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Wordiest for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Concreterose located at 555 Bryant Street #275 Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great apps are hard to come by, I'm glad I found this one. Fun and challenging, if you like word games, you'll love this.
Very well devised and executed app. The two-axis graphical presentation of the result of each play is outstanding.
There are absolutely zero rewards for seeing the multiple word "winner" flash when I get top score but love playing anyway! Keeps up my spelling/grammar skills. Fun game!
I really enjoy playing this game. Very addictive and helps build your vocabulary. I would recommend this to everyone. You will not be disappointed!!
Addicting. Fun. Challenging. Definitions are almost always wrong though which is a bummer because sometimes I know a word but can't remember it's meaning or would just like to read the definition of the word created. Still great though.
Enjoyed this game for years but very disappointed that owner can't refuse/chose not to allow certain graphic and distateful words. Uninstalling
Get your thinking cap on for this one. Great game! I play multiple times every day! Compete with others and enjoy!
I love the ratings system, and that you can play offline. A cool feature is that you can back out and get new letters with no penalty. My wordiest rating is usually 98 or higher. I've had this game on my past 5 phones. I also appreciate that you're able to see the history with words played by other players and the definitions of each word. Great game
This game has taken over my family! Some, intuitive yet so deep and satisfying. I just hope an undo button is added so it's easier to experiment when making words.
Fun game. The scoring is brutal once you got 100%, though... My 5-year old played a few rounds and I went from 100 down to 70... Getting back up is significantly more time-consuming.
1/29//2019: I love it! It's like playing Scrabble without the stress of competing with others. However, some words are missing from their dictionary. For example, "terracotta" comes up as not a word. I'd rate 5 stars if the list of acceptable words was updated. Update 2/16/2020: I still love the game but legitimate words like MINISCULE still come up, "not a word." The game would be better if this problem was addressed.
This is the perfect word game for me. Lovely interface, simple yet challenging and relaxing without all the usual guff that you get with scrabble type games.
This game cheats.Eventhough your score is higher, it will switch scores right before your eyes to beat your score.Any way I only keep playing because ite easy, and I like to spell.I don't worry about the score anymore. Just something to do.8/28 /2017. I play this came because it's easy and I like to spell.But it's very disappointing when my score beats all and they say it was lower. Anyway it's not correct . A lot of times.
downloaded based on reviews. after about twenty five games featuring two one-letter words, with no instructions on how to get real words (besides "I" and "a"), this seems exceptionally lame and pointless.
Best word game I've ever played! Short and sweet, challenging, and educational. Really happy to have found it after years of playing the ubiquitous WWF, which can get tiresome with all the bells and whistles (and ads). This one is clean and simple, addictive, but easy to put away since you play against yourself, and only after completing a board do you see how your score compares with others. Even though the banner ads aren't intrusive at all, I'm going to plunk down the two bucks just to give my support to a well-made game.
My favorite game Edit; Still one of my favorite games (M.O.W. added) Each set of letters is a new challenge. The L & W multipliers make it all the more interesting. Love that there's no timer so if I am interupted while playing it's not an automatic loss. Love that if you have your first word up, the shuffle button only shuffles unused letters. I AM wondering why the showering of STARS when you beat 100 % of other players, was REMOVED...I loved those stars...lol
I love that this is an individual game but it also shows how your score compares with 100 other players. It can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it, depending on how competitive you feel. So glad to have found this game!
It's a challenging and fun game that pushes you to reach into that brain of yours and find the best scoring words to win.
been playing this for years, gameplay is smooth doesnt change and thats a good thing because its consistently good.
My fave. Challenge with no time limit and I get to see how I compare without direct competition. Perfect for an anxious introvert.
Best and most challenging word game out there. I just wish your score would increase by the same amount it is decreased, according. Either way, I've been playing for years!
Game is rigged every time I climb up the leader board I am instantly back to the grade school words at first my autist brain liked the challenge. That's the hook.. .peace it is addictive on purpose. Katt warrior ant. Yup I figured it out playing slot as soon as I started to get a near perfect score I I was sent kindergarten letters. I read the dictionary. They hooked me. I quit.
This game is so addictive !! Kudos to the people or person who came up with this !! My only problem is there should be an oops button so you can change your words or like in my case grab that extra letter that stayed on the bottom word line instead of going back in the kitty !! Otherwise EXCELLENT JOB !!!!
Wish I could rate it higher❣ I love that you can see where you stack up against other players after each round. Truly unique and stands out amongst other word games❢ I appreciate the much needed distraction and fun❣
I don't care for the secondary submit box, it's just an annoyance. Need to update dictionary, zika wasn't a word? Otherwise a great game,
This is my favorite word game but you guys gotta update the vocabulary list theres words that aren't being registered constantly
This is a game that can be played in less than a minute, but is addictive enough that you'll still be playing it an hour from now.
Ridiculous. It gives me only one box to make a word with one letter. I did that 3 times, (I, A, O...) but continued only getting only one box. I downloaded Google Games app. Signed in. Checked settings for Help. No contact info. No troubleshooting. I will upgrade rating if someone responds.
Love the game, but miss the flying letters to celebrate a win... Update: the flying letters for a win only don't work when battery saver is on. Fun game.
One of the best word games available, but once I reached 100 there did not seem much point in playing more since the only direction is downwards.
It is an addictive game both challenging and fun. I would recommend it and it only looses a star because the dictionary lack words (and when it knows a word often gives an odd definition) and worse of all, having finally conquered the game with a 100% rating, there is nothing to mark the event visually or audibly whilst simply beating all others in a round is marked visually. The game ends with a whimper not a flourish. Sad.
Very addictive game. Love that it gives a definition for every word you spell. I keep saying "one more"!
Awesome game for those who really love challenging word games. very unobtrusive banner ads make the game 5 stars for me. Minor complaints are the aesthetics suck - lazy graphics, practically non existent. You can swap color pallets but anything but basic is so high contrast it's impossible to read.
I love it. Whenever I do better than anyone which is rate but I used to have pretty shooting stars but no more..may be in my phone as now I have motionless white dots. Still very educational.
While I REALLY like this game, I am only giving 4 stars because there are words that are in both SOWPODS and Wiktionary that it will not recognize as legitimate words.
Best and most challenging word game out there. I just wish your score would increase by the same amount it is decreased, accordingly. Either way, I've been playing for years!
The best part is seeing how you did compared to others and what other words they found. I have a question though. How is it that right when you are finished and submit your words, is there immediately 99 other players who have played that same letter array? like am I always the 100th player? maybe they cut each one of at 100. how is it that the others aren't just waiting around to see how they ranked? I or is there constantly at least 200 people playing at any given second? does anyone know?
~ Continue to use my Google Nexus 6P, which is running 'Oreo' for Android, version 8.1.0, and this nifty little application performs - still, just fine. (I've written previously and I state again: Wouldn't it be swell if 'Wordiest' were working on top of the 'OED' - The Oxford English Dictionary? sjf
great game, recommend downloading. Developer if you're reading this please make it so that you always get a 'u' along with a 'q' otherwise it's mostly a dead letter. also please consider lowering the value of the 10 point letters so you're not forced to use them :)
Great minimalist game. Great for word nerds. I like that it's not a time pressure game. Also, I like seeing what others come up with.
Hard on my senior eyes. I love the idea but I can't always tell what the bonus values are. Very challenging and I do like that.
great game, especially Blockwords, BUT the dictionary is a bit limited with MANY legitimate UK English words not recognised- fix that and it would be 5*
Still the best word game out there. Doesn't rush you and teaches you new words. Uses wiktionary, so words are up-to-date, been though the app hasn't been updated for a while. I definitely don't regret my one-time in-app purchase to remove ads.
I love word games and this is no exception. It's great how it shows you where you rate amongst other players, a little ego soothing never hurts! I downgraded to 4* because the dictionary is limited which is really frustrating when there's a word you know is valid isn't accepted.
This is my favorite word game of all time. I come back to this game over and over again. It's challenging but relaxing, I love seeing how my score compared to others. This is a truly underrated gem of a game.
Buggy failure! I used EVERY letter on my last game. Two word with a decent score. My rating WAS 97.6. I submitted and it didn't register the longest word (STEERING) SO MY POINTS DROPPED BY 20! INSTANT UNINSTALL!
It's a poorly organised app, there's no way, if any, to contact an actual employee should you have difficulties, and it's easy to buy credits rather than Goodybags or vice versa. Frankly, I have no idea what buying a credit actually gets you. I see the credits getting smaller until they disappear, when I'm using a goodybag, and have no idea where all the credit went, or why, because the Goodybag is still active and replete. It really feels like I'm chucking money down the toilet.
~ FYI: I'm now running, on my Google Pixel 4XL, Android: version 11. And, all is well. ~ Stephen Aix and Paris, France Deerfield Beach 🏖️ and Gainesville, Florida USA