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World Chess Championship

World Chess Championship for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by MANASTONE located at 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 71길 29 203호 06096 (주)마나스톤. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but network problem cost you to do lose or win some games in which I am not always happy about
It a lovely game for the lovers of chess It help you to step up your game and please the part that you will be having network issue and your time will be counting can that be corrected and when playing the game you can't pick call, can that also be corrected like there should be a pause bottom
Alright. It's good game. But why do I have to pay for stars? If you made shop like normal games to spend real money on skins, like chess figures etc. There's so many things u could of made for cash but ofc you put for cash main feature which is how often you can actually play.... Pathetic.
Worst time control in any chess apps.. Better still u not giving any time at all.. This kind of time control encourage player to cheat (use engines).. Uninstall immediately..
Who bastered design this game whenever I am reaching to win. Then game declared draw and in every final game without completing the game they declared that opponent win what a bastered rules you have nonsense
Its good for tournament. But to chose difficulty level is absent. Also for opting for resign option missing. Let me have more time to adjust with this format. Feeling fare play sofar.
The games only recorded the which you played are losing but winning always no record! Already complained many times but the admin just ignore it!!! Your should check your server and ask people to give your the details, already given many times via email but is the same!!!! Already give details on 11.11pm on 29 May 2020. Please take action!!
i found it there is a cheat in this game last time i played with daniel brosnell from america on 10:45 pm Philippines time this Dec 7 2020.. Im about to win the game until suddenly my connection change and i cant move my piece until my time expired.. after that my connection is back to normal..
No draw buttion or give up one etheir and the timer makes it so if they run out of time they can still play and people with lower rateings have a timer where if there time runs out they lose and the person with the higher rateing who has a timer has forever to play. Very Bad Chess App. Don't recomand. The People who made the app always say if you have problems to report to surrport team but they never fix anything like 3+ people said to add draw butioon and giveup bution.
I just lost a game when it should've been a draw, because I only had my king and a pawn ADVANCING to become a queen but my opponent had only his king and bishop. When he took my pawn with his bishop I then was positioned to take his bishop. Erroneously, my opponent was awarded with a win because of "MORE POSSIBILITY OF CHECKMATE BY NUMBER OF MOVES ADVANTAGE?"...when there's no way possible he can CHECKMATE ME with a king and bishop. Thus a draw game is the real result.
This app/game sucks. I select a piece to move, then before I pick where to move it it moves the piece one square for me. I have lost to many games this way for it to be a coincidence.
It was good to play but I also hate it suddenly when it will automatically restart because of sever maintenence and when it will restart you will loose that game. This is really very ridiculas and disgusting. Also I can't able to change my profile picture. There shows that you play different kind of people from different country but actuallly you are playing with a bot.
It's my favorite chess app. Period. Other chess games in the app store are glitchy, slow, bad server connection, only on a few others can u actually play a human. They're just really bad.. for a classic game like this it seems hard to mess up. But they've managed. One thing I would like to see is bigger tournaments. More rounds. And maybe actual tournaments where you have to log in at certain time. That would be really fun and inovative and i believe would make you the unanimous top chess app.
I don't have a problem with adds, but I do have a problem if it's on the chess board and I have to guess which pieces are behind it. Please fix this
Hello, please help. Today when I try to open the app, I receive the message "Server Error, the last operation was canceled by error. Please try again later please" I have uninstalled, re-installed and tried to play as guest, but still same error message.
Most Indonesian i played are using computer engine. To avoid this issues who are using computer engine, you should have bullet and blitz game because too much time play, they can able to use computer engine and that is unfair to some players who are not using it. So, my suggestion, you should have 3 or 1 min game instead of 5 minutes because for me that is too much time.
Used to be really good app and I enjoyed and loved it, but now it's really disappointing , several times disconnect and U can't resume it again. It disappointed me.
harmful for eyes. graphics are hurtful for eyes. Its Graphical view let us tired and eyes start to sore.
The only complaint i have with this game is the board. It's to dark. Love the sound effects. All around, it's a nice chess app.
Your point system is very much faulty, like if someone lose to opponent who have lower grade lose 10 point, similarly your checkmate process also not up to date. You should follow international rules , you should also have to change in your draw game rules and there have many place where you should develop...just think about it. If you need expert opinion please take,,,,
Hands down the best chess game online. You play people from all over the world and the game only have you play people at your skill level. As you improve in your game, the game improves your opponents to keep your skills honest, sharp and forever maturing. If you're a true chess player, it would truly be a travesty not to have this chess game downloaded on your phone. Im looking for to seeing and beating you there lol. Good luck and this is my first and only 5 rated game I ever put my name on.
This is the best chess game that i have ever played on mobile. The thing that i really dont like about it is that when you play with your friend there should be an option to disable the timer, in online matches i understand why there is timer but when you are playing with a real friend you do more thinking compared to against a stranger. i request you guys to please add a option to disable time matches against friends. Thanks!
Its 2021 this game cheats , it moves peaces bye them self, and make you lose , then they commite fruad , they charge you money at the end , this game is bad for business controller rate = 1 , graphics = 2 , game exp = 1 , over rating = 1that my exp on this game.
I would give 0 stars if possible. The worst app. All other reviews on 5 star are fake. Lot of improvement required.
It's a very fantastic app. But, I noticed of late, I get logged out of games abruptly (my network isn't the problem)
I moved faster than the tournament'ts time (1 second faster) but the system decided that i lose. What a bad game. Win only get 5 points, lose minus ten points. I told you, at last 30 seconds, i moved alreadt at 29' but system said, i lose! Do you understand this or not?
Heads Up if you going to use this app disable the chat from the get go as other players will log on swear at you and insult you so as to make you lose focus. Headsup. Sad crazy people out there.
The most frustraiting problem is one does not have complete control over the pieces. Often I attempt to move a piece to one square and it will jump to an adjacent one. Games are lost because of this. Another infurating problem is music comes on, the board vanishes and a globe appears as the clock ticks away as it is my turn to move. I lose on time because of this. Another problem is the interruption and termination of games in their various stages.Resolve these three and W C will be number 1!
superv, worth to play and spen sone spare times... highly recommended.. the points system is not good but im not joining rank.. just want to spend time...
The game quite awesome the only problem is the board and pieces of chess, I can't edit it in the settings. Maybe you could teach me perhaps on how to edit the settings? I can't tell the difference between each pieces and I can't be able to see it clearly though it blends its color.
Everything is great. Interesting games with real people. But what is going on with draw and loss? When I and my enemy have only kings, I lost because he was playing in black stones. Or we move so much without ending the game the same situation. In the real chess there is not such rule. Where did you get this rule?
For the most part chess is chess , there's a few features I like. Some of the players are rude and disrespectful for no reason so I turn off chat. I hate the fact I'm forced to watch an ad after every game, then asked right after that would I like to watch one to refill a star. NEWS BULLETIN I JUST DID ! for free I don't care if it's only 5secs. I don't wanna see it point blank period.
If only the sound effect at the sound of the game wasnt so intense and the feeling of doom i would have gave this game a better rating. Overall great online chess game the 3D graphics chess board is what gives this app a bonus plus.
Adding more pvp tournaments options to the app would make a difference, otherwise it is very easy to find opponents and thats all I need. Also, please add png share so we can analyse the games later.
This is so far the best online chess game by far. Play with people from Indonesia Russia, Japan, Korea Brazil the United States and many other countries. Definitely helps you get a better feel of the way you play the game. 5 stars def!
Compete with the best players around the world. Really best. Most importantly quick match practice to develop and test your strategies.
The server is totally down on 9th December 2020!!!cannot connect at all. The games only recorded the which you played are losing but winning always no record! Already complained many times but the admin just ignore it!!! Your should check your server and ask people to give your the details, already given many times via email but is the same!!!! Already give details on 11.11pm on 29 May 2020. Please take action!!
Great app. No bugs. Please adding a mode where one can choose to play with anyone will make this game a beast. Hope it works.
There's a few rules that need implementation. Like once you have been in check you can still do the rook king swap
It's an all right app good graphics and easy to use but one thing one can kind of get confuse with the King the Queen and the Bishop due to bad contrast and take your time in making your move cause it tend to take and extra line (square) at the move and that messes up the Whole Game and the fun of Chess 😃
I was looking for playing chess with the world and I am having it through this game without any difficulties. The best thing about this game is it doesn't need extra time wasting missions just play hence it deserves 5 stars 😊
I guess it's fine, but why aren't there chess apps that are clean and neat and don't have distracting features like sounds and announcements of castling and stuff like that? It's like a 12-year-old imagined this. Good for the 12-year-old, I guess. I don't know how to do this and I'm not interested in learning, I think. I just want to play a good game of chess that isn't about the app but about something easy, fun, and attractive. This isn't a good app. It's just an app without much good detail.
I play and I am in winning position but last moment I make a move then his time starts and he not move upto last time and I win but when I check my result there is showing you are lost this game this the loop hole fix this issue.
This is one the best online chess games out thier if not the best. I have seen people complain about the game loss due to network issues but me i see it as part of the fun in the game. If dont want to lose a game due to network issues pls play the game when u have a good network coverage. Tanx to all the chess lovers
The game has good graphics but, This not a fair game your opp. Takes 10 minutes to move but when you dont make a move in 10 seconds you lose. This game is just created for you to spend money on it. You not playing real people its the computer
This app really really really sucks when you go to move a piece just one spot it will move two spots I've been playing this game for months and about once a day it will move on its own causing your winning game to a losing game, soooo frustrating.
This is good aap I seen to play chess online. But the played games won't be recorded. I had played lot of matches which has no record like how many games I have won? And how many games I have lost?
First off, I LOVE PLAYING CHESS! It's my favorite game to play because it is a complex game of skill, NOT luck. World Chess Championship is my favorite online chess app because unlike the FB Chess App, it records W-D-L along with replays of all of the user's matches. World Chess Championship also shows your rank and your opponents' country flag. My only complaint is that it does not display your opponents rank when playing a "real-time" chess match. I would like to see my opponents rank.
This is a superior chess game then most games out there,,, Because I learn how to play at school in tournaments,,, even at the white house when Ronald Reagan was president,,, what am trying to say That this game reminds me playing in those chess tournaments in the 80s.
Bad experience while downloading. I tried to download this app two time but it reaches 58%and stop downloaing. Solve my problem.
A very good game. It is a game for won the won the world cup to won three matches. round 1is all quater- finals vs all quarter-finals in the world .round 2 is all semi-finals vs all semi-finals in the world and round 3 is all finals vs all finals in the world.There is a tutor in the game and a massenger was also here.
I love winning but I don't like to lose when I could've won and my opponent won't give me a rematch so I can get my get back...I really like the app...5 🌟 s...
Good graphics and easy gameplay...It does lose service occasional in the middle of a game which is distracting but manageable
Knda rough around the edges. The servers specialy , when a match cant be found im forced to turn off the app and restart it again!! Please fix this
It is a good game . You should keep an option for puzzle as weak player can develop thier game and a option to pratice with computer which will be very much helpful for the players
Inot really sure what paid 4.99 for . still adds between rounds. But thats good for game . usually runs pretty smooth, games can be quick , or drag out. .. .. Chess. Best phone chess i know of.
Downgraded this review from 5 to 3 stars because I cannot invite my friend to play a challenge game with him. This is ridiculous in any point of view 🙄 A chess platform without friendly contest option is as bad as it gets.
It isn't a bad app both some more features are needed including: 1) Different piece and board designs. 2) Different Time controls. You are locked into one time control. 3) An ability to view your opponent's games history. I don't think any new features had been added to this app in years. It is incredible that even in the store, no piece and board options exist.
This chess app is faulty. It cant be trusted. When I was disconnected from the game bcos of an internet issue , I lost it . But when I played again and my opponent was disconnected.. the game is null..Dont install this app.
when you only have one king left and someone doesn't mate you after 50 moves then it's a draw. How can it be that he beat me on points? what's the point of mate then? i don't even bother next time
Clearly my complaints are not important. I can't report the same thing for months without action I'll find an alternative chess app Your star alerts are irritating!!!!!!!!
it is a Great game that I have been playing scence I was a boy I love it that I get a chance to play good player's all over the World... I am a top contender and can't wait to rank up so I can have a chance to play in the Grandmasters and maybe a shot at a title... thank you . Dean Kiger
This app is awesome if the graphics like improving boards in some other apps I wish there is update in future in order to make improvement
Its overall one of the best chess online games out there gets real quality players to play with. Don't know what's happened after the recent update I guess it just gives up automatically if I'm thinking for too long... doesn't matter I have time left or not. It just pops up that you gave up. That is absolutely frustrating when that happens. Earlier it used to pop up and asked if player is still there thinking or just left but now it gives up straight away even with time left. FIX IT!!!!!
It's just awesome but revisit the win by score rule you developed let it not exist anymore it really sucks to tell but the truth, in short just let the Normal Chess Rules exist no additional please to make the game perfect
Why on earth should anyone developed such kind of game when the efforts and achievements of the player will just gone invain why wouldn't you just keep the player achievement in the same position rather than cutting down all of it.. atleast the system should maintain the points ryte when connection failure happens why would you just cut all the points just because the timing fluctuations due to network problem arises..suck yaa..if it was me i would have closed the app rather than getting a bad r
The game is good but it's really frustrating when technical glitches result in a game loss. It has happened so many times that I am in a winning position and suddenly I will see a msg 'opponent has left the game'. The timer still continues for the opponent and then finally it says my colour won. But when I go and check previous results, it says you lost! I wish I could attach a screenshot here. If these issues aren't fixed quickly, I'll stop using this app.
Straight forward easy to play and enjoy!!! I would suggest more color and texture variations and options in your game! I like the Tournament layout of your game's engine!🤔👍💜☮️🌍🌏🌎⚕️🌱 Thanks DEVZ, good job!!!
Last 5 Times I've played the system has allowed my opponent to run my clock out by him not moving & or just completely say I ran out of time & lost and I'll still have over 3mins++ jus and the game cheats
Suddenly at start if other player exits then why don't we get option to exit too?why should we have to wait 30 sec ?
You should have an option to play where you can verify your move before it's final. Sometimes you press the wrong square.
Not able to win... Just too strong players are there... It should be written " Only for Pro chess players ". Its definately not for normal people
This app has so many issues! Certain countries, especially the Indonesian parts seem to often disrupt net connections even as good as we have internet coverage here in the west yet time and time again connection cuts out just long enough for the game to return back to a loss, its pathetic and that's only 1 issue. 1 star indeed
Hi, bug, i win beat russia no1 and 2, but system never save my game, just disconnect or lost timer, system never save, why???, russia no 1 & 2 very lucky with this bug.
Very good, please add killing animations like battle chess game of kings this game is availabe only on pc. Exceeeeeelent!!!!!!!! App.
I give this app the Best Rating of all the chess apps ! Its Smart Fun and Fast ! You play different people from around the world ! You can even chat while you play and make Friends !! I give it 8 stars ! I play multiple times a day !
Used to be really good app and I enjoyed and loved it, but now it's really disappointing , several times disconnect and U can't resume it again
Great App .i would love nothing more than to give it a 5 star rating, but unfortunately i have 1 minor complaint/issue. Please 🙏 🙏 can you add a feature that'll allow people to play against their friends online. and so far as i know all online chess matches are against random If you dont bring Friend Match Feature then one day someone else Bring that feacture in his Chess game on Playstore.which can degrade your app So Bring that Feature so that.you have Double Profits and Rule the Playstore.
Excellent game and good job from the developer... It keeps me busy during my free time. I've improve alot with my game.
This game just needs a better social aspect than the little box chat where maybe you could find friends. Should be able to rematch without quiting also.
Everything is ok about app ... but kindly change the coins design... example bishop and soldier looks same when we play.. it's getting confuse when we play rapid game... so make it in good design with good features.
Interesting game...challenging. Bother me most is the ads.. No probs for few sec ads..more than 10secs?🤣😂
I like its 3D Features. Why dont you do collaboration with Fb Games .this is no 3D game on google store like you Created.Collaborate with Fb ,may be they will add your Chess Game on messenger also. Best of luck.
I'm only giving three stars for the simple fact that there are ads in the game that you have to watch for free and ads that you have to watch to get a star wit a option not to watch which doesn't really make a lot of since to me ....oh the fact that Have to wait for a star to play once I use up the 3 stars is a total turn off to me...I'd suggest get ride of that part of the game
I said I have recently lost all remove advert purchase last year after the last update, sent several mails but no response still no reply. My star was remaining 87, they are all gone. Is your company a scam or what? How best do you want me to put it for my account to be restored...Do check your payment history and revert my purchase. Check your record please. I feel this is just a deliberate attempt to swindle someone of their payment, because till this moment nothing was done.
There is no other chess game giving you play action from players all round the globe. I believe the best feature is the $#:+ talking option and sound effects.
Good graphics only problem it's prone to time out and you can lose even if your winning how do you solve this?
Great app! I like playing against real people from different countries. I wish the timer was similar to tournament play, where you can the see the countdown clearly.
I understand that the game's are worth their own weight in gold! And I can appreicate something like that because it's, A " Love affair, A battle of the mind's, And A Great understanding of life's strugglas the up's And the down's, The fualt's And It's Frustratuon's; It's An Achievement of all the woulded be's And Would have's all rolled up into ( " ONE UNIQUE GAME OF CHANCE AND CHOICE'S " ); YEAH "!
Great game but please guys respect the music/sound off setting. I played at night and although the settings were off video ads kick in with full blast volume, awaking everyone around me.
Great app. Only reason I don't give 5 is because I have big fingers and lost a few games by making the wrong move
I FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE THIS BETTER! A common problem with this game, is when you are dominating, often the other player is a poor sport and purposely disconnects, instead of being a gentleman or lady and simply resign the game! It's okay, you have to wait 30 seconds for the win, but what if the game tracked this behavior and punished these poor sports and moved them even lower, so they can face each other and hang up on each other, while the good sports play each other more frequently??
Good app.. there are serious buckS like connection error and i experienced suddened a coin disappeared opponent to escape the king..
Everything is fake - there are no real players. The scoring system is horible. Players of class 9 don't know how to move pieces while players of class 11 play like grandmasters. The player is allowed to continue playing even when his time is up! After each game you have to watch a lot of commercials. The connection to the server is very unstable and games are often interrupted
One thing I don't understand is. At the end of the game When each player has only their king and one other piece. Why Does the 1st player to take the other piece leaving only the king lose the game. Due to points because checkmate is impossible? At that point you've taken all the opponents pieces except for the king. Why do you lose. You scored the last points 1st.
Love this app! I would love nothing more than to give it a 5 star rating, but unfortunately i have 1 minor complaint/issue. Please please please please please please 🙏 🙏 can you add a feature that'll allow people to play against their friends online. I just want to be able to play with my friend out that lives in a different state and so far as i know all online chess matches are against random people. Add that feature and ill have your baby 🤣
The game is best but now I can't enter the game. Whenever I try it shows "service error, the last operation was cancelled, please try later." Please fix it. Thanks for your help.