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Wordington: Words & Design

Wordington: Words & Design for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB located at Stora Torget 3 44130 Alingsås. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is super fun and addicting. If I were to make a suggestion though, the words in the puzzles are sometimes rather nonsensical. If you could make any new levels where the words are at least recognizable as words by most people, it would be more fun and less frustrating.
While I absolutely love playing this game there are a few improvements I hope to see in the future: expanded word base, being allowed to collect as many coins per extra words as possible instead of capping off at 20 and more options when it comes to decorating or building the home. I went through a large number of stars to decorate my pool with things I did not want or even like and I had no choice but to spend them, play more, spend more, in order to move on to the next project.
Boring. I have been waiting 3 days for more tasks to appear. Game freezes up. You watch an ad for free help and it shuts down. Randomly freezes up and takes forever just to load. Had enjoyed the game now just bored and frustrated. Still no more tasks since i last reviewed. Still nothing uninstalling this. Bored and tired of waiting.
I've downloaded this for the second time but all my requests even after being replied to have not been answered. My rating stays the same. P!ease fix these problems. All the interior require coins to be changed and the boosters take a lot of money.
Watch your points. Fun to play, can get far without pay. Points needed for actions get higher as you progress. However, point usage is buggy. Several times had more points taken than an action was shown to cost. Just now, had 8 points banked, authorized a 4 point action, took 7 points away. Otherwise I would rate game higher. Also, not all words are correct English spelling, and a few international words are used.
It's a really fun game. But we get one star per puzzle but it stays three stars for her to sleep. Three stars to play in the garden. Three stars to buy lights. Three and four stars to buy anything in the puzzle and it takes up all the stars. It takes a long time to get stars but it takes very short time to use them.
Love the game. More tasks coming soon is annoying. When is soon? Yet another update just to see "more tasks coming soon" still. What's the point of an update if the story line stays stalled for long periods of time? Bored waiting for the story to continue.
This is a very addictive game. I like that we have no lives to play or loose in the game. The only downside is too many ads after each levels which gets annoying
It's nice to finally play a house fixing game I can do something with but would be nice if hard puzzles gave more than 1 star. Especially since tasks use more stars to complete as you progress. Other wise I'm enjoying the game.
Game was fun at first but then it started asking for more than one star to do a simple task. I mean why do you have to waste a star just to begin the next day? Also as i got further into the game I started getting these adds that wouldnt let me exit them once they were done. When I hit the X instead of returning to the game it took me to the playstore. Even using the back button on my device got the same results.
Fun, but lacking. It takes a long time to load. The back story is shallow & socially awkward. There are some words that seem to be missing from the dictionary & others that are not part of the English language. The decorating options also seem strange & don't offer what I'd consider "normal" options. Elle only meets 2 people so far, a handsome young man & an old handyman. She talks about having parties with all her friends but she doesn't appear to have any. The load time is the biggest issue.
Update.....so glad new tasks have been added! Only took a few weeks, but Im thankful, definitely missed playing the game! Passes Time. Fun game with words instead of the matching puzzles all other games have. Game is very slow switching between scenes. I've been waiting on new tasks to arrive for a couple of days now. Not sure if there is a glitch with the game or if it's over since all the rooms are furnished.
Im so loving this game. The different things you have to do are so exciting and looking forward to new task and getting more experience with word findings. I love that. Decorating each room is my favourite. Choosing different furniture, paintings, flowers etc. Has become my absolute favourite. Great game guys.
If you like decorating and crosswords, then this game is for you! Best thing about it is that you don't need to spend real money to enjoy every aspect. Loving this game! Edit: Had to lower two stars because of the complete lack of in game support. When I got a new phone, all my progress was saved but my purchase of ad free was not. Now I have to watch ads and it won't even let me buy it again because it was "already purchased." Very disappointing.
I really liked this game. The first version I had would force closed at least 3 times before I could actually play it. After the latest update, it now takes at least 5 times to get it to run. I've tried this on 2 different phones and a tablet with the same results. Uninstalling because I want to be able to play a game once I open it.
Meh. This game is okay. You have to combine random letters to complete crosswords. You get a reward for some of the ads if you choose to watch them, but there are too many ads and most times there is no reward for it. I would say at least 50% of time feels like it is spent on ads - which makes me feel like the developers are trying to force you to purchase ingame content. Newflash: Roblox is free ingame purchase that doesn't harass you with ads. Its possible if the game is good 👍
I liked but when the game and graphics were cute story line but make play for things like water in the dogs bowl or to see if he has tags on or wiping off the kitchen counter. Was hoping it would be decorating the house and yard. Got tired of of spending a time on those kinds of task so deleted.
Judging from my own experience, and the reviews of others, it seems clear that the star system needs some work. I recommend at least rewarding stars in a way that feels proportional to the effort put into solving the puzzles. For example, 1 star for 4-letter puzzles, 2 stars for 5-6 letter puzzles, and 3 stars for the 7 letter puzzles. It will definitely decrease a lot of the frustration. There are some pathing issues that need fixing, but I've run out of space...
Love the game but I've been waiting over 3 weeks for more tasks and still nothing. All I can do is keep doing the puzzles and collecting stars and coins. Getting tired of waiting. Still waiting on more tasks, Downloaded update but still have no tasks. Moving on to something else, tired of waiting.
This game is enjoyable and appeals to my decorating interests as well as increases my vocabulary. Sometimes there are technical flaws in the game, but they tend to correct themselves given some time. It would be nice if more time was given to the storyline with characters. Thanks!
Like the game. Love solving word puzzles. However, it seems the further along you get, the longer it takes to load between solving puzzles and getting back to main screen. Could be my phone but don,t have this problem with other games.
I find it frustrating that it takes more and more stars to fix things, yet you still only earn 1 star for every puzzle solved. I think you should be able to earn 2 stars for the harder puzzles that you solve.
Every time you get a chance to spin you can only win coins, it use to be fair, now it won't let you win the other prizes. I paid to remove the adds. I dont want to watch the videos just to win coins every time when there are other prizes on that wheel.
At first it was fun and challenging but you progressed thru the game and it made it worthwhile. Within a few rounds, the tasks are costing more stars, then they divide simple tasks into several parts and each part costs several stars. The puzzles are now more challenging but that would be okay if you could get anywhere with it but you spend 15-20 minutes solving a puzzle and you get only 1 star. Now when you realize it now costs upwards of 15-18 stars to accomplish 1 small task......
Game can keep you entertained for a short term. I have changed from 3 star to 1. Painfully slow and update did not help. Quickly reached the end. Should not be such a long wait for new task to appear (weeks). The old spend money to make money fits here. Perhaps adding more staff to keep up would help. Tired of alternate spelling of words. Using most common MISSPELLING of words. Frustrating to not be able to complete a word because the word is not real or accurate. Uses up coins for hints.
Love the game - hate the ads. The ads are far too often and far too long. No ad needs to be over 10 seconds but some of these are 45 seconds. Please sort it as it is really hampering the enjoyment of the game.
Pretty good game. The only problem I have is the amount of stars a person get. One star to complete the level. U need 2-5 stars to fix, put or replace something. The further U go the more stars a person has to use to do something in or around the house. Now U do give coins for completing a level but I haven't found a use for them. I can't us the coins to buy stars, so what's the point.
This game is one of my favorites, hold on though. I only like it for the word finds. I initially thought it was fun to get stars and do the projects but now its just like I might as well do the projects because I have over 100 stars. But 100 stars is useless because the projects have the most ridiculous things you have to do "add flowers" is a big one. Which always takes 8 to 16 stars. You can't add any of your own ideas and you can't pick projects. Its honestly only good if you like word finds
The game is fun, but the translated versions are not good enough. I am playing in Swedish and a lot of perfectly common, normal words are not accepted, usually those containing å, ä & ö. What finally brought me here to complain was the opposite, having to waste gold on clues only to realize the word the game was looking for does not exist in Swedish.
Really good game. The main issues I have are that you spend way to many stars to do very small tasks and the other problem is when you are playing the crosswords you should receive coins for all the extra words you find, if you find more than 20 extra words you should receive more than 20 coins.
Once you get used to this game constantly shutting down and the long wait for it to load, because of it having so many moving parts, you'll just start to enjoy it and find that the story stops in the middle of what you're building at the mansion. You can earn all the points you want to playing the word game, but you can't do anything with your points. Forget it. Go play something with the bugs worked out
I find this whole scene to be to busy. Colors are awful. I wish we could select what we want to add and what we don't. There is so much over crowding. I don't know how much longer I'll be playing this. Please fix this. Unhappy player.
I have been playing Wordington for about a month now and have had a great time...finding words, reading a story and renovating a mansion. Win Win!! Great game overall. Thumbs up!
The is really good but the one thing I don't like is the unreasonable amount of stars if takes to do something. Like, I just had to use 3 stars to clean a mess. It's a little stupid ngl
I thought this was going to be a fun game, but every time I finish a game I'm forced to watch an ad. I only give you all one star because of the ads. I'm un installing this game and will not reinstall. Thanks for nothing.
You have to solve too many word puzzles to get stars to complete a task. One task takes too many stars to complete. It makes me tired of playing it and it seems like you'll never get the Mansion fixed up in a reasonable time. Please fix this. If you change the amount of stars you win in the puzzles it would be a more attractive game. Thank you.
Loving the game. It would be cool to earn more stars when we finish a puzzle like with the extra words we find since the game takes more stars when we do a task so it wouldn't take so long to earn one star for each puzzle to complete.
Wordington is a great game, although a few of the words I have never heard of. I am very knowledgeable in the English language, but a few of the words are odd, but I guess that keeps it challenging.
Why do you force people to do quests they don't want to?!? I don't want to waste my stars on a damned dog!!! I'm deleting this game.. I just want to decorate. This is why I prefer design home and have deleted every one of these stupid games. The idea is great but not having the option to choose not to do certain things, like adopt a dog and waste stars on it makes this game completely suck in my opinion and should be options with a choice attached... Sorry, not sorry. Goodbye wordington.
Literally nothing was fixed with the latest update. It still sticks at 83% loading for a minute or so, it still lags really badly, and it still takes several minutes to switch from playing the word game to go back to the house to do tasks.
So-so. The way Emma talks is like she's talking to a little kid, repetitive and childish. The unscramble game is good except it frequently declines real words (tea is an actual word!) and okays nonsense words (one earlier was so weird I can'trememberit now!)
Mid to late game becomes such a grind that it causes an extreme loss of fun. Nothing should ever cost 5 stars, or there needs to be a star bonus. Currently very unbalanced.
I like this game but your recent update sucks for a lack of a better word, the app will not open and it just crashes *plenty of memory on my phone, cache is clear, it's the previous update* I'm just going to end up getting rid of the app, it was fun while it lasted
I actually have spent quite a few hours on this app and its really fun to watch the house and outside grow, it's so much better then the bejeweled ones where you have to wait so many hours if you run out of lives, I highly recommend getting this game to help relax your brain! Even if some of the words are a little aggravating to find! Great job!
Update: Uninstalling bcuz ads still play after you pay to remove them- lots, not just a few, and are not always optional. Im obviously willing to pay, why be so greedy? Original review: I was glad to see a 'word' puzzle / mansion game instead of another match 3, and that part is good. But, the characters are cheesy and cringeworthy. 'Decorating' games like this should have good, interesting graphics.
After playing for a while, there are a few things I don't like. Some of the tasks don't let you choose the design or placement which is really annoying. I also dislike the way the 'free spin' now asks for real money. Not a fan.
I Really, Really like the game, but the help on the puzzles are not that much help with the hard ones. And Way Too Much extras all around for " decorations".
Good fun, even challenging at times. I am often frustrated with the avatar, supposedly American or cosmopolitan, but not knowing what such tastes in furniture are. Odd design choices, and the library is just cuckoo Less IS more. The Zen garden is far from Zen. I am glad that ridiculous jumping of hers has stopped. No adult reacts that way all the time.
This 1 star is for me, for putting up with this cr-app! The ads are insanely numerous. The excuse for so many ads, "so we can keep it a free app" is not believable. The nearly 2 minute delay, having to look at ugly Emma, going from the word puzzle back to "fixing" the mansion is intolerable. People delete it because they think their phone has frozen up. 8 stars for a water can?! Puzzles are easy. Ads are mind numbing and not worth sticking around. No story line! I'll use my coin and delete!
Choices of decor are too much the same. Too many words are not accepted for credit. You need to expand that. And really? A diamond, valuable enough to be kept in a safe, displayed on a shelf? If you're going for realism, at least to a degree, do it. Overall i still would say the game is enjoyable. Thanks
Good fun but some words I've never heard of. Some things you can buy are very expensive (in game money) but overall I really enjoy this game. Changing my opinion Aug 14/20. This game freezes all the time especially when changing between screens. Really does my head in. I love playing but the freezing puts me off and now I have other word games as well. Please fix this problem. DEC. 26/20.... game still badly freezes. Please fix?
What I love about this game is that it is at least three main games for the "price" of one. At times, a challenging puzzle where one can easily earn tools for solving some of the more difficult puzzles through ads which are not too intrusive and "star power" to "purchase" goods and services for upgrading and improving Eliza's mansion. A light icing on the cake is a genial background story of developing friendship and budding romance between two young hearts. 10 Google stars over the usual five!
Fun storyline. But sooooo many ads. I ended up buying the option for no ads, and the game is actually enjoyable now. Some puzzles are easy, while others are challenging. It's a nice mix.
Some things you can buy are very expensive (in game money) but overall I really enjoy this game. Changing my opinion Aug 14/20. This game freezes all the time especially when changing between screens. Really does my head in. I love playing but the freezing puts me off and now I have other word games as well. Please fix this problem. DEC. 26/20.... game still badly freezes. Please fix? MARCH 23/21 YOU MADE US UPDATE. NOW MY GAME WON'T DOWNLOAD MORE THAN 15%!
New review, I just finished playing on the game I still dearly love to play. But there's a huge issue with it‼️I'm not at all happy about it either. I typed in a word ,it rejected it,like it's not one of the words it's looking for. But as I'm working on playing the game, I typed in the very same word and it WAS one of the words after all! I'm not happy at all! It's happened SEVERAL times now‼️You need to fix that ‼️‼️I'm lowered the stars because of it‼️ not changing stars until I see it's fixed
I like the game, but I get so irritated when it uses up my hard earned stars for meaningless tasks that don't fix up the house, like baking, or ordering pizza. I'd love to progress with the house, but my last 20 stars got me a trash can, and little else.
Entertaining premise, poor attention to detail. There are all sorts of plot holes that interrupt the flow of the story. The flooring can be changed without moving the boxes piled up on it. It's getting dark and the main character states there's no time to clean the bedroom, yet somehow there's time to go out and select a new couch.
A bit tedious. Plus, if the price of renvations & the difficulty of the puzzles are going to increase, then the reward of completing a puzzle should increase, too. It's only fair. It would be great if you could rectify this. Thank you.
Its fun but you dont really control all of the design choices. Planting flowers outside the front is not how I would have designed it because you dont get to choose matching types or colors but other than that I have really enjoyed all other aspects of the game. I would like the ability to change my choices if I make a mistake...
Very slow going from crossword to tasks.Going slower as you progress. Also tends to freeze if you ask for assistance and you have to log out and then back in. Enjoy the game but please look at speeding up the logging etc.
The game is good and fun , my big issues are extra powers and point to buy are way way to much money . And makes you want to stop playing because it adds up to much money for a game to play. If was more affordable would be a 5 star game.
I love the word game but my games freezes at every ad have to shut down and restart after every ad also makes it impossible to get hints very frustrating so your answer is ads keep you running I get that my point was it freezes the game every time. Even on the hint button
You should recieve bonus points ( like other games) for each and every extra words u create. Love the game but alot of the times there is way too many letters to make words from and i get very annoyed not being able to go on. So sometimes i just want to delete this game.
I like being able to decorate faster unlike the other games. I am takes you hours just to decorate 1 room. I won't do that. I was wrong. Everytime she moves I have to play the word game. It takes me hours to just do any decorations. I think you should shorten that. And several times I don't even get a chance to decorate. It already is there. I don't like that. Sorry.
The more I play the more ads I get. I am beginning to think the game is not worth the hassle. You may think when a player gets past a certain level that they won't stop playing but you are wrong. The time a play games is for me to waste not yours to waste time on ads.
This game got tedious with all of the endless accessories Emma stocks in each room, and a stupid story line that she's doing it to entertain her friends, but she seldom entertains! I've been playing for quite a while but find the storyline dumb and probably won't waste my time much longer.
The storyline is cute. I would enjoy the game more if it were easier to move back and forth between the puzzle and the design screens. It takes way to long to upload
I installed this game seeing that it is about matching the letters and designing. I was loving it but then I got stuck at one level despite completing the puzzle. There's a word REE that should be on the puzzle(i found it with the help of hints) but when I try to match letters, it says "word already found" but doesn't work. I am stuck now. Can't move further.
Only problem, takes too long to load! Enjoy the game part still takes too long to load! Seldom play anymore, waste of time waiting for it to take me back and forth.
Moves slow between puzzles and what you do with puzzle wins. Also don't always get daily bonus. Have also noticed that sometimes you do a word that is on puzzle but it doesn't register then you try it for the 3 or 4 time and it works. Frustrating!
Yea it's free, but enough with needing a star to do everything!!!! You couldn't make it more boring or slow. You need a star for everything. On top of that, it's one task at a time and then some stupid dialogue then another task etc, etc. How about being able to perform multiple tasks at once. It's mind numbing how long it takes to just build a stupid doghouse one task at a time. I am surprised you dont need a star for every step she takes or word she speaks. Speed up the game.
I have become frustrated and totally disenchanted with this game. There have been no new tasks for at least a month. I uninstalled then reinstalled to get an update, but it did not help. Plus, the loading time is ridiculously long. Emma has been wearing her party clothes for weeks. I know that there is more story. I've seen graphics, etc., on the Wordington Facebook page.
The game is enjoyable. Many ads, though. The further you get into the game, the more "stars" it costs to get something done. Puzzles are relatively simple, so it's not too difficult to get those stars.
Not a terrible gamev but definitely far from great. Way too many ads. Characters not terribly likeable. Story line very silly,and very restrictive. Word games okay.
I was really enjoying this game, got pretty far and even paid for no ads. But lately several of the words for each round are either words in other languages like Russian or French or not any actual word I could find a definition for anywhere. Makes it hard to find the correct word when it's not really a word...
It was fine until the to do list stayed up and I couldn't see my progress on the house. The "order" to go to facebook, add a friend, and watch for a reward was overstepping on your part because I don't use Facebook on my phone.
I've just read all the reviews and the star system seems to be what everyone thinks needs improvement. I mean, you get 1 star per puzzle ( and some of these puzzles are quite hard) but each task costs multiple stars. A ridiculous amount of multiple stars. It doesnt seem fair. If you only get 1 star for solving an entire puzzle, it should cost the same star to do a task. It's getting quite frustrating
I love the game so much. But there are way too many ads. It is like every move you do there is an ad I am only hoping and wishing that this will be rectified I do not mind watching ads but when there's an overabundance of them I can't stand it and I end up leaving the game even though I love it so much
Getting to know the app. So far so good. I do find I must earn lots of point with words before continuing with the story. Sometimes that is frustrating. I am becoming impatient.
Receive too few stars for larger puzzles and use too many stars for a lot of the decorating. Stars are wasted on frivolous things like phone calls. Would be nice if could move items around in the rooms.