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World Chef πŸ°πŸ”πŸπŸ“

World Chef πŸ°πŸ”πŸπŸ“ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Socialpoint located at Llacuna 166, Planta 10 08018 Barcelona Spain. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really good game and I like it very much it show u how to cook new food I think u should try it I give it five stars it a good game go try it for urself
It's a very good game but i gave 3 stars because of it takes much time to prepare food.. as ham pizza has to be prepared after 2 hours... it's too much time.. as if we prepared it so that it wouldn't take as much time.. it's too much... i can't play it constantly.. i have to close the game for wait of these all food to prepare..
This game has good quality but everything is expensive and you have to wait for a long time . But its a fun game and would be mo.re funner if they changed a few things.
It's alright, just find it silly it's a clone of the other game but whatever. The event sound is always the evil laugh so that's a thing.. lol can't think of much more to say than I love the little recipe website attached to the game. It's cute
Lost my save data from years of playing. They do not support online save anymore. Recent reviewers say the same thing. You should this game because you will not be able to save to your facebook.
I love this game!!! A bit of a slow start at first if you don't want to actually pay for coins (Which I don't I'm to broke for that) It's a lot better than other games like this one. 10/10 would recommend.
Whenever I watch an ad for surprise stuff after I watch all of it it gives me food but it doesn't show up in my food storage other than that it's fun
I absolutely love this game! HOWEVER-YOU guys need to update it & give us more space. It is hard to decorate with so many chefs & no room! I can no longer buy any more chefs because of lack of space. Please fix this guys! Thank you!
Its cool, only one change needed is that when we are expanding the restaurant we shouldn't need to cut trees and plant. Even in a game it hurts to remove greenery. I mean use some debris or any structure that has to be removed. But cutting trees is just sad. Hope you understand.
I used to enjoy playimg this game, but my phone got reset and I had to reinstall, and now I cannot get my progress back. I logged in with both google play and fb, to no avail. It doesn't seem to recognize that I have an acount already. I was very far along, been playing for years, and I have zero interest in starting over.
Recipes take way too long! I love this game but some of the recipes take 4 hours, usually you have to make 3 or 4 of them so a table sits for days, ridiculous. Looking for a new game just like this with better times.
I recently reinstalled from an old phone. I lost a lot of progress from when I originally downloaded this, but it had been so long that I really don't mind. My only real issue is that in the academy, the winemaker isn't in there as an upgrade option. I have the cards to do so, the academy says an upgrade is available, but there is nothing to upgrade. So now I'm confused and starting to get frustrated. The app is the current version as of this review, so I'm at a loss of what to do.
It gets to be impossible to enjoy when everything takes so long. I understand the game is meant to not be a push button match game, and I can appreciate that but when things take 4 ours and you have to serve 4 plates, one starts to lose interest.
Game is fun and relaxing. A little glitchy as when i open the boat screen it is blank causing me to click around until something happens.wish the game would allow for adding friends without having to use fb friends as not all of them are game players.other games allow friends to be added without having to bother fb friends. otherwise i am enjoying the game. Update.. reinstalled on another device and all is well. The only thing troubling is the customers asking for dishes not available.
I'm really mad. I had this on another device and I csn no longer access that old device so I reinstalled it on my new phone. Unfortunately I have to start all over again!! So much money and hard work into a game and i cant even sync my account. I wish this rating could be a lot lower but I am really upset that I have to start over. All the time and money wasted on a game that doesnt even sync.
I think this is the most pleasurable cooking games ever, appart from having to pay to get your gems thats up to the singular person. I've taken it out only to put in again at a later date I'm hooked on on World Chef and don't mind admitting it, long may it reign.
I learned first hand that its best to use your gmail for the login and then download the app once downloaded you'll be able to choose your account without having to start over
I like it . Its a nice game , but seriously i played this so i could get out of my boredom but damn i have to wait like 20mins (max) just to wait for the dish to get cooked and served. To much for slow pace game too slow .
The only reason this game does not get five stars is because of the social market. I love being able to sell and but things, but a lot of the time I will see something and get really excited about buying it, but when I click on it it tells me that this restaurant has nothing to sell. That is a big bummer and disappointment, because I really LOVE this game. So if you could fix that that would be great! Thanks!
It was a matter of time before I realized this game was a waste of time... You can only use the gold for decorations but not adding a chef and upgrades.... The diamonds are a rarety due to it going into the jar that you'd have to spend actual money to retrieve... I am bored to death with this game... Only for the rich!
I'm enjoying it but feel that the microtransactions are predatory in nature and far too expensive, costing over Β£10 for one chef. That's game sub level which is ridiculous. You are really penalised in game too. If you struggle with microtransactions I would avoid this game.
I have previously played before. I was on a much higher level. When I went to update it, it started me back at the beginning.
Its an amazing game and its not a duplicate of the other games its actually its own game and has its own unique game features and whats even more awesome you don't need to pay extra fees to have fun in the game
hi it's a great game I give it 4 star rating it's about cooking I like it because it has so much to do I love it Famous people come and give you good stiff such as, stuff for stars, and more, stars give you famous people, to me I reccoment downloading... The negitave things are just when you do everything you have nothing to do thanks for this app
It's very nice tho that when it comes to maki g the food they take so long to make,but apart of that there needs to be more stuff to gain more space ;)
Poor game will not connect to Facebook any more. Just keeps saying. Facebook logging is currently unavailable for this app
I would rate it a five if the wait times weren't so long and if we could be able to actually get all those gems in the jar. Then we could actually buy stuff in the game, so please make it cheaper or free, it's just a game. Overall, fun game though.
I played years ago and got my levels up really high, when I decided I would play again I reinstalled it and then my entire kitchen from before was totally lost 😠 and I know for 100% fact that I logged in with facebook to save it, but now it's stuck at level 4 instead. I'm so mad that you can't just uninstall it and start again anytime you want. You forcefully have to keep the app all the time or else if you remove the app you'll have to start from the beginning.
I love the game but this is the 2nd time in a row that I'm going to miss a chef. I think that after you get the other 2 things they shouldn't be allowed to start over😑😑😑very disappointing. I will be uninstalling!!! Also cooking and eating time is ridiculous!!!
Since the update I have not been able to login to Facebook. It has erased all my fb friends that I have been playing with...very annoying
Bruh, you got something to fix to make this an excellent game: 1) You gonna need tools ro expand lands, which need diamonds. Is this necessary? We get more tables and more chefs and now we have no space to place them. 2) Although good food are served slow, but not this slow. The customers won't lose patience, but we will. 3) Are you that bored, SocialPoint, that you told us we've stored enough diamonds in the gem jar and then told us to PAY to get them? Then why is the jar there at first place?
It's kind of fun, but mostly frustrating with all the waiting and bad instructions. I couldn't figure out how to access the regular market without waiting until I ran out of things, then when I finally expanded the restaurant I couldn't figure out how to build walls. It's not in the logical place, in the shop with the other furniture items. Clicking other walls didn't help either. I give up.
It really good game i love it but when you collect the diamond in jar then we have to give money's for those diamond
This was a huge nostalgia trip I played this with my mum when I was five and coming back to it was very wise choice the gameplay is great it's what I enjoy and I hope other people could enjoy like I have
Take too much time and to boting. I think u need to connect every player with each other. I think u understand
The dishes shouldn't be made using real time! It takes too long. (1 minute cooking time should be 30 secs in the game or half real time!) Other than the time....its a really fun game.
I love this game but it's no longer allowing you to log into facebook. Please bring back the facebook app. I've changed phones and lost my progress and friends can't help anymore. That sucks!
Other phone broke and lost been playing this game for years was dad to lose but still redownload and started over . Fun game just wish you could win more gems easier or get money faster .
It's s fun app but the worst part about is when your jar is full of gems you have to pay to collect?! That's stupid and of you don't collect it falls out the jar land you slowly dart to loose gems and that stupid chef guy keeps telling to collect your gems BUT YOU CAN'T CUZ YOU HAVE TO PAY THAT'S DUMB KIDS PLAY THIS APP 6 YEAR OLDS!!
I also would like less time on the food this way you can get your comesters in and out of your resturant. this way you would get though things a little more faster
I used to like this game but the Gem Jar entirely spoiled the gameplay. What's the point of playing if you dont even get jems for free out of your hard work? You guys want nothing but money. Annoying.
The game is getting harder, the order per table is difficult to complete also requires ample of time to prepare ingredients, some customers has more than 10 orders, please increase revenue and reduce time of completion also make each order easy to complete. Please increase rewards in cooking and serving dishes, thanks. Can't find Paella Dish where is it? Fun game, it says level 25 to open Paella Dish 😁
The story line is good, and the grandfather walks you through most everything. Overall it is a good game.
I'm really sorry, this game is pretty fun but I bought the chillout area and it took all my coins and all, but when i go on it later, it says I haven't bought it. It took me so long to get 10k coins and I have the acheivement for the chillout area but it's gone and that makes me give it a 1 star. PLEASE fix this, I also saw another reveiw saying it happened to them twice and that would so double as frustrating. If this gets fixed I can rate this higher.
I remember playing this on my brother's tablet 4 years ago and it has the same vibe as back then. However this might sound nitpicky but there's this new indicator that wont go away no matter what I do and its very distracting
I love the game but when you have to cook food to get the tokens youchavw to have 5 token until you can open up a box that has a blueprint for a chef or decoration... I think you should from 5 to at least 3 that we have to have in order to open a box
I had a big restaurant going. I'm talking years put into it. And for some reason it randomly got deleted. When I reached out to customer support they said I need to give them my user ID. Of course I don't know what my user ID for that game was because I didn't save it. I just trusted that they wouldn't randomly delete my restaurant. So that's really messed up.
Totally disappointing. Ive played this game since in got released.Had a 3 star restaurant. My id was connected throgh google play games. Now I got a new phone and im tryin to reconnect my old restaurant, guess what? Its not giving me my old restaurant back. I have to play from beginning again!!!!!...I know I shouldn’t say this but I have to "u guys ruined ur own game and lost so many players" πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
This game is very bad I am not understanding why the dock fish my game is because of the event chef and when I try to restart the game you don't want loss ours progrease we can save ours progrease I want to restart my game
I've been playing this game for 2 years. I'm hooked and it passes the time while your waiting on line.
it take so long time for foods to get prapered! i dont like the fact that we cant reset game . why ?!! i want to play again but i cant and even when i uninstal , it find last information and start from last game again !!! ugh !!! u dont let us choose !!! I cant play the game . it starts from intridiusing me gem jar and when the jar is full , i tap on claim but it says i cant , i cant even close the tab.so i have to restart the game but this happen again and again. i cant play the game.
Brill game all of family and friends are playing it but one problem is a pizza can take over a hour just to cook in led you get world chef mod instant cooking overall this is a fantastic game I also like that it saves your progress so if you delete it and install it again it will save your progress
Exciting makes you learn how to really Manage a restaurant. Less pressure with the customers not getting angry. Work at your own pace when you come back. Very manageable ✌
This used to be my favorite app. I have spent a lot of money on it. I switched phones and now can't recover my game. I've lost all kinds of stuff, and you don't get answers
I was always such a fan of this game. I've been playing since the game's release, with my progress spanning 3 different phones that synced my progress each time I had to upgrade...until today. I got a new phone. I started up the game, finished the tutorial, and logged into Play Games and Facebook. At that point, the game is supposed to give you the option to sync your data and use your cloud save. This option never appeared. My 3-star restaurant? Gone. Years of gameplay wasted.
This game was fun, unfortunately it keep saying that I had to build the chillout area first eventhough I already build it. It's not happening once but twice and the game suddenly deducted my coins and gems without notice. The things get worst when at my achievement, my task to build the chillout area already completed. I hope your team can help me recover this game.
Absolutely loved this game but upgraded phone, no option on level 4 to link to my restaurant!! All lost not doing it again will be removing! Devastated!!!!
After playing a long time the food items become a loading ring. I had download the game 5/6 times again and again, but at level 1 food items become a loading ring. It is the problem what I want to say to 'SocialPoint '.
Feature Unavailable: Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this appπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
The game is amazing everything so great I would have rated it 5 stars only if this very tiny problem that ruined my whole experience the charcters are to slow at cooking everytime I have to waste diamonds!! Just so the customers dont get angry if you dont fix this then I'm going to change my reviews rating into 1 star loads of people have been saying this so stop ignoring the fact that they are giving you good advice and fix the problem PLEASE!!
Food takes to long to cook and I think the building supplies should be kept separate from food supplies.
Nice game ,i like this game so much ,😊 it's graphic is very nice.And chef,VIP, Customer etc.is great.There are many facility in this game .I enjoy this game very much.This game is so nice .😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
It's a good game but the yellow event box is only for 10 days and isn't long enough to get the chef and the extras. 15 or 20 days much better or have an option to buy what you missed out on using your coins or diamonds. Happy to pay 50 diamonds per chef and stuff.
I have this game installed on 4 device's each device has the same account saved on Facebook and cloud each time I have to start all over. same account.so tell me how is it that I have 1 account on four devices 4 different levels all because I can't sync my game there for I have to start over I have hundreds of dollars invested in this game and yet I can't sync my account to my new device not cool
It's a game. Therefore these dishes shouldn't take hours to cook. No one wait in a restaurant for hours for a meal to prepared. One meal take 4 hours hours to prepared. Some table have 4 to five seated and want the same dish. With everyone wanting this dish that take 3 to 4 hours to cook this will have the customers in your restaurant for a whole day. This is not production and you lose out on a lot. The tools are very hard to get to upgrade. I have to buy from market if I'm lucky to get it
Love playing this game and getting new chefs. The only issue I have is when they have special chefs for a limited time, it is difficult for you to actually get one at a higher level because a lot of food takes so long to cook.
Sometimes my Vip customers are also askin for dishes I don't even yet have. This bug needs to be fixed. Also its funny, what kind of a dish takes 4 hrs to prepare and who'd wait for that, I know this is just a game but please be a little more realistic lol. The waiting time for some dish is just to long.
Error on adverts when speeding up cooking time,it's not fair that your not able to keep the diamonds you earn from serving customers.
I've been playing for a year when my tablet broke, it's been a few years and I decided get world chef again on my new phone. Every is going good, and it's a lot of fun, but I can't upgrade my white wine. Usually there's a photo of the wine maker in the academy, but he's not there for me. Other than that, it's a great game
There is a huge glitch in this game. I saved up enough coins to purchase the chill out area. As soon as you log off, you are required to purchase it again. Please fix it!
In my opinion, I think the game is great! I love how you can actually CHOOSE, what you want! Also it's pretty fun to play if your bored I really do recommend.
This game for me most of the time doesn't work, I can't play with other characters or go somewhere else to get something but get stuck on one customer and a jar of diamonds. Even three stars is to much for this game but I'm disappointed in this game because me and my sibling grown up with this game and now a childhood game doesn't work it's a bit heartbreaking
Years of gameplay gone! Couldn't sync cloud data once I got a new phone. Logged in and out. Deleted and reinstalled. Can see all my past achievements though. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!
Don't waste time of this garbage game. The big bug is the gem of the jar cannot close. The game is not running because the jar cannot close. Please fix this damn bug. The jar is not working. Hope you will find a way to fix this. Thank you.
I made a $14.99 in app purchase for a chef and diamonds. Pack 15. I received the diamonds but no new chef. I've emailed these people twice already with no response as I thought would happen, for a refund or add chef. I've gotten nothing, so therefore this game now gets a 1 star. Been playing this game for a long time and its sad that this is happening. Will be deleting since no resolution has been made
I am giving only 2 stars because the gems are not getting me instead it is going in the jar....! When I click on the jar but this is telling me to buy it it is not fair we are doing lots of work to increase restaurants level but we are not getting gems only then what to do ........!???πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž If we have to decorate our restaurants we our needing 100, 250 gems this is horrible this is so bummer this mistake should be fixed right now this is the main problem of this game we should get the gemsπŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ’Ž
Good, actually I was in 28th level, when I changed my phone I transferred everything to my new mobile and noticed that this game was not resumed it was starting form the beginning! I was soo worried πŸ˜” And now I m in 13th level!
Another chef event ended with the same results of the previous ones , got the pinata and still got another 8 cards for the same pinata while ending with 13/15 to get the cheff .....getting really fed up with it πŸ˜’ πŸ™„ I really like this game and playing along time but so frustrated that I'm thinking of deleting. Keep getting order for ice cream dishes when I don't have the chef for ice cream, so annoying with the long time waiting to clear table after sending customers away!
I wanna buy gem but always says seems you can't buy gem in this times please try again later and try it 100 times but .... and I cant continue to gaming
The game has so much potential. The food takes too long to prepare and I can't do anything while waiting for the food. This makes it boring. It has a bugs too and I don't think the developers care to improve this game. I'm only here because of PewDiePie.
I wish they would make it so I could buy past event chefs. It would be nice if it was easier to expand as well.
I really like this game, exept for the fact that you have to have a facebook account to friend people, me and my Mom like playing this game and i want to friend her but I need a facebook account to do so. So please make ingame friending with no need to have a Facebook account
It's a really nice game but I hate the gem tip jar. It keeps getting all the tip that should be yours directly. This game is not so worth it!
Can no longer log into Facebook which means you can't see your friends. This makes the game less fun to play as you can no longer help your friends. Do not install until this issue is fixed because you will need help from friends when you start a new game.
I've played this for a while now and it seems to just want your money. Dishes take way to long to create, you can speed up the process but it costs gems, and there isnt enough opportunity to earn free gems. My food storage is constantly full, the game doesn't give you the equipment needed to upgrade often enough, however it does allow to use gems, but again only way you're getting enough of them is to spend real money. Why does it have to be about spending???
I love the game and the graphics and concept but cooking time takes too long. Eating time takes too long. Hard to upgrade easily lost gems. Hard to find materials for upgrading. Please chek and do the necessary updates.
I love this game so much because it is a cooking game and I love cooking games and it is kind of hard but I still love the game but the only thing that I do not like is that order to get your gems you need to pay to get the gar and I will not buy stuff from games though.
I keep waiting to get a saw to cut down trees why they never come?when i played on my celpon before i get one on bonus boxes or celebrity or vedeo i watch
Another chef event ended with the same results of the previous ones , got the pinata and still got another 8 cards for the same pinata while ending with 13/15 to get the cheff .....getting really fed up with it πŸ˜’ πŸ™„ I really like this game and playing along time but so frustrated that I'm thinking of deleting.
At first this was a good app but the second time my gem jar was full it wouldn't.list me claim it If you fix this problem I'll get the app again but for now you must just fix it
Mad! I purchased the jar full of gems and my account was charged for the purchase but I did NOT receive my gems! Ridiculous! Now what? I want my gems or my money!!!
Great game, but what is SUPER ANNOYING is that you have to BUY the gem jar. WITH REAL MONEY. You could've just made it so we but it with COINS.
Wonderful game I am playing this game from 5 years best cooking game ever if you like cooking game than play this one only πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game needs so many fixes 1.Advisor comes again and again and that's annoying.We should have an option to disable it 2.The dishes are taking too long to cook.3.Market glitch is also there in which items are not shown.4.Gem jar is being shown again and again and why the hell is that thing on the screen..5.The expansion items are damn rare to get.6.buildings are damn costly.7.We should be able to upgrade the chef's building by production hours..This game is hell to play..So difficult.😩😩😫😫
Why I gave it 4 stars? Well... I've played the game for years and I'm still so trash at it. Not only that but there was a spelling mistake. It said and i quote 'There aren't any TAKS available'. Instead of 'tasks' it says 'taks'. And make the tasks easier.
Update 2/13 they did an update .. moved storage around.. whatever. Login in error still there. 2/06. Don't download. There is a log in error. No real way to report it or even confirm they know or care about it. Shame, cuz this is a favorite game for me and now it just frustrates me. None of their social media platforms have been updated in at least a year, most longer.
This game is good I love playing it...but I just would like to request you'll please make the dishes cooking time limit lesser cause it takes alot time in real life does any restaurant serves food late in 30 mins or 1 hour they just give time limit of 15 to 20mins...so do have common sense and another thing storage gets full too easily and we don't get the equipments when needed so it's an humble request to the admin fix these in the next update before I uninstall it please and I mean it.
This game has kept me hooked as with other games you seem to progress quickly at first and then go at a snails pace... I am happy with the way I am progressing... the only thing I wish I could do is have an option to upgrade my kitchens to a faster speed.
Very very nice game! It has many chefs and guests in it.I loved this game alot and this is the best game I have ever had played!!! But one thing it is taking money to open the jem box.
I love it game but why can't I reset or restart this game. I needed to that but can't. Please help. I would give this game 5 stars but this is a problem when I don't really understand the game if I don't restart over to read the instructions.
As a child i loved cooking so when i first saw this game i got so excited but recently its becoming harder to play. 1. Some dishes take too long but obvisouly something like the hot chocolate or coffee makes sens to take 10 and 2 mins. 2. the vine yard i know that so its fair to all that we can't just clear it all up cuz some of us have friends so its easier. What i suggest is instead of waiting 8 hours before being able to clear a dead vine i say we'd wait 4. Also could you add in a layout opt.
Game is fun but since many people cant log into facebook to help each other out im done playing it. Either FB needs to get on the ball or the game does
The reviews has spoken enough. I have the same issue, decided to reinstall and lost all my progress. There was no sync or cloud save to load. If this is the type of game you want to be, then consider me out. I will not waste any of my time rebuilding only to have it taken away again.
I am playing this game for more than a year now and I had 162 gems I don't know how when I opened game today,after 2 or 3 days of being inactive i just have 62 gems how is this even possible? as I didn't used any of the gem. kindly adjust this issue as soon as possible.
I love the game, it keeps me busy while at home off of work right now. I would give an extra star, but i hate that some things cost so much money, and you have to use gems for a more food...and its a lot of gems you need, But i guess you have to make your money somehow!
I did love this game until it became very laggy and when I finished cooking something it would kick me off the game I'm only up to level 8 but still fix this and 1 more thing I won (daily playing) the neigbour chef came off the game came back and i didn't have it fix this to pls if u can fix both 5 stars if only one 3 or 4 stars
this is so entertaining game i mean you can create your own restaurant and also hires chefs and all other stuff i love it
I bought extra gems to get the ice bear cook. The first item. If I make the drink. It blocks and close the game. Very sad to spoil Mony on something that doesn't work.
The game is good for a break from the job. You can access only three times a day to prepare the dishes and collect the food. The system of visiting other restaurants is amazing! Nice game ☺️
Hi I love this game but I would love it if you guys would update more. To complete the achievments I end up buying what I need then putting most of it in my inventory because I can't sell items like decorations and things. I can only sell food and ingredients. Can you guys please add an option to sell items that are not just food and ingredients?
I love this experience I like looking at other people's restaurants.But I wish you have a lot more gems because they are hard to earn.
This game is AMAZING! Might not seem like good game but trust me, just get it. Lot's of different types of events that's amazing. Keep up the good work Socialpoint
Is great game, but they should give more diamonds and extend the land, to many chefs not enough room, fix my game Sick of it, its been 2 weeks
Once again the event to get a free chef ended with the last 48hours left in the game I had 14/15 cards to collect the funk DJ chef and continually got the same cards over and over for something I had collected already... Very frustrating as it keeps happening without mentioning that I have to keep playing every hour on the days days that the event runs still impossible with dishes that take 4 hours each and the ingredients that take up to 12 he's to get by boat.
Enjoyed the game until I spent 10,000 on the chill out place and never got it. Now being told I need to spend another 10,000 more to open it.
Dis game is kicking me out again and again. I want dis problm to be fixed as it is my favourite game and I want to play it 😩😩😩
Super addictive and great game idea, but there are several problems such as to much ad based get me stuck in the game and somethimes ads commit my game to restart as well. moreover the game is completely dependant on jams and it is super hard to get them in F2P users or low spendars environment unless a user is bill gates. Plz change those things and i will give u 6 stars instead of 5.. LoL..
I love this game! I played this was i was a kid and playing again gave me nostalgia. You should download πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
I love this game just one small issue. I need an ice cream chef but there isnt one to buy. Is this a bug or has my diners lost their mind and asking me for food i cant give them? Help please. Thankyou Chefs
Game is fun and relaxing. A little glitchy as when i open the boat screen it is blank causing me to click around until something happens.wish the game would allow for adding friends without having to use fb friends as not all of them are game players.other games allow friends to be added without having to bother fb friends. otherwise i am enjoying the game.
One of the few games where you are punished for progressing. As you hire more chefs, customers want more and more varied dishes which take forever to cook. Those customers also take longer to finish eating higher recipes, not allowing you to clear the table. You can speed up the process by watching ads, but when you are spending more time watching ads than actually playing, something is wrong. The decorations are also heavily limited, around 4 per theme. The game is not for the creative.
it's ok it's graphics are good and the chefs have great designs. It's just the waiting that gets me mad.
Man, the devs need to rebalancing the game, i don't have time to wait a hour for my sauces and start making a food. the star system of restaurant is literally pay to win or you can grind your self to death
Awsome app!! And I love the fact that we can actually make all those dishes in real life with your recipes . I love this game. I totally recommend downloading this and I also have installed other games from social point and they are AWSOME!!!!!
I loved this game but my device i played it on was destroyed and now i am using another and now i am at level six and it would not allow me to exit the jem jar!
I love this kind of cooking game. Very challenging but doable.. Hope to see some updates.. I also play your other restaurant game tasty town and got addicted to both games. I love the events 😊😊 Thank you for creating a great game.
Dishes requested on table, i press on the dish it gives chef who doesn't exist in my chefs list, Plus in events, chef blueprints stops at 15, while decorations blueprints doesn't stop at 15 can reaches 30, this is efforts waste
It's a great game just the jem jar please get rid of this. We earn the jem and still have to buy them. That is so stupid. When I used to play this 2 years ago this wasn't hear. I know it's a way to get money but it's not fair. This game would be 5 stars if it weren't for this stupid jar.
Please fix game to facebook friends people need this connection to receive food tools and help in the game this is unacceptable behavior. I cannot log into facebook on the game I'm not happy.
This game is amazing but the diamond jar container is open in first time free after then to open the diamond jar container is open by money
So someone hacked my game and stole almost all my coins! Thats not cool !!!The game is fun, i love the graphics and the challenges..My only issue is that it's hard to decorate and make walls/rooms. The other issue was being able to make friends other then Facebook ones, I cant more forward with certain things unless a friend helps me or I have alot of diamonds.
Why is it that every time I reinstall the app and sign in to my fb I still have to start over? All my progress gone,also add a skip button to the tutorial.
I love this game but its so difficult to get gems,u guys could atleast give us from the gems instead of putting it in a jar..remove the jar and give us the gems..We already playing ur game
This game is great but I would of give it 5 stars, but when I follow someone and when I leave the game and reload back into it, my followers disappears, so frustrating