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Word Connect - Lucky Puzzle Game to Big Win

Word Connect - Lucky Puzzle Game to Big Win for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Dream Word Games located at Wanchai, HongKong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun, but it's going to take me 10 years to earn 100$. The advertisement is false. When you first start playing you earn a couple bucks each level, then you get to where your have to complete 10 levels before you earn anything. Eventually you end up where I am, 50 levels before you earn one cent. I am currently at 99.50, but it will take me years at 50 levels per cent to reach the 100 dollar goal needed to recieve a payout. The payout will never happen.
I wanted to get to $50 so I could buy my family some presents for Christmas. The game functions currently, but you can never get the money goal. There is an add after every level, so they should have enough money to pay me $50. They also keep adding more levels to complete before your next reward. It started of at around every 3-4 levels, then 6, now 20. Don't waste your time trying to get money with this app.
I have been playing this for about 4 mos. hoping to make some money. I am up tp $99.52. You cannot cash out until $100. I get 1 cent per level at 50 puzzles per level. At this rate it will take 2, 400 puzzles to get anything. This game , for making $ SUCKS
Ok, so after playing this game for a week, I'm realizing that it starts off great but just goes downhill. Here's why: Starting off, you get a decent amount of $ for each level. As you progress, that reward amount dwindles significantly! Ex: once I reached $95 in my balance, I started having to play 30 rounds to earn 14cents, etc. UPDATE: I reached $149 (cash out is at $150) and have received 1 cent/every 5 rounds. So, in 500 more rounds I'll reach the cashout minimum!
It is really fun but you never will make money on it. It will say only 2 more levels to rewards but then it will go back to 9 more. Then you get to 95.50 and are lucky if it gives you 1 cent when you finish the levels. I only play because it passes the time.
Another stupid money making app. Lures you to make money quickly. You must play almost 24/7 to make pennies each week. Currently I am on level 6,000 in classic mode and the app is stuck. I have cleared my cache and it continually goes back to level 6,000. You must reach $100.00 before they will issue your Amazon or Paypal gift card. I am at $99.84. How convenient for the app to break down.
Terrible! Not waste you time. It's so ease to collect from 1 to 99$ but later you obtain only 0.01$ by level. It is TERRIBLE. I will update my comment (Jan 6, 2021) to say that: They stole the money I had earned, more than $ 99.60. it just didn't allow me to win more or see my balance even though I kept playing. IS A GOTCHA!
MISLEADING... The high rating does NOT correlate with the success of playing time and payout. It is ridiculous for the amount of time that is invested with no payout, watching ads and dealing with technical issues as stated by other reviewers. It is also noted that the developers have not replied or commented on any of these reviews.
It says it "contains ads". They're not joking. After EVERY round and bonus, there's a 30 second advert. As for getting any money. Forget it! It's designed in such a way that it will never pay a penny. Look and see where the app is made. It explains it all!
This game is a scam. It never let's you get to $150.00. It let's you get up to $149.00 farely quickly, then gives extremely long puzzles and increases the number it takes to earn and only gives $0.01. Don't waist your time.
You can play this app just for fun. Don't expect any money reward as described. The levels stop at 6000 without miving further up. So, as what I am experiencing, I have reached $49.87, which is 13 cents shy of getting the $50 gift card or PayPal. After a year of paying it with expectation of acheiving the reward, it's found that the developer lied. Shameful!
Fun to play overall but you'll be disappointed if you're here for the money. You need $100 to get a payout and once you clear $99 it takes FOREVER to get to $100 bcuz the rewards go from over $1 a level to $0.01 every several levels. You make $97 in one day then it's impossible. I'm currently at $99.57 and have to clear 100 levels now just to earn $0.01. I give up on getting any money from this game. I was enjoying the play but it's getting pretty boring at this point. Uninstalling.
If you like word games, then it can be fun. This game is not meant for players to win money. It is misleading. The closer you get to the $150.00 goal, the less money you receive and the more puzzles you need to complete. The amount you win will go down to a penny upon completing 30 puzzles. It gets worse when you are $5 away from the goal, so you can collect. If you continue, when you're for example 75 cent or less, the puzzles increase to 75 and keep increasing to win a penny.
Starts out great with $11 & $15 but as you go onward the words get more difficult and rewards much smaller. I think it's spraining my brain!
First off i wanna say I really enjoy Playing this game BUT its really frustrating how I am almost to the $100 to cash out and i only get 10 to 11 cents every 20 levels now. I understand that for them to give money they gotta make you work for it bit this is kinda irritating, especially being so close. Im at $99.22 cents and will probably be stuck there for a while. Thats why im only giving 3 stars. If i actually make it to the $100 cash out i will change to 5 stars BC i do like the game!
One star is because having played for over a year and cleared 6000 levels, I am still 16c away from the minimum balance required for a payout. And there appear to be no more levels, just keeps replaying level 6000 over and over. The actual game play is fine however, just don't advertise it as a game you can win big money on if it's not actually possible.
After you teach 40$, it takes 50$ to cash out, the rewards go down to 2 cents, then 1cent per ever 30 or more levels.Numerous games to each level. . Waste of time. Willing to bet they dont pay anything even if some day in the long term future you did get to 50. Been playing a year, every day... Ridiculous lies and I was a fool to play this long!!!
I think this is a rip off as you don't want to pay out the $100.00 . The closer you get to the $100.00 the more games you have to play . Plus all you get it a penny at a time. All of them game you want people to play is probably the same way. This is just how you get people to play these game. I do enjoying playing this one, but I sure would like to see more then a penny or a few at at time. This my cause me to loose playing this game. But I sure wouldn't tell anyone to play it
This I app has potential. At a certain level.... It becomes uninviting die to the tiny rewards given. Some of the hardest levels are given less than 21 cents. It seems as though I will never reach the $150 mark I need to cash out.
Almost to level 1000 and still very unsatisfied. Now it takes 89 levels to get a penny (at $99.57). Every few penny's the levels needed to get a penny increases 2 fold. Will never get to $100. Having small technical problems that increase the farther along in the game. Very disappointing and extremely false in their claims for a payout that nobody will ever reach.
Enjoyed playing to start ,but when you get near £150,the game freezes,or stops completely,then just goes off ,on one occasion the app,just uninstalled, When you're trying to spell a word it goes that slow you take your finger off. And lose your bonus, it's just a advert scam , shame on you Google for letting this onto your web you should check them out before you ok them ,ps just bother as it will only frustrate you , avoid avoid
The game is okay, much like other word games. But don't expect to get rich; at the rate they are "paying out" I expect to reach my first $150 by the year 2525 and I play the game every day!!! I get a whole .01 cents for each reward. woo-hoo
Game can be fun. Had you doing update on my phone, lost everything and when I get a restore it put me back to the 1st level. I lost all my money, all of my points, and all of my heart's. I did send an email To the support people. They fid not respond to me at all. If this game really paid ad advertised, I was less than 1.00 away from payout. Very disappointed in this game.
Honestly, no one should play this game expecting to actually earn money. Go ahead and try, but you'll have to devote your life to it. After you hit $99.41, you will have to play 30 levels, and you only get 2 pennies. They're probably making bank off the ads people have to watch though. It is just a game to play when I'm bored. Also, clovers are given that are for nothing, absolutely nothing. Why are they even given?
I am on level 1034 and still only at $99.57 ($100 cash out). I get approximately $0.01/100 levels. I'm determined to stick it out to cash out and update all about how many levels it takes to cash out so no one will waste their time with these false claims. Not only game I'm doing and am starting a blog and podcast to inform everyone of these fraud claims and to expose these companies!! Everyone needs to quit rating stars on game itself and base on fraudulent payout!! Help decrease rating!!
This game is a scam. It let's you get so close and then no more pays. I currently have $99.81 and I am at level 501 and have not earned anything else for close to a year now. I even quit playing for a while to see if it started to pay again to let me be able to cash out at the minimum of $100 but stll nothing. Dont bother with this game it will not let you get to the needed amount of $100 to be able to cash out.
I have been playing this game for MONTHS! I Lie to you NOT, I Master several levels QUICKLY EVERYDAY! Yea, I'm that good!! They made these games to use players to constantly watch their ads. I should've been gotten my $100 but when I gain a penny and master another level...they add Like 128 levels for me to gain another penny more at $99.66! Booo! Not worth the time!
I enjoy this game and i will continue to play it. I do not like deceit if thats the word? you get to $99.50 very quickly now all of a sudden you have 60 levels to clear you only get 1 cent. I dont think its right and I hope when I get to $99.99 they arent going to make it 1000 plus levels. I enjoy the game so I will continue to play but, if you're looking for a payout in few weeks or month forget it!
Spent ages on this game, in spite of the hundreds of levels eventually needed to earn one penny, only to find that it is impossible to get past level 6000. I'm on £99.84 (couldn't find dollar sign) and it is literally impossible to get any more. Shameful that this app is allowed to advertise cash payouts, when it isn't doable at all.
WORD PUZZLE NOT MONEY MAKER Love this game, keeps my brain active. However, dont start playing for money, at the beginning i was getting a lot but.... I was on level 853....still only $99.54 and i need $100 to cash out!!! I am now on level 1114 and still have only $99.58 and i have played for many months and have watched maybe 1000's of ads! I get 1cent per 20 or 30 games. Good for word puzzles, NOT a money making game. Update, now on level 1691, still not got $100! But enjoyable
This is like the 3rd phone I have played this game on and I am very sad to learn that my winnings have not been forwarded and where did all the ads come from? Geez you can hardly play the game from the constant irritation from all of them. I guess I will look for another game. Oh and did I mention you now need $150 to cash out? I guess $100 just isnt enough for some people. But it is too much for me.
Yet another game starts out giving large amounts for small accomplishments. But the harder it gets the less they reward. And you can't cash out till. You have at least 100.00. 20 levels pays you .10
This is a horrible game it keep letting me start back over when I play and I think you guys don't want to pay nobody because I'm almost at the end and it's starting to slow down these might be fake reviews too
First, if you think you're going to win money forget it. The longer you play, the less you "win" and the longer the intervals between "awards". I was well into the 400 levels with over 44 hours of playing time, and still was stuck at $99 and change. Then my phone died. I got a new phone and transferred all my data to the new phone. All my other games transferred over right where I left off. This one wiped out everything and started at level 1 all over again.
If you want a cash game. Dont pick this one. If you want a word puzzle game. Dont pick this one. get one without ads. Or with a 3$ options to remove ads... At level 137. $97. Next payout 10 levels... Last pay out $0.31. The amount decreases the closer you get to the payout $100. Hundreds of ads. Reasonably fun but will probably never reach the $100. If the amount stayed the same thats at least 100 more levels(like 5-10 hours of game+ads) but the amount doesnt stay the same it goes down.
I am so frustrated with this game. There are so many reviews and every one of them are horrible. Out of all these comments the company has NO RESPONSES in return. Lame. I am getting 1¢ for 100 levels. 100 levels! I have 43¢ before I can cash out. At this rate, I will have to play at least 4500 more levels to cash out. And that is "IF", and that is a big "if", they keep the reward at 1¢ for every 100 levels. I want the company to explain this to me.
**changed to 1 star, ive just been on internet and found there are ONLY 6000 levels on this game so impossible to ever cash out! ANGRY, WHAT A SWIZZ!!!** was really enjoying this, it takes a long time to build the money up but good to keep mind active. now ive reached level 6000 and it wont go up any more, ive tried all sorts, no updates needed etc. please can this problem be sorted out? id like to keep playing and cash out, i have been playing this game about 9 months now. very dissapointed
I've reached Level 6000/Completed Chapter 80 & am at $99.85. There are NO NEW LEVELS OR CHAPTERS so I can reach the $100! I've sent an email to Dream Studio Group and I'm waiting for a response. I'm hoping for a satisfactory resolution so I can change my rating to 5 stars. If not, it will be 1 star. It's taken months to get this far & I really have enjoyed playing but you have to honor your claim and give the ability to cash out. I WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING BUT NOT IF YOU'RE BEING UNFAIR!
This game gets harder and harder to figure out the words. Pays less and less after a few levels each time shortly after you begin playing, instead of after every level. And it sucks! It is boring in my opinion. And I don't know if I'm gonna bother to continue to play to try to get to the "payout", if it's going to "really" pay.
If you're playing to make money, don't bother. If all you have is time and want to watch ads after every move then give it a shot. I did notice that you earn a few pennies more if you don't opt to end the ads early. And I do mean pennies! I might hit $150 by this time next year! lol
Add in middle of screen where you can't see definition of words. LiI e the game but agree with other reviews on winning any money. 👎🏽
Was going great until I got to around $95. Then you have to play 75 levels to get a penny. And then having to endure commercials of idiots getting paid to act like retards that just won the f'ckn Mega Millions on top of that, just pisses you off so much that you don't want to play any more. These developers have no intentions of ever paying a dime out. They feed on people's desperation. Avoid this game and others like it.
WORD PUZZLE NOT MONEY MAKER Love this game, keeps my brain active. However, dont start playing for money, at the beginning i was getting a lot but.... I was on level 853....still only $99.54 and i need $100 to cash out!!! I am now on level 1114 and still have only $99.58 and i have played for many months and have watched maybe 1000's of ads! I get 1cent per 20 or 30 games. Good for word puzzles, NOT a money making game. Update, June 2021, level 1911, still not got $100! Only $99.66But enjoyable.
Just doesn't pay after you get over $99..It's now 2021 and I play this game 2hrs every day, and still haven't reached $100..THE GAME DOESN'T EVER PAY Out!!!
The game is alright, but it is not a money payout game. It gives you good points at first, then it takes three times the levels to get just a couple of points. This games is just like all of the rest of them that advertise that they payout! They do not pay out, or it hasn't yet.
The game is great. However, they milk you when your close to getting to the 100.00 and you get chump change for every little game. Then when you real close, they throw an ad in the way of checking what you have. In some ways the game is shiesty!
If I could give it no stars I would. I'm 16 cents away from the $100 I need to cash out but there's no other levels to play. It just keeps giving me the same puzzle. I even tried re installing that didn't work. Apparently you can't get any further than level 6000 so you'll never actually receive any money from this game
Don't get reeled in by this game. They make you believe up front that its easy and fun. They make you think up front you will win over night. The rewards get smaller and smaller until you reach 1cent per 20 puzzle games. I have been playing for at least 3 months now. The word puzzles get longer and harder. And all the commercials are bunk.
Waste of time! The game is made for paying you, but they give you tons of money really fast at first and then when you get to about $30 you only make a couple cents every few puzzles so your money making essentially stops. You can't cash out until you hit $50 which is seems like they are making drag out forever. Not to mention a 30 second advertisement for every 20 seconds of play. Update: Father in law is now at level 1600 and still at $49.75. The game says 70 levels to earn the next penny.
Its advertised as being able to make $100 or more in just few days ...like you can make atleast $1.00 everytime you play....ive been getting 11 cents every 7 to 11 games !
I like this game..but ive been playing for months and still have'nt made it to the 100 dollar mark to be able to maybe cash out.. The game gives you alot at first..but then one penny at a time. So dont plan on making fast cash on this game.. 30 levels for a penny.. But if you like these games it offers a lot of ways to get letters and only has you watch ads if you need some coins for hints.. I wish we could make cash faster.. I would continue to play..
After the first 80. Dollars you only get. 01 cent at a time that's not fun. I switched to a table to play when I opened it, it started a new game now it has an advertisement rite in the middle of the game so I can't cash out not good.
I agree with these negative reviews. Yes they need the ads to pay out and it gets harder to earn cash as you get closer to cashout amount but since 99.48 I need to pass 50 levels to earn 1 cent! Now at 99.57 need 90 levels. Has anyone been able to cash out? I think the Better Business Bureau needs to be notified. And there are MANY other games out there doing the same thing! Raking in advertisers money and paying out nothing!!! I dont mind a challenge but Come on developers, be fair!
Game is fun but the cash prizes get smaller and smaller takes too long to make the $150.00 in order to cash out.
For some reason I was up to the levels of over 4000 & for some reason it delete itself. That's crazy & yes towards the end you only get a penny sometimes half a penny for a game. I had $149. 27 when the darn was deleted . That is so messed it deleted it self. The people behind this game needs to fix it! I'm so disappointed in this phone I have cuz I know I didn't delete it!!!!!
Scam game. Do not download. You will never achieve the $100 minimum to cash in. I have almost completed all the levels (there are 6000) and have $99.84. No answer yet when I attempted to contact the dev about additional levels. Since I enjoyed playing the game, I gave 1 star. *update* Just finished all 6000 levels. Still need 367 more levels to earn next reward (of $0.01, that's right, a penny) to raise my total to $99.85. Still have not received a response from the developer either.
As your reward increases to toward the required $100 to cash out, the number of levels increases to 100 per penny!!! I am stuck at $99.59, and now deleting this app from my phone. Getting my time back. I aced this game multiple times. All I know is I'm smarter than most and this game sucks.
I have only been playing for 5min, after i have played for awhile i will rate this game again After playing this game for awhile, it has great.graphics, fast gameplay,and additive
Like this game and that you can win money. Only down fall is that the further you go in the game the less you win at a time. It is going to take me forever to reach $150. Found out also the further you go the more levels it takes to win money and its only 10 or 20 cents at a time. Start paying more or I WILL delete.
Game can be fun. Had you doing update on my phone, lost everything and when I get a restore it put me back to the 1st level. I lost all my money, all of my points, and all of my heart's. I did send an email To the support people. They fid not respond to me at all. If this game really paid ad advertised, I was less than 1.00 away from payout. Very disappointed in this game. I have been at 149.58 for 3 damn months. Sad sad sad way to treat people.
When I reached about $49.50 it started giving 1¢ every 25-30 levels. At level 800, only at about $49.60. **Update**: Got a new phone, had to reinstall and start over. It offered cash out at $100 instead of $50. Now, I enjoy the game, so I kept playing. I quickly reached $99.50. Next, I started earning 1¢ about every 40-60 levels. I'm now at level 2200 (two thousand, two hundred) and have slowly crept up to $99.70. As I said, I enjoy the game, so I'll keep going. Will let you know if it pays out.
Only 6000 lvls and still .16 from the $100. Don't play it for money because that's a lie but it is a fun game to just play.
I used to Love playing this game. You need $100 to cash out. It's easy to earn the money until you get to $99.47. Then is seems almost impossible to get enough levels in to reach the $100. I was finally a few cents short of being able to cash out. I went in my app to play and it's back at $0.00. I've emailed twice and of course no one has contacted me back or fixed the issue on my app. Its quite frustrating when you've put in as much time as I have and you never earn what your supposed to
The game first required 100.00 to cash out I hadn't played in awhile, However I had 98.88. I come back all of the credit was gone and now requires a 150.00 cash out Absolutely wrong for the creators to do this. I will be uninstalling ForSure this time
WORD PUZZLE NOT MONEY MAKER Love this game, keeps my brain active. However, dont start playing for money, at the beginning i was getting a lot but.... I was on level 853....still only $99.54 and i need $100 to cash out!!! I am now on level 1114 and still have only $99.58 and i have played for many months and have watched maybe 1000's of ads! I get 1cent per 20 or 30 games. Good for word puzzles, NOT a money making game.
I gave 2 stars because I love word games. Impossible to win anything. Got nowhere you only earn a penny at a time. Then it says you won another penny but it's never added to your total. If it didnt advertise itself as a money winning game I would give it 5 stars
It's a good and fun game and i will raise my rating to a 5 if it pays the money i earned if not im uninstalling. im so sick of playing games for weeks even months for them to never pay out like they promise. If they do pay me i will play every day. Thanks
Does not pay out.. will never let you reach $!00.00,will only give you one penny after you reach $99.40 If you get a new device you will have to start all over again! Shame on you Word Connect.! I keep playing this because I like the game, lucky you
SLOW The game is kind of slow and takes absolutly FOREVER to cash out. My while family has this game and they need to cash out at $100 while I have to wait till $150.im also wasting half of my time finding words that arnt even real. The only pro is that this is real money for doing absolutly NOTHING...
Not giving any stars to this game it is impossible to get past level 6000. Not fair after all the time spent playing. Not giving any points and it's playing the same game over and over after 20 or more times. I'm at $99.84.
I'm about at level 600 and have played for months. I like this word game but after months you realize it's never going to pay out. The reason I gave it 2 stars is because it's entertaining but it is a fake game none the less.
Iv been playing this game months to reach the 100 pay out. Im up to 99.50 n its stopped paying. Was only getting 1 cent for untold levels. Its all a con. Dont waste your time with this app. Rip off....and it doesnt tell u anything or what coins are even for after watching untold ads....
Lies Lies Lies!! They do not pay to play. I've needed .50¢ to cash out at $100 now for 2 months and I may get .01¢ every 2 weeks. At that rate it will take me 1 year to reach $100. But with each .01¢ I get, it takes 3 times that long to get another .01¢. Just forewarning anyone reading this. The ad is a lie, THEY DO NOT PAY!!
It's fun to play. Honestly I would pay .99 to play with out ads. The farther you go it's more ads. You have to play more rounds before you get a cash reward. And the cash reward gets much smaller. The commercials for this game make it seem you can play to get quick money. That is not the case so don't expect that. You can't cash out until you hit $100. Currently I am at 98.55. I have to play 17 rounds to get 11cents at this point. Update: just played 30 round for .02
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP!!! When you start off it gives you money fast, but eventually takes longer and longer to earn more as you continue on. Plus a heck ton of ads. You need to reach level 6000 in order to cash out the money, yes. I'm NOT lying. 6000!!!! Please do not waste your time like I did, playing this app to earn money was stupid wishful thinking on my part.
Dont waste your time on this game. Really liked this game. Enjoy playing word games. I've read the reviews and it seems everyone else is having problems. Pay out is good til you get further then it's a penny for so many levels. Now at over 400 levels to get a penny. Now its stuck at level 6000 and won't go on to the next one. I'm not the only one this has happenec to.
I've been over $99 for awhile. It has repeatedly told me I have one level to go for the next reward and I didn't get it. I wonder if I'll ever get to cash out Update, still been playing and STILL NOT GETTING MY REWARDS!. I'm Deleting!
I started playing at the end of 2020 and found the same as others. App advances you fast at beginning but later only pays a penny after numerous levels. I am now stuck on level 6000 and it looks like that's as far as you can go. The same puzzle keeps coming up. I have $99.84 but it doesn't pay out until $100.00. This is unfortunately NOT a moneymaker.
Not the game advertised. Also, the incentive of a cash reward is cheap enticement for what seems to be zero reward. Bad marketing and shoddy ethics at best. Surprised Google allows this kind of thing.
These greedy bastards now have an ad over the top of the progression box so you can't see how much you have. Don't plan on winning anything in your lifetime. Ive been playing since July, I'm on level 1714 and need to complete 124 more levels to get a penny. I still need .32 to 50.00. Every penny adds more levels to the next penny. Its a joke, just like the rest of the "money" games.
This game will never let you cash out!!!! It's a joke!!! Do Not Download it!!! It gives you $ in the beginning and 1¢ for every 20 leaves once you get close to the $150 required to cash out.
This game is a complete RIP OFF, and a complete WASTE OF TIME..! It gets you within .30cents of the Payout...that NEVER COMES. It's all about watching their cheap redundant lying ads. And nothing else..! I played this game consistently for about 9 months, and NEVER collected a single penny...! Don't waste your time...!
This game sucks!🤬😡 I played and played and played... I earned up to $99.89. I began earning a penny every week then a penny every 2 weeks now the game has stopped because I have played 5999 times and it's stuck on the 6000th word... The Daily Word Challenge is still on... I still get a new word at BRUNCH and a new word at DINNER...😡😡😡 That's it!!! I am UNINSTALLING this game and I would advise DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME TO WIN ACTUAL MONEY... U WON'T!!!
Not happy at all!!! Got to $149.89, able to cash out at $150. But now it won't let me proceed, the same letters come up over and over. Don't download if you're hoping to earn a little extra $$, cause it isn't happening with this app. It's total BS!!!! Well, another bad day with this app. Before , the same word kept coming up. Now, words are changing but I'm not getting credit for them. Still BS!!!!
Oh well good game,did enjoy playing it,but now it's got boring,I've been on £99.50,for ages,says it pays out,in advert,but since level 600,I'm on 700 n something now,it pays out a penny every so many levels,so to cash out at £100,you probably need to play it,24/7 for many years.so waste of time really,so deleting the app now.
I give it 3 stars only because i enjoy these type games.. If you are playing for the money forget it. It only allows you to cash out when you reach $100. I have been playing now for almost a year. I am at 99.84 inwhich i reached 92.00 about 5 months ago. Once i reached it the levels only pay .01 per 200 or so level. Now im at level 6000 and it keeps repeating itself.. They refuse to allow you to reach payout. Made all the money for them with no reward.. You suck!!!!
I rate this because I have been on this game for months, it wait till you get a couple of dollars away from a $100 and this game make it impossible for you to get the money. I think the gamer uses people for their own rating so they get paid and not us , it's just a scam
Fun so far.. I will see if the rewards play out. Update later. Ok 12/04/2020 I have been playing for about a month or there abouts. I reached $90 very fast and after about 99.45 I get one worthless cent for about 15-20 puzzles. You can't cash out until you get to $100. It will be a long while before I cash out. Kinda sad watching soooo mamy videos for a penny. Update 3/07/21 Don't waste your time still one penny for 20+ levels I am now at 99.46. I am unistalling. I don't care for all the ads.
Getting to end to cash out it makes it even harder to get. It is fake to me until it shows me better. What about giving bonus money when you log in for 7 consecutive days. I've been playing for more than 3 yrs and haven't won any money from apps but coins and a few dollars signs from app haven't gotten the 10 dollars yet. I haven hit on any else in the app.
I'm still playing to learn words now. Funds are at $99.44 for the past month n a half no reward, keep going like I didnt complete. So people I seriously think we should REPORT THIS GAME TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. It's a learning game use it on them.
Really good game. Just the reward is impossible to get. Once you get to 99.00 it only gives you 1 cent for leveling up every hundred games played. What a rip-off. Will never get it. Have been playing over 1 yr and a half everyday and still need .37 cents. Should be considered false advertising for sure.
This used to be an awesome game you could play all night if you were willing to watch ads. You now get a very minimal amount of ads. Today after yesterdays 23 ad free hours passed I played 1 or 2 games and 1-2 ads. I now have a message that I can have no further ads for 5hrs 38min. So advertisers...your ads are no longer getting seen as often as they had been. So have they cut your costs down by 50-75% because they have cut viewing by at least that much.
Same experience as others, got to level 6000, cant proceed any further and have a balance of £99.84, so no one will cash out on this game, if it didnt promote itself as an app that pays out I would have rated higher as enjoyed the 6000 games, but dislike the false advertising
It's great if you're just playing for fun but if you're playing to win any money or prizes like the ads make you believe... you're totally wasting your time... unfortunately. Wish I could tell you different... starts out paying you 15.00, 10.00, then quickly drops to 6.00, then 3.00 then you're making literal pennies lol... kind of funny actually, but seriously. If you're just playing for fun and to exercise your brain... you'll like it. Otherwise, don't bother installing.
The game itself is okay, but if you think you can win money, you are waisting your time. I made it to level 673 and built up $99.50. I was getting a penny every 50 or so games. Then for no aparent reason I went from level 673 to level 1 and $0.00.
Update: it's a fun game but maybe you shouldn't have playing for money... Been playing almost 6 months, gave up trying to earn the last 30 cents. You'll never let anyone cashout. But I keep playing because it challenges me.
I agree with these negative reviews. Yes they need the ads to pay out and it gets harder to earn cash as you get closer to cashout amount but since 99.48 I need to pass 50 levels to earn 1 cent! at 99.57 need 90 levels.Now no level credit at all! Has anyone been able to cash out? I think the BBB needs to be notified. And there are MANY other games out there doing the same thing! Raking in advertisers money and paying out nothing!!! I dont mind a challenge but Come on developers, be fair!
After 45 levels of play, my level reward continues to be one penny!!!! I certainly don't need developers who pride themself on taking advantage of long-term players!!!!! Cheapskates and tightwads aren't needed. Their puzzle wasn't that interesting. This entire process with Word Connect BLOWS!!!!!!!!
So I have been playing for months now and I'm finally at $99.45 and on Chapter 20 then outta curiosity of how much further till the end....I go and check...OMG there's 60 more Chapters!!!!! Every chapter has 5 sections...so 300 more games for $.55 cents....CAN WE SAY SCAM!!!
I will let you know when I make my first cash out. Now that I reached $49.50, I get 1 cent for every 50 games played. The daily bonus are no longer working and after 3 emails to costumer service I still have not heard back. 2/8/21 Game is horrible it keeps freezing and makes you start over. I am now at 49.67. It is 3 or 4 months since first part of rating.
You get money right away and think thats great,, but then when it gets to around $90.00 its like a dime at a time. Then you get to around $98 its a penny at a time. Im just going to see how much longer until I hit $100 and probably Uninstall it.
So far so good. Will update if its one that does pay out. Fingers crossed lol. Fun word game, ads aren't too bad. Still no payout, it makes you play several stages for a penny.. It seems i may never make it to the $50 payout, as i am sure is the purpose. Starts quick then the epic wait.
Good game to just play to keep your mind working. Not for making money. Played for weeks, at first money adds up quickly then right before you get to target, yes there is a target amount, pays you one cent after like thirty games then you have to play thirty more to get the next cent. Too long for me to play, especially if i have to watch alot of ads. Was hopeful, now just blah. I am about 51cents away from target amount, giving up. They can keep it. Uninstalling!😑
Now that I am at level 1767 - it may take me a week or more to earn 1 cent. The ad banner at the bottom of the page is too big. 4/02 I am now at level 4585 and $49.83. I have been playing since Aug 2020.. Having to play 329 games now in order to earn 1 cent, it will take me another year to get to $50. Don't expect to see any money from this game.
Misleading at best. You must have $100 to cash out. You can easily get to $99 in a day or 2, then the give you 1 cent for every 50 levels. There closer you get the farther away they make it. Been playing for months and still haven't reached the $100 mark.
It started off good but now that I'm almost to the 50 dollar mark I'm playing 50 levels or more just to get a penny add to 49.31. So at this rate I'll be able to collect $50 in a few years. They just pump the brakes when you get to $49.00.
Too many advertisements. Very annoying. You never get to cash out. One cent about 1000+ games. I only need 33 cents to reach $100. Probably never get cash. I like the challenge of the game
Change my mind to see if your game is not but a scam. It's taken me 7 months to have alittle over $99 and it' s gotten where I get 0 money any more. Plus it makes level a lot lower. You' re taking levels I played away. Want them back. I also like to see that yall are honest. You need to give the money you owe people and be truth about your money levels.
Like the challenge of the game. Was exciting to win at first but after playing many hours I am stuck at $99.50. Have played hours longer and at this point have only earned $.01 per 100 games which takes 1-2 weeks playing a lot of hours. So it would take someone that plays a little bit each day probably 10 years to be able to cash out. These cash out games are a joke.
This game sucks eggs... don't waste your time... I'm at 49.49 (level 507 -- really) and i only get .01 cent per at least 30 levels. It started off fast then between $30 to 35 it gets incredibly slow , now i only get a PENNY... stop the false advertising and fake claims... I only play now to see if will ever be possibly but only a few minutes a day...maybe in 2023 or 2024...it might make 50 to cash out... so sad 😞
Not honest, as you progress game to 45 dollar mark your winnings decrease greatly and then they make it impossible to collect on 50 dollar winnings! I started in May and it's now end of December still no payout on $50.00. they don't payout and delete complete games. No integrity a full on scam and now it seems they blocked me.
Horrible. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! Yea you get money at first but the closer you get to $100 to cash out they start giving you pennies. Once i got to $99.49 it stopped giving me money at all. It just keeps saying 50 more games until you get more money. 7 games in it still says 50 more games to get more money. F this game. You're only making them money by watching ads. Do yourself a favor and do NOT download this BS app.
It is good but it is hard and yay in don't like it that much it will be fun for teens and adults so yay kids do not try this alone but with a parent yes and i am a kid and it was hard for me to do things.
I am on level 524 and only have $99.46. At first you get over $1 and some change and then it goes down to literally a whole .01 which is what I am getting now. No telling how long it will take me at this rate to get to the $100 to cash out Update...level 697 and only at $99.51. This game is a ripoff
I should have paid attention to the other reviewers. THIS GAME IS A TOTAL SCAM. Everything goes great for over 100 levels, then mysteriously, even for PEFECT play for completing levels you get 18 cents, 0 cents, 23 cents, 0, 0, 0, 17 cents, 0, 0, 0, Basically, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach the level to cash out. "Dream Word Games" - you SUCK !!!!
Fun game but as soon as you get close it either stops giving you money or gives you very little so that you'll never reach the target amount.
It takes 1000 levels to reach $100. With 2-5 ads in between each level as you get closer to $100. Worst app ever. Do not waste your time.
It's really addicting and it gets harder and you start making money but when you reach $99.44 they only give you a penny after doing allot of levels first and you lose hope after all that hard work. It's not right. I like this game, but it's false advertisement
The goal is to get to $150.00 for a payout. The 1st 90 games I was getting $3.00 or more per game. now I am on 136 game and its not even paying $0.01 a penny per game, to me it is just a waste of time. The game owner gets paid big for commercial. They should share the fortune.
Love the game wish the levels weren't so long. Takes too long to get rewarded. Made me start over on June 7th lost all the money instead of $100 payout now it's 150. I HAD 99.53 TAKES FOREVER TO GET A PENNY AFTER YOU GET UP SO HIGH.
This word game is extremely fun in the beginning so I gave it three stars but once you get to $90 and 43 cents it starts using words that nobody knows for one of them it was a type of mouse. And it will take you to play like one year worth of time but it is not fake because at about level 6,000 you get $100 and if you are walking dictionary then this is the app for you but if you take away the whole money part and how they're basically lying to you it's a pretty fun app so I give it three stars
Love the word scramble but full of it on the payoff nothing but deception. Play for fun forget about the payoff it might take forever. Don't be deceived about the payoff I have won over 800 games and no reward.
This is a scam, please don't waste your time on this game. I absolutely don't even recommend you download it. I spent a whole week playing continuously and they told me to play 30 levels to get more, but even when I finish a level, I still stay at 30 levels left and no changes. I hate this game, yall are scammers. Players, please report them to Google play so they can be banned for false advertising and user abuse.
FRAUD. HORRENDOUS! I originally wrote a review ~August 2020, talking about how this game is a TOTAL FRAUD. I picked it up a couple times, thinking I'd give it another shot - just couldn't believe a company available through Google, and using officially licensed logos from PayPal, Google Play, etc would be OUTRIGHT FRAUD. After playing for MORE THAN A YEAR, sometimes up to 8 hours a day, I've reached screen 5923 (that's right, nearly 6000). I've been "awarded" a penny since reaching $98.00. Back then, had to clear like 20 levels to get "awarded" up to $1.50, but ever since reaching $98, I've been getting a WHOLE CENT, while having to clear 224 levels or more to get the next CENT. Now, at this point, I'm at $49.87, but would need to clear 445 levels (for another ONE CENT), while watching hundreds of ads that this company will collect money from for showing the ads. FRAUD! I post again because I'm hoping an attorney or even maybe the FCC, perhaps even Google...will somehow take an interest in making this right. Have seen so many reviews written since I first wrote, am dismayed to see so many more people SCAMMED.
Says you can win real money, made it to 98.34 and all of a sudden it takes you like 15 levels to win only five cents. And you can't cash out until you hit 100.00. At this rate, it will take me DAYS to get anything. Its a fun game but if you're going it for the money, it's not worth it. Its a SCAM.
The app no longer opens, now that I am less than a dollar away from getting the gift card. It was fast in the beginning.
It goes one penny at a time for every 300 plus games. I played it for months and when it came to $99.74, the game wouldn't go to the next level. It kept giving the same game over & over again. If you play this game, you will be wasting your time and not get any money in return. Customer service doesn't reply to emails.
I got to $90 and its disgusting how bad the game screws you over on money after that. It will say you have 12 levels to earn money and then it won't pay you , or its taken me a month of playing an hour or two a day to get 30 cents. Ridiculous
I like the game until itbgets closer to cashing out and it just wants to give a penny at a time to where it take forever to cash out!