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WordWhizzle Pop

WordWhizzle Pop for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Apprope located at Box 2006 103 11 STOCKHOLM. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun and eady challenges. Recovering from numerous minor strokes and this helps to enforce "lost memories and capabilities"
fast & fun the only annoying thing in the game is a hand that shows u the answer whether you want it to or not! God forbid that I take my time finding the word
It started out fun but one puzzle was impossible to get the last word and it wouldn't give me a hint - no matter how good I had done or videos I watched.
I love the game! But it's that annoying helping finger, that points to the answer before you can even finish reading the clue! I thought this was a fun game, but that helping finger makes you feel like an invalid or a child! Remove that finger!!!
So cruising along enjoying the game, using a few hints a long the way. Then on Level 107 I hit a snag, need a hint but only have 6 diamonds. I see a free hint button, so I press it and it says to watch a video for a free hint so I did, then it gives me 36 free coins. No hints, so 2 more times I watch the "free hint" video and just received coins. So I thought well maybe I can buy either hints or diamonds with my coins...nope then I noticed that the amount of coins went down. yggbv ⁹
Not very challenging. Then game reset to beginning after moving through several levels. Disappointment. Uninstalled.
Great little game! The more you play, the more addictive it gets, but it's a fun addiction! Came back to this game after a while and it's still addictive to play and hours of fun!
I am rather unimpressed at the presumptuous notion of asking for weekly payments for a word puzzle app. Other apps by this developer utilize a one-time payment option to remove ads. If the developers are going to ask players to subscribe, there simply must be greater incentive to do so.
fun! Changing my review from four stars to two stars. I really enjoy this game when it's responding. Many times I have played the game then had to stop. When I go back later, the game loads but will not respond to my touch. After a day or so, I am able to play the game again. Very frustrating!
I have seen sample games like this one where you slide your finger across the letters consecutively and they never ere hat I was looking for. This is the first and I'm excited and I'll share. Thanks for being true to your advertising.
Uninstalled the first time I played because of the overbearing ads before a new level. Got better. It's become an addictive game for me. Thanks, apprope.
get rid of the helping f8nger it takes time to view the puzzle and choose. hate the helping finger takes away from the challenge
I like finding a new-to-me word game. Seems fine so far, except the design is a bit too busy on my ADHD eyes LOL. Otherwise I'm ironically using this as a brain exercise for focus. πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
It's a great way to relax and have fun. I like that you solve words based on a topic. Also, easy to get extra coins by spinning slot machine after solving a few puzzles. Love it!!!
Great except....... Don't you realize that I have no life and to only have 3000 levels is just not enough. I debated on what levels of stars to give because I enjoy the game but then to end so abruptly at level 3000 I find that I'm no longer happy with world and I decided on 3 stars. Oh the despair......,
It appears the only way to get hints with the coins is to purchase the "free game". Not what I want to play for $7 a week. Not worth it.
I like the game and don't mind the ads, even though there are alot of them. But it's so annoying how many pop ups there are asking if I want to buy more coins. Also, $6.99 a week to upgrade to VIP is insane. I'd be happy to pay a one time fee for no ads, without the extra stuff.
Downloaded a few days ago and really like it. I was just playing and needed a hint it subtracted the points but didn't give me a hint. this happened several times because I didn't notice it was subtracting my points. But never got a hint.
Fabulous game. Was disappointed that I couldn't carry my previous purchases over to my new phone, but I still love the game!!
Gives you coins, but want you to buy part of your award. The notifications are constant and even though the sound is off, doesn't stop them. Game is fun, but not worth it.
Very fun and awesome for when you get boredem!(γƒ»βˆ€γƒ»)β—‰β€Ώβ—‰πŸ˜Έ I highly Recommend this game to everyone!!!
I like this game but every time I reach level 400 I have to reinstall as it keeps crashing and I'm a v.i.p subscriber please fix so I can keep the game. This is the fourth time I've had to uninstall it as its froze
Everything was fine until I decided to buy some hints I bought the cheapest one I could find 125 coins I think that's what it was I had well over $2,000 for two thousand coins whatever drop it down to 30 I don't think that's right they did that
I only just started this game and it appears very simple. However I intend to keep playing to give it a fair chance.
Love the concept of this one, but where are the settings, I don't like the game sounds and the tutorial is totally unnecessary, a third grader could play this... Good app otherwise!!
I love this game! It doesn't have ads, they give you hints without you pressing the hint button, etc. It's the best app ever!
Way to easy. This is more for elementary and middle school students. Way to easy for adults. And...a little too many ads for my tate. What a disappointment
Too much interference. I wasn't allowed to do the puzzles alone. Didn't get a chance to find the words before it was found for me.
When I pay to get my coins to buy hints and y'all take my money and don't give me my coins or my hints..........BOOOOOOO. FIX IT. OR REFUND ME
its ok, i mean, when u first start playing it helps u a lot! and in my opinion, it gets really annoying. but after u get going. it gets pretty, and it's really relaxing πŸ˜‹
I like the game but I'm on level 3000, and been there for about 9 mth or more , why do you have to pay to update, I never paid to update any other of my games , love the game just sorry I can't play more levels.. not paying so guess it's bye bye ,
Too many ads! It keeps closing after the ads and it wastes my time. I am uninstalling this game. It's too bad because I like it.
Poor puzzle construction and very unstable performance. Frequent black screens, ads show in landscape even though game is in portrait. Game often resets to title screen before level continues. Constant nagging nagging nagging to pay.
The game runs smoothly and is fun but its constantly asking me to buy coins and won't give me my full prize unless I buy something. I dont care about the prize itself it's just irritating that it makes you buy something even though it's not a game you'd need purchases for:((
I love this game. Its not so hard that you want to give up and it's not always so easy that I don't need to use a hint now and then. SOOOO much fun!!!!!
Another great word game devised by the brilliant minds of the creator of word games to test your knowledge as well as keep ones brain power.
The graphics keep freezing, there are way to many adds, don't send so many reminders to buy coins (I don't need them), and I would not pay $7 a month to play without adds. But I do like the concept of the game.
The game is fun and challenging. However when you have completed the game, it would be nice to start it over! You have to wait for weeks for it to reset. No way to delete and start again.
I enjoyed the game. But you have signed me up for a trial subscription and accessed my card info I had clicked NO when the offer appeared but I am nevertheless signed up. Now I can't find how to cancel the subscription before you start charging my card. I may have to cancel my card. Once I figure this out, I WILL uninstall this game and any other put out by this company. The premium trial has more attempts to get you to buy something than I have ever seen in a game. This is a terrible app.
The game screen at the bottom, i can see cause the advertisments to big. Cant get to the key to buy hints. So I uninstalled
TOO MANY ADS . And when you try to watch an ad for a hint it seems to never be able to find an ad to watch. When it finally does it gives you coins instead if the hint. You apparently have quite a bit of work to do.
The ad indicated it would be a game where you select the correct word/spelling, not a word search style game. But it's fun for what it is.
Love this game so far!. Not annoying ads like other games. Makes me think but not too hard!highly recommend😁
like this game very much. I just don't like that you have to pay for the bag of coins. or that you really don't get coins after each level. O one more thing I think it sucks that when u spin and get the jackpot u have to pay to get the full amount. Maybe if they didn't I might be tempted to buy something
Been playing this game for quite some time and had no problem at all even the ads at the bottom I was ok with it but now that I updated this app the ads are huge barely can play or see anything
Took 3 tries to open as it crashed on the loading screen. Then crashed loading the tutorial. Again after finishing the tutorial. Got through 6 puzzles and was getting in the groove; the gameplay is nice - then it crashed again. Uninstalling.
I really enjoy this game and like having the competition. wish I hadn't deleted it last week when my tablet was acting up. I am so glad I'm back. what a great way to start my day along with coffee of course!! πŸ˜†
Fine game if you don't mind being hounded for in-app purchases to "claim" rewards at the end of levels and if you don't mind being forcibly redirected by ads that end by sending you to the play store.
I do like the game and it's fine to show the first time player how to do it at the beginning but let then let them find the words on their own afterwards
I really enjoy this game but this is the second time the game has shut down and made me start over. Twicw I have lost my accumulated hints and stars. Twice the money I paid to get rid of ads is lost me. Enough! I will not start over a third time
I haven't been playing this game long but, so far i'm enjoying playing it. I'll rate it again when I've played it a bit longer 😻