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Word Toons

Word Toons for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by PeopleFun located at 740 E Campbell Rd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75081. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is awesome! I have been enjoying playing it for the last few months. The ads are a pain, but I was having fun, so I was dealing with it. Well one night I was tired and while I was trying to click through the ads I accidentally clicked on the largest bundle or extras that they offer to purchase. Of course it is the very top choice right smack on top of the row. I don't have a lot of money hence playing the free version of the game so when I clicked on the huge bundle and realized what I did I was in shock. The cost is $99.99. I sent an email immediately to paypal, then to goggle app and finally to the developers. So far no one will give me a refund for the accidental purchase. It is very obvious that I am not a player that spend money on applications you can look at my account. So this is causing me such grief to try and get the money back. PLEASE, PLEASE beware of this games additional items to purchase. Once you select it, its yours mistake or not!
it is a good game and addictive but it if not as the adds say it is and if you kept thw idea in the add it would be new and it would prablably go viral. but ir is what it is and I cant make changes so if tou are reading this then hoppfully you would be able to make a new game.😤
it's ok.. wish there was a daily puzzle for a chance at extra coins, extra words and you don't get no coins? ☹
It's not good at all because on commercial on other games it's totally different .SO I HAD TO DELETE IT!!!Not to be mean but I am only 7 but it is not working and I don't like it.
i watched an add when i was playing a different game, and may i just say that it is click bate and the graphics are so bad. Zero stars.
when you get to levels higher than 92 it doesnt want to load properly ..love the game but had to uninstall it due it freezing up and having to restart the game
Excellent game with word recognition for children starting to recognize letters, spell, and just fun for anyone loving Scrabble or cross word puzzles. Fun for passing time.
The ad was very misleading. I thought I was getting a game where you found the words in the cartoon, not just another puzzle game.
i was wondering why when the mini games are played the score is not added on to ny hint money. i get frustrated when the amount is put into another area. also, l love the mini games except for making an wye, top gat, erc. i do not enjoy this kini game at all. i guess l am no goid at it but wondered uf others have triyble ir us it just me. I give this game 5 stars bc l really love olaying.
Enjoy this game. I like it very much. Even when I think I'm stuck I still like it and don't get too frustrated because if I quit playing at 4 a day a sometimes two or three days, when I come back to it I can usually pick the words that I was missing before. The only reason I have to uninstall is because I just don't have enough room to keep everything I need and unfortunately there are things I need for work more than I need this game. But as soon as I have a phone with more memory...reinstall
This is a very fun game to play when you are bored. This is now my go-to game.This game is far superior and definitely deserves much more than the limit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It starts out great and then it's ad, ad, ad,ad,ad ad... and the ads are loud, it's a fun game that the numerous ads ruin.
I loved this game from the start, but for whatever reason, it started to glitch. Half the time, it wouldn't load all the way, and if it did, it wouldn't respond. Whem I earned enough to get a reward, it would freeze and I'd have to restart the game all over again
what is actually just like you're finding work and it's not what you think it is you're not putting things together to make something new together I would not recommend it stupidest game ever.
im upto level 40 and now bloody thing keeps frezzing. screen darkens and it looks like a loading symbol appears. it's annoying after having trouble trying to download the game.. very disappointed.
I see a fun game in a add and I download it. When I got in the app it's just a word game where you find words. Other than that the game works fine.
Haven't played it long but so far I really like this game, my only complaint is the ads appearing on top of screen . They obscure the picture making it difficult to see to play . Maybe the ads would be better on the bottom of the screen .
Didn't like the worm in the mini level!!! Other than that I love the game. If I come upon a snake I will delete the game!!!!
The lag was so terrible I couldn't play the game that well. It took 3 or 4 tries to make a word before it caught up. Also I understand ads but to have commercials and pop ups? I think the pop ups are why it lagged please fix! I love all your other games and never had a problem until this one.
just fake advertising .... it's like Or her games ...uninstalled in a minute after installing ... as it's not as it looks to find the hidden words from cartoons... not even a single star would give
From the creators of Wordscapes comes a brand new game that's identical to Wordscapes except every 5 levels you get to play a minigame. Great if you want more levels for Wordscapes but hard to praise them releasing this as a standalone app rather than just an update for Wordscapes. The cynic in me says the reason they keep releasing clones of their own game is so you have to pay for the ad removal in each individual game.
Not as advertised, bland, boring, obvious rip off. Had great gameplay in the ad. Not relaxing at all. As well as being too easy and not complex. It only interested me for only two minutes before getting boring. It's basically like any other word game. It's also the same thing from the companies other games like Wordscape. This is basically a reskin to get money by adding a No Ad option. Would never fall for the ad again and would never download it again. One star. Deleted. Would not recommend.
Another fun game that makes you use your mind. Sometimes you wonder if you deserved to graduate. So far, I feel good that I did learn something in school. You mean I was finally listening to my teachers? Lol.
This app is such a lie. I clicked it because it showed finding words within rooms. Not ANOTHER crossword puzzle. Click bait!!! If I could give zero stars I would.
the ad is a complete lie. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. they make it look like you have to find 6 words in the picture but actually you have to make words.trust me...do not consider buying this game
about 20% of the extra words are not counted as actual words and will not score as such. very frustrating... deleted!
I enjoy playing this game. In the mini games, it makes me think quick. I lke that. Then I go back to playing the crossword part again. Is shakes the game up. That's what I like about it.
once loaded cant play the game as it either freezes or doesnt respond. ive had the same issues with all peoplefun games so uninstalled after a few attempts to play. will be removing this pile of garbage and never installing another peoplefun game again!!!!!!!
There is a bug in the 0pen/collect section, it goes on and on, says 0 for points, but when you click collect you get 25 points? One night I kept doing it, just to see how long it would go on, started timing it at 6 and it went until 6:20, plus a while before that, so I would say at least a half an hour,. I do like the mini games, but the open/collect really makes it frustrating. I see it once and I exit the game right away, and start playing another game.
Not as advertised I bought this game from an ad in another game. In the ad it showed words hidden in cartoon pictures, which looked like fun. Now up to level 25 and several minigames later I still haven't seen that cartoon with words hidden in it that I thought I'd downloaded. Deleting:-(
It is an awesome game especially for kids it is very helpful and I recommend it for ages 2 through 5.
Really enjoy Word Toons. Words can be a good challenge - not as easy as it looks! Difficult to connect letters sometimes.
pretty great game so far. one of my friends in my guild told me that y'all came out with a new game so I'm giving it a try so he can earn a living lol. i love the cartoon style to it.
Great game but the ads are ridiculous. I understand that all apps need ads as a source of revenue, but each ad is too long. After each level you are forced to watch a 30 second ad with no way to skipping or by passing. Ruins the whole game. I want to play....not watch endless ads. I will uninstall. Way too many other similar games available. The greed for revenue has gone too far. I'm out!!!!!!
It's fun and it helps your brain work. So if you are that kid over the summer that doesn't read this is about the same thing. And it's relaxing and fun. And yeah. Oh and I like the graphics.
If you pay to remove ads, they'll still show ads of their own trying to get you to buy their cheats. And, every 10 word puzzles they make you do the same "challenge" games. Over and over. And there is no way to tell the app to stop with this silliness.
Only a low rating rn, because I accidentally skipped the mini game and cannot get back to it, sent a message to them, if they answer relatively soon, I will raise my review. Also low because i was click baited to download it in the first place.
Hi there, People Fun (word toons) makers, I'm very, very much impressed and x-cited bout' this very, very much x- cited, delighted and remarkably E-Z game. Thanks-a-Bunch for designing this app. Keep Up Your Good Work guys/gals. I'm telling all my friends bout this game. And I'll guarantee that your be receiving more and more customers (b'cuz I have lots and lots of good friends that N'joy playing this type of game. Thanks Again Guys/Gals ! What other games do you have lik -( in this category)
This game is unique as well as a lot of fun. I don't usually rate games at 5 stars but this one is exceptional and deserves full marks!
So far this game is fast, great different levels,quick thinking,good eye co ordination and better than other word games .I have a son with dysgraphia and this is excellent training for his brain to learn to keep up.