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Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Word Search Puzzle Games located at Lee Wing Building, 156-162 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Way too many ads. Theres an ad in betwern every puzzle. My wife plays on iOS and there are no where near as many ads.
This is not what the ads showed me, I thought it would be where I had to find words within a time frame, but if I choose the wrong word, I lose. They tricked me!
Fun to race against the clock. Since I've gotten the Samsung Note 9, however, the ad at the bottom of the screen is covering the bottom row of letters on the classic wordfind. This may be a bug that needs worked out for the screensize.
I love this app and everything it offers. It has everything I could ever want in word search (I'm not really a Puzzle or Hidden person but I appreciate that it's there). My biggest issue that keeps me from giving this a full 5 stars is its servers. They have a feature called Battle that allows you to race other players in word search, but it often times freezes and penalizes you for closing out the app by still charging your tokens and taking away one of your stars, even if you were winning.
It's a nice game, Not that much ad's and nothing wrong with it but, I recommend giving us more money when we watch an ad for it instead of just 25, but I love the app. πŸ’—
I had given this 5-stars until I realized that the bottom line of the daily puzzle is covered up by the banner ad at the bottom of the screen. If this could be corrected, I would gladly change back to a 5-star rating.
Great game! Smooth gameplay helps to expand vocabulary, memorise different words and just take a break from routine.
In the daily challenges, please fix the part where the ad blocks the end row of the word search. How am I supposed to complete the game if I can't even see it?!
Game is fine. I'm upset that it isn't what was advertised. No stick people are freezing while you find words like "coat" or "scarf" to save them from death. That's what the ad claimed the game to be. It was a lie.
Good game. Only docked 1 star because they do have typos, like "Terminal" in computers is "Teminal". Think there are more typos, but that's the one my OCD self caught and can affect certain parts of this app like the parts that don't show you the list. Good game otherwise, would recommend supporting the devs and removing the ads.
I recently installed this game but it shows that it is unfortunately stopped. so I will just give this star. And I hope they change their services.
Super fun and it gets more challenging the further you go. It's like a crossword crossed with a word search. I dig it.
Played this game many times a day love it but just recently it won't pass a certain level and I cannot watch videos to get coins at all anymore I live to play this but now it won't work right and I'm upset cause of how much I like it I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it starts out at a weird level and won't let me watch videos for coins I'm upset and might never play it again and that bums me out cause of how much I like it
This game helps pass time. I love this game because it makes you use your noggin(head). It helps me learn to find hidden words and relaxes me. I highly recomend the game.
this game is addicting i love the diffrent puzzles and levels that it offers!..this is a fun and challenging game.
Very relaxing, I like how it creates different art pieces and how you can choose the category you want to do.
Decent Game. Just started playing. It doesn't require too much thinking. Fairly easy to get past the first few levels. Need to see how it goes on
Great word search well laid out and nice looking. Easy to navigate too. The Ads are annoying as heck but that's every game these days
the game is ok, but at the higher levels it wont let you choose the top line, and you have to try to select a letter like 20 times before it will let you. this makes the game tedious, so I uninstalled it.
It's great to occupy the mind..... easy and a great option for not at home alone but on the go. I love it!!!
The ad showed cartoon stick people in random situations as your word hints. If you highlighted scarf, the cold stick people received a scarf. If you highlighted lion, a lion ate one of the stick people. The actual game is a boring, run of the mill word search.
Very nice ambiance (background & word selection colors, sounds, etc.) in the app; the gameplay is moderately challenging but brief and the words in the search are a bit off the beaten track. All in all, a pleasant way to while away the time when the chance presents itself.
Ads after each word search puzzle completion! REALLY??? I would have given this 5 starts if it wasn't for the numerous ads. Why not an ad after every puzzle pack. I understand the need for ads but this is much too frequent!
Too many ads!!!! You have to watch a 30 second ad every time you play a game!!! Awful experience. The toon blaster ads lock up the game and I have to reset everything to unlock it. Frustrating. Select another game vendor. This vendor doesn't seem to fix problems in a timely manner. Game locks up after completing the daily challenge and clicking on the link to double the points. Poor programing. Several games only show 17/18 when you are 100% complete. Then you're forced to restart the game.
This is a great game and a great way to relax and focus my mind. The only frustrating thing is that, no matter how long I play a certain set in classic, I can never "complete" it.
I thought it was just well word searches but it's only word searches on the daily stuff. The actual game modes are the other type of "word search " where you have to figure out the words to win. So disappointed...
this app is a really fun game the only reason why it doesn't get 5 stars is because on the advert that came up for it it showed a stickman that you had to find stuff in the word search to help him. I installed the app and the stickman was only for the advert it is just a normal word search game. but still great game I'm just a little disappointed
I love it.. Please download this app it will help you to relive stress and help you to concentrate in one thing.... But the one thing I hate is there is too much ad...Work in decreasing the ad, maybe in one game just put one ad, not to much..... but i still recommend this game d=(Β΄β–½ο½€)=b
This is s great word search app. Because it is free, there are a LOT of adds. You earn cons slowly, unless you watch many ads but the game itself is fun.
False advertising is stupidly annoying especially when it has nothing to do with the actual game. Unless you want much more hate from other people, you should change them.
The reason I gave it a 4 stars is because it is a good game and it is fun,but it has adds we you are done with one of the word searches β€β€πŸ’–πŸ’–
The game has a lot of glitches, at times the letters just do not match, only the colour keeps changing.
It started off looking like a good game. First tried the puzzle option and enjoyed it. But the issues came when I tried classic. Ads appeared along the lower half of the screen so I could no longer see or use part of the word search making it impossible for me to complete any games on classic.
I love the fact that it isn't impossible and it doesn't get more expensive whike you go. So over all a amazing game (love the fact there's not many adsπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ)TEN STARSπŸ‘!!!!
As entertaining as this game is the fact that there are very little approved extra words in the puzzle games is very frustrating. Out of GRAPE : Ape is not an extra word but Rape is. The fact that there are so few makes it hard to earn coins through finding them, you have to watch at least 4 adds to get one hint, which is litterally a single letter shown in the word your searching for. But all in all its an entertaining game.
I really like this game and you should try it too beacause when your bored you could just play this game so yes this game is 5 stars for me
You guys should definitely work on adding a feature where we can link our accounts in order to save the game history of your players. I love the graphic design of this app. It gives the game it's boost thus making you want to play more. A 9/10 game experience.
This game is great. But everytime you finish a puzzle an add pulls up its so annyoing. But the game itself is very challenging but everyone needs a little challenge. Other than that little flaw the game is amazing.
It's been an adequate app for puzzles. More ads than I'd like, but that's the price of a free app. My issue started yesterday when it began playing music that was impossible to turn off without closing the app completely. This is despite having sounds turned off. I can't figure it out, and I'm uninstalling.
I really dislike the fact that they time you with such short time. This game seemed pretty cool until I started playing it. I'm searching for words to relax and enjoy myself and the fact that they time me puts me under stress and pressure. Please fix it. It is very unpleasant and irritating. You can time, that's fine, just make the timing a bit longer please.
This is a gem of a game. It really does make you work your brain which is always a good thing . I think It is super, super great fun! Nice that you can come back and finish later, just x out and come back, your game resumes where you left off. That is a great option. Thank you much
This game us indeed entertaining. Though, I tend to feel like an idiot when I forget small words that are 5 letters or less. But it's still fun! I personally enjoy it.
Its awsome mostly beacause it makes you smarter .The peapole who make these type of games are awsome and amazing I have most of my games on my lenovo computer/ tablet I love yore games so so so so so oso so so so so so so so so much. Keep making awsome gamees shannon
It's a super easy game to play and as soon as you start, the levels get harder and harder. There are ads to it but there's a nice ratio to levels played to ads. Its a good way to manage time.
I love this app there are REALLY funny challenges and it's gets your brain going and it's also like a puzzle which I love and it's really good for your reading. well DONE!
Exactly, all the adds are about story driven word puzzles?! Like what the heck????? Put otherwise it's a good game.
Forced ads no credit given. Chosen ads 25 credits, pitiful. No list of words given to choose from, constant guessing. Uninstalling.
horrible. games are too hard. to many ads for no reward.also on the ad I saw this game on it said it is a story word search. worst game ever. don't download. I'm un installing now.
having a lot of fun, so far! plenty of ads, but they don't last as long as some other games ads do. But I love word search anyway! At least I don't have to buy the books!😸
Game was fun at first. Started watching ads to get hints. Why does it say I have 100 w's if I have to buy them every time I click on it? It's greyed out but you can at least say '25 fairies per hint'. I checked the instructions. No information. How many do I actually need to use a hint? Uninstalled.
The app won't even open. It's literally the only app on my phone, and I don't even have YouTube installed. Every time I try to open the app, it says "Word Search has stopped". And the freaking app hasn't even been opened.
Like the concept but I wish it wouldn't time me even after disabling the timer. Also, I wish the back button was functional. Seems like it was designed for iOS users. Some puzzles are specifically catered to American users, which is fine but there are words I'm not familiar with and I can't move ahead.
this app is so great!! the only thing I would like is if i could transfer my info because i was trying to get all of the pictures from completing puzzles but then i had to get a new phone so now i have to start over.
I love these kind of word searches. I have this on my iPad. I liked it so well, that I put this app, on my phone. I like the daily classic puzzles, the best! I try to do them. This way, I can keep my mind sharp. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 😊
WAY too many ads. It makes the game not woth playing. I've only had it for 2 days and I'm already u installing it.
The game is fine, if you just want a word search. It was advertised as if there were stick figures on an adventure and your word choices impacted their journey. That's what I downloaded it for. False advertising.. I uninstalled. I'm sure it would be great if you went in without any extra expectation. It's just a regular word search.
uninstalling for sure. Can't play a game that you have an ad after every move you make. It's at the point of being ridiculous.
i wish you would do something about those buttons at the bottom, the butterfly and fairy ones. ads cover them, and when you barely touch them, you end up using your coins on them unintentionally. maybe add a confirmation that you want to use them or take them off. unnecessary bs. GET RID OF THE DAMN FAIRY AND BUTTERFLY!!!!! 😠
The game is good. The graphics are great and the challenges are awesome. I purchased to remove ads but it makes no sense because you still have to watch ads when you fail to complete a level. They give you a small amount of time to complete the level. Recommendation to the developer is to make purchases for added time on the challenges, also removing ads for all challenges once it has been purchased.
There are many modes of play which I like. I also like that it's colorful, however I really wish you could choose the colors. Just looking for words bores me, so I like to try to make designs with colors as I go. This has sooo many colors and you can get it to do one color one or twice, but then never again.
The ad shows a character walking along and the need to find certain words in a puzzle. That is not the case. It is just a simple word search game. Not what I was looking for at all. NOT what is advertised AT ALL!!!
Enjoyable, but to many ads and notifications. When Notifications are turned off they turn back on after a few weeks. I understand that ads are so the game can be free but if I spend more time watching ads than playing it kind of kills the game.
It helps your mind be active and is also joy to play at anytime such as when you're bored or you're tired.I personally think that the colors and the bubbling of the word makes it easy to help you remember that you found it. And i love that you have ALL the tries YOU want.YAY πŸ˜‰
My experience was exception this game is so addictive, one you get started you can't stop! I love this game because the levels come in many different formations for all ages big and small. My mum plays it my dad plays it my sister plays it, I love it! When I'm bored or there is nothing to do, I am 11 years old and I would choose this game over games that people usually play in my age range. The vocabulary in the wordsearchs helps with writing and spelling at school. 5 stars! I love this game !!!
the daily challenge is way too hard, and the comerchel is not the same as the real game ,and the hints are way too many coins.
Game is fine, but not at all as advertised in other games. They show moving animated stick figures in different conditions that you have to help save by finding words that will help them. If you select a harmful word or incorrect word, it could cause ill effects for your animated people. However, this is what they show in the advertisement.... when you play it's just boring word searches. Booo!
Graphics are good and great way to pass the time when waiting for other games to refill life. Only downside to this game is that there are way too many ads. Have to wait thru a 30 video between every level. Or another pops up asking you to play free for more coins. Yep just too many ads. For those that have more tolerance, good luck.
Love the game.... It slowly builds up and gets harder and harder... Love how dynamic the motions are and the secret extra words and love how fluid the game is... Truly a masterpiece, I'm glad i stumbled upon this one.... And there aren't too many ads so its not distracting at all.... If you like wordsearch... Do give this a go...
Hi every body this game give user expirience. I am so happy to download this app. It is giving my brain power to pass my exams because yesterday was my first exam and it was English and when teacher tell the marks so it was hundred so I was happy.I love this game so much but sorry that I can not write five hundred words because I am so hurry to play this game bye bye.
I really enjoy the game but the battle mode keeps freezing and my only option is to quit and lose tokens, it's really disappointing.
Love the game however what's the point of being able to get bonus points for extra words when it doesn't recognize all of the extras?
Its a great thinking game helps with spelling and quick reading. Finding the words are timed!! Which is something I didn't realize they give you a limited amount of time which makes you think harder which comes back to me saying why it helps with spelling and quick reading.
Uninstalled after an hour. This game needs to learn some three letter words. It doesn't give credit for words like "con" and "nib" and so many others and starts way too easy. Where are the puzzles that look like the ones in this demo? I'll never know because I moved on.
What caught my attention was that you provide the catagory, up to me to figure out the word and find it.trying it out still.i like it.
This app is amazing.... It helps children grasp many things like spellings, New words etc..... It is a very interesting app.....πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I played this game on iPhone and I loved it but for my Samsung tab 4 it won't open. It forces close every time I try to open it. Please fix this asap
Best word search game I could find. Looks amazing and the sound effects are awesome. Would recommend strongly....πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»
good, but different than others like it. I was used to be given the answers on the side...so this makes you think differently to find the answer...& the answer of the topic doesn't always appear to help until you get an "aha"!!! & there it is...right in front of you! Opens up different modes of solutions!
great! though it can sometimes lag and it doesn't press the word I'm trying to search. please fix this. other than that, this game is very addictive and one of the best word search puzzles I've ever played! thanks! I'll edit my review if something else happens πŸ˜‡
Great game. Why one star though?? Two reasons. 1) There is no option to turn off the annoying ads that consistently pop up at the bottom of the screen. I would pay the fee dollars to remove that part but yet, no option. And 2) If you spend too much time searching for a word, (because you know, it's a damn word search and all) the little lightbulb that you need to pay a 100 game coin to give a letter for one of the words starts and doesn't stop. So all in all, it's difficult to enjoy this game.
Misleading adverts. This game was promoted as a story driven puzzle game, instead it's none of that. Seems fun but I'm sick of companies misleading customers so 1/5
It's a nice game, but if you look into ur daily quest, the ads on bottom screen has covered half of the words needed to be found in wordsearch given. Please fix this, because it's really frustrating not to win daily quest just because of those dumb ads. Thanks.
It's a nice game. Easy at first and gets quite challenging. They even add slang words which is quite the twist
It can take your mind off things and it also gets you to think more, though it isn't frustrating. I find this game really helpful when I need to relax forget about the stressful things. I've made time pass by quick while playing this. There aren't too many ads that will get you annoyed. I really recommend this game!
Great Game! I play the daily puzzle every day when I wake up to get my brain moving for the day. Some of the words you need to find are pretty challenging and there are lots of different categories so you won't get bored. If you like word searches this is a good game to download.
I like sharing this game with my daughter. Mostly I will play this game in my dinner break at work. It's a start, finish game and a sence of satifaction on completion.
Installed and uninstalled. ADs make it to where you cannot select any of the bottom 4 rows. Theres no way to select a different mode if you want to change it up some. Not worth the time unless you love trying to do a crossword the makes it impossible to finish due to ADs.
It is awesome and it is better than other games that I have used. It is not confusing like some word search games that have too many features that can bore you a lot and it is very convenient to use.
One of my favorite games, easy to use, a few ads but nothing too crazy, sometimes the ads are much louder than expected though.
It is really fun and also challenging. It makes time fly by. Their are so many ads it is hard to play without getting frustrated by it. Overall really good.
This app help me to improve my English knowledge. Very recommended to people who are learning English
this game is a Game that tells lies. What i mean is when i saw an ad of it had a stickfugure family trying surive in a desert, you have to spot something a litlle wordsearch to make sure no one is dead if you find the wrong word the stick figure family will die but in the game it doesnt happen. Usually in ads it will tell exactly what will happen but this one didn't. I don't recommend this game to anyone!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠
I love word games so this gets a great review from me. I love how each level is organized and has like a category so you kinda know what to look for ^~^
The first time I tryed it is so hard to look even with the timer. When I was on 5 level many people were angry about ads in every game please stop this I don't want to pay for ads😠
Honestly, I do not know what I think of the controls, gameplay or graphics; the game is so horrible, when I tried to play it for the first time, it would not let me in to actually play it. All it said was "Unfortunately Word Search Puzzle has stopped, Report ; OK". Do not download, horrible game.
This game can start off easy, but the difficult gets up and it's rather fun. I was bored out of my mind and I downloaded this. Its constantly making me smile as word search is/are my favorite things to do
these adverts on Instagram when you download the game it's never what I first saw. I'm supposed to be finding words to help save the little stick figures in the desert. this is boring. if i wanted a regular crossword I would get one made from paper. (rolling my eyes super hard)
i cant find the game mode that was shown on the advertisement video i saw on youtube its like its not even the same game. theres suppose to be stick people walking through different situations and you have to find the word that best helps them to stop them from dying. Well, i did my best to try and explain what i saw on the advertisement for this game.
I played this game on my old device, it was great. But no way to transfer my progress into new device.. add the feature to link with google play account or facebook, please.
Very bad when you go on extra then one with a timer if you don't ask for a timer it gives you one and the ads lie
really fun! I like how fluid the animation is and the challenges. my only nit pick is that a notification will pop up asking if you need to use one of the tools for help, and the puzzle just started. We also know where the tools are, if we need them we'll use them.
This is a cute game and all... but it was advertised far differently than what it really is. It's fun though! It even gives you points for words that you find even though they aren't related to the theme. Ha, so yeah!
Great puzzles to train the mind, although it needs to be a bit more like the ad, where you can save the person's life with the water or kill them by getting the lion. Nevertheless, a great game for playing daily.
I love this game it's really good I enjoy playing Word search puzzles in paper and in my phone it has a calendar were you can pick your challenge you want to play.
i like the game but the ad on the bottom blocks the bottom row on the puzzles and it won't go away. I'm not paying, it's a free game. i like the app thought and the way it all looks!
The game is simple enough. It got three stars mainly because it's not what I thought I was getting. I was playing another game, and an ad played showing a stick figure walking through the snow, and a grid of letters where you needed to find words like "gloves" or "scarf". So I clicked download, only to get this. no stick figures, just a boring board. if someone tells me this isn't the developer's fault, I'll give it another star (sorry, it's just not interesting enough for 5).
Changed phones lost everything. Very disappointing that there is no way to restore previous progress.
This game is challenging, yet relaxing! As I have experienced, I hope this game never goes away, nor gets distorted!
Endless word madness, always loved word search since I was about 7 or 8 years young, never gets old!!! Love this πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
horrible word search, "white things" and the only thing there was cotton, tax and loud?!?! no hints unless you want to watch commerical after commercial making them actual money from pay by ad watching!! so we get wack puzzles with zero hints so you all can get money from ads being watched?!?! uninstalled after first round!! absolutely GARBAGE!!
This game is not what it's advertised to be on Instagram. It's just a word search puzzle. But was advertised as more than just a word search on Instagram. That's false advertising, uninstalling. All around a good game but not what I was looking forward to playing.
I have recently downloaded this game and I am enjoying it because I love word searches. The only problem is that when i want to 'battle', it says there is simehting wrong with my connection. I definitely know that it's not my internet and the only other reason I can think of is because you need to link your facebook account with the game for it to work. Either way the game is great fun and others should use it. πŸ˜„
In the new battle mode, I've had to quit the last 4 battles and subsequently lose the battles because the game crashes and freezes on the screen. The game is slow, buggy and freezes on other modes also. Too many crashes cause the game to feel inadequate and lacking.
its a good game, just 2 big dealbreakers for me 1 is the ads, the are absolutely too many, just have a coule of side bar ads instead of interrupting the game with videos the 2nd is the bonus words. it honestly annoyed me whenever i found a bonus word yet for some reason it just wouldn't count. whats the point in looking for them if any that i find seem to have a 90% chance of not even counting?
The game is fine: it works properly and provides a challenge. It gets boring quickly. However, I'm docking stars due to misleading advertisement: the ads for this game showed animated stick figures in dire situations, and needing to find words to help them out: any bad/incorrect words would worsen their condition. But it isn't in this game; its just an ordinary word search.