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Word Crossy - A crossword game

Word Crossy - A crossword game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Betta Games located at Lindley Ave. Juneau, AK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's very annoying the pop up that keeps asking me to watch the ad to get a hint! If I wanted to I would stop reminding me all the time
I love to play this game and when I'm sitting in a Doctors office waiting or any time like that this is my turn to game. I dont like that if your stuck and use up all your points you have to buy more. I'll admit I have bought them from time to time. It makes the game easier but I'm literally buying nothing! So I stopped buying and I have to work harder at the game. I still like it. I think it costs you in an endless money grab.
Terrible since last update it just keeps closing the app itself and going backwards. Been playing for 3 years and not happy about this.. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it. 1st Feb still not working, still keeps closing the app by itself. On level 3843 and not been able to play for a month..Needs sorting.
Updating my review. I've repeatedly updated app like background screen is saying yet still have warning. I'm considering uninstalling app bc that background is unnerving to me
I absolutely love this game. I have had no issues with it freezing up and I have the cheapest, slowest tablet on the market. It is fun and keeps the mind more active than most games. I also like that it does not have only so many lives and then it stops. You can keep playing as long as you want. Sometimes I swear the game makes up words, but when I check they are actual words. And most are not archaic or super specific words. So it's a pretty fair game. I have one objection. The game does not recognize the word God.
Lately av tried to open this app multiple times bt it automatically crashes.. Am hurt every time I feel like should I remove it... Av come from far and losing my data pains please do something... Developers
To many ads. Not like when I had it on my old phone. It was an ad once in a while. This is an ad after every puzzle
I have been playing this app for a few years. It was great then it got stuck on a Lending Tree ad. Even if I shut it down & restart the same thing happens. I guess I will be uninstalling this app permanently.
Rip off. Zero stars is what I would like to give. Gives coins and then takes them away hoping you will not notice. Been playing for years and earn 15 coins a day should have thousands of coins but instead I have 50. Complain to them and they add some coins then they disappear again.
Worst word type game I've ever played. Ripped me off on points during a tournament. That was the last straw. So many obscure words you've never heard of and their definitions often don't make any sense, if they provide a definition at all. I thought these words were interesting for a while, but now it's become ridiculous. Unless your a linguistic scholar, well versed in old, well outdated words, in every language that has ever been spoken, you don't want to waste your time with this game.
UPDATED REVIEW: Still no change, though I was told there would be changes made. It appears that the level I am stuck on with butterflies used to require 12 butterflies. I've gotten up to 14, but can't reach the 16 required to pass the level now. I paid for ad free and wish I hadn't. If I can't play it, I don't care how many ads they have. Good bye, Word Crossy! You WERE a fun game! I love the game. It's challenging and fun. I gave a review earlier and would change it now but I don't see how to edit it. Since my last review, the company has contacted me and it appears that changes will be made. I certainly hope so! If so, I'll come back and give it 5 stars.
I have been having trouble for about a month. It keeps going black on me and I have to go off the game and restart it. Can't get any free coins until I restart.
I am on level 3072. I still haven't got my rewards for successfully passing level 2000. I've emailed them twice with no resolve to the matter. I will NEVER buy tokens from them again. I will spend my money else where on other games that are honest with their players/customers. It shouldn't take weeks to give me my tokens.
The game goes back to main screen and I have to start over! Get it fixed no other game is doing this! More butterflys are not loading more as you promise!
I would have given it 5 stars but for the ridiculous piggy bank that was recently added. Please get rid of it or give an option to turn it off!
Interesting word game. Sometimes it gets a bit repetitive using the same words over and over and over. Still a good game.
Would have enjoyed it more if I didn't get kicked off every time I turn around. Somebody needs to fix it, or consider me uninstalled. I'll try to be fair and give you a few days to reprogram or whatever you have to do to fix this problem. None of my other games give me any problems like that. Will even change my rating if u can make this happen.. Thanx n advance....
I had a lot of points from previous game's and it won't give them back when I changed phone. It also started me at a lower level.
I've been playing this on my Kindle. it's a bit buggy in the advanced levels. Words used in previous levels are no longer available, which costs points. (It is unclear about purpose of the points).... Sometimes in the advanced levels the correct word doesn't"take" the first time that the correct letters are input, but will "take" on attempt 2 or 3, which again, costs points. On level 1700+ the correct word requires knowledge in multiple disciplines, for example: anatomy, botany, fiber arts, etc.
1. Too many ads. you have to play with airplane mode on or it will annoy you. 2. gameplay gets tedious. sfter completing the 5th or 6th section you see the same sets of letters over and over again. 3. many words are missing or not in the puzzle and not recognized by the game. overall, its a solid game but a bit lazy. i miss the original text twist, no one has ever come close to it.
I have been playing this game for a while. It's the only game I have downloaded on my phone and my go to when I'm waiting for anything and on my way to sleep. However lately I have been extremely frustrated because every time I try to open it, it shuts back down😑. I spend more time trying to open it than I do playing it😠. I'm thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling it but I don't want to loose my coins that I just purchased. Then I'll really be frustrated 😑
So far, it isn't to hard. It starts off easy, then it adds new letters. The only problem I have is that it doesn't take common words.
It keeps telling me I failed even though I still have moves left on the special levels. What on Earth is up with THAT? if it's not enough to collect butterflies within the moves allotted, then what am I supposed to do?
I really enjoy playing this game despite a few issues. I am on level 4600 and keep about 5000 coins on hand always (no purchase). I do use an app called word unscrambler if I am truly stuck. I love the tournament and have gotten lots of coins for high scores. With the high level I have to play 10 games a day to level up for daily reward, that's a lot. Sometimes the words don't take the first time :( Plurals are bad and many games lately have many similar words and letters so the challenge is low
Really? An ad EVERY level? I get that ads pay for the game but one minute of gameplay isn't worth an ad EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
I understand that game developers need to make money, so I was fine with the ads on this free and quite fun game. I ended up paying to remove the ads, which I'm happy to do to support the developers, but that didn't actually get rid of the ads. It got rid of the commercials between levels, but it didn't get rid of the constant intrusions trying to get me to buy coins, etc. That's obnoxious. I paid for the game. Stop with the ads!
I enjoy this game. It's challenging and yet peaceful. But I can't purchase or utilize the purchase screen now because it's opening behind the game-if that makes sense? I can see the screen pop up offering me purchase options but it's behind the first screen that pops up after I run out of lives and xing out closes both. Any ideas on how you can fix that?
I loved this game until I purchased s new android device. When I tried to connect to facebook. It stated I have 5 devices when I only have 1. I know what popup should look like I have seen it when I changed phones. I connected game provider with the screen shot I keep receiving the same exact email stating you can not do it from ios you need a strong internet. The same exact email word for word. It sounded automatic. Why woukd I start over when I'm on board 2625. So be mindful.
I used to really enjoy this game, but recently not so much. They're hasn't been a new butterfly level for so long that I think they They've stopped this feature. It really effects the fun of the game when you teach a new butterfly level and there isn't one to play. Please fix this.
Word games like these are great therapy for people that have memory issues because these word games help to keep the mind strong & alert.
This is a really good word app. It would be excellent if it didn't freeze constantly, go offline in the middle of completing a puzzle and erase a puzzle you are working on causing you to start all over. I am so tempted to uninstall this but i hesitate because i enjoy the puzzle. But the thought is not completely off the table. You neec to do better.
Used to enjoy playing! After 3 e-mails asking to fix the icon to get free coins !!STILL NOT WORKING!! So Disappointing!!😞
The game keeps hanging each time i opened the app .. is there a bug after you introduced the 2nd anniversary version .. very frustrating
Been playing this game for a few years and never had these problems. Sometimes it loads and sometimes it doesn't. Strangest thing: If I have other updates on my phone, it won't work until those are completed. I hope this gets fixed soon.
Like the game but it keeps assuming I'm just starting and doesn't save the local data. Why do I have to agree to the privacy policy every time I open the app? Why does it ask about notification access each time?
This game is so much better than it was last year. It's colorful & eye catching. It's a fantastic game.
I enjoy this game quite a bit. One thing that I don't like is when you hit the lightening icon to get an answer...it fills it it in so fast you dont get to see what the word was. I fi d that very frustrating. You dont learn anything this way. Also noted 7/26/19 Several times lately I haven't received my daily gift.
Challenging game and helpful hints. You get to watch videos to get the extra coins if you get stuck until you either hit a certain level or you buy cons in the app. At thehigher levels you no longer get the option to watch a video to get coins so you HAVE to buy the coins for hints of your stuck which is why this gets a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating. Way too many ads-there is one after every single game which if you're quick it gets annoying very fast!
My game closes every time I load after my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G gets updated from Android Pie to Android 11. I found it unusable. I had no problems with it for years before the Android 11 upgrade.
The game is alright and time consuming, which is good for toilet time and lomg flights, but I am sick and tirex of the ads after every round. Enough is enough!
Not a bad game except always starts at 3-letter words. Any way to go past beginning levels so I can at least go from sleeping to relaxing & mildly stimulated?
cant put zero, removed game and rewrote review. add become extremely annoying between every board and sometimes multiple adds run. back to back. twice if had to different ads playing in audio channel. game is not worth the time or the data mining.
I like this game but I am deleting the app. after every puzzle there is an ad. I don't mind ads but it's just too much. I could understand after 5 or even 3 but if I have 10 minutes to play a game I'm going to choose one that will be more game time not ads
I've been purchased the coins 2 times. I got notification that it was successful, but i didn't get the coins. 2 times!!! and this is not for the first time. i like the game so much, but please dont be like this.
It takes too long between rounds. First, the ads which I can deal with, but the tapping to go to the next round, on top of the ads playing... you spend more time between rounds than actually playing.
I use it every night to put myself to sleep! Seriously, I love it and try to keep myself awake but can't do it.
Same issues as everyone else as of late, will not play. Freezes up when opened or closes the app when trying to play. Very disappointing.
When doing the rank challenge, my score freezes and won't go any higher, so I quickly lose my rank. I did 18+ puzzles and my rank score did not increase at all. I contacted about this, and got no response back. It's annoyed me to the point I no longer care to play.
What's going on??? Keeps freezing up & not responding. I can't play my favorite game. So frustrating!
For a few weeks the game kept shutting down while playing. My guess is that my be what the fix was of January 25th, but now the game will not play at all.
Been playing for a while now, has bugs. Sometimes it won't let me watch video for extra coins. Sometimes it won't let the hint play. It's annoying when you're in a tournament and the app won't work right.
*edit* stars increased from 2 - 4 as u can actually get rid of ads quite easily buying. Not rated 5 stars just cos I swear some words sound made up. Developers very keen to address ur issues though so worth downloading.
Beware latest update has ads between levels. Also, the daily bonuses never appear. Twenty minutes at 1/2 off makes a difference. Wordcrossy goes through the excitement of showing you have bonuses but there is no way to access or use them. The little timer stopped appearing months ago. Game is entertaining but has plenty room for improvement.
Fun game but too many ads. Game has glitches. Freezes up on me and I have to close the app to restart. 🀨
App either won't load or shuts down. I've tried un-installing and re-installing with no success. Sad. This is one of my favorite games but I'll be un-installing permanently if you can't fix πŸ˜ͺ
I love this game however the update has taken over 48 hr and still not downloaded. I will have missed the whole weekend 😟
Lost ALL my levels. After playing for at least a year, today my game was apparently corrupted and would not load. I had over 1 million points! I uninstalled and reinstalled and now am back to level 1! I tried the " restore" in settings but nothing happens. Not starting over. Deleted app.Moving on to something else.
Keeps crashing doesnt load. Developer doesnt communicate or fix the issue. Sent email to developer...Nothing!!
Unexpectedly fun! I didn't want to play at first. I saw my brother playing and began helping him. I knew I wanted my own game. Have fun, and good luck. RobertL
Twice now have been unable to retrieve credits earned for placing 3rd in tournaments. Engineer identified verified system "glitch" and provided code to apply to (Microsoft 1st time) and Google Play 2nd time (since I have Android phone and he didn't notice the first time) to retrieve credits. Unloading the game.
I changed my tablet and don't know How to get to my previous level. Disheartening to start at level one. Can anybody help me. Really challenged when it comes to computers cellphone etc
Disappointed that I could not carry over this game from my previous phone and have to start over again.
Love this game am on level l 3414 and it says have to upgrade through Google - how - am now having withdrawal symptoms !!!!
Ads after Every. Single. Level. Not every few levels, not just ads at the top or bottom of the screen. An immersion breaking, interrupting, misleading, 15+ second ad for other games with the tiniest of close buttons, after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. With no way to turn them off, or even buy your way to an ad free experience. The game itself is fine.
Good game but unless you pay for it you have to watch an ad after each puzzle. Since the puzzles take about a minute or 2 and each ad is 30 seconds you spend a lot of time on the ads. Probably not worth it unless you want to pay for the game.
I am playing for last year's. No problem. I have collected 20000+ $s. Only puzzled now that buying new phone and how to transfer the proress to new ohone
I love playing this game, but after a year, it is now starting to freeze up and the app closes itself. Spending more time to try and open it and cannot play my favorite word game!!! Please Word Crossy developers, rectify the problems!!
PLEASE remove the "Lending Tree" ad. I have to start the game over every single time it pops up because it wont let me close it and return to the game. Thank you.
I got a new phone and reinstalled the game but come to find out that the butterfly stages didn't save. I went from 52/54 to 6/54 and some of the bonus words I found disappeared the next day.
Too many distractive ads! Ready to uninstall!!!!!!!! Plus where's the app icon on any screen? Having to get to the Goggle PlY Store every time I wanna play it, search then open it has caused wasted valuable time of mine too many times as well!!!
Dissapointed that the genre & tone of the words included in this game is deteriorating to an unacceptable level for me. I am now uninstalling Word Crossy.
I've been playing this for like 4 years. The most annoying thing is ads between each lol, but if you exit and open it again it skips the adπŸ˜… I love the tournaments when I can catch them. There are endless levels, so I'll probably be playing for years to come.
Used to be a fun game to play. Half the time it either doesn't load or when it does it freezes. Lost track of how many times I've put in a word and it doesn't accept it yet when I've tried all other options and have to use coins to get a letter, it's a word I've already tried.
This game is very fun, simple and enjoyable on a nice ride through the countryside. I like having the hints to help guess odd words I may don't remember. Great game to play during downtime guys!
I loved the previous version. This one shuts down before even one puzzle is completed! Now i guess i need to find a new word game because the old version does not seem to be available. Please fix the issues!!!!
Good for reading and writing. I improve my English with this app. I have fun and catch up the words. Every time I opened it makes me excited.
I have really enjoyed the game until the past couple of weeks. Now, almost every time I go to earn coins, the app freezes with the ad and I have to go to go completely out of the game and back in. Today I couldn't get in the game. I wrote to tell the company but it hasn't been fixed and it is getting worse. Think this may be the end of this game for me!
This WORD Game Helps you Learn New words You will Enjoy it if you would Just Give It a chance to Show you how much you can Learn from This game My Self, I would give it 100 Percent Because it has Help me out a Whole lot, All , I Can Say is try it out yourself & You will No What, I Mean
I use to really love this game, but after making me wait almost 2 months for new levels, putting in a word you know is a word and not counting it, plus they took away 3 letter words. As soon as im done with the coins, Im getting rid of it. They have gotten greedy and uncaring.
It is a great game when it works. I have had to reinstall this game twice and need to do it again. The further I get in the game, the more glitchy it gets. Now, the new piggy bank feature fills but won't empty. Since reinstalling puts you back at game 1 and you lose your coins, I don't think I'll reinstall this time.
Would have given five stars. But why doesn't this app work anymore??? I open it and it doesn't open. What's up?
Easy, fun and challenging game. However, I don't like that some words are excepted as part of one puzzle and the same word is then not excepted in another. E.g. Nee
enjoy the game but since the last up date the butterfly challenge is nothing but irritating, been working on level3 game 4 for a month. I have it memorized and the game automatically fills in all the letters before sending out the butterflies to "catch". It's not worth my time.
This WAS an awesome game and I will keep using it regardless. But the list of acceptable answers used to be consistent and now it's not. Sometimes ARSE is a word, other times it's not. ARTY is another one. Please fix this! Love the game!
I've been playing this game a while now and it's fixed especially the tournament's Sunday 11 August I was in 2nd place with 2 minutes to go my nearest competitor was over 100 points behind me, come the end of the tournament and I came 3rd, no way I could if been caught, Will be removing my app and will never play again, just a money fiddling scam
I have come across a few common words that were not being recognized as actual words because of Wordnik. I played a word and when I went to see the definition I got "Sorry, the explanation of this word hasn't been included in the dictionary." Really? How can you include something with no definition when you leave out other common words. I am adding in this edit because it is probably necessary. When I enter a word but its plural or non plural form isn't in the database. Come on.
Please make a word crossy RPG (like final fantasy) but you fight monsters based on crossword words. I think you will end up being the best crossword game in the market. Just saying lol
after every game there is an ad which is understandable (the game had to make money somehow) the problem is that everytime the ad tries to load I just get a black screen. After a little bit, a white 'x' appears in the top left corner but clicking on it does nothing. This forces me to close the game to get around it and it's a hassle to close the game after every level.
I love the game, but ads are unusually terrible and frequent. If my game is muted, ads shouldn't suddenly be blaringly loud. I listen to music while playing games and having to constantly mute ads and then turn my music back on after is infuriating. Dictionary also needs a LOT of work. Don't tell me that "grunts" isn't a word and "srunt" is. What is and isn't a word also changes from one level to the next. I've played for months hoping for improvements, but it's worse. Sadly uninstalling.