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WorkeMon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by QuickTurtle Co., Ltd. located at 1132-51, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game that im a bit annoyed so i decided to manipulate the data that i obtain 99999999gem all table open company always S buy car aireplane with click of a button.
It's an amazing game, but it has an issue..you have to make at least over 5,000 before 4 weeks end or else you lose the workers you spent your time and energy to get! I would rate it 5 but this issue brought it down to a 3.
I want to like this game, it's funny and all but between the ads and the slow, tedious, unrewarding gameplay and the game constantly pulling you out of the experience to show you a web page or the play store makes me cautious of recommending it. Unless this game gets a pretty serious overhaul, it's just not worth it.
LOVE IT! I've had it for about two weeks now and I play it almost daily. But the game needs to regenerate health while you're not playing, PLEASE. I'd come back after a few hours of not playing and I'd still have around 7 health around the almost 200 hp that I have. Let me conserve my battery so I don't have to constantly have the game open. But really great gameplay to fill up downtime.
I saw this game and remembered playing it a few years ago. It's just as fun as I remembered which is saying a lot when talking about a mobile game!
Great concept and gameplay. Only in the beginning. It quickly becomes an obvious money grab when the grind is hard and tedious. It just feels like you're spinning in circles for the first part. Then when you think you've made any headway on the game and gotten to the next area, (buy spending hard earned in game money) you find out you need to drop twice as much to actually access the area you unlocked. Great game of you're willing to spend real money, which I am not.
Pretty good time spender. Alot better once you pay the $1 to remove force pop up adds and the game is pretty generous with the Rubies I haven't had to spend for any. Also feel bad for the workers but the corporate greed sustains me!
Spent so much time playing it and it's good but there's a bug that prevents me from playing when i give the secretary "red" a present i get stuck and i have to restart the game and i don't get hints of his present
Its a good game though the (torture)train is kind of not good for kids to play since some words may become abusive to viewers and gamers
Workemon is a fun, quirky spoof, full of the hard facts of life. You recruit employees to your struggling company through merciless methods, and work them to the bone. The game requires strategy on many different levels, and is very entertaining. It does get repetitive after a while, but then again, so is pokemon. Definitely give this game a shot, and try to "catch 'em all!"
Fun game but I bought no ads and there are still ads for the moms card it would be better without that
bugged, no ads shown.. must force close the game. Like A pokemon game but slightly boring since there are not enough Collection ( catchable workemon ) And the game froze without any clear reasob.
It's nice and charming game. I like the capturing aspect for workers I think it's funny. I also like that the workers aren't just paid once and it's made more realistically. Also the opening was funny as hell lol. I like the secretary too, this game is fun and worth trying
Terrible game, your probability to catch will look high, but you can never actually catch anything. The same thing happens for training. The game tells you that you have a 50% chance at training at the start, but it rarely ever succeeds. The most infuriating part is that you have to wait again for your stamina to recharge every time it fails, so you're just left waiting to recharge and probably fail again when its recharged.
this is a great game, but I only have one problem; there is a lot of waiting. If only this game had something to do when you're waiting for your energy to recharge (which is the only why to play the game) or for my card to recharge, like mini games of some sort or anything super simple so I don't have to stare at my 0/140 energy recharge longer then my battery life. Please and Thank you.
Great addictive game. Some of the ads are horribly smutty. Is there a way to get 'cleaner' ads? Also, please develop your end game. I stopped playing because it got boring. All there was left to do, was make money, and there was nothing to do with that money and no challenges. Mind, I guess that's the same irl...
QuickTurtle ripped themselves off! 😂 If you loved the original like I did, then this much reworked version is much much much funnier... Gotta Hire 'Em All!!! (I couldn't think of any better lines to put here as QT already got 'em all 😁) PS: "Is this game educational?" I chose "Not sure" as in depends... How weird is your kid 😳?? Ha!😆 Have fun, be the best there ever was! (Again not my line, QT already thought of it...)
Interesting game. Funny play on Pokémon. I'd like it if things were explained a little better but its fun to play.
This pretty good good there is still work to done to make a great like more detail to the adventure could have a storyline by it but it's pretty good
The game is great but when i buy the non ads it show me that i have no connection but it show in my notifications that i already buy it, and the ad is still on the game you need to fix my game or i need a refund
WorkeMon is a game where you want to be the very best business owner. Capturing employees in the wild and leveling up their money or experience output to beat the other business leaders. What it might lack in charm, it makes up in humor. However, progression is somewhat slow. The game is split into months, where employees can be paid or quit. As such, the money that can be used without risk of starting over is much smaller than the cost of progressing. Overall, it's fun that needs patience. 3/5.
Satire being satire. Good game, interesting message. If you don't want to think about the challenging life experiences about workplace stress. Reccomend not playing it. But if you do like that kind of spin on trying to make one of the hardest bits of work into a fun little minigame, go for it. Does have ads in the game, and it does seem reliant on watching them to get ahead. Only a little bit into the game, but hope it gets better if I invest time in it, which is a different problem.
This game made my phone way to hot multiple times with all the hours I played. I actually played this game so much that I think I started to burn out some of the pixels on my phone because certain images became shadows/casts in the background. Really funny and super cute.
Amazing game! This game takes Pokemon and puts its own spin on it to be about adult life and working. (You are a business owner and you catch/hire people- "Workemon") It's very impactful and makes you realize how messed up the world of business is. That said, there are some things I'd change. You have to switch luxuries once you get tired of it, I see how this drives in the spoiled and rich character that we are supposed to be, but it makes the game really hard and tedious. Things like jewelry, I understand, but I don't think vehicles should work like that, especially since they are so essential to progressing. I feel like I'm buying a new car or airplane every five minutes. They should at least last longer. I also find that I have a lot of trouble making money and finding "gold-making" workemons, compared to EXP. The most frustrating thing is how hard it is to find anything but common Workemon. I can redo a stage like thirty times and not keep seeing the exact some workemon over and over, especially in the later stages. There should be an item that increases the chances to find rarer workemon or something. There has to be a better way than redoing a stage a hundred times and getting three airplanes in order to find one workemon worth keeping. Overall, this is more than just a silly little game, it makes a statement about our society, even if you don't like pokemon, it's definitely worth a try.
The moment i get on the account thing after choosing the default language. Entire game crashes and stops. After i push whatever button on the screen. unplayable
Honestly, it's an awesome idea, and it's hilarious and comic as hell. But what happens, is that in the end it is so boring, due to abismal waiting times, so slow progress... Not even watching mom's card ads can help you because the in game soft currency prices grow exponentially, but the player's wealth increase is nearly the same rate always. Also the percentages of catching, training, etc are really low, and increasing these is really expensive. Too unbalanced, and boring. Sadly.
Go to Mom's card & found this issue: 3G on: "Fails to load Ad info. Requesting connection". 3G off: "No connection available." Also, Wifi on: Cannot load the game". ???
I buy the golden spoon, and, it's not suppose to eliminate all the ads? Why still appear me the ads when I'm using mom's card? It's a really good game, but, I don't like the ads, there no sense to buy a pack to eliminate if they still there.
I was enjoying the game for the past few days, I enjoyed it enough to give them money. The game now refuses to load all together. Unfortunately I'll have to request a few refunds from Google.
The game is great and really fun so far however the "you can't equip female only items" is a little ridiculous, I chose the male Sprite because I liked the red suit and now I cant wear half of the items, and one of these "female only items" was just a nice handkerchief. Why cant I impress my workemon so much with my high heels that they work harder on sundays? Why can't I wear a bracelet for goodness sake?! Please fix this developer's as I dont think it makes much sense. Other than that 👍
its okay the concept is fun and the game play is fine and amusing. im kinda annoyed at the fact you can't have a male secutary as a male charcater though.
I havent played pokemon before, but accordig to YouTube, this game has it all covered. Everything is pokemon like, except your pokemons are your workers. Nice game, though i find it a bit difficult to to get through the first boss without losing all of my progress because of my tired workers. Might just be me, who knows? Anyways, keep up the good work.
Excessive pop up ads combined with persistent banner ads makes this one of the more annoying games when it comes to ads. Cheap ad removal, but annoying how much it pushes you towards them.
Fun but lacking many things like real maps, I wish if the adventure was more like Pokemon (walking and exploring) and not just a button. The story is also too simple and boring.
Nice n simple gameplay with some fun hidden mecha on specific workemon. But there is some issue with confirming/closing the dialogue. I cànt close the dialogue and had to force quit the game after trying to give a gift to secretary in Take My Money. Every single time.
The game is overall really fun. The art style is great, the gameplay is nice. My only issue is when workemons want to be promoted. I don't want them to resign, so I leave them until I can afford the 10 gem promotion. Although this makes it so they refuse to work until promoted. Right now, the only way to earn gems is if you use "mom's card" (basically a glorified watch an ad for money) 20 times, and you need to be consistent between 48 hours or it resets down a level which is annoying.
Interesting and fun concept, made absolutely unplayable with their requirements for you to continue watching ads, and their horrible cash grabbing tactics. Sure it is optional, however the game is done in such a way that normal game play is just crippled, unless you click on the watch add button to obtain normally unobtainable rubies. And especially when you encounter 4 times failure to train a workemon at 81% success, which was the last straw for me, I really would advise all to avoid this.
Really cute graphics and it's a very fun and enjoyable game. although it is an obvious parody of a very famous game, I really enjoy this one and I am looking forward to getting more into it. My biggest problem right now is that I know the dove needs the money from the ad banners but the banners actually cover up some of the abilities at the bottom of the screen. I know that you can remove the ads by buying them but I don't think it would be fair to make people buy ad removal.
Wish the gsme would explain how to gain more health and skills earlier in the tutorial, and also explain that if you don't generate enough gold that your workemon will quit.
I can get past the unforgiving gameplay and the terrible rate to catch/train, but the ads in this game are ridiculous. Not only do I have to watch ads to make myself able to barely pass a month, I have to deal with the extra ads that pull me out of the game. On top of that, everytime I try to switch tabs in the game, I'm met with another ad, which ruins the entire flow of the game. Focusing on time management is impossible with so many ads in the way. Stop bothering me with your pesky ads.awful.
It's a really good game. I personally don't have any money so when they added that option to watch ads for free money or health,it really helped! With every ad it levels up too, so you can get gems instead of just coins. When I'm old enough to buy things on the net ,I'm probably gonna buy the no ad version :>
This is the most hilarious game I've played, and it being a Pokemon spoof is amazing and the changed things like attacks are perfect, lmao.
Years ago I rated this 5 stars. I still love this game, but for some reason it won't let me restore my purchases. It says I purchased the secretary package and that I have to reconnect, but closing and reopening the app does nothing and I don't know what else to do.
That chances of catching something are waaayyyyy lower that it says in game. I catch maybe 1/20 workmon and its annouying having to wait to lose and be given an F at the end of the month for not having enough workemon. Plus the adds are annouying specially when you get one a sec after you just watched one.
It's was a very fun game but there is no end game after buying out your siblings businesses. It's pretty much the standard to delete workemon after completing the main quest since that's the only fun part of the game.
Yo talk about the best Pokemon related game you should make workemon battle instead of yourself or make another game end call it workemon 2 the journey
This is a hilarious parody that also has commentary of the working world. A fantastic little time waster game that is very satisfying to play.
I love this game, but it keeps constantly crashing on my device. I havent experienced this before Edit: I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, fixed it
I played a few times and got the add free add on. From there every time I tried to update a game and then would load the mom's card, the game would freeze and I'd have to exit. the other addons were showing, and I could play without the card option, but the game is slow without it. This is too bad because the game l, other than the ads I'd pay not to watch, is good.
Terrible game, complicated and very harsh to new players. I probably wouldn't be so angry if the tutorial wasn't just a bunch of text and it actually showed you how to play. For a parody game it is way too complicated, the sprites look decent and the designs are fine but the game itself is terrible, I didn't want an easy game but I didn't want a hard game.
It is a great game and I love it, I even bought the Golden Spoon Edition, but I would like to be able to choose the gender of your secretary aswell
It's not as much of a blatant pokemon ripoff as you'd think. But what it is, is funny and charming; that's about it though. It's a wierd hybrid because idle games and pokemon, not much good(or anything) to say
It's like Pokémon but with working! The concept is good but I would like an overworld where every 10 steps decreases health (like the safari zone in Pokemon red and blue)
This game is very amazing!! I don't have any more words to describe this game but I think it's great I love the graphics it is that good
I enjoy this game so far but I wish there were a way to turn off the flashing when training the mons because it hurts my eyes a ton.
Great game to pass time. After purchasing Gold Spoon "Mom's Card" should not require to watch an ad though.
I don't care is a fake Pokemon game but it's a really good game basically the game with you basically go to places and force Workman two more for you
Ok, what the actual hell is this game? Is this some sort of work labor joke that's been ripped from pokemon? I hate it so much. I don't like Insulting people, but damn please just don't make a horrid game like this. "You need to torture... No train-" TORTURE?! this is BUSINESS FOR GODS SAKE! no one TORTURES another person to get them to work HARDER! what the hell?!
It's a funny idea, but the idle mechanics are terrible. You have to leave the app open and on screen for real world days just to beat the first city area. And there are very frequent ads on top of that
Forced 30-seconds long adds? In 2021? Seriously? You already suggesting manual adds to get money and hearts, now also forced ones? How about no?
I love the mixture of the Pokèmon asthetic, and combined with the renewed feelings of hope this app gives me for my own personal life has really made me feel happier, i continue to look forward to what y'all bring to the table ☺👌
The game crashes the moment you log in with your google play account. Looking at the reviews, this has been there for some time now encountered by many people. I hope it'll get fixed at some point :/
Should be called InAppPurchaseMon. The gameplay is a great sequel to "Don't Get Fired!", but unlike that game, you can't make a one-time purchase that makes the game playable. You can get rid of automatic ads, but the game is still basically unplayable without buying whale-sized IAPs or constantly watching ads to get rewards. Which is a shame because otherwise it seems like it could be a lot of fun.
Useless. Literally you need a Paper to catch it or offer it or whatever. And you need Life to do whatever. No use of this. 0 rating is also worst.😡😡😡
Okay, so while I really like the game and the concept I do have one issue. I bought the no ads pack and it took ads off everything except the credit card, I know that's intentional, especially since the pack was so cheap and while it did add cool stuff I do wish it had included mom's credit card being ad free, I realize that then the pack price would have to go up but I really wouldn't mind paying a couple extra dollars to use the card with no ads because mom's card is quite worth it
I wish i didnt have to watch ads for mom's card after paying for no ads. After a while, it felt like i was watching ads more than playing the game because it's either that or sit around waiting for your health to refill. There needs to be an in game way to fill health that isnt just watching ads. I really like the idea of this game, but as of right now,it's a drag to play through.
Tought it was just the classic pokemon rip-off. I was wrong! Workemon is a pokemon parody with its own unique spin!
Opened the app once to play it, had to do a few things so I switched off it...the game crashes automatically and refuses to go past the title screen. I never even got to the gameplay. Don't even bother loading this on your phone since it's obvious the devs have long since moved onto other massively microtransaction laden games.
I really enjoyed, the game it was fun and I can collect all the Workemon that I want :) But, I was wondering if there's a Secret Workemon that I could find to make it interesting. (^-^)
Good game but I dont like how even tho theres an ad watching reward system they still make u watch more ads. Still worth playing
Game forces you to use the absolutely awful bloatware known as Google play games. What does it request to know when it utilizes this? All your personal information, your email address, and the ability to publicly associate you them. Would the devs care to enlighten us on why you need our PERSONAL INFORMATION AND CONTACT DETAILS to play a game? Sounds suspiciously like harvesting information for sale.
Crashing on start after update, when it tries to connect to google play it simply crashes and closes the app. Reinstalling didn't work
Game become unplayable once winter and yellow dust come around cause you cant reach 15 by time they come around and then you cant pay paychecks i love the game its amazing fun and addictive but it becomes so aggervating and like i said unplayable ive restarted 3 times to try and get by it trying three difrent ways of playing and it wont work
It's a really fun game with hilarious dialogues (considering this is about a work labor, like seriously), BUT when you're at the late game, you play by keeping the app running on the screen, only to tap one or two times every minutes. It can't be left running on the background, that's the FIRST weakness. SECOND, you cannot save your progress outside your phone. Once you uninstall this, poof, say goodbye to your progress. Would be nice if we can connect it to our account.
A very fun and hilarious game with perfect English translation. The devs are amazingly honest too. I accidentally bought the remove ads option twice, over a year apart, and they refunded my second purchase without me asking.
This is a great game but as many other people has mentioned, there are huge probability issues. I was training a worker that had a 50% success rate and ended up having no success after 2 attempts. This issue needs to be fixed, the game isn't fun when it is lying in our faces. If you can fix this I will gladly bump this up to a 5 star. Edit: please fix typos.
Cute graphics, fun parody of that other "catch 'em all" game, but lots of idle time and lots of ads take a lot of the fun out of it
More ads than game. Nice concept however not telling players how much gold they actually need at the end of a month may leave a sour taste. Did for me once i lost 3 mons at the end of my 1st month and got an F.
It's nice! although i was confused with the paying of salary... I got sad when they resigned. I do not get that feature but, the game itself is great! Pokèmon as workers, Gold, just everything about it is great. I prefer to not uninstall this because its a great game to play. So, creators, devs, whatever the heck you want me to call you, the game all in all, is great.
Not even worth to download. 1. Ad bar always appear on bottom of the game. 2. Tutorial is too talkative. 3. The interface is too complicated for this 8 bit graphic gameplay. I can't last until the forced tutorial ends.
Pretty okay game, Golden Spoon needs work. I bought it thinking i was getting rid of ALL the ads, it does get rid of the super annoying ones when switching screens but not the ones for using Mom's Card which is part of the reason I bought it. The health regen rate is really low and that's kinda boring to wait on but overall, the game's fun, enjoyable when I've nothing better to do which is what I needed. It would be nice to have a real way to save progress should I need to uninstall.
whats the point of the workemon center? i wasted 18 million and time on 6 workemons. so they are hard to find and i can find the remaining workemons easily. BUT the donated workemons are still very very EASY to find. hope the developer correct this statement or provide the probability change.
Paying for "no ads" claims to change the way the game works, but only gets rid of the intrusive pop up ads. They still force ads in order to farm health. This is not what I payed for! I want a refund!
Its annoying that you cannot unequip or sell vehicles once you are dont in a certain area. I want to move on to the final area but cant because im stuck in a car.
Game is great. Took a few tries to get things rolling after figuring out some things. At first I didn't fully grasp how the salary worked and that I needed money at the end of the month to pay everyone or people would quit, including my only xp worker. My lv was stuck at 2 for a while until I realized I had to buy the next area where I could get xp workers. Then when winter rolled around I couldn't get the heater because I still only had one xp guy and was at lv 10. imo, tutorial could be better