive buying. Please take my advice from heart and I wish to request for a refund of $4.44.
The idea of this game is very interesting and the execution is great as well, my only problem is that the game relies a lot on RNG, especially the maps with a lot of islands (Russia, Canada, Italy, etc) i would recommend making some of the biggest islands their own maps, like they did with Alaska and Svalbard, and another problem is that 50% of the time, every time i play a new map and click on a random tile, its a mine, and i have to reset... Aside from that, the game is really fun!
It's a great game, but it would be greater if you increase the maps. Maybe adding more options in different prices. Please add Costa Rica to the options.
Relies on luck too much. I love Minsweeper, but the countries with islands rely too much on luck. Perhaps I'll tap on a 1 and cannot reveal any major section before hitting a mine, or, best of all, I'll tap on a mine first try. While I know islands are unavoidable in this type of game, perhaps there needs to be some sort of safeguard against this. Perhaps the island mines generate separately when the player starts on them? Other than that, great app.
Love this game, excellent to counter boredom or just kill time, I think a nice adding would be usa states and france regions :)
The idea of this game is good but this game is difficult to play. When I check 3 boxes when it start, all of it just give one number. It is impossible to finish and there are too much ad
The shapes of the various regions add a novel difficulty and interest to minesweeper, significantly increasing replayability. My only frustration is that the unconnected areas of some regions make completing these regions too difficult. I have attempted Indonesia at least 76 times without success because of this. By the way, I would like to see the oblasts, krais, etc. of Russia as the next new levels.
hi. I really like this game and the "new" twist with opening the whole world. But.... These f...in random choises suck and aswell the little islands around the main land. therefore russia feels like impossible to solve. Please ad in a funktion that recognizes when i've opened all logically solvable squares which then opens automatically an other square so i don't have to randomly open one with the danger of failing. that's really annoying Solve this and you get 5 Stars for sure
Excellent. Best Minesweeper app to date, really wish they would update the PMA world tour and make a 2020 edition though :(
I like the challenge and the frustration of certain countries, *cough* *cough* (Indonesia). I think those could also be frustrating in a bad way aswell. It is a wonderful game and I would love to see a United States level where you have to go through the 50 states. That would be great!
It is very creative ans impressive. However, for some maps, they are extremely hard and for many cases, we may have to lie on luck. It may be better to reduce these cases or invent other items to support users. Also, I am so thankful to add the Korean peninsula map on this game.