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WordHero : best word finding puzzle game

WordHero : best word finding puzzle game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by SVEN Studios Corp located at 5 Velma Rd, Wakefield, MA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game play, buggy leaderboards. Basically you don't know if your scores are going to get registered. Which is a bit of a bummer if your high scores fail to register, but your not so great scores do. Kinda ruins the experience of an otherwise awesome game. Emailed support a couple days ago, waiting to hear back.
Loved the game, but it became stuck on the same letter board. Uninstalled and reinstalled but it didn't help. Had to delete it.
I loved this game until it started giving the same board every time. This happens on multiple devices. I cleared my device's memory and uninstalled and reinstalled the game -- problem still exists. I can't play anymore so I cancelled my subscription to the ad-free version. I'll uninstall and not reinstall if the problem is still occurring this evening.
same board over and over again! uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same board! time to delete forever!
A good game but sooo many nonsense words! Makes it nearly impossible to do well in a typical round. Thinking of deleting and installing a similar game in its place.
I played this for a long time and was great, but it stopped loading new puzzles and clearing all data all cache, reinstalling, and even creating a new profile didn't work. Edit: randomly started working again after a couple of days so updated rating.
The best ever. Been playing and adoring this for years, but... I've got the same problem as other users - I've uninstalled, reinstalled and I'm still getting the same board every time. The best bit is coming first every time ;-)
This game is ok but the best was wordsearch hero which for some reason you no longer do. Please reconsider it was brilliant!
an extremely competitive game that will increase one's vernacular but also provide opportunity for bragging rights. no lag, very simply to understand, yet you'll find yourself soaring for diamond rank before long after hours of play. I recommend this game to anyone who, like myself, was once a former aspiring author and has a proclivity for vocabulary. we welcome you wordsmiths and wordheroes!
I used to play and love this game until a mishap or bug happened that keeps repeating the same letter board over and over for me for the last 2 days. Please fix this sir cause it keeps repeating even though i uninstalled and reinstalls it many times. - MSharp6
I pay for no ads but still get infected with them so cancelled my subscription. if yer a little competitive and like word games then this is the place to be
Still the best. I played this years ago, and recently returned when I got a new android device. I love that I play with my peers, and I love that there are no game-stealing powerups. It's like a more evolved boggle. It works consistently well for me.
Lovely game. Always have fun playing it. Wish some people wouldn't bring politics into their tagline but at least it's entertaining. 😆
I love word games and it's very much like boggle. Very fun to compete with others to see how you rate. I like the quick game. Only drawback is that there is sometimes a glitch when the leaderboards don't show up but it's not often.
Keep getting same board and leaderboards don't work. I cleared cache & data to go back in like a newly installed app, I logged in and still same issue but now my progress is gone, I'm in Diamond League. What's the point of having a login if it doesn't save your progress? Anyways uninstalled app, I don't care anymore with broken games.
This game is SO much fun! It's challenging to find as many words as possible before the buzzer goes off. I love it. The only thing i would chsnge would be the annoying pop up saying" it looks like you need some help'. And i would love to see 1st--3rd place recognized with a little fanfare or reward. It's fun to play at the same time as players in the US & other countries. It's like the Word Olympics!!
It is fun & fast paced but I'm uninstalling it! It just isn't the Word Game I was looking for. It's kind of like Boggle but you Swipe your words and the Swiping motion is largecwhuch interferes with grabbing other letters which then makes another word & you don't get the points! It is frustrating to me! I'm just going to keep my Boggle with Friends... It is a fun game, just is very frustrating for me!!
I keep getting the same puzzle for hours. Me and one other person are the only ones showing up on leader board. I know thats not right.
Absolute favorite game. Once I start it's very very hard to stop. I don't know how many levels there are, I'm usually in Platinum, sometimes slip back to Gold, & very rarely attain Diamond. I usually fall back to Platinum B4 seeing much of Diamond, but it's something to strive for despite how difficult the level is. There may even be a Sapphire level, unless it's a myth....hum?
By far the best word game I've played! I can play for hours! It's a vocabulary builder that's a lot of fun to play. You're not playing with your friends or with someone else, you're playing with the whole world! You see the flags and the countries that they're from. Very nice and interesting. Make as many words as you can in the allotted time. If you get the most points, you win! Speed is important. You'll get better and faster, in time. Try it and see. This game is a keeper🤩
Addicted! Things I love: competition, being able to see all my stats, and categories challenge. However, I have a few suggestions. I just switched from android to ios after years and years of debating lol.. I love everything about it EXCEPT the fact I can't get WORDHERO on my iphone. So, maybe an ios version? Also, more categories more often! My absolute favorite! It allows for much needed new words for my brain to look for and has words that fit but definitely are not obvious. Love! Thank you!
I'm giving it 3 stars because I know it works, people I know have it and it works fine mostly. However for me, the leaderboard doesn't work, I can't see anyone but between 2 and 10 people near me. I've gone into the settings to change things but it hasn't worked :(
I enjoy this game very much, and as a retired teacher with multiple sclerosis, it helps keep my brain sharp! (I've noticed I can no longer set a tag line, so did I set it as something against the rules earlier?!)
Fun word game, similar to Boggle, but played by hundreds of people simultaneously. My only complaint is that it seems the highest scores are from people (or computer programs disguised as people) who are somehow cheating. I don't believe for one second that humans can find the huge number of words (and complexity of words) that some of these "players" find. But I have fun simply trying to improve my own average, and I disregard the "winners."
It takes some getting used to, and the dictionary that includes english words from all English-speaking countries produces a ton of words you'd never know. And 'jedi' and 'sith' are words here. Unlike Boggle, you can always use every letter. Fun game for word nuts.
Good but makes sound even when your media and all sounds are off so you have to go into the menu to manually turn the sound off. Which is weird lol nothingbad, just worth mentioning
Been playing this game for years. IT'S MY FAVORITE to play, UNTIL recently. It started giving me the same board for hours at a time, BUT THIS TIME, it's been the same board for over 24 hours. I see I'm not the only one that gets same board repeatedly, game masters say it's fixed, but it definitely NOT FIXED sadly. VERY disappointing, as this game is my therapy in life! I'll change to 5 stars when I don't have to deal with that anymore.
would give it a 5 star, but it often gives me the same board and no other competitors . I like 1st place, but not this way. I've had to uninstall 3 times to get out of the loop, and I lose my status. I like being at gold. right now I'm in one of these loops and I don't want to uninstall again. would be nice to have this glitch fixed please. 5 weeks later and this game is seriously addictive.
I've been playing Word Hero since its inception. I have had it, right along with Solitaire and the GREAT games you always need to stimulate your mind. I do love the funny tag lines and the thrill of a win against the world... my granddaughter & her friends happened to see it! That never happens... but they were immensely impressed which surprised me. SVENplease put my leaderboard back.i wont even use it but I get upset not seeing it and it upsets my game. p.s. i have a crush over you
I've played this game for years and love it. Sometimes it will get stuck on the same puzzle for a while. Right now, though, it has been stuck on the same one for about a day. It's the only game I play so I'm definitely bummed. 12-4-20. Again, love the game, but it has been stuck on the same puzzle the past 7 or 8 hours. Can you work your magic to fix it? Thanks! 12-5-20. Thanks for the fix! I, for one, love our corporate overlords.
I just love searching for these words. It is sometimes funny when you see the results, and see how many words you knew, but could not trace on the board. Love WordHero.
So fun. Addicted to this game. Minimal ads. Keeps the mind sharp. That's what I tell myself. Used to love this game, but now it is stuck repeating same board over and over.
Love it so much!! My dad introduced me to it and i play it all the time whenever i'm bored. The short games allow me to play a couple when im waiting for something. One thing i would suggest is to make more ranks after diamond. It feels like there's a huge jump between platinum and diamond since everyone who's way better than diamond is stuck there.
A great game to help keep your mind sharp! Challenging boards, bonuses for using each letter twice, compete with others from around the world. What more could you ask? Awesome job devs 👏
This is totally addictive but in a good way. It's been a long time since I added a game that was this much fun. The guys at Sven Studios obviously put a lot of thought into it. Bugs are few and far between and are addressed promptly. You can view rankings, develop frenemies, and have fun....all the while improving your vocabulary and spelling skills.
Fantastic game. Quick, simple, challenging. Lots of words to find. Nice tracking of your progress. The sound aspect is annoying. Does not play through Bluetooth, only strictly the device speaker. 5/5 stars. Rated 4/5 due to sound (Had a moment where I ended up playing the same board 4x times in a row, while it kept the words I found, and recorded it... Was a bad glitch)
Love this game, but when you get good at it you are promoted to another level..high Diamonds which is almost impossible to win due to the top ranking get 1000s in their points (which is not average) is due to the fact most are using bots (robots to point out all the words in the grid) Its no fun going from being in top 10 to being 200 because you just cant beat those bots...so rather than play in Diamond I would like to get back to the other level which is Platinum where you stand a chance...but i cant see how, i have been just spelling two words each so my average drops down and i will automatically go back, but i have done over 50 games using that strategy and i am still in Diamonds...anyone have any suggestions how to get out..i have emailed the game host i guess but got no answers..thanks