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Word Stacks

Word Stacks for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by PeopleFun located at 740 E Campbell Rd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75081. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
was okay until lyk level 15... (took me lykk twenny minuts tu get tu lvl 15) makes you watch a ton of videos so u can get points tu shuffle the letters , but u cant solve unless u press the shuffle button so its now a vicious cycle where u just have tu watch tons of ads....xc
People complain about ads but never buy anything. Don't complain about ads when the dev gives you an option to buy a "no ads" pack, it's those cheap 💩 turd games that force 15 or more second long ads after each level that suck. You people act like the people that made these games should work for free. Are they slaves? Why are you so cheap to where you can't pay a few bucks so those that made it can live? It's their job to make these games it's not like the old days with a guy doing it for fun🖕
I rated a 5 star review because I like this game, it does relive stress, but something that the game did got me very mad!!!! I had 50 coins left on level 11, used them to suffle the letters, and it didn't shuffle the letters for me!!! I wasted all my coins for nothing. 😡😡😡😡😡 UPDATE: I also just stared playing, and I got no adds so far!!!! 😊😊😊😊 I'm a,ready ok level at this time. Please, wait up to level 11 then rate to see how you like the game. This isn't my dad. My name is *****.
Stupid game has the buttons too close together and you can accidently hit them and use coins that you don't need help with the answer and you end up using the coins for a hint or a shuffle or lightbulb to show you part of a word! You need to move them further apart!
It's a great game, but the intense amount of dependance on Dias is extremely annoying. I had an 86% love rate instead of 91% and I ended up being in a miserable end. That made me want to uninstall the game altogether, because I was invested in the story. The rigidity should be less. And also, to repeat the game, all purchased choices are going to be gone! That's ridiculous, we already purchased the service, that just discourages the consumees. But it's four stars because of the gorgeous visuals.
Fun. Just starting. It's a bit easy right now, but I'm sure it will kick it up notches on a regular basis. It is a good brain-relaxing game.
I like the game but I get so many repeat puzzles. I've gotten several 2 and sometimes 3 times. Need more variety
Fun. Please offer a small charge to get rid of the ads. The constant ads drives me nuts. I'm willing to pay to make them stop
Addictive. Simple at first, then gets a little sneaky on you, lol. Quite enjoyable if you have some patience and a few IQ points that need to be exercised.
The concept and game play are well developed and enjoyable. Unfortunately the number and length of ads served up during the game is excessive and the cost to remove them is steep. The real deal killer is that this app drains the battery like no other app I've ever used and runs the phone hot. I can't see why the game would be computation heavy so have to wonder what's going on in the background. There is either some stupendously inefficient coding or something more sinister here.
The game is really fun, but the dictionary is kind of outdated. Words like jew and fae aren't accepted while obscure words like rei and ret are. The ads are also ubiquitous but bearable
your company has just done an update and my game is still freezing. The worst was with this update. I really like this game but you keep glitching.
Word Stacks is an awesome game. It starts off easy and then gets challenging as you pass levels. A great pass time and occupies your mind as long as you play it. I'd recommend it to everyone.
Love this game and got addicted after just one day, but damn is this filled with ads and overpriced content. I wouldn't recommend this. You're basically just downloading to watch ads and buy coins
I enjoy the game. However, I have some issues with it. Too many ads and have to pay for everything! I don't like that I have to pay for the piggy bank. That should come with it. I don't like that I have to pay $5.99 to get rid of the ads. That's too expensive. There are apps that come with ads. If you don't want ads they have pro apps where you pay $1.99 or $2.99.
Love it for brain activity, but a lot of levels are topic repetitive, which is great, but would love more topics. No freeze issues. But still only had it a few days.
It was a good experience to play this game it is fun it really sharpens the brain it also have a dictionary in it. So good game. Download it. I read alot of negative reviews for this game but download and sharp your brain through this game.
I wanted the game I kept seeing in advertisements in another game I was playing. The one with the scrolling word search where you had to find the words before it scrolled past them. That looked fun. This is not like that at all. Will be uninstalling.
This is a excellent game thank you developers for a excellent game it's quick and fast mind puzzling. No matter what anyone else says if you want a free game you have to watch ads. If not pay for the game . Thank you again developers for a excellent game keep up the excellent work.
Played for a while, but when I got a new phone most of my progress wasn't transferred, even though I connected to Facebook. Not going to keep playing if all my coins, tournament progress and daily challenges aren't saved.
Challenging game. However, who gave you the right to override my sound setting with your ads. That is NEVER acceptable. Not sure yet but am leaning toward deleting this game.
If you like word puzzles, it's a great and after only just beginning, love it. Puts my brain to work.
Too many goddamn ads. You're getting in the zone, trying to relax, but then after 2 levels, an ad pops up and ruins it. I don't mind the add ribbon, but popup ads are just a no. I don't want to pay you just so you'll stoo annoying me with them. I'd rather uninstall and find a different game.
It would be nice if no puzzles repeated. They repeat alot. And having to use coins to shuffle the puzzle to get it to work out is wrong. And having the 50/100 buttons were at the top so you wouldn't accidentally tap them. Adjust playing this app for weeks/hours this review is updated now and I will be deleting it, it has become too frustrating.
The game is nice and the ads don't bother me much. But what's really infuriating is how close the hint buttons are to the bottom row of the puzzle. You have to play 10 puzzles to get 25 points and then when you finally have a few hundred points, you accidentally touch one of the hint buttons and lose 200 points (or more) for a hint that you didn't want.
Really enjoyable game, taxes the brain but very quickly you see the same words appearing which means one star is lost! Edit: Adverts now automatically take you to the Google store if you don't cancel them. Will stop playing if this continues!!
Due to space constraints sometimes I uninstall and reinstall. Updates tend to not get rid of the junk, hence the uninstall then reinstall. Reinstalls I lose the "money" in my wallet, though my level will be restored if I relogin using the same method.
Fun to play. Some are challenging and take time but not too frustrating. Not many coins given for the amount of games to play in a level. Slow to collect them.
Great way to paste time and still challenge yourself! The only downfall is that some of the puzzles seem repetitive.
I love this game, but for the adds! Our precious time on Earth is being taken hostage by adds. There must be other way to make money! Tournaments are fun but many wait until the last hours to make a huge finishing sprint. Don't expect easy money. Challenging it is
I love the game, but mine got stuck on level 1188 with tiny little letters and a very long row nearly off the screen. You couldn't make words even if you could read the letters. I wrote to ask how to fix it and even sent a screen shot but never got an answer back. I will download a new game but I hate to start all over from scratch. It is one of the few games that make you think in all different directions so I really like it and miss it.
Love the game, hate the ads but it has stop working. I can't open the game and I have so many points I don't want to reinstall it
I only play the daily puzzles because I like that they highlight letters for other words. The past couple weeks I've been getting a black screen when I try to open the game and I can't do anything. Update 2/8/21-getting the black screen for 2 days now. Guess it's time to uninstall.
Not very good, always have to spend money or watch adds to progress . They mix the words so you can't move forward without doing one or the other.
This game used to be quite fun but now it's got this ad that has "learn nore" at the bottom but covers the whole page & there's no way of getting rid of it even after you've opened it & looked at it. It stays in the screen forever. Don't waste your time with this app.
Fun to play. When I want to earn rewards but don't want to play, I just keep watching videos and let it add up, so I don't have to do it when playing
I read a lot of the negative reviews before downloading and playing this game. After playing through level 59, I can say that this game isn't quite worth 5 stars, but the negative reviews stating that the puzzles are "unsolvable" or that the game is "forcing you to buy coins are to win" are completely false. There are short ads about every 2 levels, but you can click the "X" to end them early after about 5 seconds, or pay $6 for no ads. It's a decent way to pass time, but not game of the year.
I like the concept. I put up with the ads. What I hate is the US centric English and the words that totally do not belong in the topic One other gripe is the placement of the search, shuffle etc. To many times in swiping my fingers, which cover 3 letters at a time, have touched the shuffle or other button by accident. Put them at the top or use a popup asking if you are sure.
Really fun game! I love collecting the different backgrounds. I'm SUPER disappointed there aren't anymore monthly backgrounds that you get after doing all the daily puzzles through the month :(
Addictive... but to much add! per all I love the game! -------------- update I changed my phone and I lost all my progress in the game... very sad as I was somewhere beteen lvl 1550 and 1600 or more? 😔 Update: they fix the issue and I now I am back to my old levels! 🙂 Thank you!
Really like the game, but since the Dec 10th update my app crashes right away and can't play anymore. I don't want to reinstall as I'll loose all my progress... Frustrating. Added 1/4... Sent a message to support in 12/19 and got a generic response with a common problems,. A tweet to peoplefun on 12/20 said this should be addressed in the latest release But the problem started in the lastest release (12/10/20).. And there hasn't been an update since...
Frustrating. It is a fun game, but I am not prepared to sit through a 30 second advert for a game that I have no interest in. Then you have to try and close the 'download now' option. Sometimes they will not close and the only option is to force close the app. The game is often very sluggish to respond and does not fully register the word you have highlighted. Occasionally it just gives up and hangs. A game should be fun, not annoying.
Always enjoy People Fun games. Another excellent game, graphics are clear and colourful and like the different themes you can choose. Highly recommend Updated review previouly rated 5 but now 1 star as app crashes on opening for more than a week since phone update to android 11. No answer to email to support. Hopefully sorted soon as really enjoy this game.
It's a fun game and I don't mind the ads but the game will stop in the middle of a level and all of a sudden I'm looking at my home screen. When I click back on the game icon, it will load and go back to my home screen again.
it gives you coins and then takes them away even if you don't shuffle or use a hint. when I reached a hundred games it took several hundred coins away for no reason.
When I first started playing this game I was beyond frustrated. I gave the game a low rating because of it. It was then explained to me that all puzzles could be solved without hints or coins. I realized I wasn't looking at the game the right way. Once I took a fresh look I really started to enjoy playing, and now it's my favorite game. Lately there have been tournaments on the weekend. I especially enjoy them...an excellent challenge. If you like words and word games, this game is perfect.
I downloaded this app a second time after an ad. It's not the app that was "teased". The tease showed an app where horizontal letters scrolled downward while you tried to find words before the topmost line disappeared.... (The topmost line disappearing is a guess since I never actually played the game). What actually d/l was a word search game arranged like a crossword puzzle where you search for words pertaining to a certain subject that may appear forwards or backwards. Not the same game.
So many ads. Ads after almost every game. The only time there isn't an ad after every game is of it didn't take too long to complete. I had locked my phone and came back to the middle of a game just to be greeted with an ad. It started off great but quickly delves into adattack. I get it, it's a free game and I'm the product but jeez. Uninstalling.
Fun game. Good brain food Update. Crashed. Customer service was good and gave me back my status but now I never get tournaments. The icon never appears I paid for this app. There are no updates as they suggested. Waiting for them to fix instead of telling me it's there. It isn't. That's a fact.
I placed 3rd in game 1 of the Winter season Star Tournament but didn't receive my 30-pt crown. This ticks me off everytime I play, knowing that I should be ahead of several players. Between this and the sudden closing/freezing during tournaments, this game has become more of a hassle than it's worth. Sad since its free.
I only play the daily puzzles because I like that they highlight letters for other words. The past couple weeks I've been getting a black screen when I try to open the game and I can't do anyting.
I like this game a lot. But i don't understand the purpose of the bonus words. I can collect 10 or 20 words, and it doesn't give me any bonus un the game or carryover to another game. Hence the 4 rating.
You can't play without spending money. Its set up. You cannot earn coins by watching ads, you actually HAVE to BUY SOMETHING FROM THE AD! Or take the time to do a survey! Very limited times to JUST watch an ad, not whenever you need to for coins, and can only do ONE. you have to BUY coins to play. Rigged. So disappointing!!! I'm deleting.
NOT the same game as the ad depicts. It's not a scrolling word search, more like drop down words mixed up...idk... i didnt care for it
I really like the whole idea of this game, however the hint buttons are too near the working board or the corner of the screen. It is too easy to touch these when trying to enter words.
Player shouldn't be charged for a shuffle of the stacks. Especially when there are no moves to make without a shuffle. You don't charge in word shapes.
Great pastime with nice graphics, simple rules and a clear interface. I find it easy enough not to use almost any coins (I already have 11000+). Weekend tourneys are addictive (just won my first one and got second place the previous week) but they require extreme consistency (nearly 700 levels in 2 days once) and a little bit of strategy. However, I do share share others' feeling that hints buttons are a bit too close to the blocks: they should be on top or, maybe, hidden away somehow.
I play at least once a day and multiple levels each time. I have only had to use the scramble button so far. Seems to be common words so I'm not frustrated searching for words I've never heard of. No timer. I can quit during a level and it brings me back to the same spot so I'm not reworking words I've already solved. Relaxing.
I don't play a lot of games because it isn't many out there that interest me. Somehow, I find myself playing this one for more than half hour at a time. If you only knew me, that says a lot. I really like this one!!