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World Mahjong (original)

World Mahjong (original) for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by MasterGames located at 18, Bucheon-ro 198beon-gil, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 202dong 1111ho 14775. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There is a flaw where if you get rid of a tile, there is a 30% chance you will draw that same tile in the next two rounds. It really ruins the fun of an otherwise good game.
Help. I bought gold and paid for it but no gold was credited on my account. I sent an email but somehow it wont receive.
I am not newbie, I am noob means I don't have any experience in mahjong. but this game irritates me, it doesn't tell what kind of tiles I have, even in practice mode. it doesn't give a step by step instructions which is very annoying.
Very appealing interface and gameplay, congrats to the creators. The only drawback, apart from those frequent frustrating losses (when you have 2 jokers but an awful hand and end up losing all your credits), is the dialogue options. Interacting with other players is fun, but the phrase choice is so bad. I only stick to congrats, sorry and heartbroken. Why would I say things like "it was difficult" or "i'll go first", "it's a big hit"? And why is "sorry" on 2 menus? Some variety would help, as well as some mild exclamations, like "I'll win this!" or "you're too lucky!".
You always loose. I don't get lot of joker only other people. Too expensive to buy and you get little credits. - I played more than that
I've been looking for such an app for a long time now and I'm not disappointed. I only have a suggestion: the animations are too slow in my opinion. If there was an option to change the speed, this app would be complete.
friends and I starting to learn mahjong so this one works a charm to get yourself used to the chips. just try to get the winning hands off somewhere else to get some practice.
This game sucks. You have a small probability to win over a one round game. You need to recharge if you want to win but in just a short period of game and another losing streak follows. Not good.
Gameplay gets boring. In practice mode, other players mostly win through "All Pungs" very early into the game. The tiles given in the beginning doesnt allow me to play for long or explore other ways of winning.
The comp will make you lose and you will be forced to buy chips with real money. Despicable way of profiting. If you wanna get cheated of money join this game. I have uninstalled it.
Used this app for over a year and keeps improving. Tutorials could use some improvements, but does cover the basics. However, it is possible to earn your way up without gold, (in riichi anyway) but does take a ton of exp & independent study and a lil luck. If you can't build a big bank before your allowed games in the newcomers lobby is up it will be way harder. If you plan to build up in Chinese, then good luck. The game seems to be entirely luck based & unless you win, you always lose ct.
Lousy connection, always crashes even with strong wifi..end up losing $$ all the time when reconnected.. frickin pissed. Dumb inconsistent rules where u lose most even if u didn't play the winning tile! Just forcing you to purchase gold! Just uninstalled this rigged game!!
I usually get bad draw and have long streaks of losing. Developer please fix this unbalanced gameplay.
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮good app but there something manipulated the game why other player's always win sometimes 5 st that impossible
DON'T PLAY! this is bs game. You will win 10k gold sometimes but you lose anywhere 10k to 40/50k gold every game until you run out of money. So don't waste you money on this...
Love this game but waiting 3 hours to recharge is way too long, please change to an hour or less. Also game freezes a lot and the tile I want to discard gets frozen and all of a sudden the computer picks out the tile to be discarded. Would be better if the entry amount is less like $5000 instead of $10000.
I cannot access my two account..I know my username and passwords. Everytime I login it says username does not exist or wrong password..How come??Kinda annoying..
Terrible game. Tutorials don't really teach you anything. Played my first game of online and lost all the credits they gave me? And they asked me to buy more?
Time between free/ad-generated money is way too long at 4 hours. They also spelled "World" as "WOLRD" in the in game graphic. Super fun game but I wish I could play it more often vs every 4 hours.
Best Mahjong game there is, until you play with people online. The cash they give out is low, you have be at certain amount to take it and it limits you at playing more online.
i updated this game but if it still crashes i will uninstall it again, im so sad for the last update prior to this one, this is a good game but you messed it, you should not redesign it
This game would be a good past time. But i noticed this game favors players that pays to play the game.
Player is not allowed to win against bots??? I'm left with 2 tiles and they both match and I'm playing chinese mahjong so by right I win but nope I'm still able to throw a tile????? Sooooo how does a player win??
Your "Add Friend" feature won't accept my account name which is 11 characters whole your game says it accepts up to 12 characters.
Will not support terrible developer. Scammer. DO NOT RECCOMEND !!!TERRIBLE GAME. GLITCHY ASF. I've spent money on this app for game credit and no where does it say that if you do not log in for 3 months then your account and all your stats will be deleted. Developer is rude and not understanding. Says I didn't make any purchases within the last year even when I sent him proof. After he saw the proof, he basically said f-you. 3 months is 3 months.
This game is a money making game. I've been purchasing for the longest time and what do you expect they just keep on winning . I enjoyed playing the game just dont expect to win specially if you are a frequent purchaser.
I love this game when I am very bored but they permanent me blocked. I don't know what happened I buy the gold every day to play. Stupid this is my account shintori.
This game support is terrible , look at the way they reply all the customers with negative review . They even remove my previous comment . This game just wants your money . You'll lose it all , and you'll be forced to top up inorder to continue playing . I've played mahjong for more than 6 years . I know they've messed the game for you to lose with something in the system . So no matter how good you are , you'll still lose all your coins at some point . Spend your money and play real mahjong ;)
Korean developed games are money grabber. You win a little, you lose bigger, sometimes all of your money in judt one game. Your opponent keeps on winning with a good hand and pay.
Occasionally, after I win the, tiles displayed in scoring are completely different from the original tiles in the winning hand. Subsequently my winning hand is scored a zero.
its hard for users that play with free credits, just can play less than 20 turns in a day. the others table games provide a continuously playing without lost all credits
Great game! It was be fanatastic to have your own list of friends and be able to play exclusive games with them. Side quests to earn money outside of viewing ads.
Had fun, but the scoring is confusing ... looks made up and random ... ahahaha ... uninstalling this now.
do not buy gold in exchange for play money. the system will set you up with 2 jokers and 4 wind characters then it will set up the higher rank player hit 16 or more points "HU" to take all your money away.
It's fun, by there are bugs here and there that's pretty annoying (example, I could have done riichi or chow on some scenarios but it didn't show up! Making me annoyed at the game)
i hate this game. i always hang up i dont know why then when I returned to the game I lost a lot of money.
Great game. Nice visual and many active online users to play with. The english in this game needs some improvement. The little discard button below the tile sometimes hard to click and can cause frustration, especially when you only have 7 secs to make your move. I suggest replace this discard function with double clicking or swipe up a tile to discard the tile.
Please make a room with smallest payable like 100 to 500 cip..1000 room to much for beginer with 30k money because i lose all in 1st round...the game is great and easy to play..thank you.
Favorite mahjong app!!!! one thing though can there be an option to not have to click the discard button . Instead just click the actual tile. Discard botton is at buttom of phone screen and having to move it precisely to discard is a pain or even clicking numerous times since it is small. Thanks
A decent multiplayer mahjong game. Find a table and continue playing on it, while players or npc comes and go. Need no usual switchings, wind ends and continuous wait n search in finding new players or matches. Finds the Joker system is more of luck than a test of true mahjong skill. Personally would prefer traditional mahjong without the jokers. Buggy and small Discard tile buttons at times, not the usual and preferred kind of click drag or slide the tiles out onto Enjoyed the games so far.
overall it's a good game. but sometimes it throws away anything especially your waiting card. Seems like this game wants you to lose so that you can buy from them. during practice game, you win most of the time but online game? you keep on losing.