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World Cricket Championship

World Cricket Championship for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Nextwave Multimedia located at Nextwave Multimedia Royapettah, Chennai - 14. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Reason behind to give 1 star to this game is this is very bore.when we lofted any shot fielders immediately take the catch and I can't hit nice shots. Graphics of this game is very low.I hope that next wave multimedia will improve this game
Game is so interesting but please add replay system on out, 4,6 to make it more interesting and also add feature that I change the field according to the me Thank you πŸ™πŸ™
Better experience in land package I can say it a good game because it includes all the formats of cricket and much much more the interesting feature of the game is the tickets used to play a new inning in every formats so I would say it a good game. It had few incompletely.
Moronic and mean game. If you turn off the internet, then AI will go aggressive, no matter of difficulty! And when I sweep straight down, batman swings bat on another direction?? Even the review system is broken! Ball goes from inside and touches the bat and replay shows the ball on another side. I Wish, I could give more lower rating.
Awesome game but please update it . The team should focus on thus game too with wcc 2 as please update it graphics one time , improve commentatory , improve fielding and add different bowling style to make this game perfect like wcc2 as soon as possible and tell us about that . After adding these all , this game will become the best one and a lot of peoples will download it. Please update it as soon as possible .
The game not so interesting. And while playing the game strucking. and I closed app, and I opened again my records are gone. I don't like this worst game. You should remove the game in play store. And another thing was the lite should be 100. This game value is 54 MB. I don't know why you are making this worst games in play store. This is time waste to play. We can beat sixes easily. It's very bad game. I'm sorry to tell this. Please make some perfect games.
It is a very good game but there is some bugs and glitches which has to be fixed sometimes when we are not out it gives out and in super over and run chase if there is no ball with small margin then umpire will not give out I hope that in next update this glitches will be fixed
The game is good and light in size but it would be better if the developer considers these points in the next update.. 1)Field settings should be both pre-set and manual 2)The developer should consider putting IPL auctions 3)We must b able to customize jerseys and player faces(like in WCC2) 4)Also it is better if we get to choose our Stadiums of India and around the world like Kotla Stadium ,Wankhede Stadium, Chinnaswami Stadium etc.If all these r added I am sure It'll b a fantastic game.
This game is worst of all cricket games like it has nothing to offer like the game real cricket 20. My basic point is this that it has no feature like real cricket . I would say this to the net wave multimedia company that made this game its a flop game and who ever got this this idea in his mind it was a lousy idea
This game is better than other games but there should be some improvements to make it the best. There should be many features which I found missing. So, I am giving 2 stars. Try adding new features in the game which will make it the best.
I don't want to give it a single star also it is very bad app ,whenever the game opens it is showing account is in use of other device but it is my first account on this game . First game was good than it has same problem many times .
I am disappointed with this game. In super chase section I have cleared 20 overs stage and was playing 30 overs matches. Suddenly when I start to play now it is showing I have not cleared even 3 over stage. How is this possible. Niither I have log out nor anything else but now when I open this game this show I need to clear 3 overs chase. Really disappointed
I think game is great under 60 mb but there is a issue with me, even with perfect timing sometimes the shot doesn't clear the boundary and give bowler a wicket. That too in easy mode. Hope you will fix my issue. this is my only reason to rate this game 4 stars.
This is an amazing game in terms of tactics, availability to all formats & the best thing, DRS Available with Ultra Edge and Ball Tracker. But where this game lacks is the graphics and the lag in the test match. I suggest you to combine all the features of wcc lite and wcc lt to make it a top-class game. If I talk about wcc lt, it is really good in graphics and in my experience it never lags. So, I suggest you to improve graphics and fix lags in their test match and add hall of fame awards. TY
Honest Rating : 0.25 star... Cheater game as when not wide it gives wide and running slowest and what to say about ultra edge the simplest and biggest way of making fool ,just to write they show us that super ultra edge but it clearly shows us that ball touches every time bat and some time out and some time not out. And yes last but not least game stops sometime when we are bowling. Provide manual fielding option.😑😠 Very... Very... Improvement req. And honestly, not at all impressed by game.
Very nice game for smartphone base users but we need a good graphics..the game and the game play was awesome but the graphics and some bugs...are too poor...so please fix the bugs and graphics in good condition
I think this is a very good game because it contains all of the features in cricket but one problem is even though it has drs,its not correct most of the times.Most of the time its missed the bat but it says you edged it.
Good game. But needs some improvement. And fieling actions should be changed.And also Auto simulation should be changed. When i simulate innings it becomes 280 or 290 in a t20 game. This is so awfull. So disgraceful. Nextwave Multimedia are you hearing me?
Every time I start playing world cup it stuck at 4th match and you can't play further instead of having sufficient tickets to play. Its just stuck there, hitting the play button wont work there anymore.
The game is nice. But in world Cup πŸ† India 2matchs play it's working. But when play with Netherlands it's not working . That's only anything the super. Please update now world Cup πŸ™πŸΌ
The game is overall a nice but some problems I'm facing which needs to be solved. 1) competition is very low opponent teams can't even bat for proper 10 overs and once I took 6 Wickets in an over and their bowling is also weak 2) Field placement by the opponent team are so defensive that I had chased down 300+ plus in just 15 overs 3) when I bowl right arm off spin to right handers they just go defensive which makes game boring and as I remember on my bowling max target they set for me is 110.
Too bad. Achievements are automatically get lesser than actual in Super Chase mode. Where I was in the last phase of 20 overs. Now it's showing me to unlock 5 overs!! Which also not unlocking by clearing the 3 overs chase. Too worse of time.
The game is not too bad but some fewer things must be added.1.there should be more celebrations.2.there should option to change jersey color there should be player name and jersey number and at last there should be option to select speed of the bowl the bowler is bowling a bowl with low speed.Waiting for your implementation on this.
Good game I like it more. But one problem that is the player names,spelling incorrect and keep to change the squad of the team. I hope that You will keep these soon for this time I gave 5 stars keeping trust on You.
It's a terrific game, but some bugs are bothering me nowadays. 1: In test cricket, when I bowl, the screen freezes after one ball, and I cannot do anything about it. Even if I will have clean bowled the batsman, the out will not flash on thr screen and everything will freeze there. I always have to start a new test match to escape this situation. 2: I am playing the ODI world cup and I am currently in the third league match, but I cannot open the match. Please fix these bugs. Thank you.
Good game! Developers should focus on this game to bring more updates and iron out the bugs like in test cricket if the no. 3 or no. 4 batsman is made into an allrounder then he only gets to bowl if we are bowling in the 1st first innings, else his name is not listed in the bowlers to select to bowl. Like only the pre-set bowlers are only available to bowl
Nice game just in 54 mb and i very thankful for developer he had make this game Wwc lite game. Original game is to hard to play This game is so easy to play . We can play this game both online and ofline. There are so many modes i enjoyed Thanks for making this game. Have a great day :)
very poor controlling, opponent players easily can take boundaries when there are my fielders standing. When I try to take boundaries I became out every time.
I would not recommend this.. Actually this is nice game. Uses less storage and ram its great fun.. But playing word cup after 3 games unable to play game.. And in test also it gets hang and have to restart new game :/ and LBW review is good but caught behind wicket is such useless πŸ™„πŸ™„ if your bowling in swinger and it gets inside edge and keepers catches ut somehow Opponent is reviews and the DRS shows no edge if there isn't any edge then how in swinger turn to out swinger to keeper???
I like this game too much but due to some problems I gave this game 4star - 1. So many bugs, 2. Fielding attack is not good, 3. Distance of six is always same. I request the editors to solve these problems as soon as they can. Thank you!!!
Good game for timepass it's graphics quality is so good. There is good feature like ultraedge and DRS but several problem has to solve like in premier League when I open Pakistan premiere league the screen will be disappear nothing show in the screen and in the test match when I bat&ball in first innings before opponent team play the decision is that the match drawn.
This game is good of all turnament ODI,T20,PKL,IPL,AUZI. But it has one thing problem to this game is not very good and I give it 5 stars, so thats have review problem of LBW that's ball is out of line so batsman not out real cricket have be seen ok it is out of ball but allways seen it is stump out or in
This game was good but some problems were there first of all there would be more stadiums like wankhede, chennaswami, and mohali etc the second problem was there is no ball option like slow ball, reverse swing in swing, out swing, knuckle ball etc the third one was there should be more stamina in fielders and batsman there should be twenty overs in quick match so i give three stars on it i think that nextwave multimedia solve this problem immediately Thank you
Overall game Is GREAT. But I m not able to paly world cup after Match 2 in schedual. I tap on play now button but it doesn't responds. Everything is working in game. Do let me help out of my problem. As soon as possible.!!!!!!??
A good offline and cricket game. And there are many features. Just a suggestion please add a pause after every ball and there is needed improvement in wide balls. Most wide balls give fours.The spelling of the names are mostly incorrect so that needes improvement.And last but not the least please add some special things like malingas hair bumrahs boling style etc.
This is good game but you should update this game .This game not open 50 over world cup formet .only frist match get to play other not get . after update this game became very good game
This game is good but here is some problems. Like , when i want to defence the ball batsman cannot do this perfectly . Because at the full length delivery the batsman do backfoot defence and so i was out for several time. Please solve the problem.
i think this very bad game because that much are not enough.when i time shot it is not going and it is going as catch. this game need more improvement. there is much difference between wcc2 and wcc2lite.i though it will half of the wcc2. but there nothing . i thought that i ever played worst game.
This game is perfect cricket game. This game is avalable in 9 languages. I like world cup,super over,super cause,premiar leage,text match and maltiplayer. This game play offline and online. This game very very exsideing game. I really like this game. I request you can play and enjoy. BY. 😘😘😘😘😘
Friends this game is not very good.., One day I was playing test cricket in it and when first innings get over. Then in the second innings they getting stop the game after every ball and same thing started in Premier league after some days only quick play is good. And they also change the real names of players. Why you took the fake name of players.. I am complaining this..
Good.. Batting needs to get easier though. Otherwise great graphics, features and bating varieties. If you all make the batting a bit easier, this game is certainly one of the best cricket games in the world.
Very good game but I want better progress in bowling hey game maker please make it better in bowling, batting is good but in bowling the hard mode also feels like easyest mode so make it better next time and ya also make it tough please give the answer of preview and please make this game tough its very easy
Here the production company became too lazy. They are not reading reviws also. Last updated was in 2019!! Great right? Update some more features. This is still 50 mb. Lite can take 100 mb. Introduce stadiums. Night mode. Introduce something more. Not at all responding. Well coming to the game. Its decent. No many features. Is it lite to wcc1 or wcc2? Improve and upgrade your not looking or working on lite.
This game is made of glitch !! Very annoying experience. There is no need of an umpire there.. Because every time there is an appeal his descesions goes wrong....
Good game but please add commentary in Hindi and English . One more thing that is missing is more shots . You can increase the app size but please provide these features if possible.
I give 4 star for this great game. In the game overes should be taken 50 or 20 over maximum. You should give a net prictice, it will make the game more good. In the game you need give variation in spain. At the last the game is one of the great game, i ever seen and thanks for this beautiful game...
This game is nice overall. I enjoyed playing it. A little practice and you'll definitely be good at this game :-) But still you can improve the graphics. For example the fielder is running straight and as soon as the ball reaches him, he is shown to catch the ball. Another example that the batsman is standing for the ball and as soon as the ball comes, he hits it in a way whose starting doesn't match with the way of his standing. I know these things don't mind much ;P Good game. Recommended
This is very amazing game. I enjoy it so much.these is better game of cricket but some issue are there in this game like 1. When I hit ball ball gone for six but the distance of ball is always same like 87,88 metres. 2. The bowling action of all bowlers are too same.I want that please change the bolwing style. 3. In other games of cricket I change batting order but in this game I don't change my bathing order also. 4. In other games of cricket like wcc2, wcc3, real cricket 19 etc. Please solve
Hey there developer, the super chase function of your game is not working properly. I cleared up all chases till POWERPLAYER but it all accidentally cleared to CUB CLASS and even if I clear cubclass levels again and again. The YOUNG LION part always shows to be locked. Why? And also there's a problem in the test match. I was playing a 90overs per day match but I paused and closed the game but from then no matter how much time I open that match it never starts. The game is great but it has bugs
This game is fantabulous, marvelous mind-blowing game but there is a problem, please remake the positions and please, the spellings of names are horrible, please fix this. The main thing to be changed is the names, spellings are horrible and just get mad when u see them so please fix. But the game is op
Nice game .And very hard to make runs in this game. I like this type of game which I think that it is a type of challenge for me.do not on tutorials.
This game is good but sometimes decisions of umpire is wrong but drs is provided only one problem is there in the game that it don't shows celebrations while taking a wicket the audience is also same no one can judge they are happy by being out or by hitting a six!🀣🀣 but for a lite version this is the most appropriate game for cricket fans. There are many series of entertaining points. And i love this game . And one advice if someone gets irritated by the ads just simply close moblie data πŸ˜ƒ
Very great even the hard mode has a correality between wcc 2 and 3 well mostly, apart from that the World Cup is easy to win.
A great game it disourve 5 stars but i am giving 3 because some improvements should make. These are are following:- 1)Add Jersey numbers at the back. 2)The graphics should be more satisfying. 3)Fixing of bugs. According to the size of game the game is good but to make it better you should work on these like the graphics you have in other games. Otherwise good game. Work on these features to make it a better game. # positivity #cricket fever Thank you!
This game is really nice but there is some issues in this game 1) fix the players name when he gets out and steps towards pavelion. 2)bowling team should have less DRS. 3)So types of bowl different soo we can better understand which bowler it is. If you fix this all it will be nice game and I will think for 5STAR.
So amazing i like this game there was some issue the team of ipl is doesnt same please update it i dont see the cricket game just like this and the team of quick play please add real cricketers
So good game espically the test match. Soo high graphics. Thanks to all WCC Lite team to make this awesome game. πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜β˜Ί. I gave request to download this game. Just a little bit problem the ODI worldcup costs too much!!! But this is just a little bit problemπŸ˜‚. Kids will enjoy the most (I am a kid).So I will also enjoy this cool game myself😍. Also give night mode to play & mor stadiums Just One more request (to WCC LITE people) I want Bangladesh Premire League(BPL) Pease Please Please Please?
Nice game we can play some matches offline but some are online and in online we have to buy tickets and then we can play this is a very big problem but it is nice game to play.I really love it.
This is the nice game for offline games. But the main problem of this game is no change field after 2 shots in those area. And another problem is no upgrade in this game.
The swing in the ball is too much and the opponent team is undefeatable and with full effort match is tied. Graphics can be improved. 50 over match can be included in quick play also .
The game is very good and excellent for cricket fans and the game graphics should high and then there game is not saving the game means I have played 20 overs again I have to play 2 overs pls solve this problem and then the game is excellent...
It's a good game but needs some improvements boundary checks and more higher hits for fours and sixes .Lovely experience waiting for improvements and upgrades .Make game hard.
When I bat's the game provides too much scoring opportunities for a left hand batsman not for the other....There is no protection for a cut shot by a left hand batsman.... when there is lots boundaries on same side there is no action taken by the cpu to provide a fielder there... There is no difference between a batsman and a bowler... bowler can also make big hits...When I bowl's the opponents always got out by stumped if there is a loose wide delivery.... πŸ‘ˆplease correct these mistakes..
The game is very good cricket game and in this the graphics is super i think you can give a option for manual feild setup like we can change the jersy number and change the style for the bowler other that it was a very nice and exlelent game
Very Nice App. Really Great Game. Good Graphics. Best Experience. There are a few issues that need to be highlighted, for example 1. The bowling actions of all bowlers regardless of their bowling type is the same. 2. Both Teams Should have limited DRS. 3. We should be allowed to change the batting order. Rest, everything is wonderful. Please solve this problem and make the gaming experience more delightful.
This game is best. But please add some feature like career mode and different sadium. And also improve your graphics. Thanks
I love this game very much. But there are also some problems in it. 1> Sometimes the scorecard isn't displayed at the bottom. 2> We don't receive any points or gifts if we win a challenge or world cup or leagues and test matches etc .
If I would have a option I would give it a 0 star..... I get ads after every 2 overs and literally we can't skip those ads and the ads are also quite long...... These ads ruin all the game and the gaming experience and all in all these ads are very frustrating so plzzz fix this issue
So many ads and I was Play easy and I play 5 game but all matches I was lost disgusting app and after every over ads was disappointed me please don't install this game worst game
The game is nice but when we start bowling sometimes the games stop there only we can't walk, play and move thes should be perfect. And when I play the ball straight it allways got to wicketkeeper and I got out And when the team plays the ball does not go to the wicketkeeper and when it goes to it it doest edge and if I throw the ball to stump it does not heat sometime and players doesn't run fast
We cannot play the saved game and the game has many bugs but good graphics and bowling style and batting style is also good but fielding style is not good the fielders dive but cannot save runs please think about this game.I hope you will fix the bugs and we can continue our game. Thankyou☺
I love this game,because i feel that i am in the real cricket ground and because of its graphics.The controls are too good that i cant tell.
That's very very very very very bad game. When I bowling none of field as doesn't take the ball. When the body is coming they stand at the same place. So that I don't win the match 🀬🀬🀬🀬
It is a great game but the wicket keeper miss too many balls that make me angry. And other thing that should be added that mannul fielding. If improve that things next time I will rate 5
This is the worst game I hv ever played in this game the umpire is with the opposite side and this is same with the third umpire I have used my full net that I got, in Batting Multiplayer I always lose bczz there is no run out and the both umpire and third umpire tell that it is run out and this is same with the caught behind
A bug founded, Whenever batsman hits a four, the fielders just standing and seeing each other. Just the bot opponent hitted 24 runs in that over. >Every batsman coming to crease there's written "Lefthandedbatsman" even if the player is righty. >impossible to hit six even spended coins to power up. Fix it, please.
this is a good game but i give one star less because it's graphics are not to good,and they should keep commentary in english or hindi but there is no option for commentary so please improve this
Yes it is a very good game as per it's size There are so many games of this size but it's best. But one thing to notice is that the sixes hit are always 86 to 88 metres
Its a good game. But it has some problem. The player spelling is wrong. New stadiums are not there. I cannot hit a six. You have to give more tickets to play in Special leagues. It can be cleared by one more update.
Best game after call of duty and gods of olympus. But there is a big problem that whenever I play world cup 50 overs I am not able to play the 3rd one meaning not able to click on that . Pls fix this issue.
A very nice game I think this game has many many many amazing games which makes it more 😎cool and the controls are simple so I rate it 5 stars...wish it had 10 star option:-):-):-). Do add more moves to enjoy the game more!!!
Very fun while playing the game .I have rated 4 stars because the controls are not excellent they are very good because we can't hit big sixes but good game πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜
Please fix some bugs 1 my fielders don't takes any catch, they are just standing like a statue, the don't running fastly, they don't dive 2 the controls 3 the players need their real ability 4 full off adds 5 I can't sign with my google account 6 the leaagues are costly I uninstalled this app the drs and referees are too bad fake reviews they make
And also add dive option and change the dress the are like an old model and also change the bowling actions if possible make the bowling actions as real. And also add some new bats and balls and add day and night test matches in your game.
Fantastic game it is but you need to add more as like series, Asia cup and also opponent team is also looking very weak he can't making much then 50 and also in test sometimes that is drawn match with out playing second inning so please developer add these facts for making it world no 1 game
This is game superb but this game commentary was not in Telugu.If this game comentary was in Telugu maximum every body download this game So as possible as better to cover every language in commentary in that way we can create some gamers interest in this game.so better to improve this. From mine this the suggestion
This game is superb. Amazing, fabulous and fantastic But it's very hard to hit boundaries with perfect timing. So please make this perfect timing bar more long
Great cricket gaming app in small size. but, try to add multi-player option: i mean of multiplayer like one bowls me while i bat and i bowl him while he/she bats. it would be a great thing if you add this just one feature in ur game. even i could encourage and bring my friends to this game to play and have fun! :)
I love this game. I played this game in past. Sometimes drs decision is wrong. Quick match is only available 10 overs please convert in 20 overs. Add commentary in Hindi. Add more stadiums, other type pitches, and other modes. Improve graphics and issue update version . All over, nice game please improve these errors fast i request to Nextwave Multimedia and please reply me
Update the game as soon as possible and in this update add stadium and nightmode,and more leagues .But after all game is good. This game needs improvement .Thank you
Very bad game . I am advising you not to download this game . It stops sometimes while playing. Please edit this problem who has developed this WCC lite game
I love this game very much. The reason of 4 stars : (1) All the balls are going for a wide (2) We can't control the ball (3) The names of the player's have some mistakes (4) The player's are not running fast (5) Sometimes when the keeper is jumping against the wide ball the ball will hit the keeper's hand and it will go for a 4 . Please correct all these things things ..................Thank you....................
The game is good but please add jersey numbers, players face editing, etc. When you add this I will give the game 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. I've one issue in the game. When I start the test match, it is good but when I go back to main menu and again go to test match, I am not able to play it. Please solve this issue.
1)So easy to make runs with left hand batsman since off side is open for loft shot and no fielding change happens 2) Frequent & PATHETIC " Edge review" 3)should prompt opposite team player to go for normal shots(singles or fours) than trying for lofts(six) majority of the times...most of the times it's like opponent scores 80%+ runs via sixes alone
In the beginning this game was fantastic but now this game is really making me mad.... I can't play with right hand bats man.....I have tried many times to play with right hand bats man but failed...... everytime I hit shot opponent team always get catch and know this is making me really angry... Please improve the bating line of right hand player or I'm going to uninstall this game
The worstest game ever played by me total wastage of time please don't play game this is disgusting game when I played quick play mode I felt that this is not game this is hell because in batting they are hitting sixes and when my batting came I also try to hit sixes and my short timing is perfect but fielder caught it and in fielding a catch is coming but my player dropped it and it goes for boundary there are so much bugs please fix it
This very nice game but some small problem in it and if you improve this it make this more batter 1.commentry(this is some x factor which make cricket game more specific like wcc2 and wcc3 ) 2. The super over is not be in task form but it become in competition between 2 teams 3. In bowler different type of of bowling style be there 4. The main problem is the batting order is not change so if you improve this it make very nice game = please reply me your game lover
This game is a useless game. I was playing world cup match with australia I went for double and keeper appeled for a run out. In the third umpire view it showed I was in the crease before it did a run out and when it showed on the big screen whether it is out or not out it showed out. I loved this game but past few days same thing is happening with me again and again. This game is full of glitches and now I hate this g😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠. Plz do not download this game
A good offline and cricket game. And there are many features. Just a suggestion please add a pause after every ball and there is needed improvement in wide balls. Most wide balls give fours.And last but not the least you have to make it a little easier.
Sorry but I am changing my review. In world cup after playing 2 matches I am not able to play next match. In test match after 30 or 40 over it hangs. World cup is my favourite so please fix it as soon as possible. Add carrom ball, cutter, reverse swing so it will be more interesting. Also add other league like IPL.
Wow absolutely terrific and outstanding game among the ones I hve evr plyed but certain issues needed to be fixed timely otherwise it will loose it ratings in near future. 1) There should be an alternative to change the batting position of the batsman acc. to our wish. 2) The bowler's must hve different actions so tht one can differentiate btween their types. 3) The field placement efficiency needed to be improved since it is one of the grt issue of concern. Hope these issues to be fixed timely.
This game is Ok. But one problem is that the batting is very hard. The batsman can hardly hit a six. Plz correct the problem otherwise I will not give it five stars. 😊😊😊
This is a amazing game but there are many issues which one must be slove out . 1. All bowler's bowling action is same . 2. There are not option to change batting order . 3. After caught out by wicketkeeper it is 50-50% chance of out and not out . No one sounds come after catch . So it's very difficult to taking DRS . 4. Squad options is not so we can't change our playing Xl . 5. It doesn't not have a fielding costmization so we can't change our fielding by our thought . It could be better .
more features to be added 1)there should be chance of super over 2)there should be features to upgrage players 3)there should be chance to control the fielders or bowlers so that they can take catch, take run outs 4)more emotions should be added 5)if any player makes a 50 or 100 than he shold raise the bat 6)there should be features to set new woeld records in world cup 7)there should be raining so that overs get reduced And like this many more poinrs should be added that is related
I like this game but the review is worst of all the ball is touching the bat but their is no ultra edge and their should be commentary because wcc1 has commentary but it is worst because when I open in WiFi connection black screen comes but i like it so much because of its cricket
I used to love this game but then it started causing problems, batting with left handers has become very difficult and I can't even hit a normal shot because if I do, it goes straight to the fielder u should add new options as well and also please improve the graphics and gameplay. If u do, I'll give it a 5 star
Game is so interesting but please add replay system on out, 4,6 to make it more interesting and also add feature that I change the field according to the me and it also bug that game stop when I am in final of world cup .I try so much time but it not start please fix it.
Please do not install it because in test mode if wickets are there also it is ending only for three days and it is showing you lost and in another modes when we are batting no balls are not totally given only some times are given and in odi cricket world cup only 2 matches are coming waste of tickets
Too many ads once you on internet , tickets are very rare unless you buy them with real money . You will not be able to play test for long time
Wcc lite 2 is better than wcc1 .animations are good . fun to play. Best cricket game but due to minor bugs i will rate it 4 stars.as Six distance is always equal 87 m. Drs is 60% wrong. Opponent team always takes rewiew on catchout appeal but never to defend lbw appeal even last batsman is left. Afterall best game to play
I like this game more, but in the world cup, I play 3rd league match , the button of play now is not even working, I restarted the tournament , again the third match button is not working please do something about it .
Good game but at the same time worst When I am playing test match after 30-40 overs It gets stuck didn't move anything and my tickets Get wast.ed so please fix that problem with an UPDATE ? u r just focusing on wcc games not On this wcc lite but remember this is a better game than all your other games please Solve all problems
This game have many problem.it have many time to leg.this game have no update no modify many changes in game.i have just time pass to paly game but many feature are not available in game.this game proper can't background in run, agian i have go to game it have been leg and players are stay at position he can't move any side.i have try for perfect shot but i have watch and game can be say early short.properly can't run.you have change feature game.you update your game after game proper run ok
A very nice game I think this game has many many many amazing minigames which makes it more 😎cool and the controls are simple so I rate it 5 stars...wish it had 10 star option:-):-):-). Do add more moves to enjoy the game more!!!
This is the worst game ever.... the controls are not good even the graphics is too low.. when i try to play the game my mobile often does not work it switches off or it hets hang.. i think there must have an update on this app or this will get worse.. thath why i have to give it a 5 star
Yes I like this game very much. This also the 3rd best cricket game experience of mine. But in the gameplay, there are some shots which are missing for e.g.- helicopter shot, pull shot, upper cut scoop shot. Except I have no problems, with slog sweep shot and others. That's all from me.... Others I've no problem.
Not such a good game in start it's good but now when playing the game the screen freezes please fix this bug and in this game not have winning celebrations it's second part world cricket championship 2 is s fabulous game but this game is not a good game don't install it is such a fully wastage of time and data.
It a good app but there are some problems like if you put a shot it does not go six and if opponent put a shot it is easily a six . And always opponent win the match .thats i have given 2 star rating.
After wcc 2 I played this game. Had a lot of fun playing it. As compared to wcc 2 it is small in size and enough to entertain you when you are bored and want to have some fun. As an teenager I loved playing this game when I had no work to do.
This is a very good with great offline animation. 1. I am unable to play the third match of world cup please fix it . 2. It is better if keep normal T20 match like series and ODI series it will be helpful. 3. If the fielding is manual it will be helpful. 4. The player jersey should have the team symbol atleast in test cricket.