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Word Tower Puzzles

Word Tower Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Gluon Interactive Ltd. located at GARDEN BLKS 1-3 233 ELECTRIC ROAD NORTH POINT HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think it is a good game. But I would like it to allow us to sigh with Facebook please. Keep up the good work please.
The game is fun and challenging but I hope there will be improvement. There are misspelled words in the puzzle. Some existing words also unaccepted.
One of the best games I have found to relax and de-stress. I love the music in the background. This is a 5 star game and I love to play it.
Interesting game. Sometimes tackles the mind. Unable to continue for following month. I have missed most of April as "Daily Challenge" has not changed to new month.
Challenging and fun. Love it so much, nearly level 400 and nowhere near bored. Awesome game, pretty colours, and the new backgrounds are an incentive to keep going. Love the test on my vocab!
I like this game it is easy and fun the graphics are smooth and easier to control. I'm really enjoying it very much it is simple and fun to play. I keep coming back to this game just the right Touch.
I like this game it is easy and fun the graphics are smooth and easier to control. I'm really enjoying it very much it is simple and fun to play. I keep coming back to this game just the right Touch.this game is really nice and awesome to play it is awesome
Fun and relaxing game. Good to waste time on. Could be a bit more challenging, but otherwise pretty great
Only on level 11 so not much going on. So far easy to play, good graphics and likable game. We shall review again when in the 30 levels. I like this !!!!
I really like the game but there is no way to earm alot of coins like some games. 20 coins for a 30 second ad is not worth it.
The game is alright I just wish there were more opportunity to get more coins to be able to switch the letters more often. However, I do enjoy it is not full of ads to like other games I have played before.
Very hard but so fun and interesting i play it every day it is amazing and soooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooo fun the levels is soninteresting and i am learning new words
Good game. I really like it but the daily puzzle calendar has not changed to April. I have updated the app. What is going on?
downloaded the game because it looked fun in the ad but apparently its not all that fun it's just finding words there's no like a specific word u have to find in order to solve a puzzle like the one seen in the ad but it's still playable I guess. At least the graphics and the music is still nice
not really enjoying the game although i noticed to shuffle you changed the points from 50 to 30 need to give more coins to buy for shuffling the words.
I changed my 5 stars to 1 star bc the daily puzzle just stopped going any further after March 31 even after updating the game. For a game that I play daily, this is very frustrating. I want to uninstall it! I won't right now, I'll give y'all time to fix the problem. Fix the problem & I can go back to 5 stars.... don't fix it, you've lost a loyal player!! Ughh!!
i like the extra words. I have found though, that when you get a word extra you don't get it the next time you get the word scored. That's the only thing I've seen not to like about it. Otherwise perfect enough.
I like this game but I just started playing it and I don't like that every daily challenge in March I have to use my coins to play them I think they should be free by the time I'm on the last puzzle on March I will be completely out of coins
Very addictive game, I love it,.. Ive dropped the 5 star because April isn't in the daily challenge yet... Shame
I've played lot's of these word games & I love this one the most!! ❣️ ❣️ It gives you lot's of coins & hints if you need them.. It also changes theme's so you don't get tired of looking at same pic.. Love it ♥️
In love this game when it's not cutting off. Lol. I play it every day! It's a mind easer, stress reliever. I like this game. I play it all the timi don't have anything else to say except I live this game. I love this game. I live this game. I love this game. I live this game.
I changed my 5☆ to a 1☆ because after I wrote my review about not being able to do the daily challenge (past 3/31)I notice there were many others that had the same complaint. There's go month's back and still no resolution from anyone! It's a great game and I love playing it. BUT, it has been stuck on 3/31 since I completed it on 3/31!! It's driving me crazy because you can only do that 1 so many times. I have tried everything to try and fix it with no luck! Very FRUSTRATING!! UGH😖
This game is so addictive and fun you will love it once you start playing it you won't want to stop the daily puzzle calendar gives you quotes but the calendar of March is still stuck on March and I updated the game
I've completed 60 levels. It's the same as another one of yours that I've played. Same words to find. I like the background and the letters are bigger. Also the blank boxes are clearer here. This is a better version.
I suggest this as the best word game on the play store.But has some things to improve(better)..Just add "Tap on the word to know its meaning".It means that tapping on the word gives it's meaning.This will help alot in improving vocablury.Please add this feature😊👐🏻
What happened to the daily puzzle? Bring it back please and when the puzzle is solved please allow it to add rewards-coins, shuffle, etc. Changing my 4 stars to 1 star until the daily puzzle is back ☹
Lots of fun for all ages. It's easy to play and learn. I give it 5 stars because I like it.I think everyone will too.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fun game. I just started so it's pretty easy. I really like the daily challenge which involves a quote with words missing - you have to find the words in the accompanying puzzle. Edited 5/2/20. Hello, I guess I'm wondering what happened to the daily challenge, as is everyone else. It doesn't go beyond 3/31. Am not changing my rating as I still enjoy the game. Wish the daily challenge would come back, it made the game something special.
I have just read quite a few reviews. And there was over a dozen reviews all complaining that the daily challenge doesn't go past March 31st. With so many complaints one would think that you would of fixed the issue by now. But no you haven't. So pull ya finger out of your assume, and hurry up and fix whatever the issue is ffs. I'm close to deleting the app for good this time. Not happy Jan 😡🤬😡
I really enjoyed this game until level 130 when I realised that it was impossible to complete the words without paying to shuffle the letters. I could see the last few words but couldn't get the letters together without paying 50 coins. Very disappointing!
This game is highly addicting. However, it doesn't accept all words, and the words it does accept varies from level to level. For example, it doesn't accept "get" as a word, and "yen" was an answer in one level but not accepted on any other. Some levels won't accept the plural form of the word, then the next level it may only accept the plural. Still definitely worth the free download. Recommend paying the price for the full version!
Wow! This is the "ultimate" word game! It takes all the good features (beautiful graphics, pleasant sounds, smooth gameplay, daily puzzle, cool quotes, plenty of opportunities to collect coins, so you don't need to purchase any, and a very reasonably priced "ad-free" purchase option) and rolls them all up into one fantastic keeper of a game! 5 🌟s (only because that's the maximum allowed)! Great job devs; I purchased the "ad-free" in order to support great devs like you guys! Thanks!
Excellent. Currently not able to change the "month" for "daily challenge". Any ideas why this will not change to April? Thanks
Game was enjoyable except some parts where I had to use the shuffle because it wasn't possible without it. Glad that there were many opportunities to earn it back, and so far i have not ran out. My only issue now though, is that after finishing 474 puzzles, from around 450th puzzle onward, there was a repetition of words and themes, so it gets boring, and it feels like i've already done it before.
Love this app, but the calandar puzzles for everyday is stuck on march. It hasn't and isn't going to april this whole time.
Checked Every and each letter on this game...is no words left until you unscramble...not gonna pay money for this....the game should have a new game button. Our auto unscramble whe you are at a standstill...i cannot continue the game...😖 thank you..i do love this game...its so good for you.
love it except when you can't get off a level and you only get 5 coins at a time, it should be at least 25 coins, I'm getting upset ready to delete the game
Daily challenges haven't worked since March. This is the second time I've made note of that. I'll be uninstalling this game, just sorry it took me so long to give up on it.
Awesome game. Please just check factual info for some of the nature based puzzles? Eg, spiders are venomous not poisonous, and they are arachnids not insects... Otherwise very addictive game.
I' m continuing to love this game. At this time I can't get my month of April to come in on the Daily Challenge. Please fix it. Thanks
What is the problem with word tower it is stuck please try to rectify the same immediately otherwise I have to stop playing these games
Fun game. I just started so it's pretty easy. I really like the daily challenge which involves a quote with words missing - you have to find the words in the accompanying puzzle.
I Love playing this game. And I would Love to give it 5 stars but I can't. My calendar has been stuck on March since forever!!! Please fix and update this problem or I will delete this game.
First time playing this game, So far I Love it let's see how it goes. it keeps you going trying to unscramble the words. I love it.
I like this game it is easy and fun the graphics are smooth and easier to control. I'm really enjoying it this game is awesome
Unable to play daily puzzles since April 1st the only fix is to uninstall and redownload but doing so I'll lose all my progress.
I have enjoyed this game for some time now but now the daily challenge won't move past March. Everything else is okay it just won't load the daily challenge. 😠
Good graphics...directions clear...different options.....love it..could the old daily quote games be free....or mske a separate game just for them .
I love this game. It has lots of levels to play, beautiful graphics, and is very mind challenging. Give it a try, I bet you would love it!!!!
Just started playing! I like it so far. I'll review again tomorrow. Update... This is the best word game I have found. My only complaint is that I ALWAYS lose my 75 points!!! Makes me very frustrated. I " gather" my points, hit my lightbulb & it eats my points without giving me my clue. Hopefully, they'll fix that particular glitch & I can give it a 5 🌟! Adding to my review, I'm still thrilled with this game, however, until the glitch of taking my 75 points, I'll continue to give it 4 stars.
Fun game. Very frustrating getting coins to continue each game. You only get 5 coins every time you view a video. It takes a while to get enough coins to get a help
I like this game it is easy and fun the graphics are smooth and easier to control. I'm really enjoying it this game is awesome.this game is a great game because I had enough room for it I was looking for crossword, I keep coming back to this one
Overall a fun and relaxing game, but the ads make it really annoying. The worst part is how many words aren't in their dictionary, like past tenses ('meet' gets you points, but 'met' breaks your streak) so that makes accumulating points harder. There's also a problem with 2-letter words, where you can't play them, but mistyping it just breaks your streak. Accidents happen and sometimes people end up dragging their finger to another letter, forming 2 letters when trying to cancel their word
The fact that the daily challenges are not updated is just putting me off from playing this game. I literally just check it once a week to see if the daily challenges have been updated. But nope!
frustrating when u just can't find the right word and ask developer "what's the word". other than that i like the game.
I love playing this app because it is not only fun and challenging but its educational and helps your vocabulary. Thank you so much for developing it.
Can we please get the daily/monthly puzzles back. The challenges are starting to be repetitive & boring! I was already cut short with the regular puzzles, now this. I know we're going through a pandemic, but that should be the reason you up your game. Especially since this isn't an app that has to be maintained from an office building. Now is your chance to really grow the game as a whole!
I am a big fan of this game... But the app hasn't been updated since March... No daily challenges... Please bring it back... It's high time now...
Word Towers puzzles, is fun and it'll sharpen your mind. I liked it also because it's not a Time game for some reason Time games are stressful to me I like games that relaxing and this one is. You'll become a great speller
The game is enjoyable, nothing really special. The only thing I found wrong is that they ask you to rate them way too soon. At this point, 3 stars, in other words, average, is all I can give you, guys. Sorry! Plus ... there's no way, or no instructions how, to forfeit a messed-up round, or to even reset/retry. The only way I can get it to 'retry' is to in install then install it again. So, I'll uninstall it again, and maybe install it again at some point. Too bad. I was enjoying the game.
I just love so much the background music. It makes me relax while searching for the words! Love it!!!! Very recommend to play this words game after school or work. Ahahahaha.
The game keeps me busy and works on my minds just enough, although I dont like how many ads there are
Good brainteaser, kind of addictive. Keeps your mind active. The vocabulary here is far more extensive than most word games so it will test you at times.
Your greed with the overabundance of ads takes any semblance of enjoyment out of this app. SO many other apps like this don't display your greediness and make for an enjoyable experience that makes me look forward to playing it again. With this one, I couldn't wait to finish my extremely difficult to get free coins so I could take this mess off my phone. Buh bye and delete...
I'm very addicted to this game. It's super fun! My friends and I have a race to see who get to the highest level by the end of the day. Again fun
Fun game, tho it does not recognize all extra words. Such as "Stag". Or "Ire" and sometimes won't accept extra words such as "fair" if it's part of a word up above. Tho sometimes it does. Its random, if it does or not. 😑
This app could be excellent if it used a good dictionary. I found it to be very annoying when words that I know are valid are not recognized. Everyday words like "tab", "app" and "loon".