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Word Ways

Word Ways for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by PLAYCUS LIMITED located at Thiseos 9, Flat/Office C1, Aglantzia, P.C. 2121, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a fun game, But you start unbearably low. Its really not at all fun until you get to higher levels. And what looks like a bug is that I've turned off all the sound, music, and vibrations but im still getting them. Not to mention the music in the game is just a woman saying "Audio Jungle" Its really a stupid game.
There is a loop of audio that plays constantly even after I've turned off music and sound. If I want to play this I have to mute the game or go insane! Otherwise fun word game!
Absolutely the worst one of these I've ever played. Proper names, abbreviations, slang, it's all fair game. Actual words aren't recognized and break your streak, but then later the same words will be in a puzzle! Swiping letters sometimes just stops working, it doesn't save my settings properly (will go back to vibrate on touch every time I reopen it), and it constantly pulls up the bottom menu. Ads are also annoyingly frequent, but I'd still probably play it if the game wasn't so bad.
Game is great except for WAY TOO many Ads!! I understand having to have support but Ads after every game is over kill & definitely a game killer for me. If things don't change I will be moving on for sure.
Ads. Long ads. For each level. I accept ads in general for free apps. Just not like this. I deleted at level 3.
I very much dislike what is considered words in this game. It has acronyms like CEO or DNA in the puzzles. It will also have names of people like Edgar or Elvis or names of places like Vegas and Texas. Normally theses aren't included in word games. It also bothers me that they want us to rate the game for a "betteruser exsperience". Yes, they misspelled experience on a game that requires you to spell words correctly. Not professional!
"watch an ad for more coins?" "no thank you, play next level please" "ok, but you HAVE to watch an ad first" No thanks, I don't mind a few ads for free play, but not practically every level with no way to skip.
Has potential but as it is right now, makes me irrationally angry. Where to begin, first of all turning off the sound, music and vibrations did nothing. Among the background music is a woman that says "audio jungle" every five seconds. Then there's the levels, some repeat, some words are not considered words and you lose your streak and then they want you to use "GPS" which is not a word, but an acronym. Also, the touch sometimes didn't work. I downloaded for another app, will be uninstalling.
The only reason I'm giving it a 2 star is that I just started this game today, got to level 2 and because when an ad started playing the only sound that came out was a super loud static and when I muted the ad I was still able to hear a high pitch ringing sound
The music, sound, & vibration don't shut off even when changing switch setting. The game doesn't recognize correct words, but will do abbreviations, slang, and acronyms. This I find annoying.
This is such a disappointing app. I love word apps and have tried a lot of them & this is one of the worst. First of all, when you swipe the words, you can't see the letters in the highlighted trail, which is annoying & confusing. Second of all, when you have a word game, how you can not recognize words of the English language; for example, sling is a word; pier is a word; sag is a word; lags is a word. Get it together
Not challenging, no competitions with other players, doesn't accept all valid words so you lose your combo streak if you try a valid word that's not in the current puzzle. Too many ads, but at least they have a no ads purchase option.
Somebody get this game a dictionary... Seriously, this game makes no sense with the choice of words found in this puzzle. You constantly find words that it doesn't recognize like "glean", "lean", ""pub", "shrub", etc. Very annoying! Ontop of which, an ad after every puzzle is ridiculous. There are so many better games than this one - I recommend finding one of those.
Mediocre, but for folks who like something a little more challenging, this isn't it. Too many ads, to the point of being annoying. Other similar games usually give you bonuses for creating an extra word that is in the dictionary, but this only picks them up sometimes. The types of words aren't consistent. Makes me think the developer doesn't have an expansive vocabulary. Repetitive puzzles too!
Horrible if you actually know how to spell and have a wide vocabulary. It doesn't count real words. It doesn't follow any rules (like what wouldn't be considered words in Scrabble; eg: CEO, ATM, DIY, etc). You get combo bonuses when you get correct answers in a row, so when you spell out an actual word that it doesn't have programmed it cuts off your bonus. Every round is different on whether or not it considers a word to be a word. It's so frustrating I can't stand it. Deleting this game.
I enjoy this type of game, and this one has a good base to build on. There are two issues - one major and one minor - that have inhibited my enjoyment. The minor is that the vibration feature remains active (vibrate for combos) even when it is turned off in the settings. The major is that the dictionary this app runs on is both limited and missing some commonplace words - "toes" is not a real word, according to Word Ways. I look forward to seeing this game continue to improve. =)
I like the game but don't appreciate all the political ads. This a game not a campaigning center. Ads should be about other games and stuff related to games. Please change your ad policies. Unless you are bought and paid for by corruption.
I dislike this game. It froze up after I used a hint and restarting hasn't fixed it. It accepts 2 letter words quite often, but rejects a lot of words that are common. Quite a few ads in the five minutes that I played. There's a lot of versions of this game out there, and this is the worst one I've found so far.
Fun game, nicely challenging but not too hard. They don't accept all words, though, and a combo can be too easily broken when a player puts in a real word that the game doesn't recognize.
I rarely do ratings and I rarely ever ever get upset about ads but this is entirely way too much ads and just like every other game like it I mean two and three ads before you solve the puzzle 2 and 3 as after the puzzles get out of here you guys lost me definitely lost me
Too many ads ruining this game for me, running ads on the bottom and interrupting ads after each level making it inconvenient to listen to music while playing.
Basic Crossword, Some Glitches So my first problem is that even though I have the app on NO sound, NO music, and NO vibrate, the app still vibrates when I make a combo. It stops when I turn it on and off again, but this should not be an issue. Please fix! Secondly, the dictionary is very limited. At least give us the extra 1 point for extra words that aren't in the crossword. Not a bad app, but Word Cookies and Word Pancakes are better.
this app is no different than any others ...nothing special. I deleted and reinstalled it but still has the same problem. The problem is restarting at level one every time I return to the game. I go up to level 36 in one sitting and come back to the game and see level one once again. Terrible bug
Sound off doesn't work-if i turn off sound i expect the sound to be turned off! That includes ads!! My phone is silenced for reasons. I greatly dislike the sound settings being overridden. Additionally, I'm not getting the 30 coins for watching the ads though I click that button.
The ads are crazy. I get one or two after every puzzle. The music and sounds can't be turned off and it sounds like someone saying "order your junk"... Every 30 seconds or more. . Give less ads and get rid of the annoying voice in the music and maybe the rating be better
Scary game, if you don't put in the right word, acronym or abbreviation they seem to doc you points and I do not understand the prize levels at all... I mean I have reached them but I have yet to see any prize gained for it... I certainly would not recommend this game for anybody that does not understand English grammar to its fullest.
So, there are way too many ads and those ads get stuck and don't play through. Also, this being a word game, there are legitimate words that are wrong answers. Sometimes you get a bonus word, but sometimes your streak is ended with a real word. Ive uninstalled this game.
Ads are rediculous after every single game seriously!! Ya you get to skip after 5 secs but it's just annoying. Don't know who came up with some of the words but enough said I am not going to play this anymore.
Pretty decent game! Though it lags briefly sometimes after getting a word right, and it accepts some words that aren't on the board but not others which is kind of confusing. I wish there was an option to increase the difficulty, but overall, a great time waster
When I saw the promo for this game it showed asking questions to answer but when I played it up to 25 levels it is a boring word link game this to me is false advertising No instructions as to whether it will change to the advertised game boring and I waste of my time nothing good to say abut this one
would be a 4 or 5 star if it didn't freeze or drop connection every 10 15 minutes. I deleted app and reloaded it a least 3 times. please fix I would play again. Thanks
Its another standard word connect game. The graphics and images are pretty, as is the sounds But the developers need to update their dictionary. I have tried many words that should've taken and they haven't. Even online word scramblers don't help when those commons words don't take. I sit here at a loss and have to use up hints to get anywhere.
Cute game and looks good but it doesn't recognize words that are legit. Sometimes it will count the word you've submitted but not its plural. Kinda lame for a word game.
The sounds, music, and vibrations will not turn off when I set them to off. I also do not feel that acronyms are appropriate while other genuine words are not even registered as words.
I love the games but I wish they didn't have ads they take my time away and take away my into a plane on this game supposed to be winning not losing