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Word Cross - Word Cheese

Word Cross - Word Cheese for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by PlayZeit located at 14865 SW 74th Ave Ste230B ,Tigard. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun however it is nothing like the game that was advertised. It was incredibly disappointing because the game looked amazing and fun and then it was completely different, I wish they would just advertise the game for what it is instead of getting out hope's up and then crushing them upon opening the game.
love this game ! I'm really happy it exists, as far as I know it's the best word game I ever played. I totally recommend all of you to play it ! it can also help with spelling struggles and can also be considered as a brain game ! I would love more challenges and keep changing the modality and style of this game.
I've never left a review for an app or game before, but felt this one warranted one. I really enjoyed the game, however, whenever I was not using the game, the pop up ads from the game would pop up and close me out of whatever app or website I was using. It was almost like a virus. As much as I enjoyed the game, and I truly did, no game is worth that.
I downloaded this game and it was really fun, but I had random ads popping on my phone when I wasn't even playing the game. I would be on Facebook and an ad would pop up and crash my app. I couldn't figure out what was going on so I uninstalled this game since it was the only thing I had downloaded lately. All the ads completely stopped since I uninstalled it and my phone is working great. Would not reccomend downloading this game at all.
Not the same game it showed me in the ad I saw. To many ads.I'm not paying money to remove ads. Thy put so many ads into this game to make money from people.paying to remove ads. Nice game, but there are too many games like this out there. Someone needs to come up with an original idea sometime soon. Also, people.from the app have been replying to ratings. I saw them ask a person to revise their rating from 4 to 5 stars. Disappointing. Overall, nice game but to genaric and advertised and not the same game as in the ad. I don't hate it, but definitely do not recomend it.
The vocabulary in this game is very small. It only allows specific words to be used even though other words work. The word search extra game is very frustrating because it won't let you use other words that appear. You can only use the specific words they have pre-selected for you. I paid money for the ad free version but I'm uninstalling anyway. Too frustrating!
Fun game, but more ads than any other free game I've ever played- there's one after every round! And either the button to close the ads is too small, or it's deliberately being ignored, because the ads are opening up anyway. Every time one opens, I have to restart the app because it's glitchy and won't return to the game. It slows down my phone considerably. It's just not worth the frustration. I've uninstalled this app.
this game is okay. but the ad that is on social media for this game is absolutely wrong. the ad showed that you can drag to connect the word to the correct picture. you cant do that in this game. you can only find words that are mixed up. very boring and your video advertising is false.
I love this game. I beat it a few months ago &they finally added more levels. BUT I'm hoping someone will see this because I'm on skilful, vanilla, level 1, I literally had to look on google to find words &none of them work. I think it's a big in the game. Please fix it! I wanna keep moving forward
When I first downloaded the game it was fun to play starting with small words and moving up to bigger ones. The problem I experienced with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is that the game would start on its own. Also, after completing a section the game would go into a cycle of ads that you could not use the back arrow to get out of, you would need to close the game to exit.
the game is fun, but immediately after installing.. I noticed my phone was getting a TON of pop up ads even when the game wasnt open or running. it would be closed, and id be using google, just to have an ad pop up, flash across the screen, and then crash and close whatever google search i was looking at. same happened with other games, or during texting. ad pops up, flashes, then crashes anything i was doing all while the game wasnt even running. finally deleted the app and it fixed everything.
It's ok. Except the fact the ads infected my phone and now ads are popping up even when I'm not playing the game :/ Update: the more I play it, the apps that I have that the ads advertise for. Will OPEN AND RUN the apps automatically. It's completely annoying and I cannot enjoy the game without it opening other apps every 2 levels.
I really like this game, but I am starting to get annoyed every time I have the opportunity to get gold coins, and am able to multiply it by watching a short video, the video freezes at the last second every time and completely screws me out of all the coins for the day, which is super annoying lol
Ad and actual game completely different. That's false advertising which I always thought was illegal in most of the world - after dev's response. No, there is no basket looking thing in my game, so can't access whatever it is you are talking about, and I don't care how much gold it would give me, I just wanted to be able to play the game. .... note to Dev, please dont respond to this I don't need the email coming to me in the middle of the night, and I have now deleted the game. Sorry.
I enjoy the game. The ads in the game aren't too bad, does get annoying but that's with almost every game now. One thing that might make me delete the game is the ads that pop up outside of the game. I don't have many games on my phone and the ads didnt start happening until I downloaded this game. Please fix.
For one, this wasn't the same game as advertised but I played it none the less & ended up enjoying it some what... plus has a ton of ads. Why I'm giving it 1 star is because of the in-game purchases. There was a warning that was made up front so I can't criticize that, but when it's mandatory & not optional is when I have a problem with things. Having a feature to collect more fake coins faster is cool but not when you have to spend real money to collect. 3 Strikes... uninstall
Fun game to pass the time. I love the mini games that are included and i feel like it keeps my brain thinking, in a simple and fun way. Also helps to build vocabulary! UPDATE: Seems like i started getting full page ads on my phone that would interrupt whatever i was doing and would throw me out of the page. Just uninstalled to see if that makes a difference.
Excellent game. Quite habit forming. Some rather obscure (questionable) words from time to time though.
Made my Android play ads even when the game is closed. And the ads would open itself on Chrome before I had the chance to close it, sometimes when i do get to close it and open my chrome later on, there would be tabs upon tabs of ads. Deleted the game 4 days ago and never had one ad popping up. it was a fun game great for when you're bored, but the ads are not worth it. Though slides 4,5,6 in the description don't exist in the game.
1. There is absolutely nothing original about this game. It's been done to death and there's nothing different about it. They just replaced the graphics and sound with their own. You even copies the butterfly? Really?? 2. The pictures above are very misleading. The [un-original] game is the one in the first picture. The others are quick 60 second mini games and are incredibly boring, pointless and repetitive. 3. The vast majority of ratings are fake! It's pathetic when a developer does this.
It won't even open properly. I get a screen that says "Made with unity", followed by a blank screen for about 10 seconds. Then I hear a bell ring twice, and some piano music starts playing for around 2 seconds, then it closes and I'm back on my phone's home screen again. I've tried uninstalling it and installing it again, but the same thing happens. It's a shame, because it looks like a fun game.
I just simply love the consept of the game. Its fun and kinda educational to your vocab if you look the words up. One thing that i would have to complain about is how there is only 50 levels. Another thing is that at level 30 it made me restart the whole game. But besides that i give this game a big thumbs up and ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was enjoying this game until I got to a certain level and it wouldn't go any further. This was right after I made a purchase with them, mainly because there were way, WAY too many ads. Ads with every touch. I searched throughout the game and could find no support. I went to the www to no avail. Finally I had my bank reverse the charge. It was frustrating. Especially since this was the first time I had ever made any purchases in any game. So I uninstalled it. Otherwise, I liked the game.
Even when the app is closed the ads pop up. In the morning I on the phone and first thing I see is the ads from word cheese. It is so irritating. I am doing something important on the phone and in the middle the ads pop up.it is really irritating. The day I lose my patience that day I will uninstall it.
Game play is nothing like the ad. I've seen other people complain of the same issue and the developers say the ad shows a 'reward' game. It's misleading and the main game is complete copy of other similar 'bake' your words apps. Ok if that's what you want but I already have those games. I wanted the scrolling game showed in the ad. Uninstalled
This app opened ads in other apps. I downloaded this game last night. I was using navigation on my phone today and an add popped up about 20 minutes into my drive. I missed my exit and had trouble clearing my screen of the add while driving. It has done this to every app I've launched. once deleted, the pop ups have stopped. Very anoying and not safe.
Puts adware on your phone! Also, has a sneaky way of clicking through to ads, even when you clearly click an 'x', 'close' or 'no thanks'. Advertisers are paying these developers for false click through rates. The game is also American English, so beware the odd spellings! The dictionary you build up is useless, no clickable links for words so you can't immediately find out what some of the obscure words are...
It pops up ads even when the app is not open! I was in the middle of texting and an add popped up on the screen. Happened more then once sometimes while I'm on FB or just reading a book on my kindle app. Times when word cheese is not even open at all. So I deleted it. It is one thing to have adds while I'm in the game, but I dont need ads randomly popping up while I'm doing other things.
I gave 5 stars for my initial review. I'm now modifying. The app opens full sized ads on my phone out of the blue and launches the app all by itself. It's a free app, I get it. Its a fun app, but it should not be allowed to open itself for the purpose of displaying a full sized ad.
Does not even open properly. You can see the play button and the dictionary button, and everything else is black. When you click on the play button it brings you to the next screen which is only black! Can't even play. I've tried to delete this off my phone and I can't; it won't uninstall. Have to take my phone in to a repair shop and get them to delete it (hopefully).
The game is fun, but too many ads. The ads open automatically. I started noticing the same ads popping up even when I was not playing the game. I was using other apps and ads promoted by this app would close whatever app I was using and pop up! deleted the app and now I don't have that problem.
I saw an ad on Facebook for this app and when I downloaded it, it was a total different game than it showed on FB! The game is exactly as it's pictured and described in the Play Store. So are they trying to trick people into downloading it by advertising it as something else? And when you go to play the game and it's not what you thought it was, well then jokes on you? Terrible. It's not funny or cute, so the extended review questions are pointless....
Been playing a couple of minutes. it's ok. Edit. It closed a few times after finishing a level. Now it opened up an ad for a store, that then opened up my browser and my maps app. i wasn't even touching the screen. I'm hoping it was a delayed swiping issue. it was fun for a few minutes even with all the ads.
Highly addicting and a great game to play to pass the time! Although it can be frustrating because some words that are considered words are ones you hardly ever see or hear....some of the words almost don't make any sense or don't seem like acrual words. So it has its challenges but defiantly a game to play when you have time to waste!
advertisement was for a stick figure that was being helped by finding the words. game was nothing like it. in fact it was far from advertised instead of a cross word search style that was advertised you have a random jumble of 3 or more letters that you make words out of. that stick figure in the video is not present at all. I dont think I'd be that disappointed with it if A) the ad was correct or B) the game was like the ad.
Con Merchants! First, false advertising. The main game is not the ad that hooked me. The main game is a rip off of Word Cookies, which is almost the same but way better because nobody is cheating you. This next complaint is far worse. Their ads pop up at random in other apps and even just on home screen. Even worse - When you close their (virus-like) ads they close the whole program. I know the random pop-ups are from this app as they are exactly the same ads that I've not seen before. AVOID!
Great little game to learn and pass the time. And the great feature that it can run without Wi-Fi! Never had any problems with it
This game is addicting. It also is the first game I've played that gives you the chance to win coins in game enough for you to keep playing the game without spending a bunch of money. Of course if you want more coins you can very easily buy them. This game is smooth going and yet challenging . I highly recommend it.
your ad shows a completely different game than the one you download. Have not seen a Stickman waiting for items of clothing. Completely different layout completely different game. On top of that half the words that you're having people look for, aren't even real words. otherwise it would be a fun game. But I really was expecting to have the game that is pictured in the ad
Love playing the game and i didnt care about the ads until they started popping up when I didnteven have the game open. I would be browsing online and an ad would pop up. I'd bein another app and an ad from this game would pop up. Way too invasive for me. Edit after reply from developer: I SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY TO KEEP YOUR ADS FROM POPPING UP WHILE IM BROWSING THE INTERNET!
Disappointed... ad to install game was misleading. Scrolling word find can only be played 3x every few hours, and that is what I wanted. 2-ads auto launch (EVEN WHEN APP CLOSED!!!!) I understand you need ads to fund your game, but you should not be able to disrupt another activity I am doing with an ad for your game that I can't stop without buying. I understand that i can be subject to the ads while playing for free, but this is going to far and you should not have the right to do it.
I would've gave this game 5 stars ✨whenever I get a chance to play since it looks like an interesting game. But unfortunately when I downloaded the game. The game has these error messages that keep coming up not letting to me able to play the game. Please developer can you fix this glitch. Thanks in advance ☺ 🙁
Do Not Download!!! Ad after ad. Not only in the app, but your phone gets bombarded with ads everywhere. You touch your phone and there comes ad. In the middle of watching sth, chatting, no matter what screen you are on, those ads just clogg and appear everywhere. I was just about to reset my phone to factory setting as no antivir would help. And deleting this nonsense was all that was needed. Shame as game itself is quite fun.
i downloaded because i saw an ad for it but the ad wasnt even close to what the game is idk maybe you have to play a lot to unlock what i saw or it was misrepresented. too many adds, and i have played other games just like this one fun to pass the time but gets boring fast. sorry this just isnt my cup of tea, but im sure others will love it
Love your games! I play Word Cheese too which I'm totally addicted to. I looked up to see if you had any other games and found Word Cross. So I'm excited about that and I'm having fun playing it too. You make it easy to accumulate credits. So many of these other games make it so hard for you to earn credits! So, thank you very much for two great games! if you have any other new games come out, I'd love to know about them. Thank you so much!
Be prepared for lots of Ads. I was playing this game for quite some time - possibly around 12 months. Occasionally my play would be interrupted by the play of an Ad when I pressed shuffle or hint. I usually was able to stop the ad after a few seconds. However lately there has been a significant increase of ads that run the full length. I uninstalled when 3 ads in a row played and which I was forced to wait for before I could resume my game. No thanks.
The game is fun, and makes you use your mind. However, a word, which in one round, is a word, in the next is not. This is especially annoying in the extra games. However the most stars are lost with the horrid frequency of adverts, and their repetitiveness. So we have the same advert over and over again. If I show no interest in an advert, why would I change my mind the twentieth time in five minutes? It is bad for the advertiser, as I begin to resent them.
I did love this game, had barely any ads, that was until I had to buy a new sim and install it again. This time I was drowning in ads.
When I'm not even playing this game, ADS pop up on my screen for it. When I'm reading or texting, an ad will pop up when I haven't even had the game open AT ALL! I've read reviews complaining about the same thing! I also don't want to read nonsense like, "Dear, thank you for your feedback, we have an ad free version available for purchase, etc.." don't even bother responding! There are plenty of games like this with less ads. This is a SCAM for money, don't install unless you want to watch endless, pop-up ads or offers until you're fed up..
the game is easy enough but since installing this app, while not using it, my chrome browser will randomly open to an advertisement from the game and will also sometimes open my Google maps to a location of the business in the ad. My other apps also just close while I'm using them now and that wasn't a problem before installing this one. my phone gets glitchy here and there. I'll be uninstalling because the game isn't fun enough to put up with that.