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Word Slide - Free Word Games & Crossword Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Epic Word Games: Crossword, Word Find, Word Puzzle located at HO KING COMMERCIAL CENTRE, 2-16 FA YUEN STREET,MONGKOK,KOWLOON HK.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is very enjoyable. However, as you advance you're required to enter words that do not exist in the dictionary. An example of this is "Gpir" amongst others. I don't mind some of the more obscure words but many of the grids require entry of words seldom used in English as well as many obsolete and non-standard words. One could argue this makes the game a greater challenge and more fun for which I'm inclined to agree. I can only comment to my current level, 850. But overall an enjoyable game that will leave you scratching your head and hunting the dictionary for definitions of words that you simply are unable to pronounce!
Not designed how the ad displayed. I expected the game to be along the lines of a word search not a crossword..
awesome freaking game. ads are not that bad. will tell other's to play for sure. keep up the good work !!!!!
This could be a great game but having to reload between each puzzle is ridiculous, and prompts to watch ads are exceedingly frequent
I tried playing this game but every time I finished a level an ad would pop up for a game that I'm not remotely interested in and I couldn't get rid of it. The worst app management I've ever found, avoid like the plague. Proper rubbish
This is a great game so glad i found it. I have always been a fan of word games and this is the best one by far.
"good" game, would love a way to learn about the words I'm finding, and SO MANY ADS (30secs ad for 1min gameplay? seriously!?). I uninstalled it after the ads queued because device was idle... πŸ‘Œ
After completing a level , the ad plays the games does not go to the next level have to close the games and open it again to go to the next level PLEASE FIXS
Nothing special; there are tons of this type of game. Not the same timed, swipe left to right only game that shows up in the ads.
What is it with games putting adverts on other apps that are NOTHING like the actual game. Don't bother getting this if you thought the ad looked like a fun, challenging game that was different. This is just another false advertising for a generic, boring game. I would give it 0 stars if I could. Also they keep telling other 1 star commenters they will change the ad as soon as possible, with some of the over 6 months old!!!
i enjoyed it till i got to one word off game 1000, it wouldn't accept any word i tried, eventually after winning coins the word previously declined was accepted - bit of a con i think to try and get me to buy a package πŸ€”
It's easy and fun and excellent for brain to relax me I get mad or sad through the day or night, this games makes me smile and laugh and happy. It also relates to me with familiar and easy words to find or look for hidden in this word game. Thank you so much for making me happy. It was worth it and so need this type of mental therapy and meditation. This is better then prescription drugs!
This is trash, the ads make it look unique and fun but the real game play is boring and it just a copy of the millions of other "draw word" games. I wouldn't recommend you downloading it.
First time playing Word Slide it's very challenging. And it's a lot of fun it keeps you going I can play for hours for this game I love it that's why I gave you the five star rating.
I really like it. I don"t appreciate those sometimes. because, whem open or concentrated Iam going fast I mean fast. here comes the app killing my program thats when I get upset loose control. of my game at times Im unable to cath back. Other than that I"ts cool. than you very much.
From the game, it can help youngster learning how to read and spell words. Having points accumulate makes it fun for all of the people that play this game.
Half of the features dont work. you can push on the "quests" or "settings" icons and they dont even do anything. they did in the beginning but now they dont (just long enough to get you hooked). Also its pretty bad that a game based on spelling words, is full of incorrect spelling. could be a good game but it was poorly made.
This fun filled App is so so very fun! it litteraly just train's your brain too 100%! $ @ you guy's litteraly just have to play it. it is litteraly the funest game in the whole univurse!πŸ˜‚!!!-
ad not accurate depiction of game. Downloaded after seeing an ad on instagran that showed a scrolling word find. Downloaded to find that it's just another scramble word find.
The ads at the end of some stages are annoying. I would be fine with it if i am wanting the premium currency, and to get without spending needed me to watch an advert, but i have not found the need to spend any yet so it is just in the way. Also i found a stage where 3 words were not even in the bonus word find area (i did double check in a dictionary to be sure i spelt them right). It is fun though, mostly.
False Advertising! Nothing like the video clip at all and far too many adverts to be able to enjoy what they've actually done
This game isn't how it showed it, very disappointed.. Why is the advertisement different than the game?
Great Fun Word Game , makes your Brain work sorting out the letters & if you find a word not in the grid you get a bonus prize. There is a mix up button & a help button too, so collect your coins & have fun >> I know I am.
Fake advertisement which is very annoying! but a good game for my sister . But i dodnt understand why you falsely advertise?!
I like this game. The 1* rating is I'm on level 98 to 99 n the red berry picture gets stuck on the game screen n I can't get no further into the levels.
good way to pass the time while making one think. i don't love the game trying to get money from me every hour
This game is fun and educational at the same time,i learn new words evertime i play and learn how to spell new words and how it automatically changes the wallpaper at the backround which for me is a BONUS πŸ‘πŸ‘
Very good game. The graphics are very creative. It helps to keep your mind active. Good for seniors like myself.
I like what's here but I, like others downloaded based on advertised gameplay that is nowhere to be found. Also, why is a word game asking for telephone permissions?
Not all words seem to make sense! The words that do make sense are not always available to be used & are recorded as Bonus words! Why? When will those words be introduced into the game?
App not working properly. Since the update, the game bombs after each level. You have to restart the app each time. This is not great.
A lover of word games, I love this game as well as the others. keeps my elderly brain from getting stagnant.
Terrible app as you progress in the game... Does not want to accept the correct words. Have to use your coins to when you had the correct word on the first place? Poor game.
Really like the game. Since the update I can't get the Quest to work. The word search doesn't come up. Hopefully I'm not the only one this is happening to. Please fix.
I never leave reviews but I just had to this time! This game would be good if there were not so many ads! Everytime I made a move a different ad popped up. I am uninstalling this app!!
Finally a word game that has challenging episodes.I have played heaps of word games and so far this is the best one .I will be deleting the others I have and just stick to this one .My favourite part of this game so far is the timer episode .This game offers so much more than the others love the graphics ,levels,daily challenges and the word timer.
Once again, I thought I had found the ultimate game. This is very cool. However, when I got to level 65, not so much. I could not get past it after trying for a whole day. I got 3 tries after watching numerous videos. The colors that the game gives you are not the colors that you need. Thank you however, for the game thru level 65.
The game has kept me busy for hours and days.I started playing because my mind was fuzzy. The game helped sharpen my mind.
I had originally given this game a good review. I'm changing that. The focus of this game is to get you to watch ads. When I play a game, I don't want to watch ads. Also, as another reviewer said, some of the words are made up. They aren't real words. I'm uninstalling this game.
Love the game. The levels challenges your vocabulary and will help you expand. It also is very relaxing and no way possible for you to cheat. I hope you will enjoy the game and find out the awesome secrets the game holds.
If you read the deliberately poorly laid out terms and privacy policy (one word per line) you will not install this. It seems to state they will share your details including DOB, Payment information, name location etc etc. When the game starts you can't turn off the music or do anything other than okay a word which acts as an acceptance of their intention to sell your details.. REMOVED
I really enjoy the game. I would give it 5 stars but every time the ad with with a stupid gardener comes on it freezes up my phone.
Great piano music great word game, great for any ocassion, helps to go to sleep, keeps you company and exercises your brain
I really like the game but it happened twice where the puzzle is solved but it won't go to the next level. The first time I uninstalled then reinstalling then it happened again. Level 45 & 26 there was coins at the top but there was nowhere for any more words, the puzzle was full
At the beginning, the level was too easy. And I enjoyed it more when the combination if letters makes you think about all possible combinations.
It's a great game until you try to sync up with Facebook. Instead of the game updating Facebook it does a reverse update and you lose all the progress you've made. It takes you right back to the last time you actively played while being connected to FB. I'm assuming that means you can't play offline and that's a shame. I deleted the game.
Glitched at level 109 Opened up one day to discover loads of extra tiles in the game making the level impassable, there's not enough letters of words. Very disappointing as I'll have to delete and start again with a different app.