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Word Connect -Word Game Puzzle

Word Connect -Word Game Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Magic Word Games located at 10718 Mora Dr, Los Altos, CA 94024, USA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Word connect is a good app and very therapeautic. It is very good at relaxing the mind. Love the app so much. Big ups to it.
I was never a game person in my entire life. Im 57 . My wife will hours on end . For the life of me , i just couldn't stand her playing away . Then a week ago, my wife introduced me to the word connect game, seeing that im a word fundy , it immediately wholly engrossed me . Now im playing hours on end. Just love it . Warmly Theodore spochter
ItΒ΄s basically adware. Ad banner at the bottom, ads every other level. The levels themselves arenΒ΄t challenging so you blast through them.. Into the ads. :(
This is very good game, but ads still are coming if I off the network also, so, if I off my network little will come so the good option is to, install this game and off the network, it is worth if you install
This app gives almost NO hints when you have watched MANY commercials and videos. I received (2) during a whole week of play!!!
Padlock button is on left side, in the middle of screen. This makes it very easy to press this by mistake, and lose a high score. Re-siting the button on the right side of the screen, or higher up may solve this problem.
Good for bored ppl. Can be played while bored. But the add is too much maa. Everything need add, and then ask to rate nicely. How can maa. But, its a nice game la. Fun even to adult. :)............................................,........................................................
I won't really rate this app 5 cause when I am playing the game sometimes i do not find the word cause sometimes it will be difficult but that is what makes the game interesting and that will also make you not to give up but some people delete the game but instead continue and you will surely pass the level I will say such a nice game
πŸ“This is a very nice game to play to help you think more in puzzles when it gets hadder i like it!! Still don't think it's also good because will keep you in the phone more playing it ... I'm not saying it's bad to play. I hope you get it..! πŸ˜”πŸ“
It's Not Bad After All Problem is that they are too many ads when your data is open but 4 stars it is
I find this word connect very useful for taking up time such as: waiting to see doctor in office, etc: it's a challenge which stimulates the brain cells that lie waiting for stimulations.. thanks for brain excersise..
This game is awesome it has levels in each level we have to make new words thats the amazing thing we can also get free coins only by watching a 'AAD' we can also get hints if we dont know the word if we make any other extra word it goes to the bonus word we can also know the meaning of the bonus word this game help us to know about many new words that we have never use them before in our life i am very Thankful to the editor for making this game hope you will make more games like this one.
This is a very good game but the problem is - 1 - it has ads after each level But it has a very good variety of words, so it deserves 4 stars
So far too easy but I like the tension of speed. You miss some good words but I guess that is part of the challenge, to notice the word count and not waste time with extra words. It would be more fun if you pushed to the maximum number. Last exa.mple: hewn was not included.
Quite an interesting and enlightening game....would have given 5 stars, but the ads are too frequent and annoying
I really enjoyed this game , but I am giving it 4 stars because , there are too many ads I mean after very turn there is an advertisement , overall I really liked the game . GOD JOB !
The words are mind blowing. Not easy everyday words. You have to dig deep in your mind to recall the words. Helps with vocabulary and speech
Well done. Very challenging. But why, oh why, do so many game developers think we'd like to play the same level endlessly, waiting to get to CV the promised levels, like the trailers?
guys my experience with husband very amazing with you love the game it's beautiful it's nice it's just what I need that thing is perfect it's just just don't forget to make the words even harder than the words that we've started with and complicated game so that the players will find it very interesting and you won't give up but so far so good and I really love it it is the one of the best games I've ever playedin my life and I love love love love love love love love love love love so much thank
Best gameplay word ever.the game is very graphically maintained and keeps a person more busy for the thinking is needed more.
It's very enjoyable. I'm really enjoying it. Hope it doesn't start getting hard words to find. Then it loses the fun. It's not a competion it's a game.
jeez it has a million ads!AnD aLsO tHiS APP IS HANGING I CHECK MY ALL APPS BUT IT WAS NOT HANGING!🀦it will be good if you fix these problem.but I will give you full stars if you fix these problems ☺️ bye!
Went to level 50 very quickly. I knew so many ads would drive me crazy, they did, I'm deleting. It's an okay game though
Game was fine. I put up with the ads, no biggie. But now you can't mute the volume of the ads, so playing in certain settings isn't practical. I know I could mute my phone, but being able to just mute ads was much easier. Also, once completing a level, it would show an ad, but you could skip it, which made sense because you just earned it by solving the level. But, now you can't skip them anymore.
it is for sure an amazing game. i feel relax when playing everyday. And also i learn more words each day. lots of new vocabulary. its a family game, we usually play altogether. I have installed so many games on my phone and got bored quickly but so far this one is the best. .
Love playing progressive word connect. It works very well and is a great mental exercise for your cognitive skills. Play everyday for best results.
Very good word scramble - simple, yet challenging at times. It would be great, however, if the ads were freely decreased - too many.
I love this game but the main problem is that it never minimise but is among my best game and when playing this game it never let to be able to do any work at home
Don't bother spending your money on the Ad-free version, because even after paying for the ad-free there's STILL an Ad after EVERY move, but it is a good game.
Great game. Some words aren't spelt correctly. Anyways fab game. Great to pass time. Adverts are a bummer as they are after every single round for me and it's so annoying. Still a good game. 4/5 stars.
Awesome game. It greatly improves your mind's processing ability, as well as your vocabulary. Very interesting and addictive.
A very good game. Focuses on word building, and helps when needed. The ads are a little annoying, but can be reduced by turning off your internet.*note that all ads cannot be turned off by stopping the internet* The ads can be skipped but I find it more helpful by shutting off the internet. Overall good game and educational. Recommended to anyone who wants to learn.
Amazing game I just love it I learn many new words I say that every one should install this game it improves your vocabulary also amazing
Awesome .. one of the best games it helps me to create words that we don't use everyday it's a very fun game to play in advise you modify it and learn loads of new words each day πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ I love the game every much I play every minute of the day No1 can disturb me I just love it
The ads pops up after every level, it pops up during a game and when you minimize and return again ads. This is so frustrating to watch the same ada over and over again every few minutes. Don't get me wrong I don't mind ads, I know it is part of everything these days, but so many? Constantly and frustrating. I would think ah I got the word then bam a advert pop up and Iam lost.
Its otherwise good. But when the help function comes up, it is compulsory to press it, when the hint option comes too, or the check meaning option. There should be cancel and Ok, so one can choose whichever option one wants. Dont force the player to pick the only option you put there
Started just now..u shud hv allowed to choose the right level for age accordingly..u can't choose levels in this game and playing easy levels is a damn bore...
This game is attractive and amazing! The puzzles Are actually Difficult,Which i didn't Expect from the app.And the best thing is the themes and line arts are actually Free.The "daily challenge" Is not so easy either! I spent like 1 hour on Level 55.I love this game i would recommend To download!
I really enjoy playing this game during my morning coffee. It kind of helps awaken my brain before I head to work. I recently lost all my progress when my phone broke, but I am looking forward to starting over.
having great fun challenging my brain. love this game. Cannot stay away from it. Just keeps you thinking..age 74.
Wonderful word game. I play for hours. Learn new words. I challenge myself everyday. I enjoy this game. Very addictive. I tell my friends how wonderful this game is. You don't notice time going by. Everyone should try this game. My daughter loves it. You should try it. My friend's think it is great. My family all play. I tell everyone about this game. My Mom enjoys it. Everyone should play. Try it now. Best game on the internet.
Educating & challenging, but coins required for help is too much. Meanings or definition of words should not cost the use of coins, it should be free!
After every single win there is an ad, when you open the app there is an ad. When you press any button while playing, like the menu button to switch off sound an ad will pop up. You won't go 5 minutes without an ad popping up. So frustrating.
It's a very fun game and also a brain teaser but in every level as a prize you get every less coins which I don't like they should give more than 2 or 3 coins
For the love of God remove these choices app ads. I have to hit back like a teenager pounding his meat before I can go back to the game. This ads every five seconds has gotten so old. Lost another star. Literally tired of these ads you can't back out of. Another week and I just give up on this app.
This game is superb, I'm having a wonderful experience, and really learning a lot. even words that I didnt imagine existed have been learnt. The game widens your scope and makes you realize that we don't even know it all. I was extremely shocked to discover some new words and their meanings.I recommend this game to all kids and adult around the world. Nice game and kudos to the bunch of intellectuals that put it together.
Very wonderful game l have never seen this type of game it is very useful for children to improve their knowledge
I just Love this game it is fun and easy to play, you can get points it is nice. You get hints if you need them this is a great game and it is entertaining.
I always play this when I downloaded this game app. It helps my focus and alertness when playing this game and figure out what the words are. Nicely challanging for the mind and thinking. Way to go guys keep these great games coming
Addictive in a good way ..having fun and learning what more can you ask for As you move up the words get harder and harder makes you think more makes you go back in your memory it also makes you guess which sometimes works The only thing I would fix is more points and more points here and for each level you complete but overall I enjoy it and I've gotten a couple of family members hooked on it as well my sister-in-law and my brother Right now on a higher level but they are catching up
Good game, really brings out your thinking abilities and puts your brain on high-gear. However, I wish that there was a way to connect your Google Play account to save your progress. All my effort to reach level 176, my completion of the whole daily challenge for a month and my 6.66k+ coins are going to be wasted now.
I enjoy playing this game immensely, the reason I only give it 3 stars is the fact that it contains inappropriate words. My young grandchildren enjoy playing word games with me and I encourage it as it's educational, but I can't let them play this game with me due to some of the words, especially the 4 letter ones! Update the word list to remove the inappropriate words and it would be 5 stars!
Hmmm I think I have to now tell the truth . It will take all words which are not in the puzzle but it is a word. And the good thing is that we can learn new words and also know the meaning of them, you just have to click on the word and you will find that dictionary button and click on that then you will know the meaning of the word. So if it can fix that πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ and this for the good oneπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚. Thank you nice game πŸ‘πŸ‘.
Love the game. Spent many hours playing it. The ads have changed so that I can no longer close the ad using my phones back button. I must find the x to close which is annoying. Quicken loan ads will not let me close them at all. No x to hit. If you touch the ad you're taken to to the app store. I have to close the game and reopen the game each time to continue playing. I will never buy anything from quicken loans. Thats pretty shady advertising. Again the game itself is great.
Fun game, I play it everyday. I do think that there are too many advertisements. There is an add between every puzzle.
Amazing games! and it can shake your brain, and also it can give you some words that you didn't know.
Contains too much ads even when your screen is off or you enter the next level. Quite ridiculous. Worst experience.
I don't get addict to this game. But it is helpful in our word dictionary. It is like a casual game for me. When the level get hard then I play little.
Word connectβ€”Word Games Puzzle, a best pastime for me. Try to improve this app a little bit to make it more enjoyable. Thanks.
I've played for 690 days in a row and still enjoy the app. What is the maximum days/levels one can play? Why are the reward types now decreased. Sometimes the app does not recognize a word eg boy? The app is useful to improve once vocabulary.
It is so interesting and addicting. I gave it four stars because the ads are way too much. They interfere with the fun of the game
This Game Is Amazing! It Really Helps You Think Outside The BoxπŸ—ƒοΈπŸ€”πŸ˜ It's The Perfect Game To Get You Thinking! Keep Up The Good Work! β™₯️
I really like this game......it really helped me to explore new words and this game is a very good for childerns to get to know about new word......i personaly really enjoyed it
The UI is ok, but even after you pay to remove ads you still get ads. Also, there are lots of words it says aren't words like asp (a type of snake).
I really love this game. Its very entertenable and also learning as well. It help u to build up your ability of learning, thank very much for this game.
After about the 1,900 level, the game was no longer challenging. There appeared to be some struggle to find words, using the plural of many of the words already found. I imagined the words would have gotten longer and more complex. My rate was 5, but now its 1. If it doesn't get more challenging, I may stop playing. I really enjoyed it up until recently.
This app is super cool! I really like it! I have learn a lot of new words .When I reach higher levels, the words become harder. So, I can improve my knowledge of spelling. Other than that, this app can be played anytime and anywhere because it can be played offline.
This game is easy when I start it . Sometimes 3 4 or 7 letter words can be really easy and sometimes 7 letter words can be difficult to find . I erased this game 2 times that I start . Every time I start I go a bit fast because these levels can be easy because they are 2 3 4 and 5 letter words . 5 letter words are going to be easy to find . In the higher levels you will see 5 letter words but it will be hard to find but sometimes it can be easy . I actually am so suprised that I finished 1000 .
Fun at first but very quickly becomes annoyingly overwhelmed with ads. After each level a new ad, which take 5 secs to skip. Annoying. Uninstalled after 15 mins.
Games is fun but sometimes when you type in a word the game denies it then after multiple times it will accept it. There is also a lot of adds and offers to buy to play the game. It's so annoying I almost deleted the app for that reason.
Increases my vocabulary! 4-10-21 update: my prior review was 4 out of 5 stars. Now that I have seen the happy pig ad it is now one star. That is inappropriate. My daughter plays this game with me and I will have to uninstall it if I see it again. Come on people!
It is too good game and it is help full for us, it keeps our brain sharp but some times it creates problem ex :- hood is a word but when I am going to write it becomes bonus word but the advantage is that if you can't do it you can take help from that game, only one complane left that it's ok that it is becoming a bonus word but please let the play to have there bonus those who make this app I think πŸ€”πŸ€”they are very intelligent !!!!?please please who play this kind of smart games please rate
Description about WordConnect * This app is totally fine. * Not just the games, the themes and line styles are super matchy and I luv the way it works when I scribble the page with sparkles and stuff. * Good for the brain and thinking skill. * Lots of facilities placed. * Most of all it's offline
I like the game, but I'm going to give it 3* because of the annoying bonus words. I want to finish a stage an get on with a new one, ohh but wait...what's this? It's a bonus word. All my combinations are bonus words that aren't even worth that much. Some of my combinations that are valid words are refused, and not added to my bonus words wallet.
This game is so amazing ❀️ i just live everything about it.... first time thry give you a bonus coins ... Which you will use whenever you out of ideas🀝❀️
Cool game. I enjoy the challenging puzzels and this game experience so far has been right up to par for a good review. We all would like to see less commercals lol. Yet a positive otlook on the same style advantage is not having plural after plural witch is grand. Yet another benny is not all words you can make are in each puzzel granting an even more beniful task to completion. A short interuption ajason to time playing is satisfactory though not to keen on graphics yet in revelance no biggie.
Exceptional. I've discovered words I didn't even know existed. I love this game and it's a brain exercise as well.
The game is a good game,but why when u cannot find the word is to just fill it in and go to the next puzzle.Takes too much time to try and find the word before going to the next puzzle. VERY FRUSTRATING
I really like this game, and I know there are many, many, many of them online to choose from. The graphics are good, the controls are good, and it is one of my favorites
Good game, I usually dont leave reviews soo... Anyway, yeah there are ads but so does everything else. Good game.
Autually I like puzzles very much so weekly or monthly I will download puzzle games in this way only I downloaded this Word Connect game this game is so interesting,useful and in this game daily challenge is there this is attracted me so everyday I will play this game I will won't uninstall it and again I am saying this game so interesting also u can download and play this game. Thank you. ☺️☺️☺️
Great game,i can play all day long.Also stimulate your brian and improve your spelling.I recommend this game to everyone.I is my favorite game..I played so many games before ,but this one is special.I like that give you a lot of bonuses and this can help when you are stuck on words.It is so addictive and also very relaxing.I told my friends about this game,they tried and really enjoyed.When you want to get away from everything play this game,it will make you feel good.Enjoy,relax and have a lot
It is an ok game..it helps your brain to work.. it is fun..the only problem I saw is that it gives you options for hint buttons and you cannot play without clicking it...it shows false info that the hint button is free and we will not lose any points and makes us click on it by not giving us any other option..then when you click on it ...your points would drastically reduce.. otherwise a nice game...there are too many as too..I think these are the only two problems.
Good game. Sometimes it doesnt accept real words but some they do accept never heard of. Sometimes you what the ad and dont get your coins.
This game is so brain-challlenging! I so so love it. More power to the elbow of the developer of this app.😍😍
Wordscape a far better game. More freedom in finding words, a larger bank of words. Much more fun. In this game it is hard to not spend more money as many words are very rare. They even charge you to get the definition of words. Limiting and unsatisfactory.
Fun and calming, nice graphic and very intuitive. I think both will love the game, young and Adults. The difficulty increases as you progress the game which is good in order to sharpening the brain, stay focus and remembering better.
Main reason im installing this app? Annoying ads after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE THAT I COMPLETED. 10 puzzles equal to 10 ads. 100 puzzles = 100 ads. Its ruining my playing experience.
It has the most bonus words of any word game I've played. Never let's u even get ahead of the game at all. All the words keep going to BONUS WORDS. VERY ANNOYING. I was wondering why I hadn't played it in a while that's why. I'm uninstalling tonight.
I like the Word Connect but the problem is that it has to many AD'S!!! Please fix it. But other than that I love it so i rate 3 πŸŒŸβ€™ S
Good but sometimes too hard and the bonus after 60 minutes must be won every time doesn't matter if one watched them or not
Really great game once you get rid of the ads, which is cheap enough to do. Definitely enjoyable, Definitely addictive.
This is a ADDICTING GAME! πŸ˜ƒ i have not been to sleep on time since i started playing this game!!!! Oh My Goodness...i keep saying one more puzzle, one more... TT hen it starts out to continue to be busy! What looks simple is not simple and what looks difficult isnt always difficult! πŸ€¨πŸ€“
This game is the best, it helps kids know more like with the corona virus pandemic.and it is also a very interesting game.the down side whenever yuo finish a level there are adds ,i think they should correct that
Its a really fine app to relax in day and we can get meanings to without opening google. But what is wrong is the ads, i am troubled with that i have to watch 2 ads together to play thr game. That's why I dont want to play this game. But except this ads everything is just amazing
It is a very gud game which also enhance our vocabulary skills and it makes us know different and unique English words
Too many ads. Understand thats how they keep the game free to play. However after every single puzzle finished another ad. In their defense they do keep them short and the game itself is entertaining.
Not enough words in the game's dictionary. Otherwise a good way to pass time. Leaves you feeling jaded quick.
Nice game Increases memory power We can know many words that we don't know But, we should spend 120 or more coins in game
Changed phones and went back to square 1. Very boring in the beginning and no daily challenges. Will probably quit playing.
Very good and nice puzzle game and a brain test game. But the problem is why bonus words are not awarded with coin and some words does not have specific meaning
The game itself is very good but there's a specific ad called "Empires and Puzzles" which always pops up. On android, it's unstoppable and it makes you play the game so you have to close the app and re-open. Get rid of that and I can deal with the ads.
Some of your words dont appear in the dictionary. You need to get someone to double check the words you are using. Today you had CLUNCH as a word. There is NO such word. Teaching English has been a passion of mine for 33years and it is not good to teach children words that do not exist.
Due to some problem in my phone, I had to reset it and then re-install all the apps. The texture of this app seemed ro have changed and I was made to jump down from level 1300 to level 1. This is totally unfair.
Fun game. Only wish there was a way to upload previous completed levels from my old tablet to my new one. Also, daily puzzles which was available on my old tablet doesn't appear in this version.
This game is very much enjoyable, it's make me feel happy when I'm not working at the same time it makes me learn different types of words
Getting used to all the ads. You just have to be a patient person who is good at ignoring ads to really enjoy the game without spending any money. Having the ESPN app to override it works. (Listen to sports while playing the game).πŸ˜‰
This is a nice game. However, there is no surprises and big awards. I just reached level 1000, nothing sensational happened. I need something new.
It's a good game and if I don't put my data or WiFi on keeps it and free unless I get stumped then I watch ads for coins.
Just ridiculous, I haven't started enjoying the game or being asked for money. Game loads slowly, but ads constantly appear. Uninstalling!
Its a nice game immediately when i saw it i was addicted to it even my mom who said she didnt like phone games liked it woah i couldnt do anything but play it all day and night sometimes when i am sleeping or playing and i leave my phone my mom took my phone to play it i found out two days ago anyways install this game it is the best game ever please download it wooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo
Very addicting but annoying with so many ads and waiting to about ten minutes to watch a thirty second ad for only twenty five coins.
It is improving your thinking capacity and it is much enjoyable and i cannot leave the game very easy and even i cannot watch my favourite tv station because of it
Justt keeps me happy. Makes me guess & use my mind all the time. I just love & would get anyone on this game. & iv got at least 15 of my family members playing. So we are all trying to beat each other to get to highest level. JUST GET IT PEOPLE IT WILL KEEP YOU HAPPY.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
It's a good game I can learn new words and it's helpful for other kids me mainly for kindergarten children so ya but a little bit of ads come but still I love the game!
The game is wonderful..I keep learning and get new to English words. It makes me think as a student. I think fast,efficiently,and accurancy
This app is fun a entertaining BUT has a number of issues... 1. American is both in and out. 2. SO MANY words missing - but only in SOME puzzles? Use a single word database for all puzzles, please! 3. Some names in, some not. 4. Some swears in, some not. Set the rules consistently please! 5. Plurals are often rejected for no reason, other times fine. 6. Did I mention how many words are missing?! SO MANY!!! Real words in use now, unlike some of the ones in puzzles!
This game is helpful to all of us. We can get to know many unknown words and it also increase our concentration level .... Just amazing! πŸ™‚
I was enjoying the game. I fell asleep twice while working on the first nine levels, not because they were too easy, but because of all the ads. I have removed it from my phone.
Very nice game and enjoyable ,relaxing all so, keep making enjoyable games .I am 81 years old and the game is relaxing, so I can play and relax and fall asleep every evening. Thanks, keep up great games.
Superb. I feel like want to do more once I start the game. I want most times to be the first. So i keep playing and get happy when i get first in it. I could stay awake all night to hit the record.