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Word Connect - Fun Crossword Puzzle

Word Connect - Fun Crossword Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Bubble Shooter - Bubble Pop located at wanda dasha 402, AnYang Henan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game ever. I love the fact that the adverts are limited and that it gives me clues. Truly should be tried by everyone and it has a dictionary for weird words too. The BEST
Good game, but each level has its own word bank. way too many words not in the word bank. Very frustrating. Would be much better if it had a universal word Bank.
Excellent and challenging word puzzle. Went through to 100th level in less than one day. Love the fact that along the way, allows to create new words not included in that puzzle. Earning coins along the way. Levator background music along the way could be varied if possible. Overall great word game! Looking forward to the next 100-levels! Good work!
Fun game. Keeps your mind busy. There is a problem with the game. For example, If i am working on a 5 letter word, a 4 letter word would fill in other boxes. The letters I keyed in are not in the same order as the word that comes up. For example I type in "posts" but "stop" would appear in another location. Finally, the game would finish on its own, even if there are several words left to find.
I enjoy the game somewhat but the puzzles are too easy. There are many cases where I have numerous words that aren't counted. Also on two particular puzzles I had 6 letter words but the largest word in the puzzle was only 5 letters even though there were 6 letters to choose from on the board. Deceit for example.
Very good game and makes you not attracted to games it makes you better and learn more A good game for you brain to get healthy and keeps you focuesd On some thing so when you go to shcool it like your on the game then you focuse in class even me my nan were playing and we thought it was amazimg
I have enjoyed this game.i would recommend this game to anyone who wants a game that gets more challenging as it goes along.
I would've given this game a 5 star, but the developers need to include more letters every 50 levels In letters to make words, other choice of games to choose from maybe another 3-4. Very relaxing I enjoy playing in spare time very addictive but gets boring after playing 20 levels. Not many ads or mostly none which is great too! Thank you for the game.
IT IS rewarding than NetScape is; in that more coins are accrued. Net scape will only allow you get close to a cash out amount before
It's not bad. but please stop repeating words in your puzzle.it would be better if so many words weren't constantly being repeated.
It is a very nice game. I'm a senior citizen and will recommend it. Relaxing and not complicated like most games.
A lot of things still need fixing. For instance, sometimes a word is neither accepted nor counted as a bonus word. And the problem is that at times the rate is a bit high within the same level. If this could be fixed, it would probably be the best of its kind. The definitions for some low frequency words are not helpful. But still, it's quite fun, I 'd recommend it.
Fun game to begin with and then it gets a little boring on and of. It's not a game that easily gets my full attention. 5/10. Sorry!!
Interesting even though some words are really weird and not used in general speaking so have to think out of the box
This is second word connect I've played. The other one is you really need to know how to spell words with all the letters. This one is a crossword style and you at least have letters to guess what word you need. The ads are tolerable , thirty seconds now and then, very nice game!
Everytime i stop playing and open it again it takes me back to level 1 everytime and its iritating. I can't repeat same words all the time
Interesting even though some words are really weird and not used in general speaking so have to think out of the box. Well now game is better. Scoring is easier and rewarding. Words are not so obscure that need a computer to figure them out now. All in all great improvements that make game good to play.
Good game.but no ratings until you give back the free coins.that feature just disappeared without notice WHY??
It's was great at first but the higher I get the stupider the words get. I will eventually have to uninstall.
Really like this game. Great way to spend some time if you're like me and need plenty of exercise for the little grey cells. Well done to the developers!!
Fun and easy to play with no ad interruptions! Scenery and music needs a change up at some point. It would be nice if done at every chapter.
This game is fun but it doesn't give credit for some of the extra words. If you swipe too quickly it won't take the word whether in the puzzle or extra word. I have found more words that it will not give credit for.
This isn't a bad game at all BUT it's NOT BRITISH LANGUAGE, Oh sure it's in English- sort of - but it's AMERICAN version of English so everyday words like you yours prime, it dosent even acknowledge there a word - never mind about giving you a bonus cos, it's an extra word that not in the puzzle. If you want me to give you 5 stars - PUT IT IN BRITISH LANGUAGE not the American version of BRITISH, instead of using Cent, or Grad or one of your slang words , trying using penny or 50Pence
So happy I found this offline game. The crossword format makes it much more fun than most word connect style games! It doesn't constantly run in the background draining my phone's battery either. Only complaints: You are only allowed 1 extra word per round. Even if I find 3 extra words, I only get credit for 1 word. Also the games dictionary needs updating, many real words don't count because they aren't in the apps dictionary. Would be perfect if they fixed those.
I am just starting this game and loving it. Will see later along the way how I will feel. So far so good.
This is a great word game offering a different variety on words (unlike other word games I've played), also you can earn quite a few points (coins). The adverts are here of coarse but not at all obnoxious. Relaxing, enjoyable and challenging. All in all this is definitely a five star! 👍🤩👍
It can be very difficult. Once I reached passed level 230. I deleted the game accidently and one year later I reinstalled it and it is still hard only on level 48.
Really good game. Not alot of words no one knows & not too many ads. I just hope this does not change after my rating like some do bc l think anyone who likes crossword puzzles will enjoy this game. I do not recall why l uninstalled this game but maybe it was an accident. Thank you for not having ads come out my ears. When l find l am spending more time with ads then actually playing the game its no longer enjoyable. Keep up the good work.
Relaxing way to pass time. It starts out for the brain dead and takes a lot of puzzles to get to anything a tiny bit challenging. Looking forward to a puzzles requiring thought.
Very good fun. Some of the words are quite obscure. Pity that some of the words are Americanised, so the spellings are slightly different. Certainly makes you think.
Somebody buy them a bigger dictionary! Sooooo inconsistent - words valid in one game don't even count as "extra words" in another game. And you're on a road to nowhere racking up useless "intelligence points" against an unchanging desert background. The same 5 letter groups recycle - no idea if you ever get to 6 letters. BORING
This game is fairly simple. Without directions, it's unclear what the intelligence numbers or the numbers in the upper right corner meant, what symbols on the sides were for, why extra words weren't accepted and didn't count. The spelling was easy. Why only four or five letters? What was the objective other than spelling?
Nice relaxing game to play and it helps you learn to expressly if you're not great with spelling. Thanks would connect 💙
Love this game , I can't stop playing it ! It's so addictive and gives your brain a good workout . Can put it down , lol .
I have tried at least 12 of these types of games and this one stands out for me because it has generous rewards and cheap clues so you never get too stuck. Other games you struggle to keep going . I am on level 2435. Great game.
A very relaxing game 👍😁 it's very challenging but always rewarding to complete one 👍🤗 to move on to the next word a five star rating.word connection is the ideal game for those who what to better their iq💯⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ .
This game is interesting to play, doesn't rush and gives hint. Good for people who don't like ads. Love it..
Love these games. They are really fun to play. Gave this one 5 stars. This one is the best one so far. I give it ten Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This is so so addictive, your constantly thinking. You find yourself telling you off that you didn't find the last word one wee hint & it's just there the best way to deal with this is just joining the letter's up slowly & once you have a couple of letter's you've got your word. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do but make sure that you have a drink & nibbles once you start you don't want to stop.
Full of Americanisms, so ok if you're from the USA. But it doesn't recognise well known English words that are in use all the time. It probably uses USA spelling too, but I'm not hanging round to find out, it's already too frustrating.
Nice and challanging ads don't cover nor pop up in the way challanges the minds though some words are used over again.
Super game. Runs smoothly. Ads are not intrusive and therefore more watchable. Rewards for watching the ads well worth it and encourage longer game playing time. Word difficulty is challenging enough to exercise the brain without being exasperatingĺy.
OMG! The background and music very soothing to the mind.Enabling you concentrate on the correct spelling of the words.I think you will enjoy!
Awesome experience! Like reading "Six Hours, One Friday" by Max Lucado, once you start, you'll never want to stop!
Great game, keeps me amused. Have gained enough credits to keep me going when I'm stuck. And that's usually when it's classed as a word but in my part of the world we would class as an abbreviation. Find heaps of words that don't appear to exist e.g. kale. Not that I eat it but found it weird it wasn't classed as a word. All good.
Good game. Some ads but not enough to be annoying (understand need for ads but here they're to a minimum)
While I have enjoyed playing the game, the game's dictionary needs to be expanded. Today I hit the word Cinema/Anemic, and learned of the million dollar word Amine (not anime); however, a lower caste word such as Mince never made it as one of the "extra words". This is not a one off; a previous main word rejected acre as an extra word. I cannot recount how many other words were rejected as I am almost at level 2,600.
Great game. Not to hard. Words are familiar and not something I never heard of. Ads are not long or irritating. Thank you. I'm 78 and enjoy the relaxation.
Suggest a dictionary is used as there are many spellings that are not recognised although they are correct and can be found in a regular dictionary. Good game but seriously needs improvement for brain training.
Very interesting and addicting with a nice background music to keep you going... Always an awesome game..
Fun game so far. A lot of smaller words that work on other games don't work on this one but this just makes the game a bit more challenging. Will rate again after I've played more since I just recently downloaded it.
Overall it's pretty good. Inconsistent with words; sometimes the more common words do not appear as bonus words.
This game is great, lots of levels. Just wish it would allow you to see what you have as extra words.
Loved it most of the time. Got a new phone and didnt take the time or the effort to down load it again.
It's a decent way to relax and clear your mind, although it starts out with simple words it does get challenging, overall a good game.
I really love this game! I find it quite addictive and the best part is not many ads and the ones you do get only last 5 seconds. I highly recommend installing if you like word games. 😊👌
CON: Reached level 1160 two weeks ago, and NO MORE FREE DAILY BONUS POINTS. The app itself promises FREE DAILY BONUS POINTS. NO REPLY FROM SUPPORT EMAIL. The bonus points help figure out difficult words, by letting you "buy" letters in the grid. The farther along you are, the more expensive the letters are. PRO: The crossword format makes it much more fun than most word connect games. The games dictionary needs updating! Obvious words are not counting as extra words!
I recently had a stroke and lost my speech. This is a excellent tool to get back my speech and spelling and thought process.
I've tried a few of these word circle games. This is by far the least obtrusive for ads. They are less frequent and can be skipped after 5s, and permanently removing ads is much cheaper than the others if you're willing to pay. In game hints are cheaper to use and cheaper to buy as well. This is one of the better examples of free to play
All was well until phone broke. Couldn't transfer the last 8 months of playing I was around 800000. Starting over isn't the same. Sad
Stable, static presentation, smooth working, adverts subdued, so OK but not very exciting or engaging. Disappointing dictionary has too many slang terms: ads, doc and many omissions: defer? So I'll look at others of this type. Bye.
I only gave it 4 bc of there use of words in the game. But not too many ads gave it a 4 from the start.
my first word conect app... pretty good so far, the adverts don't interupt to much. love the fact that sometimes the word is right in front of you but all you see is letters. the app hasn't crashed or annoyed me yet.
Men i love this game, anything about wordgames is always good to me. Its educative and fun and brain challenging and the dictionary in the app helps you to find the meaning of the words given. I reccomend it for all ....
Nice game to pass time with. I like that it has a dictionary to look at words after the game to see there meaning. Helps build your vocabulary.
I'm only on level 50 but I LOVE this game. Ads are few and about 5 seconds each. True word puzzle game. Pure and simple
Terrible, there are 22packs with levels of 5000+ . I Was on level 846 and have had this game for a nice time of a while, now all of a sudden it restarts randomly and now I'm on level 1!! I refreshed my page and tried my all to see why I'm in level one. I spent money on this game to have is restarted? Don't waste to much time on this, this could happen to you.
Ok, but a lot of repeats as you work your way through the levels. And a word that is accepted at one level is iffy for others. Current level is stopped because no combination of letters will complete it. 3 letter word starts with "R" and ends with "W". Other letters are A,I,D,Z and RAW is already on the board.
Similar to wordscapes but lesser in MB size. I just wish it accepted all legitimate words as extra points.
I thought this game is nice and fun to play it is challenging I think this is the first game I can get it out. I'm really enjoying it. I don't seem to have a problem with it awesome game
Just started playing but have put all other word games to the side for now. Can't wait to get to a more challenging level. Love it!