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Word Relax - Free Word Games & Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Dream Word Games located at Wanchai, HongKong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Made it to level 9100 with $99.90 but game seems to end there so you cant progress any farther and cant cash out till you have $100.00. Fun to play but I dont like being lied to.
In the begining you get money for every game at the end at around 95 dollars you have to play forever to get any money thats really a cheap shot i understand making it a little more difficult but i have played now several nights for an hour or more and im still on 97 and thats so wrong
Hit $19.99 at level 6100. Won't give levels to get more $, not even last penny to be able to cash out. Enjoyed playing, but very disappointed after watching so many ads. Fools player at first with quick $, but drops to 1ยข for 180 levels or more.
I played this game and patiently watching hundreds of ads but there is no payout at the end. Don't waste your time if you have other important things to do. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
I love this game! I can spend hours playing this. The only thing is, I've been playing for months and still haven't reached the 100$ goal. I'm within 45 cents. Taking 45-50 levels to earn a penny is ridiculous. Please consider less levels in between earning a penny, or maybe a little higher earning. Maybe 5 cents.
I think the same folks who profit from my hours of clicks, are the same rip offs from crazy pusher. O stars . This game Pays one cent for completing 26 levels!
The game is as its represented ultimately but, unlike the ad, there is no easy way to actually accumulate enough to cash out. I'm currently at level 670 and just under $18, determined to hit the minimum $20, but I definitely don't care for it anymore. Levels can go quickly, not too hard, but not every level gets you cash. It can take 50+ levels to earn .25c. Just know, it is not the cash making app you may have seen it as.
DON'T DO IT! You have to get $100 to cash out. But once I reached $99 I've been getting a penny, ONE CENT, after playing like a slew of levels. I'm at level 1081, gotta play 89 levels to get to $99.59. Just wondering, HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY CASHED OUT?? I do not recommend this game unless you like word games and have plenty of time. Update: I'm now at $99.85, 15c from payout, but now need 485 levels for next PENNY. Number of levels increase as payout amount nears. TOTAL SCAM!
I'm at $99.60 and you have to play 100 games to get a penny. That's just a lot insane. Plus you hit 410 on the path game and it says coming soon, lol a yr later still now update. I love word games and figured yes win money to do something I love doing. But come on it would take someone playing 24/7 for over a yr to win. I've been playing for almost 2 yrs. If you are only going to give a penny at least lower it to 50 games. I know this is a waste of time like all games nothing will change.
Scam! It pays out at $20 but for the last $.40 or so, it requires you to play nearly 200 games to get $.01. Once you get to $19.99, it stops giving you any cash reward so you can never cash out. I sent them 2 emails and (shocker), they never responded. I wish i could have back all the time i spent playing this scam of a game.
Have been playing this game for months now and at level 6124 trying to get to $20 am now at $19.99 and now no money at all, I used to get $.10 for 198 levels and I think it cheats me out of levels and coins along with spins aquired, what false advertisement, way to many ads.
I love word games but I do not like being exposed to lewd ads of men and women practically showing their private areas to sell some product. That is unacceptable. Please monitor what you advertise. This is a word puzzle and after seeing these things I would not let my grandchildren play much less recommend this game to others. Actually I will start telling others of what kind of content they will be exposing themselves too.
Now december 11, and over 6100 levels and it has proven itself as a total scam. $19.99 but does not tell how many levels to get to 20 bucks to redeem... Thanksgiving, now over 5600 levels and app is giving 1 penny every 200 levels... The game kept getting worse and worse. I was playing because i like crosswrds, but they are fraudulent in telling people they can win money.
This one rox! I've been playing for months now and just when you think you've got it figured out, it throws a tuff one in the mix! You get earned spins to win hints and it seams to have a billion levels so you can always go to Word Relaxand just Relax. Brandy Gochenouer
I have never reviewed an app before, but felt compelled. Do not waste your time on this one. The game makers should be sued for false advertising. Level 6100 gets you to $19.99 and then it stops telling you how many levels to earn any more. Maybe there is a mystery level that gets you your last penny, I'm not sure. **Update..Finished level 8000, still stuck at $19.99 You will never get paid.
Scam, they don't pay out! They claim to pay out when you "earn" $20, but once you hit $19.99, they stop giving credit. I have emailed three times over the last 6 weeks and they have not responded at all. I have completed MORE THAN 1,000 levels since the last payout, bringing me to well over 7,000 levels complete. Previously, the most I had to complete before earning $$ was 189 levels. Skip this scam of an app. Edit: I am now well over 8000 levels and still no payout.
Got to $19.00 for the second time and all of my money disappeared! Back at -0-. Needless to say, deleting app.
Disgusting and misleading on payouts. As mentioned by other users, I have been playing for ages now and I am at $99.55. I was trying to see how long will it take me to cash out but reading other reviews I know it will never happen. There should be some sort of option on playstore to report apps which are misleading and scams. Although I enjoy playing the game, at the same time it is misleading and a con to get people watching ads and waste their time only to get to know you will never get paid!
Update: Im now on level twenty five hundred something and at $19.60. It seems you get 10 cents every 182 levels or so. If you are going to download for the money...don't...not worth it. But ive made it this far to just give up! Very fun and addicting game! But dont download thinking you are going to win tons of money. Im at level 870 and my winnings are not even at $16.00. You have to have a minimum of $20.00 to be able to request payment. Otherwise great game.
This game is the most irritating I have ever encountered. The beginning was fine but once I was close to cashing out I have to go thru 80+ levels to receive 1 penny. I have been playing often to see if that changes to no avail. I think it's a scam for them to make money from all the long ads they force you to see
DON'T PLAY THIS GAME IT IS A CON... I got to level 6122 and got 19.99, but you need 20 to claim. As you aim to your next reward it tells you how many more levels before you get it. Now it is not saying anything, total standstill. Also when you spin the wheel.... out of all the levels, I landed on the money... you can't collect it and I have only landed on it once, CON. While the developers are getting their money through the tons of adverts, the players are getting NOTHING. Don't play this game.
Do not plan on playing this game for money. I get 1 cent for every 100 levels or so. I do genuinely enjoy playing this game though so that's why I stick with it.
At this point I'm just trying to get what I came for. I'm on level 972, I have $18.51. I will not give up, I'm in far too deep. The extra star is for the pretty scenes, & it's taught me that a buttload more words exist than I thought. Edit: One year later - I am on level 2772, & I have $19.60. Worth the $20 gift card I'll (hopefully) be able to cash out someday? No. I'll update when I beat it!!
I had $14.40 balance. After completing the 189 steps to receive more reward toward another gift card, the banance disappeared!! This has never happened before. My level remains the same..over 5500 but my balance is gone! What is going on? Can you please reset my balance? It had taken me a year to get back to $14.00. I won't start over. After reading all the negative reviews, I'm uninstalling this app. Waist of my time. I'll stick with the few games that I have & know they are ligit... bye bye!!!
This game absolutely sucks!! Don't be a fool and waste your time.....like I did! I finished over 550 level ......got to $99.48....it started giving me 1 penny for completing 30 levels........
Ads are too long. Now I am at 99.53 to cash out at $100 and the next penny is 50 games away. Take away the ads and $ incentives and it would be just a normal game and not so frustrating.
Once you hit 19.90 it goes to you have to play 189 games to get the whooping penny. Finally made it to 19.99 and know it doesn't show me how many games to earn that last penny. Such bull on the game. They are totally rip off peeps.
My version of the game pays out at $ 20.00. I just got to level 6102. This is one level after reaching $19.99. So I knew something was up. I kept playing to see what the con was. The game is okay but the games repeat in the higher levels. Now at $19.99 the tab that tells you how many levels until your next payout is not showing a next payout. So it won't ever reach $20.00. I've been playing since March and it's now 12/9/20. I'm not disappointed because I knew it was a scam.....My goal was to find it. I just guessed a glitch would happen or the final payout would be a thousand levels. So the last few payout levels were 189 levels to one cent.
I like the game but has quit added money even the 1 cent at a time when I reached 19.89 and now it just spins when you try to check your money. Update still spinning and I have completed so many levels. No response either.
This game was fun until I reached 19.99 of the 20.00 I need to cash out and it just stopped crediting me for completing the puzzle
I'm in a game by dream studio where letters are scrambled and you need to find words that fit into a crossword puzzle. You win $100 if you can do all the levels, however the money stops adding up when you get to $99. After that you only get a penny each time so you will NEVER make the $100. This is very unfair!!!!! People give up because it's so hard to achieve!!!!!!
I have been waiting since May 2020 for a payout of $20. Don't believe I'll ever get it. If you're looking for a game to play for fun and don't care about payout, this is your game. I'll continue to play but have no expectations of getting paid.
Been playing for almost a year. Cant withdraw until you get to 20.00. So im at 19.82 and its glitching and shutting down. Not getting ads to get the level bonus. And i get .01 per 100 levels. Arrggh
If you're trying to win money don't bother downloading. This app is misleading and fraudulent. When you get to $19.99 at level 6100 the game freezes it stopped showing levels needed to get to the $20 needed to pay or cash out. DO NOT PAY FOR NO ADS because you will still get ads. Download if you just want a game to waste/pass your time. The money part is a joke and fraud!!
Now that im getting close to cashing out at $100.00 game starts screwing up .please fix then you can be a 4-5 star. PLEASE FIX GAME ,IM ALMOST READY TO CASH OUT AND REALLY STARTEN TO MAKE ME FEEL THIS IS YOUR WAY OF GETTING PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR GAME ,,NOT GONNA PAY .PLEEEEZZZ FIXXX.THANK YOU AGAIN.
It is a great game for playing for fun and learning how to spell words. But it is not great if you just want the money out of it. I downloaded the update for this game and now it won't work at all. Because after I downloaded the update the game just freezes and crashes won't let me play at all anymore like it use to. Please fix this game because I like this game for the spelling and for the fun of it.
I love playing the game. Only issue is on the last update I lost the function of leveling up and being able to see how many more levels I had to go before leveling up. I have contacted the developer 3 times now with no reply from them. I'm very disappointed as I only needed 1 more penny to receive my 20.00 gift card and I have played constantly, 10 to 20 games daily for over a month now. You guys need to fix this bug in the game!
I'm disappointed that now I have to play 400 games to get a penny. I have $99.69. A month ago I had $99.64. I like the game, but hate being suckered. I play well. I'm good. When I play, I'm usually #1. You make money for every ad I see for you. You make money off of me. It's time to make it a difficult but fair game and pay your players, instead of driving them away.
Actually in the begining I thought this game was awesome ... Now I'm at $99.44 and I can't cash out till $100 that's all good but now the game is making me complete 30 levels before any cash and is only giving me $.01 at a time ....after weeks of playing I'm not one bit happy ...feel scammed..
As a word game, it's fun, but don't expect any payment. It says you can cash out at $20, but you can't reach $20. I'm at level 1522 with $18.96 and 176 levels before my next payout. Not sure I'll even try for it. It takes a lot of space on my phone and isn't worth all the time it takes. Don't get this to make money!
I usually love this game. But for some reason.my cash board went from $18.60 to 0. I have won $20.00 from this game so i really do not understand what happened. Can someone help me?
I've played at 9100 levels and have been at $19.99 for several thousand levels. Even after finishing the final level not awarded a penny. Still can't cash out at $20.00 A low tech rip-off. Bill O'Dell stands by this truthful review, NO STARS
I am unable to proceed beyond level 9100. Upon completion, then game just continues to refresh the same word "bunted". I've tried logging out and back in, restarting the game and my phone etc... Unfortunately, it takes me back to level 9100 "bunted". This is also preventing me from participating in any of the tournaments... Is this the end of the game?
You earn a lot of money at the beginning with the easy puzzles then only a few cents on the hard ones and with the harder ones you have to do a lot of puzzles to win just a penny. So you never get to cash out.
I've played this for a year, and watched thousands of ads. You will NOT reach the $20 limit to cash out. Finally made it to $19.70, after 189 levels only to get .02 cents. Now, another 189 levels for the next reward. I gave a 2 star rating only because it can be challenging.
I love this game, but I don't like when you get close to winning you have to play a lot of levels worth only a penny.
Was enjoying the game now there has been two updates in a week and the app wont open anymore. Heading for 9000 levels no sign of payout,shame really I do like the game but I'm not interested in it if they feel the need to scam players. I would've played it without the lies. Will be deleting
I've been playing this game, 60 minutes per day, for a month! It looks promising, when you first start playing it, but as you progress through each level, you are required to play more & more puzzles. After 60 minutes per day, for 30 days, I just finished level 446 and I just had to play 30 puzzles to advance to level 447. I receiced ONE CENT for just completing 30 puzzles in level 446. At this rate, I will have to play the game for another 1663 days at 60 minutes per day, to reach $100.
Well I'm up to 99.66 cent to cash out at 100.00 after the last 40 levels I got 2 cents one cent for 20 levels at this rate I will have to play 1000 hrs to get 20 cents really not worth it. When at first I was getting 1.05 and 1.65 for a lot less levels now I get close to the end I will have to play almost another year to get the other 44 cents I need to cash out. I'm not happy with this pay out of 1 cent for 20 levels plus. When you have to watch 30 sec ads to play each round. Some its 2 ads.
I've been on 55 levels to go to get more money for about 25 levels. It was already a joke in a way if you're trying to get your 20 bucks, but I like the game and yes would still like to get the 20 bucks, which I'm not sure you can ever get I'm really upset about the halt of my progress more than anything. And no reply from the company. That is why I have found the Bitcoin games the most interesting as far as getting a payout, but they don't have great word games yet. We can work on that.
Well Over 4500 levels played. The cash prize drops to 1p for every 100 levels after a very short time. Still not cashed out yet as not reached the target. The levels are designed to be reasonably easy so they can give plenty of adverts for there benefit and not yours. Its a scam to get adverts played as they are making money from it and not you.
The game is entertaining if you don't plan on ever getting any money from it, I am literally on level 3000 and only up to $19.72 and mind you you need $20 to cash out...the last 200 levels I got a whopping$.02! Now I'm on level 5215 with only $19.94 and they make you play 200 levels for 1 penny, I really don't think they want anyone to actually be able to cash out!
Don't bother downloading All the comments are true...it takes no time to get to $99 but you have to play 50 levels to earn 1cent.
This game is addictive. Lots of fun playing it. But it takes a really long time to get just a penny. It will not show how much money you have won.
Rip off game, once you're close to pay off have to beat 60 levels and after every puzzle have to watch a video, waste of time, deleting
I'm now on level 797 with 99.53 in the bank. At this rate I will have had to beat all 6000 levels to get my 100.00!!! That's ridiculous. I've won countless tournaments for nothing. Played for hours for pennies. Not worth your time. Save yourself the frustration....unless you enjoy the aggravation. In that case, do play it. You'll see for yourself....that this app isn't worth a s**t.
I have been playing Word Relax for quite sometime, I enjoy the game very much, but now whenever I click on the money it shows nothing.. It was showing $48.00 now nothing.. Please fix it, or the review for this game will not very good.
I love the game but do not like how long it takes you to earn money. I have been playing over a year almost everyday and still have not been able to cash out anything.
This game is a complete rip off you will never reach 100 dollars to cash out bc the number games keep stacking up just to earn 1 penny.
Y'all owe me 20 dollars because it does not make sense to this game and end up with nothing, y'all are very misleading. Overall it was something to do in my spare time but it still is not right to advertise that you can cash out.
Good puzzles, no way to win real money. Will get you 1 penny away with no way to earn it. It's a FAKE money making possibility
Easy to $10. After that it's a struggle to even reach $20. App is not working properly after last update; It doesn't allow you to play an ad for extra spins, lives or coins. Can't use powerups without coins. UPDATE: DO NOT USE THIS APP IS YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE EASY $ They get $$$ from all the watched ads and we get none.
So annoyed! Have been playing for months and had earned 15.00 towards the 20.00 cash out. About 2 weeks ago that amount disappeared and went back to, "0" Numerous Emails have gone unanswered. I tried letting them take care of this through Email but, they will not respond. This forces me to leave a negative review. Do not play this game!
Just letting you know.ill be uninstalling this game even tho iam up on this .you just added more adds.every spin you get adds .been working on this for some time.iam done .its not worth it anymore.sorry.i did enjoy this.
Absolute BS!!! Been playing for many months. Im at level 1838 and i have to play 128 games to earn a penny. Im at $99.66. Not sure i will live long enough to cash out $100.00. I see a few people mention cashing out at $20.00..... The rules in this game say you must have $100 to cash out or i would have been done long ago. Tons of ads and a huge waste of time. When i spin the wheel i have never gotten $cash$ but it has almost stopped on it many times but speeds up just to get a tiny bit passed.
why can't I cash out? I know I have more than $20 but when I click on the money symbol it shows me an airplane going round and round.
Levels are easy to complete but you will never make it to $100 , your money reward starts out with good high amounts but the longer you play and the closer you get to $100 , your reward money drops to almost nothing and the amount of levels that you have to complete increase... frustrating and not worth the wait!!
This app is totally false advertising....I have reached $19.99 and there is no more option to move forward and earn that last penny to make the "minimum" cash out amount.
Updated &a warning 2 people that think 2 make fast money w/games-It isnt fast @ ALL-example- Once i got to $99.43, start getting $0.01every THIRTY levels so itll be about lvl 1650? to get $100.00&able 2 cash out( UPDATE-got to $99.49&its now FIFTY LEVELS between ONE PENNY so itll be over lvl2000) Im DETERMINED 2get pd, so i WILL keep playing-they WANT u2 quit-so if youre just looking 2 make $ fr these games-id play 1s you really like cuz youll be playing for a LOOONG TIME b4 getting any actual $
Like many others have said, I got to $19.99 and then nothing. Ads wouldn't go away to get me to the next level. Now I get nothing but a black screen when I even try to go to the site. I enjoyed solving the puzzles but all the time spent trying to get a measly $20 is ridiculous.
It's a fun!fun!fun! The music is relaxing to the mind so that you can focus on the spelling of the words. Plus, incentive of a cashout or Pay Pal or Amazon gift card it like dangling a carrot in front of a hungry rabbit
This game is a waste of time, I get close to cashing out nd u gotta play at least 100 levels to earn .01.. I'm at $99.55, but to get another penny I gotta play 100 more levels, not to mention n each level or unscrambling a large puzzle. If you've played dis game u know what I mean!! I play these games that suppose to pay $$, none have paid out yet!! They get a low rating from me...
I love word games but if you're playing for money you will do better playing the lotto. I had my doubts when I started and I was right I finally made it to $99.95 and now it won't let me go to the next level so I can collect the $100 I've tried everything I can think of every move I can move and it won't let me play the actual game to get money. It's a scam don't do it
Don't waste your time if you are playing with the idea of winning money. Got within. 57 cents and you had to pass 30 levels to earn .01. Would need to play at least 1710 MORE levels providing they didn't increase the number of levels needed. Even then, no guarantee they payout. So far, none of the games I've tried that claim to be legitimate have been.
Game freezes up and crashes. I lost a lot of coins because of this. no new update. Game is fun but having to watch 30 second video after every level us ridiculous
Was fun. Now it's just tedious. Way too may ads and no way to speed them up or bypass them. You have to get minimum of $20 to cash out. At level 921, I've only been able to accumulate $19.60. Now I have to go thru another 189 levels before I can get any more $$. GIVE UP!!! You'll NEVER get the $20 to cash out!
love playing this game. love the competition. but I HATE AD after AD. you barely have any time to play the game. if you love watching one ad after another this game is designed for you.
I really love this game but as of today it is not giving me my coins when puzzle is completed so nothing at all for completion. Hopefully they will fix the issue or what's the point.
I Love this game, but with the last update it has been glitching all the time. HELP!!! It is my go to game to relax!
I got all the way to $19.99 and now it wont tell me how many games I have left to the next level. I guess its their way to prevent cashing out-ripoff!
I HATE AD after AD. you barely have any time to play the game. if you love watching hundreds of ads to earn 1 cent this game is designed for you. don't expect to even cash a penny for playing thousands of hours and watching a ZILLION ADS. I have $19.75 and need $20 to cash out. I need to pass 100 more levels to get just 1 cent. if you think you will get any cash just DO THE MATH. YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT LIVE THAT LONG. I would rate this a MINUS 10 if I could.
Very fun game to play, but not for collecting any money. I made it $19.99 and it will not let you get to $20, it doesn't tell you ji how many levels left to get the penny....scam
Game was fun to begin with and earned a nice little amount for each level. Now that I am at $99.44 I just completed, I think, 30 games to reach the next level and all I was given was .01. Yes, just one little penny for completing 30 games. What a joke this is. I am going to keep playing but I also know I will probably be 80 years old before they allow me to reach $100.00 so I can get the gift card.
Why do you have to wait thousands of Levels for $20 . Why can you cash out at $5 ? Or $10 when i have to watch thousands of ads . Now that I'm close to $20.00 game crashes what a joke ! Bull
Don't download!!! It's a waste of time for any cash out because it will take months and thats if its even allowed. I'm at level 1022 and need 47 cents to cash out. At one cent per 100 levels, I'll need 4700 more levels. Thanks but no thanks. I hate rip off scum!! Should report this to Google as fraud!
I love this game. It is taking me a little while to get to $100. I started hitting big at the beginning then it started slowing down. Now I have .14 payments since I'm close to $100. I can't wait until I do get it!
OK game if you enjoy words but don't expect your payout. The game gradually needs more and more levels for less reward until you reach $19.99 and then gives you no way of reaching the cash out amount of $20. Con.
I have played over 1000 levels without earning the last .01 for a twenty dollar gift card. Fun to play but there's no money to earn
Love the game but playing for almost a year and will not let me get past 19.99 to cash out so would not advise playing it if you hope to earn a reward
Okay at killing time but you will never get your payout. More of a scam than most games like this. Very disappointed.
Have been playing this game for months now and at level 4882 trying to get to $20 am at $19.80, I get $.10 for 198 levels and I think it cheats me out of levels and coins along with spins aquired, what false advertisement, way to many ads.
Fun game. The whole concept of winning money is A BIG FAT LIE! The advertisements leading you to believe you can win hundreds of dollars are nothing more than BIG FAT LIES! At first you'll receive $6, then $9, then $4, etc. Then, once you get to about $99, you'll get $0.01 for every 50 games played. I'm currently at $99.55. I'm sure once I get to $99.60, I'll get $0.01 for every 100 games played. The commercials are mind-numbing and repetitive. I strongly recommend NOT downloading this app!
I find it a bit too easy but I'm sure it'll get a little harder. I've only been playing for 15 minutes or so. It is fun though. I'll keep going for a while and check back here afterwards.
Just like crosswords. But like alot of other games when it comes to the end its just pennies and therefore it gets annpying. Why not reverse it. Low to start getting to the big score. Tks
Very disappointed with the game never paying me for wins. Would freeze up all the time and the money value went to near nothing.
Second review. This is absolutly rediculous having to do a hundred levels for a pennie. I was doing 50 levels for a pennie but not a hundred. Im tired of waisting my valuable time playing a game that is owned by a company who is getting PAID for their ads but treat the players like their time aint worth anything. I am worth paying. Ive already watched over 500 ads for this company and what do i get? Nothing. Uninstalling today.
As a word game, brain training .. it's good ... fun too But when it comes to the claim that you'll get an Amazon or PayPal gift card once you reach $100 ... that is never going to happen, as it starts with giving you big amounts like $5-$10 but now I'm at $99.41 and now for completing 30 levels, it pays out only 0.01 .... so that means I'll have to play another approx 1800 more levels before I teach the $100 mark ... WHAT A SCAM ...
I am on level 7425 and still at 19.99. I need 20 to cash out but I no longer get any pennies. I do love the game but i will quit now since its a scam. the higher levels repeat. the amount of ads I've watched i should be at 2000.00 !
When you first start you get lots of cash with each round. Then you have to play 10 rounds just to get .30 cents. But you have to get 100 to cash out. Which takes forever with the last 5 bucks. THIS GAME IS A RIPOFF!!!!!!!! NOW I HAVE TO PLAY 17 LEVELS TO GET 10 CENTS
Ok, so far when you start it adds money after 1-5, then you have to go through 5 levels 10 times then it go to 10, 15 & 20 10 times as well. Then it upgrades from 20 to 30 & 50 (go through those 10 times) After it hits 89 10 times. I'm currently at level 932 and earned (49.60/50.00). My Update: Ok, so when you cash out it will give an option for paypal or Amazon. I chose amazon and it takes about 14 days to get to receive in your email.
Was great to start with and I was looking forward to getting paid to play a game,I got to ยฃ15 the first day for the first few levels but now on level 913 and only at ยฃ18.36. In all honesty I haven't got the incentive to go any further, there are many other word games that are more interesting and fun so I'll be uninstalling this game. I would have given it 0 stars but it won't allow me!
Overall game not hard. I have tried for 5 days to play, but because I hit the add at the bottom on accident, it now kicks me out. I emailed them before in regards to this. I'm going to uninstall. Maybe another time they will get it right.
I keep having to go back to google play. It will not automatically go to my screen when I hit the app.
I like word games. I started playing it to seeif i get paid the $100.00. I have $99.48 now that i am close to cash out $ 100.00. They are only giving 0.01 after you play 20 or 30 levels. All these games that pay you to play them are a big HOAX. Nothing in this world is free not even a glass of water. Soi will be deleting this game. It SUCKS. Its not even worth a one star
Agree with the other reviews. Will take forever to cash out, if they let you. I'm on level 1465 and have 30 more out of the 98 to go to get the next penny. You have to play a lot to get a penny!!
I am on level 1983 and my cash balance is only 19.49. It takes hours n hours to get a cash reward now and when ya finally get it its only 1 cent at a time for the last 4 times. Most time is used watching ads .
Although I like the puzzles, the payout is terrible. I have $49.60 and need $50 to cash out. You earn one penny for every xx amount of levels won. Right now it takes 90 levels (was 50 before I hit a new "destination") to get another penny. I'm not giving up because of time invested, but don't recommend if you're looking for quick cash payout.