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World Cricket Battle 2: Play T20 Cricket League

World Cricket Battle 2: Play T20 Cricket League for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Creative Monkey Games located at Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Saravanampatti, Coimbatore - 641035, Tamil Nadu, India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
What is this? I were playing career mode, and the both batsman went to same side, when batsman hit the ball, both batsman run together. And then both batsman were non striker end and bowler bowled to batsman. Improve gameplay.
The game is good but something is to fix. First of all is please improove batsmans speed taking run. No2 is please improve for taking lofted shot in offside. It always out. No3 is please improove review system in edged out. Otherwose the game is too good. The auction and My carrer is awesome. If you fixes the issues,I think the game is becoming best.
I'm using RedmiNote7Pro. I noticed the game is slightly lagged as a result no real experience in game. When I sleect a direction to play shot its not swing the bat in exact that direction. Finally its a very much irritating at the final over can't hit bigger. How much I try, I loose wicket. Non stricker auto run out my player(career mode) lots of time even there is no option play last ball. Running between the wicket is worst ever. Only able to cancel when they complete half of the crease.
Nice game but , They will cheat us in between the game , it will show out in 3rd umpire decition even if not out , it will get hang and reopen in different part of the game . Its time waste if you play for your win. But good time pass if you can accept their cheating game.
Fantastic experience in career mode. I have played real cricket 20, wcc3,epic cricket etc. But this game is really awesome real cricket 20 is also awesome but you get bored . Wcc3 you can't play because everything is paid I played it . Ps-the best cricket game on Android, yes it has some issues but it is better than wcc3 and real cricket 20 Download it and play career mode
Game does not work. Uninstall reinstall nothing. Worked the 1st time. 2 purchases in game crashes and will not load up. Finally a good sports game on play pass or so I thought. Finally a game worth my money. NOPE!!!! Thanks for the teaser
Nice game. But there are few things because of what I have rated this game 3 stars. 1. Please improve the speed of the batsmen while running between the wickets. 2. Please give the feature unlocking NPL Auction by coins. 3. When we are playing in episode mode by signing as a guest, then after closing the game when we reopen then all the statics are deleted. We have start again from the first. 4. Please include the feature My Career Mode offline.Please improve these things that I have mentioned.
Concept of this. Game is very instesting but there is. Change. For. Player face player name then physical gameplay that when we play with computer every ball id bouncing on line. On other game ball will bounce our side way like that. It should be. Impormt for pro cam. More to imporment i except. It will be. Imporoved. On 2021
All are good but slightly update few features. 1. Commentary is too bad, batsman miss the ball but commentators said "Beautiful stroke done for four". 2. I'm waiting for test match series long time still you are not updated, why? Kindly update soon. Otherwise this game is very entertainment, I like so much. 3. MoM awards goes only batsman why, these awards goes to bowlers also. Kindly modify this issues.
The game is good, concept used is very good it makes you play the game over and over, but when you try to play aggressive the player somehow gets out everytime. It's kind of strategy used by developers. Please resolve this issue. And also to update some graphics and mode of playing.
Game starts as a journey of a boy where you can play any shot either it goes to the player or for a boundary. If you try to Play different modes you have to pay for it. Try to bowl anywhere to the batsmen he will either hit a six, four or to the fielder no single double. Give the player any ball yorker, short pitch, off cutter, leg cutter, spin the ball he will hit you a boundary from the off side ball to a six on a leg side ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ literally a joke game.
The game is wonderful but the batsman shots like helicopter shot and and in career mode we can't make all rounder and I need to connect to network other wise game couldn't login I hope you can fix these problem and achievements not unlocking after from 2 weeks like first boundary, first half century, etc
Few points: 1. You cannot win the toss. 2. You cannot take 3 runs in any ball. 3. Even if you take 2 runs, commentator will say that it's single to the score. 4. Commentary is repetitive.
The bowler bowl a lot of wide in my career mode, hence they doesn't give me to play if I play that ball , OUT!!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก The timing doesn't matter in this game if I play early, SIX! If I play late, SIX! But if I play perfect by mistake, OUT!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก Aww So awful game just waste my time as possible So slow game !!!
It have much good features, modes and playing styles. But it have so much bugs like when you are playing and in action reply the ball is dilevering early and and lately his hand completing swing. So please fix that bug and after this the game is amazing you should update graphics for 3gb ram. And also a big bug during starting When we start the game it took too much time to start and sometime it couldn't start. You have to fix this bug because i love this game you have make prompt to this game
Game is good for creating your own career profile as a player,but you need to fix some problems like when another player is batting we should have an option to autoplay, I want to bat my player but when he comes to non striker the striker is batting and we have to wait so this is time waiste
Great Idea Into Career mode. But One Of Aspect of being Captain Is Pretty Darn good If the Captain has its say in Bowling Decisions, Which Batsman Will bat Where. Feilding Positions. Telling Your Batsman To Play defensively or agressively The Next Ball.
sir I am the big fan of this game but, the new update of wcb2 in story mode we cannot make 28 runs in 12 balls, so we all think about wcb2 releasing the updated version as soon as possible Story mode is good but we are not able to complete this target
I would have given you 5stars . This is the best cricket android game I've ever played. But in episode mode I can't pass 28 runs from 14 balls( now I stopped playing because I am frustrated by playing 20+ matches for passing that level) . And please include diving option for batsmen . Hitting six is very tough . I felt no difference even I buy more consistent bat with coins . I hope you will consider this. And thank you for creating this wonderful game.
App is not saving episode data Every time I have to start from beginning Please fix it fast , it makes irritation
It's most preferred on batting only, but good game. And please improve the running between the wickets, running is very slow. And add the bowling option in career mode. Thank you
Its previous installment and this one also have the similar issue. Every single time, you run the game, it needs sign in. Many of times happens like sign in done but game doesn't proceed further! I am struggling to understand, why this game requite to do sign in every single Time! It takes edges to do it. There are plenty other games, where game data saved with one time sign in only! I deleted the first version due to mentioned issue, and I am going to delete second version for the same issue!!
This game is worth playing, only thing is that the graphics of the game need to be improved and also regarding game play even if the shot is perfect or good in timing player get out by catches and that's what makes it furstating. Please look after it other than that it's really fun to play.
Great Game. Started trying few cricket games to pass time in quarantine. Found this the best outta other few. My Favorite modes are The Career and The Challenges. But no game is perfect, would still like an improvement in the graphics and the realism (where once I played a shot the third-mon it went for a four to the covers). More phrases could be added for commentary and More features for the faces in Career Mode as well. Thank you
Batting is very bad. In 50 over match try to hit all ball and perfect shot all get caught sometimes.And this this the worst game I played uptade the shot selection and straight shot was not played in this game . Episode is very bad it doesn't hit the ball it sticks . Some shot is not playing. Daily award does not give. And spin and win always come 50 coins
It's a Brilliant game... I am very much loving it but anyone wants to know the reason of Three stars... 1- Graphics are very bad... Yeah Replay graphics are worst and run out more worse..2- Unable to hit six... Yeah you can't hit sixes in front, right and left... You can hit left or right diagonally...3- Not being like realistic... I wish to game that change the name of players in next update version.. Tournament Asian Cup , Every player wrong name.. Dhoni is Dhone.. Commentator are excellent
I am giving 2 stars because in hard level when I tried to play lofted with perfect it always goes to a fielder for a catch, I dont know how you guys developed this. Also if a ball is ducked it goes to keeper for a catch I dont know how? I will change the rating if these things get chnged. Hope will get some comment on this. Even three runs cant be taken even the ball goes far away from the fielder.
What the hell? It asks u to purchase a premium pack to remove ads and after I purchased it still shows me the ads. I want my money back. Addition:- they ask you to send an email so that no bad reviews gets shown up here and they never respond when you email
I have played this game since June 2020 which is one of the best cricket game I have ever experienced. However, You should improve graphics as well as commentary so, it will be interesting for all players. Add to this, Also add players voice while fighting with each other on field, wicket and half century as well century, this may more attractive than other games. That's it
The idea of the game is brilliant but there are still lot of bugs regarding ball physics. Sometimes the shot selection and the direction ball flies off does not make sense. Also atleast make the bat kits available for coins and unlock some modes on level up since the whole lot of game modes require lot of money to unlock. I'm still planning on playing and I'll edit the review if the game is improved upcoming updates.
Concept of this game is good like career mode and story mode ! But game need graphic improvements , game have no proper 3rd umpire for runouts ! Catchers have no animations ! Faces of the players are same ! Game mechanics , physics etc need a lot of improvement! Its impossible to six on fast balls but easy on spin balls ! You can't ball if you are batter in career mode!
Want to give five star but there are few bugs in the game 1) from the time I downloaded the game my device started hanging even there's enough space in my device. 2) in my career mode the whole team depend upon me even if there's efficient balls left to score runs. 3) the loading screen is lot of time consuming. 4) no matter what type of ball is the computer opponent will always hit boundary 5) I hit the ball in other direction the ball goes in other direction and got caught by any fielder.
The game is quite good .. the story line in career mode , as well as the episodes .. it's a good game indeed !! And it's one of the top order Cricket games in the list for a smart phone according to the shots played so far !! Could have enhanced the graphics aa lil bit !! Other than dat every thing is well and good
Hello creativemonkey. Still there are so many issues in wcb2 gameplay. In Episode the final of tournament it's give us a impossible chase to win the final.It give125 runs to win 42 balls and moreover u can't hit a six if u try to hit a six u may get hit stump by ball or catch out .There is no option to hit a single six and u can't run too fast it's too slow to get double or triple runs. Please fix running issue ans improve batting performance so that batsman can easily hit sixes and boundaries
I really liked the Career mode that is what I expect in a sport game. You need to work on the Running. Always the non strikers tries to get me run out if I score 50+. And Most of the times if we cancel a double run at this situation, the batsman keeps running for 3-4 runs even when they WK has the ball and stumped a striker. So please fix all these bugs. Other than that A better cricket game.
The reason why I gave only 4 stars is because some times I can't enter the game .it was showing WCB like it was stuck.rest is very amazing. graphics was good .it is the best game I have experienced.
This is the best game ever. I love this game. It's like the real cricket which we play but there are some mistakes in this game when I try to login it will show please try to login again. I tried full day but I was still not able to login! That's why I will give 3 star rating to this game.
This is good cricket game. However I would like to suggest some points that you may take it future for development. Try to give different celebration of each player who gets wickets,half and century. Also try to add some audio while bowler fighting with batman.
This game is so amazing I am playing this game the last three months good experience. I would have given 4 stars but I liked the graphics but need to improve some controls
This app need to be updates more with new player and able to choose your own play11 in each team that what it need.
It is a good game but there are some things to improve in it. 1. In my career mode, we have an option for batting not bowling. There should be batting and bowling options both. 2.When I take run, the batsman run very slowly and I got out. But there are some advantages in it like we can field on our own by pressing option of manual instead of auto in field. Hope you like my views.
This game is an example of a very good concept ruined by very bad execution. Numerous glitches such as the opponent hitting any ball for a boundary while if one tries such, even when the execution is perfect, it gets caught out. It's as if the player has no strength to hit a six or a four as it stops just before the boundary more often than not. Developers get new programmers or pay them better to improve this game.
Sometimes when you are running between the wickets the keeper hits the stumps after you reached the line, but still it is considered as wicket, while batting you'll be standing inside the line bt still it will be a wicket when you keeper hits the stumps, and it will be considered as bold, the commentary is bad, oops sorry worst!!
The game is super and the career mode want to improve somewhat and in all modes the ball is stopping so it is not good and players want to keep cap while batting against spinner and players want to dive and slide for the ball and the war is not good only the strike is going to war And the auction mode is super
Game is really good but can't loggin through my Google account as well as its not allowing me to register. Only way I can play is with guest loggin where I can't save my played games data. Please fox this bug in the game.
The game is good but too much partial. When a batsman reaches close to 50 he somehow gets caught. There are lot of bugs that needs to be fixed. Batsman gets out at the boundary somehow. Plus u should add how to play shots section, since there are lot of shots that they play. Plus they will always hit a six or four on a free hit nomatter where u pitch the ball. The game is very bias. Pls look into these and make it a better experience to play.
The game is nice. But when I play the episodes mode, I require only 1 run and I take it. But the fielder does w diirect hit and umpire gives it out. This happened 5 times. Pls solve this problem.
Best storyline and career . Just add some advacned graphics along with some more sound effects and audience reality. Far better than any other game. Liked it.
Very very good and perfect cricket game, but when we are playing game and keep app in background to open other app immediately, after opening our game again which is in background, game is starting from first onwards i.e from "creative monkey games".So please set that even after opening game in background it resumes. And when batsman misses the ball, and ball goes to keeper to catch, even it is not touching the bat, umpire is giving it as out and in DRS also wrong decisions are giving.Plz set it
Sir I love this game very much I came till state level but when I downloaded mod I got message to delete it and Install from play store And when after Installing the game is not coming it stopped at loading in the first and not coming I don't know if the problem is in my phone or your game because for some game if I downloaded mod I will get the same statement that to delete it and Install from play store and when I downloaded from play store the game comes normally so can u please check that
Game is satisfactory, good to see these up to date games in Android but few changes should be made!.... Player Energy indicator not found which was in wcb 1.If changes have made this game will rock... And add premiere league Cup match! .
Fantastic and awesome graphics. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒRight now I am also facing same problem as other races when I start a game, it is not loading nore the login window will open. So please solve this issue.
Good game. you can make It more better than it is. Like you can make it play without signing up, Our make episodes more attractive and can make match more interesting. Pls think on these points for game. Thank for making such game It drains battery
Game is good liked playing.Need to fix this If you got out and you goes for review and you are not out it always gives you out and you have to start new. There should a dive option while taking a run. Grafix should be better.
Best feature But add some more update like gully cricket and test cricket and jerseys 9f ipl a d other countries. It's felt 3.9 Please more update I wait When bowler take a wide ball all ball keeper catches some catches also drop please solve this And Cricket episode coming soon...... One problem here I win u19 world cup after playing 10 15 mathech it's hack in 98% solve this problem.
The game is fun, but needs to be more realistic while timing the ball, running between wickets and shot selection. As a batsman, an early timed shot goes for boundary or six, while a perfect timed shot gets you Out or the ball goes to a fielder. As a bowler AI opponent will hit every ball for six. This seems to be a joke sometimes and with so many open bugs which needs to be addressed.
3 starts because Career mode is played on internet that's not good and game has too many glitch. When blower starts bowling he throws a ball before reaching the popping crease. Commentary is not proper. Please add the feature of fast running.
I'll not give any stars because, whenever I try to download the game,it downloads but the game crashes at login itself. Please don't download the game I tried 3-4 times downloading. Waste of money. Buggy game.
Most frustrating game ever played , not able run faster even fielding managment systems are also laid very poor , in episode mode , if opponent team's bowler appeals and empire given out then u can review is good but thr fact is that if the umpire's decision is felt wrong and u r right then also you will be declared out , a lack of errors had to face earlier in this game and its the humble request to the team for improving the graphics and controls
The Game is fabulous. But few changes are need to be updated. 1.Addition of test match 2. Availability of options to place fielders nearer the field. 3. Option should be available to change batting style bowling style and even bowling type. Pls bring this three updates to make the game the best. If first 2 balls are 6,6 in one over and after auto score the same will be shown whereas the batsman will be at 0. Pls add options to add new players in playing eleven, squad and options to delete player
I wanted to give this game 5 stars but there are a few bugs. 1. In career mode the team depends on me and if I get out the team ultimately collapses. 2. If I am batting and I take a run and even though I am well in and the fielder throws the ball directly at the stumps, I am given out.
Currently I am facing issue with login. I can't login into the game today. Game was awesome and this would be the one of the few games made me addicted. I was on level of PCL hero and I don't want to start over due to login problem. I tried to login with social media as well as direct login, nothing works. I am looking for urgent help.
i installed the game.it took a lot of time to load.But when I tried to play the quick match.All was ready. I selected team,over ...but at last when it was loading to start the match , it suddenly stopped the whole game and then it came to my wallpaper. I am really sad. Please reply....๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข.
I will give two stars because of There is a lot of problems in this game after the game is updated 1.While we are playing the game is strucking then losing the wickets fastly and we are not able to score big score and the commentary also not good and the While playing we selected night over cast in the middle of the Match the rain is coming why the is not stopping and the please add some new players who are Indians playing for IPL and the game is much more interesting ,Thank you
I don't know what to say. I am just not able to open the game and whenever it shows the daily gifts of some coins then suddenly it closes all of a sudden whether u have signed in or login or guest into the game.
This game is very good but in exclusive auction mod E they you need to be signed auction mode and when i signed auction mode i had won 102384 coins it became 0 so please do auction mode on and not to be signed in and if signed please do not reduce money ๐Ÿ’ฐ this is a very good game i real apreshate this game please clear this problem thankyou so much for making this game and 1/thing when I deleted and re-download they say 373mb instead of 234kb thankyou very much
nice game but in my CAREER things should be added is that when we are the CAPTAIN of a team we should select the PLAYING 11 also the order of BATTING BOWLING tooo, Add TEST cricket in my CAREER, also different records of T20, ODI not in one single record. Updated SQUAD of 2020 in each TOURNAMENT and IPL AUCTION. COMMENTARY in HINDI with some EXPERT cricketers. GRAPHICS quality may also have some HIGH quality. Will make you #1 and best than Rc20 and wcc3
The newly introduced stories mode wasn't good as per expectations sometimes it is much tougher than the career mode difficulty was high compared to normal mode so kindly please reduce the difficulty I know in the point developer it would be tough to do but this is a suggestion and don't take it serious please see to that Thank you for one of the best cricket carrier game
The game is nice and I like it. This is a ultimate cricket game.There is lot of cool stuffs in it like my career etc.. I like it very much. Thank you for creative monkey games.
in career mode when we batting, we caught out due to stamina decrease so please add an stamina bar in controls and the graphics also low and hitting sixes are also very critical so it makes challengs to complete highly impossible . when we hitting the ball in one direction it goes another direction and ball goes max 5 directions. please update commentry also. however this game has nice features. I love this game so please update
This is a very good game of cricket. This is a best game i have ever played. But now I am facing very problem to play
It's a good game to start with.. but some of the things need to be corrected.. 1. whether the timing is anything from early to late.. the ball might land anywhere.. to fielders hand or to boundary as well. 2. In the episode mode.. whatever u do u can't win the final..
Superbly developed game. Gameplay feels smooth and feels realistic. However unable to play multiplayer with another player. The timer of 35 secs is too less, by the time the other player enters ID and joins the room it gets timed out. This is a drawback.
Super game really it is very very nice for 400 mb.nice graphics nice controls as it is as reality cricket but only the thing is the commentry is not nice the developer should improve the commentry and please keep the real names of the cricketer's , their jersey numbers and their faces and please improve the difficulty.In hard mode also we can hit more sixes, to hit the six it should be very hard. Also include hard core and expert then i would have gave five star thank you for the developer.
There are to many bugs every lofted shot has been caught near the boundary line even the perfect shots i have playing the shots in between fielders even though they are catching ball they are taking ball after the ball has been stopped even i am hitting the ball through gaps why it is not going to boundary? The ball suddenly slows down and fielder goes to the ball i have never seen in any game that the ball will stop and the fielder picks the ball
After installing again this for it's before performance which impressed me , I saw this time that it can't be opened also after getting permission from the storage and not only that it takes a lot of data while getting installed.This made me to give this game just 1 star . If it improves as needed by us then I think it can get above 4 star.
Very good Game concept.. but need to improve at various level.. lots of glitch is there.. like when running between the wickets.. and would be great if the graphics is bit more realistic.... also improve commentary.. show fielders position while running between wickets..
WCB 2 is a very good game I love it very much i play it very much but there are some major issues in the game that's why I am giving it only 3 stars the major issues are (1- it takes lots of time in loading when we start the match 2- the graphics are not good 3- the players are very slow in running 4- if the umpire give the decision to the third umpire in the case of run out it always gives us out) so I humbly request the team to solve these problems if they will this game will be on the top๐Ÿ˜Š
This game is one of the best game in world. But some improvement are need to this game 1) Add real faces and real jercy numbers of player 2) improve running between wickets 3) Add fielding controls like wcc3 4) add real team squad of teams and remove retired player 5) Add real jercy out teams 6) Add real life bowling actions like RC 20 7) add new celebrations 8) Add new commentary So please try to add this all things to Make this beautiful game.
It takes more time to login each and every time and its some time logging in my other account.....i couldnt even play my carrer it stucks...and now in episodes i couldn't see the ball where it is pitching...these alone they need to retrify but good game..
Game is good but there are a few bugs like sometimes when the batsman is hit by a ball it is shown as out ,why?? And why does the team always depend on us in my career why can't they win matches on their own,they should be able to win on their own also..please decrease the loading time ,it is too time consuming..also introduce performance decision system in my career mode it gets too boring to clear the goals of runs,sixes,fours everytime and the increase matches in tournaments in my career.
Good game but improve grafics of this game I love the game it's like wcc2 it have good control and dressing room is the best but the career mode was offline I give 4.5 star the game its grafics are not like wcc2 and real cricket 20 play this game for once it's the best cricket game but I recommend to play this game on 2 gb and 3 gb ram mobile it's not working on 1 gb ram mobile please improve the grafics quality like wcc2 and real cricket 20. If the grafics improves the game will better game...
This game is the no.1game among all of cricket games. Unique controls, Extra ordinary graphics, and all the reviews such ultra edge,LBW are in this game. Besides,you can create your own career,own jersey and even jersey number. There are all types of modes like ODI,Test cricket, world cup, Asian cup and a lot of modes you want to play. Sounds are good and real. So,if you are a cricket fan , and looking for cricket games,I will advise you to install this sorry to say multiplayer matches are poor
It's a good game.. but it includes a lot of glitches , runs ran are not at all accurate and causes unnecessary runouts, the timing gauge for the batsman overall the gameplay and graphics are good but need improvements in some parts
It's nice..i love it..it'll be nice if you could add dive option while running,more celebrations after completing 50/100 and also I'm sad because in my career I have to chase the score to win the game and when ball hits the body it's considered as a wicket also when you play for India sidebenchers jersey are whiteโ˜นHope you'll make more improvements in coming update๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
This game does not have openings out as well, its graphics are also very low, the game also runs very slow, it needs to be improved at a very slow pace, please correct it in the upcoming updates. And Hindi commentary should be added.
The bats man easily to out the timing need inprovement while the other side hit six six but by time you batting towards a empty boundry some one is there to catch you i beleive the control need to inprove also just by playing a five overs match the battery drain quickly i beleive it drains exsessive battery but the graphics are nice i wish this game could run on every android phone need to inprove that also
Worst Cricket Game Ever. Lot Lot Lot.... Of Bugs... Fix Those Problems. Or If You Can't Notice Those Bugs, Then Please First Play Other Popular Cricket Game in play Store,And Get Idea What Is The Meaning Of Cricket Game Actually.
This is the worst game In the universe that I have played.i played many cricket games but this is the worst game . graphics are not good .there is signing in problems. The commentry is also not good.if bowler caught the catch then the commenters say we'll catch by the keeper.i request the developers to improve graphics and commentry
Very good graphics and game play. I have an issue with the app, I have forget the password and not able to login now. And nowhere found the forget password option. Kindly let me know how to reset password. . . This could be really helpfull for me.
There is a problem while making runs, even batsmen was inside the line after making runs it was giving out if they hit wickets please make this good, In Episode the bowling mark was not there how can we play if it was not there
I've given 5stars before because i am playing this game from beta version of the game but 5 days before I downloaded and played again and after now I want to download this again but it is not opening now. When i am logging into Google play it is saying to claim your reward and it is force stopping.Why it is happening now not before please reply I want to play this game other wise my career mode will be wasted
Episodes feature is not upto the mark. Totally waste of time. Instead of this you should focus on gameplay and graphics improvement
This game is good but in my carrer mode after 10 to 15 matches it stops. The title screen of WCB2 is only visible and it crashes pls fix this issue otherwise I will delete the game. Already 3 times I deleted and downloaded it then to this problem is irritating me. Pls try to fix this problem as fast as possible.
I have never seen such a wonderful app. But there is an issue. In career mode, all the matches are not been saved. Actually I have completed almost 30 games, but just 19 games are been saved. So it's taking little bit time to complete the levels.
All is good like any other cricket game, i installated because i thought story mode is something different than other. It is good to play initially but after 24 episode they gives an almost impossible chase of 125 runs in 42 balls. we can't hit six because any kind of loft on shot is gets out and even on free hit ball also we cant hit I had to take only doubles and at the end it fails challenge. I am uninstalling the app if it's not gone right way.
When I see this game.I am very very excited for playing this game.I starts this game.I want to play my career mode and I click career mode. After all thing when my first match try to started.Omg.The game suddenly stoped.omg.I try quick match but, there are also same problem. I can't play any match.I am very very feel bad.And now I write this.please,fixed it.I hope you do this quickly.