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Is a Word game developed by Connect Word Games located at Tower 5, Sorrento, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself was fun enough. However the large ads that pop up on my screen are cause enough to uninstall this. If you enjoy sitting and watching Netflix or playing another game on your phone and then suddenly being interupted ny half of your screen reminding you to open this app, then this is the game for you. What's worse? Even turning off notifications will not stop these. No thanks!
This game is really good. I love how it works well when you find a word. But I would like you to make it a little bit better so it isn't so easy. Anyways it is a great game. I only give it 4 stars keep it up 😁
Great word connect game it's a great offline game to play with it keeps me busy for a long while its fantastic. 👍 😉 😀 ❤ 👍
I have enjoyed this game for over a year. I have collected thousands of points & reached level 922. BUT, I REFUSE to play a game that uses vulgar words!! Level 922 used the word 'c**t'. I looked it in case there was another meaning and there is only one meaning. This is DISGUSTING!
This game is very fun but you have many pop up ads that you cant close and then you have to exit the game and restart it. And sometimes the hints don't work. I also think that the hints are over priced. One hint is 120 coins. Another type of hint is 200 coins. I like the game but those things really upset me so I give it a two. Another reason why I don't like the game is because of the special deals that pop up every time you come in the game and sometimes you cant close them. I give it a two.
I had 6 letters & made 18 words. I also found over 10 spare words. I was so pleased, with mself. I wasn't contrating on the game. I was also watching tv. This is increaing my vocabulary & brain power.
I love this game! It's difficult enough to make you think, but not so difficult that you get completely discouraged.
Simple word finder with a gentle and gradual difficulty curve. There are a lot of these games out at the moment but this is among the better ones (my current faves are 'In Bloom' and 'Wordington). Would be nice to get bonus or rewards for pr..ogress other than that odd looking tree. A photo album, graphical choices such as how the letter board looks, fonts etc....
I love this game, it helps me improve my spelling since I'm home bound with several disabilities for 20 years. The one thing that makes me angry is I have played the game all the way through with 100% over all other players, but have come close to taking it off my phone many times. I tried contacting the maker of the game with no response. The game freezes up on me & nothing fixes it, so I lose time I have on 1/2 price hints & wait till it will again play. I'm thinking of changing my rating!!
It's fun, and good for your brain but the prices to get a clue is skittle expensive, for people who might get stuck on a level.
It is good for children because it increases their vocabulary and takes the fun and challenge out of your efforts!!! Thank you for making such a brainy game I had fun playing this game too many ads !!!!! It is best to play in lockdown times I love this game vee e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r y much it is best ones than other w o r d g a m e. S u p e r game best .
I used to like the English version but the Finnish one is a result of a poor machine translation. It's showing complete disrespect towards your Finnish speaking customers and hence I removed the app.
I use this app on my Fire tablet & have enjoyed using it for weeks, but I uninstalled from my Pixel minutes after installing. I could not figure out an easy way to exit & ended up restarting my phone, then uninstalled it asap. So, while I've thought of it as a 5 star free word puzzle app, not being able to exit easily is way too irritating to deal with on my phone.
I like the game but you get 1 star for constantly pestering me to either get rid of ads or pay for some service or another. I dont need that ever other game, I was aware the first time that I could get rid of ads, and that I could pay $2 for an amazing 1000 coins or whatever. You dont need to force it down my throat.
This game is good fun but the black on black makes it difficult to see how many letters are in the word.
I really like this game also I'm enjoying it having fun in this game it was easy to download great there was no kinks or bugs. Easy to play and it's really great its awesome to play
I love playing the game, and like Jerry and Jayne... Have had the same problem with the game freezing up!! You can hear the ad playing in the background and then it says the game is not responding!! Hope they fix it otherwise I will uninstall it,, cuz it's annoying!!
I hate the game its just to many adds plus so many glitches that i just gave up and dont forget the French words like sou so hard !!!!!!😡😡😡😠I insist that the game Wordscapes is so much better no glitches barley any adds plus the words are pretty darn easy do what uou must !!😎
Ok so this game is a reasonable example of the wordscapes/word cookies type, but... Two complaints. There's a fair bit of repetition of base words, and the dictionary is different from puzzle to puzzle. Just finished Peony 4+5, Oman is a valid answer in the first one and not in the second. C'mon guys I know you can be both more creative and more consistent than that... oh and now you're using acronyms? what the f y'all.
Far too many ads. If u like them, this is your game. A pity, because it has lovely graphics and is addictive. The ads RUIN the game 👎👎👎👎
A bug blocks the game. Trying to refresh only to see another long add. Game screen (the one with the "w-i-s-e" set and the butterfly) freezes at some point, disabling most buttons. Also, hitting a button opens a dark overlay and disables all CTAs.
I find it very useful because it makes you really use your brain and words. It also tricks you with the double letters and trying to figure out what words fit best in the blank spaces. Its mind boggling but at the same time it feels good when you solve the crossword puzzle. I also like the extra credit words. I also like that you can switch the letters around in the circle so you can see if you recognize any other words. The level of the game can get intense at but at the same time its fun.
I enjoy the game however one to many interruption for my liking, however I really like the game makes you think. Thanks
LOVE TO PLAY! Free daily gifts/ coins and great to learn new words . Great brain builder. Inexpensive
STEALS COINS! First of all the game started out fine, I got to level 50 in one day with over 480 coins. Upon resuming the fame after a few hours I began getting ads in between each level but the worse part is THEY TOOK OVER 200 OF MY COINS AND I DID NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES! !!!
It is more interesting and relaxing after a long tiring day .it also gives children vocabulary and to learn new words. It is nice to play with you family and children and the preschoolers are the one's who need to play this game especially when starting to learn words ,places verbs and other words which are impossible for the children to pronounce and also to Read. The children will be able to learn , read and also to gain more knowledge and vocabulary about new words.wonderfu
Game level is good but full of ads, you just tap another app n open this ad, every second ads, still me n my kid was excited and njoying this game. But scoring calculations are very poor it does not let you reach 1000 points. the moment you ate closer to 900 app will crash, suddenly closed and reopen n you will be left with 650 points. i have clicked screenshots can share with you. very frustrating, i am uninstalling this app right now. 😡😡
Liked the game a lot. But now its ridiculous, I've written down the words that should not be in there, some are French, like sou, non standard spelling like thru, so many more, you have to make them up to get them. My level i believe is around 2000. About to uninstall. Its no fun making up words then looking them up and find they're not good in this game. But I guess thats how you make money, is on hints. It was going to be a "1".
I like the game because it helps me learn more words it would help kids 9 or higher I really like it and hope you do as well
This game is cool, and fun. When your bord or just have nothing to do..you can always come here. I hope you all are enjoying this game just as much as I am! But there is one problem. It gliches on me. I have never ssen it glich on me before, so I was kinda shocked. It now kicks me out. So can ya''ll plz fix this problem? It would rlly help and be much better! Thanks, and have a good rest of your day ya''ll
I like the game set the points could be better 10 songs for when you get all those right that could that could be a lot better but I like the game he would have got five stars if the points would have been better thank you🤓
Quick and easy to play. Minimal ads where you can just turn off the sound. The game starts easily and continues to get more difficult. If you leave the game you can pick up again where you left off.
I love this game it really helps you use your brain and you can learn a few new words along the way!! very addicting. My sons and grandchildren love to help find words. Its really educational for both adults and children !! Let yours children or grandchildren play with you, you will be amazed how much they enjoy it.Maybe you can make a children's version for different age groups!! I 'll be on the look out!!
Very good game, just come up with where to sign in such that in an event of changing phones or wiping the phone, i don't have to start again instead i start from where i left it..
I really enjoy this game. However, it very often happens that when an ad opens, it causes the game to stop and I am forced to wait for the game to completely reload before I can continue playing. It's very aggravating and makes me want to just uninstall the game and find something else to play.
Yes, it can teach u words for an Englisg test, but the thing is, a lot of words can't be usen, just baby words. But I guess as u get more op it'll get harder, so if heres are some high levels and they still don't know becausr they have a mental ilness, they can use this app, but if it's for a hard English test, I suppose this wallpaper is distracting them. Try another wallpaper.
I think it's actually a good game so the reason why is because kids can learn like how words are spelt because some spell differently you know so it's a great game for kids! Also I use to play this game when I was bored spent all my battery on this game so if anything like my storage is system is low I wouldnt delete this game after all the effort but my screen broke so i have a phone now 😁😁before playing this i was like 6 or 7 but now I downloaded it again and I'm still obssed with it.
good game at first but as the levels get higher they start using proper nouns and slang or little used non-english words making it so you have to use hints. wouldnt be so bad except the hints cost way more then you get back from completing puzzles depleting your gold fast. i am not going to spend money to get hints, that is insane. i already spent money to get rid of ads.
I used to enjoy this app. But recently it's advertising spam has become aggressive, highly intrusive and deceptive. So it's bye bye from me.