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Wordscapes for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by PeopleFun located at 740 E Campbell Rd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75081. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is fun and engaging. I'd play it for longer durations if it wasn't for the ads. When I first started playing the ads were every 2-3 puzzles which is both tolerable and reasonable. Now that I'm further in there's an ad after every puzzle which is annoying and quite frankly keeps me from playing for more than a few puzzles at a time.
Thanks for the other options to be able to get money. I am probably the oldest one playing this game I played it to keep my mind Sharp. I wish there was some way you could not have the backgrounds with motions I have glaucoma and sometimes the movement on the screen bothers my eyes. The graphics are beautiful though but keep the movements in the background to a minimum please thank you. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It's become very glitchy recently, especially with the help requests that don't load right and/or disappear. And this game has gotten so ad heavy I'm ready to delete it! It used to show an ad every few levels, now it's every level and in between anything else you do. W to adjust your settings? Have an ad! Need to back out of a level? There's an ad for that! Want to see what pictures are in your collection this month? Get ready for another 2 minute long unskippable ad!
Fun game. Good challenge. But lately they have manipulated the ads so the ads pause and automatically go to the download page of the app being advertised. The developer pretends that they are looking into the issue but after a fortnight there was no solution Both myself and another player have sent screenshots weeks ago. So no I will not waste my time send them again because it is multiple ads that do it. I suspect that it is deliberate and not a bug.
A very fun game, with educational values, said Sarah Milager of the New Yorker, New York Times, New York Times for Kids, CNN News website and paper, CTV News website and paper, Global News hour at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, 5 day winner of "Jeopardy!", winner of "Wheel of Fortune" winning $25, 937 ( Twenty-five thousand, nine hundred and thirty-seven dollars ) On "Jeopardy", Milager won $594, 648 ( Five hundred ninety-four thousand, six hundred and fourty-eight dollars ) Love, Me!
You have really messed up the game with the new team ranking system! You left a huge factor out of the equation. Where your team placed in the tournament is NOT the only factor that should be considered for creating the groupings. The most critical factor should have been the number of points scored. The new system has teams that previously placed high with scores in the 5 digit ranges matched up with groups that scored high 6 digits. Your changes have sucked the fun out of the game.
Update. Had a problem with the app and I was put back to level 1. Got in touch with support team and they fixed my problem and put me back to (roughly) where I was. Im so happy I didn't have to start all over again. So I'd advise anyone else who has a problem with the game to contact the support team, they were very nice and helpful. They solved my problem very quickly. So I've changed my original rating from 1 to 5 coz they deserve it. Thanks again:)
I am on level 13,000 so I have played this game very frequently. It seems for the past several weeks, there has been significant repetition and I keep getting the same puzzles over and over. Also, a new challenge was recently added to the game with the portrait collections. I keep getting the same portraits over and over. It won't even allow me to gather another collection. For example, right now it says I'm on the "Furry Friends" but for some reason I'm only receiving "Marine Collection."
Update: I added stars for the paid app. It is much better, but it's a bit coercive to make the free app so annoying that one feels compelled to purchase the no-ads app. Then again, consumer is free to just bypass both options. 😊 >>>Reply: Thanks. The paid ad-free app was not easy to find, since it is listed below coin/token bundles, but I found it and purchased it. Will adjust rating after I try it out. >>>I quit. Too any annoying ads.
This game is fun and a good way to spend time. It includes a dictionary with the meaning of all the words I found in the level. But, the hints, fireworks, and other help cost a lot, making you play the game a lot. Teams are also hard to find, meaning your team won't be found unless it has a commonly used name. Some of the ads are misleading, like the Gardenscapes and Homescapes ads, but overall, it's a great game!
I paid for no ads, it wasn't cheap, but moved to a new device and now I have ads. Buying ad free is not forever as I've seen the developer respond to other reviews. Also you lose almost all your coins moving to another device. The only reliable thing that syncs is the level you are on.
This game is awesome! It allows you to explore possibilities without penalties. You end up learning more when no one is timing you or adding up your misses. I do wish past tournament crowns wouldn't completely disappear. Maybe you could turn them into badges or medals or stripes. Something to show long term tournament progress.
Editing my review because I paid to remove ads, and it said the payment did not go through. Then I tried to do it again and it said I "already have that item" yet I'm still getting ads. I checked and I've been charged for it. Tried to contact support and it shows 3 dots like the bot is typing and nothing happens. I have screenshots of both the charge to my bank and the "support" not working. Will be contacting my bank to report fraud if I'm not reimbursed and will be deleting this app.
When you can get rid of the adverts it's a really good game, but if you lose your data and have to start over you get the ads back, despite having paid for them to go away. Predictably there's no response to requests for assistance and no, I'm not paying $7 to lose them again. Edit: Seems like the best way to get hold of them is via the support chat on the game. In any event they removed the ads so it's back to 5 stars.
I've been obsessed, but frustrastion is catching up with obsession. I keep getting irritated at the frequent use of words repeated with different endings (-s or -ed), especially when I have come up with 3 to 8 very common bonus words in the same puzzle. In such small puzzles there's no excuse for this- it's just lazy designing. I suggest you rewrite these puzzles with more words. The app could be a lot more fun, and less aggravating.
This game is fun. The reward system isn't great. And the tournaments are clearly won by people cheating...winning by thousands of stars. Also, there are ads after ever 1-2 puzzles. The amount of ads is simply terrible. Ive almost reached level 400 and I just can't deal with the ads anymore. I spent hours getting 3rd place in the last tournament to get 250 coins lol.
I seriously love this game. My only complaints are that I feel a lot of the words are reused from puzzle to puzzle, and that the Daily Puzzle is somewhat of a guessing game. I wish that the Daily Puzzle implemented more strategy and the player could use deductive reasoning to tell which word the butterfly landed on. Even still, it's clear that the developers put a lot of work into this and it's a super enjoyable game.
This game sharpens your brain and makes you super smart. Although, at most times, its so hard! Sometimes, right away I see a word. But at other times, I'm puzzled. Also, one of the things I LOVE about this game, is that it has the most prettiest nature backrounds ever. I hope you download this fancy (learning for any age)game!
I've had this game for a year or just over. Love the game. Love my team. The only thing thts tricky is the words seem to be in a different dictionary 🤔 and the points system also not explained well. Nor are there many ways to earn things extras.
I play this game every night, The Daily Puzzle, and have for over a year now at least. I also play the normal game mostly every day. This game does have a lot of ads, and he's you can pay a small fee to remove them. But the ads are mostly fun bonus games anyway. The customer service has always been great and quickly respond. I love this game so they get 5 stars. Thanks WordScapes!
This is a fun game, but the ads are extremely annoying. I understand every free version of an app is going to have it's share of ads, but these are almost entirely video ads with obnoxious content and loud sounds. The close buttons are often hidden which causes you to accidentally click them when trying to close. Every other round it repeats. Please find better sponsors.
Good game, ads are horrible. Not only are they longer ads than normal, I once got two ads on top of each other and I couldn't skip the first one. Also, no standards for the ads they accept, some are fake playable ads, some have confusing closing buttons, some are landscape for some reason, a couple ads still play audio even if the game audio is turned off. Definitely need a system where you only watch longer ads to gain coins and a better standard for the ads they play.
This game is easy to understand, adictive & mentally challenging. The ads can be annoying; mostly video ads that you can't dismiss until a certain amount of time has passed (as much as 30 seconds). Some play sounds or music even of you have the sound turned off in the game. Update: I purchased the paid version and later customer service helped me transfer it to my new phone. Good experience with this developer. Recommended.
I really liked the game itself, but I am uninstalling it. This games has so many ads! They have atleast one between each level, you have to X them out, & they make it where the X almost always still brings you to the app store. They also force you to try or wait on many of the games after you close the first X for the ad! Just a ridiculous waste of time & frustration. It popped up several times saying I could pay to remove ads, which irritated me more! You inundate people with excessive ads!
Game is fine. My problem is with the absolutely predatory ads, which account for about half the ads I am served. Displaying "this app needs to be updated to continue playing" and it's an ad for another game, autoplaying videos with sound on by default, fake X's that take you to the app store. Appalling behaviour by the developers to allow these ads. I would report these ads as the developers requested if it was rare, which it is not.
This game is awesome I recommend it to everyone!! Its enjoyable, entertaining, and all around great! It also helps you get smarter. This game is the only brain teaser that I actually enjoy! The ads are a bit annoying, but at first there not so bad and the more you play the more you get used to it! Get it, play it, beat it. Five stars at least. The coins are a bit lacking in abundance. Just try not to use 'em a lot or use them wisely and you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! =D
The game plays well enough, though doesn't start feeling challenging until after the first 100 levels. You can pay a one-time fee to get rid of the ads, but the piggy bank that holds coins with which you can buy hints has to be re-bought over and over and that really stinks, which is why this game does not get a top rating from me.
Fun, well designed game. I watch ads to earn free clues. BUT since last week the ads often fail to load so I can't get my clues, and if they do they take too long. I should get a reward if the ad fails. It's not my fault this happens. It's taking too long to earn a reward + wasting my time. Getting fed up with it. I think they do it on purpose sp you'll buy clues also. I'll watch ads but not pay. Getting fed up with waiting for them to fix it and about to find another game if I can't see ads.
So the creators told me that I can buy the game and all ads will be removed (even though I said $5.99 was pretty expensive). Because I like the game and want to support the creators, I bought the game. And guess what? I'm still getting occasional ads! Ridiculous! The worst part is that the ads that pops up, you cannot even close it. You have to close the whole game and relaunch the game. Ridiculous x2!
Excellent game, the best of all I have tried. No major gripes after 2,500 levels. Here are aspects I like -- challenging but not impossible puzzles, dictionary is available, keeps track of all extra words found in a puzzle, provides a daily gift for using the app, the background changes fairly often and is always stunning, a daily puzzle provides a way to earn more coins, able to turn off sounds and music.
I'm not really into games as such, but I find this a bit more of a brain training kind of thing and hard to put down once I've started. It's made me look up some words in the dictionary, that I knew existed/used in the game, but didn't actually know what they meant ('hubris' being one example last night that I finished a level with, but realised I didn't really know the meaning of 😅). It prioritises American English, but that just adds an extra challenge tbh. Great game!
Wordscapes is a great way to pass time. It's easy enough for you to keep trying, but hard enough that it challenges your vocabulary. I will say the only down part is the "Piggy Bank". It takes a few or more coins away every time you complete a level. What sucks is that every HINT is 100 coins. You barely get coins as is. That is cool & all, until you end up with 1500 coins in Piggy and they charge you 2.99 . NOT JUST ONCE- EVERY TIME. You'll have to keep paying that. Nice try! Bye Wordscapes
Yes there are ads but nothing overbearing. This game is so addictive, I mean, just played and played for the first few weeks. A month on still dip into it more than any other game on my phone. Will done, very fun and simple game.
Originally 5 stars back in September 2018 but disappointed with inability to transfer progress when I got a new phone. Got my coins back via Support but even with Facebook link the game is not the same on my new phone. Previously paid to remove ads but they're back and two of the assist options are missing.
Play for one minute, watch an ad for half a minute. After level 5 it's an ad every puzzle. I understand make some money, but I can't do an ad wall so often that it takes away any enjoyment. It's a time killer, not a game I'd play so often I'd purchase. Other then that, when playing its enjoyable and well put together.
I've been playing this game for almost 3 yrs now but it seems ever since the last update periodically the game will lag or pause when you're playing, which is more than frustrating- especially during a tournament! Plus it said this update included levels with cats & also star constellations but I've yet to see those.
Why is it that when a player is given a word that there are limitations such as minor words or limitations on when & where the word is to be placed. The game is very memory and thought provoking, however it is equally irritating at the same time. In retrospect no game is without a challenge but come on.
This was an awesome game, I can't figure some stuff out because I am not that old, but other than that it was awesome. People keep saying there are a lot of ads, but only 2 ads into 30 levels. Love the game and trying to rackup the brilliance, (currency) and by the way I'm not that far into the game so I might edit this.
Fabulous game but now uninstalled due to the game freezing and throwing you out. Very frustrating and after sending lots of feedback and never getting any response I now reluctantly give up. Please somebody get things sorted .I have now reinstalled this game and it sems to be behaving at the moment. Here's hoping it continues without any further problems.
Fun way to sharpen your mind, but lately the game has been freezing up. Also I had around 1200 in coins and lost 3/4 of them. They just disappeared. I did not get a new phone like some other reviewers have commented. I really don't mind the ads too much. Yes, some get to be annoying, but if that is what the company needs to do in order to pay their team and continue to provide a free and fun-filled activity, I can live with that. What I can't deal with is how the game constantly freezes up.
Have reached 107 level however i feel the developers missed out on very many words at each level and they just collect your words on the down left side even if it is the full complete word!!!! That is wrong...if a player is making words you didnt think were there, they should be given higher incentives and cash rewards Reviewed again....now am on level 138 and app not functioning properly...stuck
Paid to remove ads. Got a new phone, but there is no option to restore past purchases. I shouldn't have to pay twice. Why is there no button to restore purchases? Other games I had to re-download easily let me do it. Is it difficult on purpose to trick customers into paying more? EDIT: Support fixed my issue, so kudos to them. It still sucks that you pretty much lose everything, other than level progress, if you get a new phone.
Fun game, but I wish they didn't reuse so many letter combinations, and actually allowed all words to be entered. This game is selective about which words it allows and doesn't allow, which is pretty stupid...and there's seemingly no rhyme or reason to which words are allowed. Pretty arbitrary, and counterintuitive for a game called "WORDscapes". Increase your word databank, then you'll have a great game.
Changing initial rating of 5 to 2. Commercials are getting more frequent and longer, distracting from the game. Also game offers competitive events that are impossible to win due to all the robot players. No posted rules either. Changing rating grom 2 to 1 as the weekly contest is rigged. You are either playing against robots or the programmers have rigged it so human players cannot win. Within 2 hours of starting contest, top 5 teams had points so high, it defied physics.
Keep it simple!! The game is fine, yes there are far too many ads, but just ignore them & never buy their products. They want to spoil my game, il buy from someone else, done. No problem. This binocular game where you collect characters is shite. Utter shite. Get rid of it please. The weekend comp is decent though.
Love this game. Super relaxing, no wifi required! You can get hints, but they cost coins that you have to work for. So its not too easy, not too hard great game for pretty much all ages! 5 stars! I definitely love this game!!! Edit: why such the bad reviews? This game is super fun, just cause you aren't good at it doesn't mean you can complain!
great fun. challenging. recommend it to anyone who loves word games. I still agree with everything I said before about the game itself. I dropped it from 5 stars to 4 stars though, because you don't explain all the side stuff you put on there. You just expect us all to know what to do. For instance that thing with the binoculars. What good is it if you don't know what to do with the pictures you get. What is their purpose?
There are still way too many words that aren't accepted, including words that count in one game but not in another! Also, too many ads that take forever to get rid of! But mostly, please get rid of the gun games. This app has been notable for its lack of such ads. Don't you think we've had way too much of that? Rating would have been a 4 except for the recent gun ad.
I really like this game but the ads for other games specifically the one that deals with how to clean up crime scenes needs to go away. I find it very disturbing After i placed the previous review I was informed how to handle unwanted it ads. I do think the game is great. I play it frequently. i like the daily challenge most of all.
Far too many ads and continue to go on for longer between each word, spoils the fun. The response I received to the high volume of annoying ads was to spend money.....poor. My1st, review Great game, but the ridiculous amount of ads!! especially the same stupid ones over and over again....aagh..ready to delete because of them...
It's fun but they make it impossible to get all of the little characters during the events which is infuriating. You can get duplicates which "count" but not really if they just get you yet another duplicate. WHY make it impossible? It just makes me want to play less. Also SO. MANY. ADS. And you have to watch them and click out of them TWICE in between almost every round. AND sometimes they play noise even if your phone is on silent. The game is great and endless but so many other issues.
This game could be 5 stars easily but 4 a few bumps. 1) no customization... Nothing! 2) you will reach point where too few word count puzzles available that you can't compete in tournaments. BIGGEST COMPLAINT ⬇️ 3) Progression saving is particularly sub-standard especially compared to today's environment. If you have/want to move to new device, you WILL lose all collectible materials, only thing restored is the level you were last at. HAVE to contact support to even get coins & hint items back!
Am so disgusted with the new algorithm for pairing teams for tournament play. There is no parity anymore. Small teams are pitted against much larger and stronger teams that they have absolutely no chance against. Small teams have no chance anymore, so why play? And the binocular challenge is ridiculous. You get the same portraits over and over and never receive certain others. Total lack of satisfaction with current circumstances.
Fun game, normal amount of ads that aren't overly annoying. Been playing this game a long time, so, figured it was only fair to rate it high. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't play it. Definitely recommend for people who get bored easily and enjoy word games. Only downfall would be that it sometimes doesn't recognize words as real words. I'll put in real, English words and it won't accept them... but then I'd play the boggle ap and the same word is perfectly fine. Maybe update dictionary source?
Ads after you complete literally every level, unskippable, at least 30 seconds long, fake close buttons that take you to the store page, meanwhile the ad is paused and still unskippable, and after they're done, you get another 10 seconds of the ad, but hey... at least you're graced with a REAL close button this time. It's unplayable like this, any joy you could get from playing is immediately replaced with frustration. Having ads in a game is fine, but this game does NOT have a good balance.
This game is great but when your chat doesn't work you have to uninstall the game and then start over but also you can ask the support to make a manual adjustment but the service isn't fast they say usually within a few hours but it takes like 2-3 days please fix this. Also on PC it doesn't let you open the app. The support are very good, they can do alot and they make a lot of manual adjustments!
Loved this app until...had to factory reset and was happy that it saved my place at level 3200. But, it erased my 58,000 coins. Pretty crummy that they could save my place but take my coins. Besides the great fun, the developer bent over to restore my game level and earned coins. Thanks for the incredible support! Revised 12/20, don't get too invested and don't switch phones and expect your purchases to survive the transfer. Same for tournament play. Oh, support has gone on a break!
Love this game at first didn't really care too much about I found my self literally falling for it. Not only is it cool to be able put together words but trying figure out the word like an hidden cross word puzzle is what I love. Plus opens my mind and also helps with spelling out and finding words you really didn't think or probably use. So love the game can't get enough playing it also relaxes me.
I really, really enjoy this game! But something has been going on that never happened when i first started playing. Over the past few days, whenever i watch the videos to get free things, i have to keep restarting my phone bc I'll get a white screen. Wondering if im the only one that's having this problem. And i agree with what someone posted.....is it possible to move the hint button away from the letter scramble button to alleviate accidentally hitting it
Very good. Played this game for years. Recently had issues when at almost level 10000 where it wouldn't pay coins anymore. Game support couldn't even understand what I was telling them. I figured out it really only goes to level 6000. I kept waiting for the game to get hard but it never did. It does get harder in a slow progressive manner. I stopped playing and miss it. Can't win tournaments with no rewards.
The majority of the words in the puzzles are related to the Christian/church faith, which would be fine if a) that was in the description with fair warning and b) the other words were not lazily put in as fillers with a prefix or suffix (and repetitively placed in every. single. puzzle).
This used to be an enjoyable app, but, recently the ads they choose to insert after EVERY play are ones that open up both your browser and other apps installed on your phone, ie, TNT. If you hit the "X" it doesn't just take you back to the game like it's supposed to do, it loads up your device with open apps that slow down your play. Until you can fix this, I will not play this game any more. This is a rip off!!
Love the game but all of a sudden a problem is happening with the help hints. You post a request within your group and it's not showing, it may to you but not to the group. I'm in a group of 50 players, one a close friend, and she just mentioned no one is giving her helps, and I told her it's not even showing.
Love it but too many ads!!! I've had this game for a few years but I hardly play anymore unless I'm desperately bored because there are too many ads! Showing ads mid game does the opposite of me wanting to spend money upgrading to add free. WHY ARE GAMES ALL ABOUT MONEY NOW??? Not even worth it.
This is a fun game. However, it is hard to understand how to move ahead. Most of your winnings go into a piggy bank that you have to purchase back. To use any of the help aids cost is $100 to $200 but for each game you win you get 2 to 4 points which are used as $$. You can never get ahead even if you win each time. Very frustrating. I'm being generous with 2☆.
I like word games even though I'm not particular great at them. This one's pretty fun, but it can be extremely frustrating because it does not seem to accept some perfectly cromulent everyday words as bonuses, and doesn't accept a lot of English but non-American spellings of very common words. There are also too many short words that are basically abbreviations or slang that seem out of place. My biggest issue, though, is that there's a bug that kills the audio after I've gotten a few words in a puzzle. Audio will still play in ads, but the game's audio will be dead until I force stop and retry the app. It's been like this for a few updates, so I'm not sure if they're even aware of the issue. I'd contact support directly but there's no way to do it in-app that I can find... Just a FAQ with basic info. Despite the issue, it's a nice looking game, with smooth animations and really nice artwork. It's a shame, though, that all the pictures, avatars and whatnot can't be transferred to a new device; that means I won't be spending any money in-app since nothing will transfer in the future if/when I get a new phone. That seems like a pretty big oversight for such a popular and otherwise well-designed game.
Great game. Definitely a lot of fun and a great way to kill time. However there is literally an ad after every level so for me that fun ends pretty quick. Plus it has that piggy bank that saves points for you but as usual, you have to pay to break it and to get the points regularly takes waaaay to long.
A little simplistic but keeps you occupied... I had played this game before and liked it but couldn't remember why I quit... on playing this game I remembered! That damn piggy bank! You win money and they take it away and put it in this piggy bank that you have to buy back your own money from!! I QUIT! AGAIN!
I have played this game for several years. It's relaxing and fun. Recently, I had to get a new phone and when I got back on to play my game, I had lost 46,000 of my coins, all my crowns, and about 10,000 brillance points.I emailed the company and they said they would get back to me. That was over 10 days ago. I played for quite a long time to accumulate all these things and it's very fustrating that they don't seem to want to make it right.
EDIT to 1 star after changing phones. All progress is lost and it 'forgot' I had purchased it. Ads are back. PREVIOUS: Free version would be fun except the ads are so very awful. 30 second ads every few seconds. Paid version is better, but they still interrupt to try to sell their services and ask how you like them. 'Remove ads' is a deceptive claim here.
This game is very relaxing and fun, but god do the ads completely ruin the game. They're not too bad at first, but they go from showing an ad every couple levels, to showing an ad after EVERY level. They're clearly trying to manipulate the player to spend money to get rid of the ads. Just play offline and it's the exact same.
Enjoyed playing. Couldn't get out of the game on my Android phone. Had to restart phone to exit game. Also extremely too many ads! The price to remove ads seemed excessive to me. I lowered the rating since the support response was as if my review wasn't actually read. I said the price to stop ads was to high. They give the same exact response to all low ratings
I enjoy this word app game,especially the daily puzzle which reveals a different animal etc each month,which is split into four sections,but the annoying thing is sometimes,like today you don't get your reward,or you only get one per day,making it impossible to complete the month.As I have progressed since I wrote this review I have only been rewarded with one every day,making impossible to complete the month as there only nine days left as of today.Just started Jan,same AGAIN!!
App crashes mid-game constantly. Can't finish a single puzzle without it crashing (within~3 min. of startup). Contacted support, they responded but ignored my question, "Is there a way to fix this without losing all my progress?" Their response was "You might try deleting the game. Rebooting your device. Then reinstall after the reboot. See if that works." I then asked if I would lose my data & 5 days later they said sorry you'll have to send a 2nd "contact support" request. Ridiculous.👎
This has been a wonderful game for keeping active with vocabulary! The background scenes are beautiful. 🌄 I only have two complaints. Sometimes it does not accept words that I know are words, but that is ok. Also, sometimes there are puzzles that use nearly the same words only 8-10 puzzles apart from the last set that used similar letters. Neither of those ruin the game. I still keep playing because it is very enjoyable.
Good, fun game. I would give it five stars, if you would switch the rockets button with the letter scramble button. I'm a right-handed, narcoleptic player and I'm tired of accidentally using rockets/coins when I fall asleep. Especially when there is only one word left, and I already knew it. I'm not the only person who feels this way, either. I'm on a really good team and everyone on it wants this to happen. I know for a fact they've submitted this idea to you before. Please make this happen.
Glitched from the start, and cannot play unless you give them access to your entire device. Developer response is utterly unhelpful. I repeat, game glitched from the start - it is therefore impossible to message from within the game. And the developer has not commented on their insistence on having access to huge amounts of personal data from my device.
This is top notch in design and game play, and is very addictive! True, if you're good with words the first 100 levels are quite tedious and boring. But, stick with it! More letters are added and longer, often trickier words. BUT, I must say that the new Mystery Avatar game (which is really all it is) with the binoculars is really lame. The gameplay is the same, with some words earning you "points" that go towards other fancier avatars you can use. But thats it. Really no point to it.
Great app! Just want to be able to use across devices with unified account-based central control. I had to start over from scratch with 3-letter words on my new phone after having reached high levels over time on my old phone.
I like the game but the only thing is it's consist of so many ads after each level,please don't put ads , and the game should give coins when we get to next level but in this we have to see the video to get the coins for hints . It's not fare ..please improve this thing so it should b fun while playing but the ads are irritating in between each level .thanks .