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Wordster - Word Builder Game

Wordster - Word Builder Game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Gamesters located at 346 Torito Lane, Diamond Bar CA, 91765 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok I don't understand why you have to manually return a letter to the Board. You should be able to just touch it.🙄🙄
Wouldn't let me add a letter to create a two letter word when the computer did it more than once! Not fair
Good distraction but unfair, I won most of the games but the opponent "average" invents words, it uses italian words and other which I checked and don't exist, but when I used words which actually are original and exist, it would say error, word doesn't exist. Uninstalled it, to get "bucks" you have to watch their ads about games.
Would have given 3* if there was a multiplayer option. As it is, it's enjoyable but the AI is way too easy, even on Expert level I can beat it +100 consistently, and I'm by no means a pro. To improve, maybe add a mechanic that lets the human play invalid words, and maybe lose a turn or have the AI roll to see if it challenges the invalid word
Time killer and brings back memories of my childhood. Because I see no child playing scrabble anymore.
You need to upgrade this game,spell a lot of words that are not register in the game but excited.nice game tho
Nice App. You get the opportunity to learn the meaning of unfamiliar words thru their online dictionary.
Fine game. I just wish the tile rack would be smoother. Its very hard to move the tiles in the rack to where you want them.
Like it.... Although it fools me and allows itself to be defeated innumerable times, such wins against it boosts my ego and helps me to learn a lot of new words which can be used in an actual competition...
Its a super fun game. But I gotta say that when you scroll up on the board, the definitions come out when you don't need to hem and it takes quite a long time to go away even if you click x. Please fix this.....🤗
I'm a longtime Scrabble player, but I like this one even better. It's a quick game playing the computer.
I wanted to give the developers five stars. Sadly, the expert mode wouldn't let me win, because even though I don't have penalties or anything they deduct some of my scores:(
I like this scrabble game. It's as rapid as you make it. I don't like that it won't accept slang words I submit but does accept it's own obscure slang words.
I love playing Scrabble, either this virtual game or the real deal. This is a fantastic game!! With this online game, you can play against the game or against other people. Challenging and fun!
Fun and easy to play offline. Much better than official Scrabble. Dictionary feature is great, and love the stars that let you know if there is a better play. Ads are present, but easy to ignore.
I know many other Scrabble words but they are not in-built in your app. It also doesn't fill up my Oppo F9 screen, making me have to keep widening it. If you could sort this and also give us the option of adding words, l would rate it 5 star.
i absolutely am addicted to this i play myself alseep any free time i get im on wordster..great time passer
Overall a good game of Scrabble, although some excitement is missing. Zooming in and out can make the parts of the board invisible and prevent you from using the best possible combination of letters at the best position.
I'm learning words without glitches so far, even though my tablet has a limited memory and processor. I just downloaded it on my phone as well.
This app is good. I was just curious of the words given by my opponent but when I searched for its meaning, it's true.
Its a good game to past the time but computer comes up with words not in dictionary then when I try it cancels me
This word game is the best. Tried them all and every one is missing more real words and make up words too. Got bored with the 2 letter *tournaments* and hackers on Scrabble Go. Scrabble has, obviously, been taken over years ago. Well, I'd keep this scrabble game neverthess because it's WORTH it!
I love scrabble and learning new words and their definition! I play the computer and like how it is set up for my vocabulary .. Great Game!
Do not understand why it takes forever for wordster to respond i feel like lowering my rating still will give it a chance
Great game. Different rules make it very playable for everyone. A better choice than the advertisement crippled Scrabble game.
The computer cheats using words not in the dictionary and not giving me full credit for connected words that I play
Wordster is both fun and challenging. Having played hundreds of times I am enjoying it as much today as a year ago. Hats off to the developer.
The app is absolutely fun. I enjoy every bit of the level I played. While playing, a message pop that I should unlock to earn some passive income. How is that possible?
Compared to other similar games i have tried, i must sincerely say, this one has a wonderful user interface!. Not only has it been entertaining, but also of great help in my mastery of the Scrabble game. Cheers!!
This game's very entertaining. However; the more I play the more I win. Now I get only vowels and if I swap. I get more vowels. The same thing happens with consonants. Very challenging. Your thinking cap is well needed.
Some words it doesn't recognize. For example, I put in the word sailor playing off the s with no conflict. It was a down word with no across word. Didn't accept USA either.
It helps to improve my English and it sure make my mind occupied,sort of sharpen my mind too if you know what I mean
Decent offline scrabble game. Pros: -banner ads at bottom of screen are unobtrusive -quick AI with several difficulty options Cons: -moving letters around on your tray is annoying, because they don't drop where you want them to -dictionary doesn't work -there's no AI above "expert" and I win against expert more often than not -I don't completely understand the scoring. I just scored 392 points, plus 4 points from my opponent's remaining tiles, but my final score is 452?
I enjoyed this app . It helps to improve my vocabulary .. i am playong this for almost a year . anyways, scrabble is my favorite game ,and love this app coz i can play this offline . thanks to developer 👏
One of the few games without irritating ads interrupting! I also like the way it gives you hints as to whether you are playing the best word or if you can score more because it makes me challenge myself to score higher! It's good to know that there are hints available if I get stuck that seem to replenish for each new game too. Great game!
I love playing scrabble, as I do not have a board this game is the best alternative game for me. I enjoy playing this game.
Lovely. Perfect! I Have been looking for offline scrabble . This happens to be the best. Hope there won't be any disappointment later.
Very dubious words in this game... I don't know what dictionary they use but just this morning I've had the AI come up with Ok (short for okay), Pled and Rah! I'm not a professor of English language or anything but I'm 54 and not stupid, but I've never heard of these words. Also, according to any Scrabble rules i've ever seen, I'm not sure short forms aren't allowed.
Fair Game, is typical Scrabble which I like, but some graphics could be improved such as a larger board screen or way to zoom in when needed, stronger color for opponent moves instead of typing what move computer made, etc. Thank you.
The app starts a new game every time one returns to the app. Dictionary is small, not accepting many real words. When you arrange your letters leave and then return, the letters are jumbled up. All of tjis adds to annoyance
Love the idea of the game. I've been playing scrabble for years but with this game when I use the same rules to spell it keeps telling me that I can't play diagonally which I am not doing. It's frustrating. Can't continue the game.
I love this app, its highly addictive, but sometimes the words are not in the dictionary, like wolfs for instance and meanings are given as, just plural of the word. Still, play it almost everyday.
Good but create an option that I can with my friends or family. At least 2 people. Rather than just play with the computer.
Very satisfying version of Scrabble game with good access to hints and swaps that help when challenging the tougher levels of game. But no explanation in rules why I always seem to get awarded 60 points at end of each game - even when I was clearly losing to it. Maybe the developer can clarify and perhaps allow this to be disabled in options as I felt I have "stolen" a couple of games this way.
Your Average player is not strong . How about making Average put to test the ability of the Human player !
I had a ridicuously lousy experience with this game. Even though you place your tiles for high scoring the mechanism or its objective is to block any opportunity you can make! I left many tiles of promise for it to use and it finds ways to block me!😵😣...also the words needs to be upgraded. I find it annoying when you may by mistake touch the screen and it says no defination...no man!
I'm enjoying it. Especially because I can even play it when I don't have data. Keeps my mind active 😁😊
There are words that are not present in the gane but is legal/acceptable in the official scrabble dictionary like the word "QIN" and "JA". But other than that issue, the game is great.
The games tells me i cant put letters vertically or horizontally, so just what do i do with them? It dont make any sense. I liked the game until it wouldnt accept letters to make words cause they were horizontal or vertical. Why?
The game was easy and simple to play. The grid and tiles should have been bigger. It would have been nice if the tiles were darker and more colorfull. They blended into each other to much. All in all, the game was fun.
Naturally l love this game, but the player surpose to be allowed to contest any word, he is not used to. If the word is correct, he will miss his turn. But if the word is incorrect, the played tiles will be remove and no scores awarded.
It been a pleasure playing this game I do wish there was an option to play with a person and not just the computer that sometimes kills the fun. Besides that it functions ok
Can we have the settings option of no definitions popping up? Those pop ups are very irritating, worse than ad pop ups. Other than that, I love the game, I've done all the achievements except the 200 point word one (so far).
Nice game. Very simple and not complex at all. Though I would have given a five star if there was a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends who also have the game through Wi-Fi or something of that sort
Nice to play a game without obnoxious ads. Fun game to pass the time. Dictionary is a little weird if you're used to a similar game especially regarding plurals, -ier, un- type words. Often randomly stops working where I can't start a new game because the button won't work. Sometimes this lasts 1 refresh or a couple hours which is very frustrating. Otherwise an excellent app. EDIT: In response to the developers response, no you didn't fix it. Same issue right now.
Master of computer is using illegal words which has no meaning and not found in dictionery. Check and correct all data according to dictionery.. Note.. Hint not working. Why
Very good time filler, while waiting for my son when he does his sport's. It is good that you can find out what the obscure words the game uses mean as they can be quite interesting. All in all good bit of fun.
Was playing the new ScrabbleGo, but it had too many glitches and needed to restart constantly. I like this game much better. It would be even better if it allowed you to swap out your tiles instead of forcing you to pass when you can't form a word.