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Word Crack Mix 2

Word Crack Mix 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Etermax located at Capdevila 3448, C1431FKP, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm one of those that uninstalled the game since the last "update"... I came back hoping to see some improvements or fix to the multiples bugs but no, the game is still unplayable... Uninstalling again.
The original version was better. I played several games per day. I have been playing Word Crack for years. I recently had to upgrade my phone and along with the upgrade to my phone came the upgrade to Word Crack which I now have absolutely no desire to play. It takes forever to load. The touch is delayed so it takes longer to spell a word. And where are the power ups? I think I'm playing against people who still have the older, more easy to navigate version. Why would you change it?
Pros: I love this game.. Have played it thru the years .. It is entertaining, challenging, and stimulating. Definitely helps to pass the time. Cons: my only complaint is that *So many ads that its causing my phone to freeze and lag out, have missed calls and accessibility to my phone because of it freezing. Plz fix! And there No option to buy an ad free version. Money can buy Power ups, but the ads stay.. would BUY THE AD FREE VERSION ! plz! Great game!
This is the game I absolutely wanted, but it always gives you the option of using power-ups. Without the ability to hunt for other people who don't like using power-ups, the game effectively becomes pay-to-win. It's extraordinarily rare to find someone who isn't using those power-ups to feel good about a win they may not have really earned (thanks "whisper"). I'm gonna install something else up get my not-Boggle fix until they get their app in order.
Used to love this app. Now my phone won't even open it half the time. Also, it looks like it's intended for 6-10 yr olds with the graphics. I'm a bit out of that demographic. Sadly, today I'm uninstalling. Goodbye hard-earned stats and coins. Thanks for the memories. Hope to hear word if things change back.
Why does it say 4 star average? Please please please bring back the original version. This was my favorite game! The update wiped out original version and this version is much, much worse. Characters of king, queen are odd.....takes a long time to get to board. Powerups on original version amazing, now there are none. Completely horrible. Word Crack please take away 'Mix 2'and go back to original version. This is definitely not an upgrade, sadly this is a major downgrade and I am broken hearted.
What did you do to this game? The old version was much better. I have been playing this game since 2014, it's so stupid now. I may have to delete the game because I can't stand to play it like this.
Lately the past few weeks game keeps dropping,says oops connection problem, I lose my whole game against someone,and now when watch an ad for extra time it says the same thing,not going to try and play anymore for a while,im sorry to say i hate the new letter board doesnt swipe good its ruining my scores can we go back to the old board?
Just to add to what I had already written, consider the following. I used to play approximately 20 to 30 games each day. In the last week I have played three. This has got to be bad for ad Revenue. I have got to agree with the other reviews. This is the worst revision of an otherwise enjoyable game that I have ever seen! I have actually deleted it from my apps because it is intolerable to play in version 2. As others have said, please bring bring back the original.
I loved the old versión. The new one is glitchy and, I guess as a result of that, now its very hard to find someone to play against and games expire all the time. Also, way too much ads.
The new update sucks! I loved this simple game, I lost constantly, but I loved it. Now it's weird. Too complicated, I can't find the word count.. child graphics, and laggy. Well it was good for 10 yrs , + or -, bye .
I don't usually leave reviews, and while the visual update was a little hard to get used to I figured it was fine. Didn't mind it. But I hate that I can only play one game at a time with random people. Often these people take forever to get back to the game so I'm stuck not being able to play (I've played all the missions. Looked for practice just to play and that's gone too.) I've just downloaded another boggle app so I can play. Please bring back the ability to play multiple games at once!
Update: 6/16/20: I appreciate you for following up with me. I just wish the game was more open to every player. Terrible game to play. It's slow to start and it lags everytime I try swiping. Theres no explanation if your brand new at it. It doesnt explain in the beginning how to play. Also, it wants you to purchase coins to play more, especially if you only want to play by yourself. It's just not a game to play if you have no internet or you want to spend money.
Forced to watch 15-30 second ads to play! The original game allowed u to use your own power ups for additional time, now u have to watch 30 second ads if u want additional time, then 6/10 it crashes & u don't get the additional time, yet you SUFFERED through watching the stupid redundant ad. Original game had tutorial on how to play & use the power ups, Now it's a guessing game on how to use the power ups. If you don't want ads they charge you $4.99 GTFOH! Need to get rid of 30 sec ads 5sec ok
This used to be my favorite game. The new interface is cumbersome and I lost my 2700 coins. I'm afraid of losing my opponents that challenge me. I'll keep playing in hopes it gets better. Your players have spoken on this. Only two positives since the change and one of those wasn't happy either. If you care and want it to be fun, then change it back if possible. You shouldn't need everyone to email you. Just fix it.
I loved the previous version. It wasn't very slow and complicated and you can practice on your own as well. I don't understand why they changed it and made it so slow. With each screen, it loads and I'm not sure what kind of internet it ideally requires as it always tells me that my internet is not working while it is, and i have a very good bandwidth, i don't see this problem with other apps. Challenges section doesn't go anywhere with you finish it. Worst thing: where is the chat option?
The update sucks. Watching videos at end of each game is a recipe for disaster. I barely play any more because of this
I was ok with the changes, though i prefer how it used to be. It doesn't matter because it's so buggy i can't even play anymore. I'm constantly force closing and restarting. Plus swiping the words was so smooth, now you have to wait a second between each word just to start a new one, and it's really difficult to keep the line going. What a downgrade.
After making all the fluff changes to the appearance of the game, obviously to appeal small children, now it freezes up constantly, momentarily, during the making of a word. Obviously, it reduces the number of words you get in the end. Not worth the frustration. A shame, too, because they had a pretty solid game prior to that.
The update sucks. I can't click on anything then it crashes my entire phone and freezes it. It was fine the way it was.
Unable to even register. When I click on "email" - it brings up the field, but does not activate the keyboard, so I am unable to type anything in the field. Bring back the previous version.
Ugh, I hate version 2. It's buggy and I've had to force stop a couple of times in the first 10 minutes. The new graphics are silly and not all appealing. Edit the next day: I'm still not liking it. I'm 55 years old and developed an addiction to the original version. The graphics on version 2 might appeal to 10 year olds. The glitch is still there. At the end of a game I have to close the app. The blinking king (sort of like the Burger King icon) just gets stuck. Maybe an ad is loading Yuck!!!!
Way worse than the original. It doesn't even compare your words with your opponent and rule out words you both got.
I'd you don't like this game anymore, I suggest trying Boggle. Very similar and actually works! I used to love this game. Played for many years nearly every day. You basically ruined a really great app and game! And now there are so many ads! Takes away from all the fun. Don't think I'll be playing this app anymore. BRING BACK THE OLD APP! I went on to review the reviews of this new version. Not looking good. Etermax please listen to your users who loved the old version and bring it back!
Ads after every game is unbearable. Less responsive too compare to the previous version, which was a simple and perfect app. With the newly added ability to watch an ad to prolong the game time, is probably the worst design decision. Forcing someone to watch an ad or play at a disadvantage is just downright bad. What a downfall to once a great game.
I love this game. It's been on my phone from the begining. It's the one app that hasn't been deleted or replaced. Updated: 03/24/2021 Really how could you? Upgraded to a new phone. Transfered everything from old phone and you auto updated my game to word crack mix 2. Lost all my game contacts except people I had an ongoing game with. Lost all my accumulated coins. The new format is terrible. I can't find the old version to reinstall. No longer loving this game. Sometimes less is more.
Yuk. Hate the update. Feels sluggish, wouldn't record half of my words. Took an adult game to a child's game with the silly graphics.
I loved the original version. My only complaint would be the grammatical and spelling errors. You need a better proofreader.
Warning! Don't bother downloading this mess. The new version is completely unplayable. I enjoyed classic Word Crack for months, and then they officially destroyed the game. I had to uninstall it. Betrayal! It stops suddenly in the middle of a round, to play ads. Then it sits and spins. Completely worthless. The outcry from hundreds of players doesn't even matter. F*** you, Etermax. You guys don't care. Keep your canned response!
What the heck? Where is Word Crack? What on earth is this weird, unappealing purple-faced cartoon mockery of a game I loved and played daily?
Please take note of what everyone else is saying in these reviews and bring back the old game! This new version wont even upload fully. I get about a minute of black screen, then an irritating childish graphic of a face blinking at me. I'm unable to exit the app during all this time. When I finally reach the next stage, the game won't upload. Its very frustrating and pointless. This is the only game I play on my phone and I've enjoyed it for years, but will ditch the app unless it improves...
I loved the original. I had played it for years. It was fast and I had built up a great stable of competitors. This "update" wiped it all out. It completely sucks. It's slow and makes annoying sounds. It has silly, childish graphics. You can't talk to your opponent anymore. You stole my coins I paid for. Now you wade through the adds. Thanks for ruining a once good game. You should fire whomever came up with this POS. And your canned responses to all these complaints are downright insulting.
Horrible. You destroyed a fantastic game. Why mess with perfection. Please bring back the original version. New game is very buggy. Touch sensitivity does not work well and it freezes after ever game and needs to be closed manually and than reopened. It is so bad. I have played the original everyday for years. After 10 minutes with the new game I am ready to uninstall.
Please please please bring back the original version. This was my favorite game! The update wiped out original version and this version is much, much worse. Characters of king, queen are odd.....takes a long time to get to board. Powerups on original version amazing, now there are none. Completely horrible. Word Crack please take away 'Mix 2'and go back to original version. This is definitely not an upgrade, sadly this is a major downgrade and I am broken hearted.
Wow, in the span of a few hours, the previous game is removed from my phone with a newer, lamer version, with ads galore and crappy gimmicks. Oh well. Was fun while it lasted. Uninstalled. Also, the 4.2 rating for this game is a lie. Look at the 5 star reviews and they're from months ago before the new version. Not only is your new version terrible, but your high ratings are fraudulent and not based on the current version. I'll be sending feedback to Google for that.
The old version was terrific. Not many graphics so it loaded quickly. This new version has cartoon graphics that serve no purpose other than to slow down the load time. Also, why does it force you to compete with others? Why can't I just play for the sake of playing. Some people have loads of time and can play 24/7 and become very very good. This means that those of us who just play occasionally almost always lose. Not fun any more. I'm deleting.
The update has really helped me! I was completely addicted to this game for several years. It the ONLY game I played on my phone. Now I can't bear it. It is very laggy, sometimes freezes, has irritating sound effects and extremely childish graphics. Honestly, who is the target audience for this now, young children that enjoy fast word games? Like many other long time users, I am finally uninstalling! Less time spent staring at my phone! ;)
Great game to keep my brain working. Speed and attention are needed to win. The more you play, the better you get.
DON'T UPGRADE if you have the old version. The new "Mix" one has ads. A LOT. I updated on my tablet and had to switch to Word Shaker because I hated the MIX 2 version. Thankfully still have the original on my phone. Which is/ was an awesome game.
It has now been 13 days since I posted my original review and sadly, nothing has changed. The screen is slow to respond causing words to go unrecognized, the ads begin very quickly when a game ends so you cannot see your results, supposedly you earn coins but I have yet to see how many coins I have and what are you supposed to use the coins for anyway? When playing in solo mode a message pops up after the game in another language so you don't know what it says
I enjoy word games and I have played several opponents for a few years. Most of the glitches have been fixed and that is appreciated. I miss being able to chat with others like we used to.
This game used to be pretty great. It was a simple and straightforward mix of Boggle and Scrabble. Then a few days ago they completely ruined it by adding a ton of unnecessary and ugly animations that are not only distracting (and potentially seizure-inducing) but also bog down the app and make it incredibly buggy. I played this for many years and loved it, but now it is impossible to play. I wish I could wring the neck of the fool who destroyed this game.
PLEASE bring back the old version. THIS VERSION SUCKS!!! This was my go-to game everyday for years. Somehow my phone updated to this new version and it's TERRIBLE. Listen to your customers and please bring back the old version!
Great game, but it needs WAY more challenges. I'm not even all that great at the game, but even I beat all the challenges in like 3 days. Now all I'm left with is PvP, which is great when there's people to actually play with. You should also add the daily bonus to the front menu. I played the game for like a week before I even discovered there *was* a daily bonus. And $4.99 to remove ads is a little ridiculous. I would've bought it immediately at 0.99. Probably still even at $1.99.
Like everyone else, I hate the new version. You've ruined a fun game with the unnecessary children's graphics and ads after every round. I would put up with an occasional ad but three ads per match is ridiculous. You've ruined the word input, now it glitches and can't keep up with fast players. I'll check back in a couple weeks, if it hasn't gone back to the old version I will be uninstalling. Hopefully you'll listen to all the feedback you're getting and unbreak the great game you have ruined.
Garbage: 1)Slow 2)Too many ads 3)Adds are too long 4)ads eat the game time, so the round finishes basically immediately after the ad finished playing.
Used to love this game, then it was upgraded and the new format is awful. Long pauses after each match, then before you can continue play, you get a game over times up message and a score of zero. I'm ready to delete this game and find one similar that's more user friendly. Even while rating this app, it froze up.
Used to play all the time. Downloaded again because this game (first version) was so much fun. This upgraded version is HORRIBLE. It looks like they took the old version and made it dumber. Graphics are childish and I remember the other version being much easier to maneuver around in.
I used to love this game and played all the time, now you updated it. I tried to give it a chance, but it's graphics are now silly and there is an ad after every single game. And whether you watch the ad or not, it just goes back to the silly cartoon face screen that just stares at you blinking and stays there forcing me to force stop and close it. Oh, and it sometimes can't keep up with you if you're too fast. Please bring back the old version!! Finishing up my current matches and quitting. :(
The app is glitchy cartoonish slow inconsistent and annoying. If you have the original word crack, what ever you do, do not update to this version. You will be highly disappointed. I can't get the old version back and I'm so so sorry I downloaded this new version
This is an okay game. There are way too many ads!!! Theres an ad before & after each level. Plus I think it would be a better game if there was a pass 'n play mode, instead of waiting on people to play their turns!!! If your patient & like ads then this game is for you! LOL!!! I'M UNINSTALLING!!!
I really loved the original game. Every rare once in awhile it would get buggy. So when I saw that there was an update to fix"bugs" I took it. This was not an update to fix "bugs". It was a way of shoving a completely new game down someone throat. I feel like this one was designed for much younger and much less mature people. Put it out as a separate game not as a bug fix. This version sucks.
These creators obviously dont care about players since they do nothing to change what everyone hates!! Not only is this version awful all rewards are lost. Why get rid of the original word crack??? Other gamed dont do that they keep all editions. This is my third review the other 2 disappeared. No reason for that I didnt use fowl language or anything bad. Getting more and more annoyed. Worst game update ever. Give everyone back the orignal we all loved.
Have played this game for years and enjoyed it immensely. Was a great stress release. Unfortunately, I HATE the changes. Will probably uninstall but might wait a bit to see if the old version will be reactivated. I expect lots of people will be uninstalling soon if it's not switched back to the original version. Addendum- it's a shame that the admins only say "Sorry you feel this way. Have a nice day" about all the negative reviews they have received but offer no improvements. See ya!
Sadly ylu have to have a facebook page to sign up. The email option doesnt work. It just seems to stick on the page with nk keyboard. So i didnt even get to play the game.
I'm having a hard time pressing the letters. I have to do it more than once and it really slows my play.
It's a fun game pass the time in line or on hold. I prefer the old interface, but I have a friend on here that I've been playing for years, so I keep it to play with him.
Update...to Version 2 sucks. I lost all my coins to buy power ups and the 4 people I played with, who were not friends but random opponents that I have played for years with... they were like old friends even though we only had the game that kept us together. If you are going to make a new version and call it WordCrack2... then you should keep the old game for those of us who want it the way it was. Very unhappy... deleted new game. Not worth playing anymore.
I agree with everyone else. The original game was perfect the way it was. I can't even load the new one and it slows my phone. Why fix something that wasn't broken... P.S. I take back the star as this new version doesn't even deserve one.
Abominable! This used to be my go-to stress reliever. I can't even play this version. It is really terrible. I have played for years and had no problems ever. The new game sticks and freezes while swiping so you can't make words quickly or have to start over on the word, sometimes several times. It's way off. I hate it. I hate the stupid graphics too, but if I could play I would have held my nose and put up with it. This used to be an adult game. What are you guys thinking?
I've been following this franchise for many, many years. The original game was great, but this is a very very crappy knock off that is just designed to make money, not engage the user in a fun pastime. I will never go with this franchise again, as it's obviously become a sellout. Edit: Why can't you play multiple games with random players any more?
Word crack keeps freezing, throughout game. The old game was a lot better and never froze for me. This game is still freezing even when being told to reboot game, it still does it🙄.
I used to love this game, I played for years, now it is updated and I can't stand the changes! It's like a commercialized Children's game! I can't play as quickly because there are constant responses ( like" excellent "") and it creates glitches, also, I can only play one round against other players and then I can't do anything else. I wish I could go back to the old version, there should have been a choice to upgrade if you chose to.
This "updated" version apparently wasn't tested well. It is difficult to understand and at the end of a round gets stuck on the ridiculous flashing king icon. Rematches are difficult to get to. I find it frustrating and not nearly as much fun to play. Don't like the new graphics at all. Says there is a solo mode, but can't find it. It would be great if we had the option to stick with the older version.
Have been playing this game for about 2 years without any dramas. Recently, there seems to be a bug when fetching random opponents for me. I'm stuck with a list of random opponents and they just remain there, until they expire. I have no problems when I'm facing a named opponent upon creating a game, just random opponents. I also should mention I was able to create games as often as I wanted before, now i just get an error message saying 'you've already started a game, please wait until they accept', or something similar. Not sure what happened. It may just be that mine is a stand-alone case, but in any case it would be great to hear back from you guys as I love this app more than any other for competitive enjoyment. Cheers a bunch.
Too slow can't keep up with my fingers. Freezes especially in the beginning. Too many ads. I really miss the original word crack. Playing this less and less....update..way too many ads that freezes up the game, while timer running! Then more ads and videos after completing each game. And no honor in winning as it just depends on who is more willing to watch MORE VIDEOS to get extea time. I use to play this game for hours every night. Now it just leaves me frustrated and is no longer fun.