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Word Connect - Free offline Word Game 2021

Word Connect - Free offline Word Game 2021 for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Magic Puzzle Games located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You need to have a remove ads feature. If I wanted to watch ads instead of playing a game, then I could skip the game entirely. Very annoying.
I enjoy that this game is one that I can play without a wifi connection. It does get challenging as you progress. I do have to say that I am not one who pays for games but I sprung for the big dollar or two to get rid of the ads. So many other games bombard you with ads I wind up deleting them. Also I never had to spend a dime afterwards. Trust me they give you enough points to play. Great experience, I am glad I found it.
this is very nice game we just love it because it has so many things that means there are so many word puzzles their levels they are chapters and much more to play that's too good
Fun and addictive. Love the fact that you can choose the layout of the words whether you want crossword type layout or a standard layout. Also, this game doesn't keep closing out on it's own and jumping back to phone's main screen like alot of these other word games have a tendency to do for some reason. This game also gives you extra points for words you find that are not in the answer grid. Each level gets harder and more challenging so you don't become bored with it.
A nice game when you have a few minutes. Don't rely on the " intelligence" scale, though, that's just for fun.
This game has not disappoint.its fun from the first category. Very challenging, over the top exciting when you finally figure out the word...its mind healing....and yes.... .very addictive in a positive way ! I loveeeeeeee it!
Good game, but it could use a better dictionary. It's frustrating that known words are ignored, especially when you get coins for additional words.
No explanation of what the little icons do/mean and what you should or could spend the coins on... xceot the little icons that mean??? Would be nice to have rules to the game besides the obvious make words... not too many ads. Frustrating that it doesn't accept all real words.
Nice logical game. Makes one think laterally. Gives credit for extra words, and no irritating, infantile incidentals and promises of "prizes". Much enjoyed, I shall definately play regularly. Thank you...
Its a nice game. I enjoy and to relax your mind you can spend time with it. Interesting and time passes with knowing quick words. Brain cells are active finding words.
You would have gotten five stars but every time i close the game and reopen it puts me back about three games so i have to do the levels over
Update: Have never seen a word connect with such a deficient dictionary. If you have a good vocabulary, you'll be frustrated with this game. Best leave it to beginners. Unrecognized words include arid, airy, sod, ruse, suer, tine, wok, awn, lei, ree, ere, ort, tor, tun, hoe, nee, & MANY others. Sometimes allows plurals, sometimes not.
With all it's simplicity, ha ha made you think, an you thought you were smart, try it, go ahead test yourself, do it alone first, bet you'll look smarter when you play with others, cause there is a Dimmer Switch, which one will you be, Play Now, download is free...
Great game. Ads are minimal and only a few seconds long! If you like word games you will like this game.
Some words are not included. Lvl 74 can make the word "mage" but it refuses to count it as extra word. Also, "hoe" is possible in many levels and isn't counted. A hoe is a garden tool...
Really challenging at times, but fun. Some extra words don't make sense and some words aren't allowed. That is frustrating at times, but for free and a brain challenge, I like it.
A well performing game that everyone will enjoy and relax. I like the back ground picture of the desert. It would be nice to see choices of the four seasons of the year or different landscapes around the states. It's just a suggestion. A FIVE STAR GAME! 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
This game has me hooked. I play it first in the am. And last thing at nite. I am a wordnerd, but this game has enough random words to keep me hitting the "get points" button.
Fun game. It makes you think a bit. Play at your own pace. Also I like that the word are from low to high and in alphabetical order.
I really appreciate this app because it gives me hints without trying to get me to buy coins,and its a simple layout which I like... The ads are annoying but tolerable..
It really is a great game for any age to learn words and how to spell it hem, and for us older people to keep our mind sharp
Been playing for longer now snd down graded to 4 stars because of the number of words (even very simpke everyday words) not recognised and so do not score as extra words. But still enjoyable and too many ads.
Hi its Bobbi Again!!! I haven't been playing for a couple months now (break)I've missed thinking up words! Using my brain, my eyes and imagination. Photos are just fantastic the way they change and keep things interesting. Lots of fun! Looks easy at times & then your trying to think of a two letter word!! Keep up the great work & beautiful simplicity
Very addictive but, there are a number of valid UK words that aren't recognised. Furthermore, it appears that the words are American and some, I've never heard of before. Slight issue in respect of not having the daily bonus points just recently but, this seems to be now resolved. Other than that, I really do enjoy the challenge.
It's great for me as I am short-term memory due to my three strokes so it's good for me to keep my mind and memory intact by connecting words good times for me. RD
I enjoyed playing this app, not too many ads. But when I finished playing I found very difficult to come out of it, close it down. There needs to be some better way to exit using this app.
After the first few games this became my favorite word game of all time! It started out too easy and I thought it was going to be deleted soon. Then the more challenging games began and I was in heaven! I have to question the game's dictionary at times though. And they don't let you use words you have successfully used in the past all the time. The acceptable words for each game can be different. But if they have accepted words past games they will allow them as extra words. Great time passer!
This app takes almost two minutes to load every time I run it. Occasionally it forces me to watch an ad, and when the ad completes, the app becomes non responsive and I have to close it and restart it.
Great game, easy to get more points, watch a little advert, 100 points gives you 4 chances, it's so easy and cool. I recommend this game 100%. You won't be disappointed.
I'm just did "newbie" and am having fun! This is my first word game so i can't compare it to others (yet). But, i give it the 5 because it is performing great like other raters said it does. Thank You!
Really enjoying this game. Lots of fun and no ads. Great for children too. 5 star all the way 👍👍👍👍
A very nice game with many facilities to win, time consuming , and the mos important it's an off line game .... Love it ❤️
Interesting, makes you remember words you haven't used in years. Love it!!! Actually, causes you to refresh your mind, something us senior citizens use and enjoy..
Good game, not too many ads. My complaints are that it doesn't recognize many valid words as bonus words. Also on one occasion it had the wrong definition for the spelling. Small, but another thing, it doesn't give definitions for bonus words.
This is a great game I'm addicted to it I just can't get over it my vocabulary has tripled I've learned so many words I can mean I have them automatically in my head that's a good game it's fun nice hobby
I have always been a reader and have been reading more since not going out a lot because of the pandemic but since I started playing this word game I haven't been reading as much. I play this game through out the day and sometimes in the middle of the night when I'm awake. (69 years old).
I'm a 70 year old who has to keep their mind sharp. This game is relaxing and fun. My mind is getting better all the time due to this type of game.
Enjoyable game, nice to pass the time waiting in the doctor's office, or any place. The downside of this game, is that it rejects a lot of really good words. I love the gift coin boxes at the end of the day. Overall it's a nice way to keep your brain active.
Two days in, level 31, offline play and I'm TOTALLY enjoying it! I can't even remember if I've seen an ad but that might be if you play connected. The music and scenes are very relaxing, even with 2 toddlers being toddlers. So thus far, I LOVE THIS GAME!
Great fun, although not all the words I come up with are accepted (that's real words not rude ones 🙂 )
I like the speed possible. Maybe a timer for the puzzle. Also, I would like to see you add my new words to the next puzzles. If i find a new word that isnt in a puzzle, could you add it to the next puzzles. Obi was one example.
I am writing this letter to you and your team to keep up the good work 👍 I like this game and I will say that we use the good part of our lives in using math in our everyday. We have been in the future of adding a result of the brain to keep up with the same day as well as the good work and I am not sure how much of it we use 😅. But these games help with the brain too.
Nice game that gets you thinking, the only thing I would change is as you trace the words you want to make it should let you go back and to the previous letter to change your mind
Just started this game! Very good so far. Really makes you think! So far so good! Still playing this game! Love it! Not too difficult but hard enough to make you think! Very enjoyable!
It's all right if you just want something to do it could be possibly relaxing. But as far as me learning new words, that is not happening. All I'm doing is unscrambling letters basically to form words that I already know. I'm bored now so I'm going to uninstall this after I leave this comment
Beginning is always easy. Music is nice, not too many distracting loud sounds when a level is completed. Enjoying it.
I find this game challenging yet relaxing. It makes time fly by so be careful if you have something to do after you start the game! I think everyone who tries this game will enjoy the time they spend playing. It's fun!
It is an enjoyable game but it doesn't recognise many words that are in the dictionary. This is frustrating especially as this is a way you collect points. It also sometimes expects a pluralised word but other times doesn't allow them.
Nice sound effects. Soothing music. Doesn't take up a huge amount of memory on my phone. Pleasant play experience overall.
This game delivers what it promises! A relaxing experience, and you may learn new words, as well! I'm 41 years old, and I can tell you "never stop learning" is the best goal I've found. No ad overload. Not steady trying to get you to upgrade. Just relax, have fun, and learn. It gets ten stars for accomplishing just that!!! You MUST download this app, if the afformentioned goals are what you desire!
Fun game, it gets addicting! It will definitely help my scrabble game. It would have been helpful if there was an explanation of how the game works before starting
Fun game. Give it the same dictionary as scrabble, reduce the ads (this is only really playable offline atm), change the gold payout for extra words & you'll get 5 stars.
Fun. Challenging. Simple. Solve words, get coins. Make extra words, get coins. Use coins to get hints. Occasional, very short ads, but usually they let you decide whether you want ads (for extra coin). Surprisingly, you can gain a lot of coin easily, especially in earlier levels. Great gameplay loop that doesn't try to get you to buy things every 2 seconds.
I had fun. It challenged my mind in more than one way. Continuously challenged, my mind to bodys response, reaction time, build more words ,make word fit frame, many words, certain amount of letters , purite timely, correct spelling. Simple, fun, Brain builders <3 👷🕵💪🤗
Game is challenging.. It helps build Vocab. It also has meaning for the word during n after the game. Superb.
I love this game. I do what I have to daily so I can get back to the game. I find myself spelling words as I go thru my day. Thank you for putting a game out that is fun and doesn't cost so much money that you can't afford to play. I do recommend this game for seniors . I'm 70 and it helps me keep my mind sharp.
Love the game. Appreciate that ads don't last long. Only complaint is that it doesn't recognize a lot of common words.
There are ads that run on the bottom of the game(screen) it keeps moving..it's a revolving ad. Gets very annoying when trying to play the game.
Surprising number of legitimate words it doesn't recognize (ie store at least as bonus words) whilst others are repeated a lot. Seems to be based on a small dictionary. And as usual, all geared around the ads that pay for it. But that's to be expected unless you pay money for a game. Otherwise, quite addictive and probably moderately good for my tired, home working and home schooling brain.
Really nice game, very little ad interruption. Addictive and surprised how challenging 5 letter words can be at times. Some words require American spelling, but that's not really much of a problem. Good fun!
I love this game because it really makes me use my brain! I would suggest it for anyone to get. The only proble is the pay off is very skimpy!!
I use to be a very good speller and this game has reninded me how technology gas made me lazy in this area. Only gave it 4 stars because a I just start playing a week ago.
Fun. Great little game when you need a diversion. Also, a great brain tool and teaching tool. I recommend. 👍
Great game! I find it pretty fun. Ads are not intrusive, very sensible. IAP aren't required at all. Doesn't require sketchy permissions. Only complaint is that some words aren't recognized, I would appreciate a feature to suggest words be added. Thanks devs!
Keeps you alert. I love playing games that takes you from 0 to 60 and from 60 to 0 in each level. Wakes up my brain!
This game is really stimulating. It makes you think as the levels increase! It's also a really great way to discover new words! It's great!
Disappointed with the repetition of simple words. Whomever designed this App, did not use the Dictionary! It got tedious and tiresome having to repeat Simple words on each level of this game! Room for vast improvement!
It's a little challenging at times but very frustrating when it doesn't recognize a commonly used word to count as an extra. It happens frequently and I've had enough. I'm uninstalling it.
Love the background music! Classical soothing piece! Instrumental and relaxing while playing the game! Smooth sound and touch to the screen!
I was enjoying this game until it kept freezing. So I uninstalled it. I'm going to try and install it again and see what happens.
For some reason, I really like a game that gives a reward of some kind. I don't mean like winning over other contestants because I'm not a major fan of game competition, but something personal, a goal to shoot for type of thing. I like this game!
I like the game in general. It's something easy to play when I'm bored or have a bit of time to kill. That being said, I keep finding words that I know are real (and correctly spelled) words, and the app doesn't recognize them. It's a bit frustrating.
I like this word connect it is very enjoyable first time i am in 150's and i like the amount of 25 to pay for a hint better than 100.💞
This game is great. I love that it tracks additional words. Graphics are fun. Also I have vision problems so the contrast in graphics is awesome. Thumbs up!
This game is very addictive,i play for hours at a time. I love the way it slowly graduates up the scale to be more challenging. Keeps your mind working. I love the low ad interuptions. I highly recommend this game. Bravo, to the creators.
Okay game but doesn't always give credit for words that aren't in the puzzle but yet are real words. Extremely frustrating.
This game is great! It's challenging, engaging, and sometimes addictive. It's fun, you can play it anytime, as short or as long as you like, and it stimulates the mind to solve the puzzles. Try it and good luck. It gets harder the further you go.
This app is realy good. I was abel to build more new words and their meanings. Keep yourself busy and learn from this app.
To date this is the best version of a word find game. Definitely recommend 👌. Revised, the game overheated my phone and I had to remove app. Also it was constant repetition and became monotonous after a few weeks of playing it.
It's so far a good game, no interruptions. New update. There are lots of adds during the game s. Carol
After spending so much time on one word and can't think of a word,and why not just fill it in. Very frustrating and waste so much time trying to think of a word.Rated 3 stars for that reason.
The game is addictive, great graphics and easy to play.... However, it drives any player insane because there's no way to save your progress. If you move the app, clear the cache or use an app like CClear, it goes back to the beginning. I tried to fix the problem but this is the forth time, I give up. Please, fix this!
Good way to learn every word in the English language. I have played over 8 hours, this game seems to have no end. Enjoy! You will need game help, watch an ad.
I like the simplicity of this version of the game. There are no silly rewards to manage. The ads are less annoying and easily dismissed compared to other versions of this game. The games are quick and I love that the music can be turned off. I can enjoy playing the game without distractions.
Some word's are a little crazy, The spelling of words or keep on pushing letters til you luck out. Never word's I've ever seen or know the meaning. So l have to use the hint button.
Great game, not crazy about all the ads. Yes I know I can buy the app, but laid off cause off covid and can't afford it. Give us a break far a few months!!!
The game is a relaxing game. There isn't many ads on it. It takes a while before an ad appears and the ads aren't long inline many other games where there's an app every session 🙄. Plus, I'm learning lots of new words and it keeps me on my toes.
Commercials reasonable. Does drain battery pretty fast. A lot of actual words aren't in their list, Relaxing.
3.5 really. Easy to use game play although slow to respond, I find many words needed for the grid are ones already selected but not caught by the program. Biggest problem is that it's in American English with no option for British English. A crazy number of English words not recognised and even plurals are missing.
Very addictive game. Simple to play but also really stumps you enough times to make it very satisfying. Can do quick game when you only have a few minutes. I really enjoy it.
It is great execise for the brain. It is a very addictive game. Love it! Problem: After clicking on the help button it no longer allowed me to enter any more words. There is no way to fix other than uninstaling then reinstalling, but then you have to start all over again from tge,lowest level.
Fun and quick and easy to play. Gradually gets harder as you keep playing so always presents challenges. Not too many adverts.
Somewhat entertaining but it's pretty disappointing because it will not accept a LOT of legitimate words that have been in dictionaries, probably forever. Will probably be uninstalling this soon for that reason.
I've tried multiple games like this and uninstalled them all mostly due to the volume of ads. These devs got it right. They are spaced out enough and short. You can skip after 5 seconds. If only other game developers paid attention.
Very poor vocabulary. Not sure which dictionary is being followed. Authentic words are not recognised and surprisingly unauthentic words are given as the correct answer. Very harmful for learning and not at all recommended.
No clue how to use all the stuff. But the basic game is good doesn't recognize some legitimate words but gives credit for others. I play for the brain exercise not point or prizes, so it works for me. Lot less commercials than words with friends. That's a bonus!
Certain words register as bonus points for certain puzzles, then in other puzzles the words don't exist.
The game is great for my ageing memory, but a bit annoying that it won't accept many additional words to get extra points.
I've only been playing word connect for a couple of weeks. I have memory issues now but even in high school I would see a word and be able to spell it. I was a secretary and composed policies and procedures, correspondence, and taught hospital employees programs for Service excellence. It's now 40 years later, I have issues remembering simple sentences and spelling words or phrases. To me, this is not a game but a tool which is helping me. THANK YOU.. God Bless and Be Safe.
Its a very usefull game i like it very much. Some times i get confused with some words but it is fun when we get confused . I recomend this game for all adults,kids etc I love this game very much
Not a bad game. Limited dictionary. Doesn't accept some basic words. And sometimes you are awarded points and sometimes not.
Hi its Bobbi again! Still playing & passing fun time. Not only am i using my brain, i'm also using my eyes, imagination. Photos fantastic Lots of fun! Looks easy at times & then your trying to think of a two letter word!! Love the photos & the way they change to keep things intetesting! If you feel overwhelmed when you see the long list of blank squares, just smile & find as many words as you can, then look at All you filled in without any effort. Keep up the great work & beautiful simplicity
I love this game. It is all age groups and I would recommend family participation. With school at home this app reinforces spelling and alphabetizing words. It seems simple but once you learn the subtleties of the game your appreciation will grow. It is not riddled with ads unless you want rewards for playing and it isn't a large data user. Smooth user interface and a wonderful way to play with words. Refreshing change from candy crushers, and very appropriate material. Build vocabulary!
Simple to play. No hitches. Few ads. Frustrating at times that the dictionary is very limited. I like it, but I'd like it more if it gave you points for words instead of making you find the specific few words they chose from the many possible.
Best word game I've tried so far. Ads not intrusive. I like that it's not against the clock. So far so good......update on my previous comments... excellent game, love it but one thing really drives me mad- there are many lovely English words it doesn't accept...why??
Good game. There are ads but not intrusive like other games. However, today it stopped loading - just would not open any more - such s shame.
Would be 5 stars if you could update the dictionary. Words i would type in, that anyone with half a brain, knows are actual words, your dictionary says aren't words. Frustrating. Please fix this.
Really like this game, but it's about time soneone did a British English version. Lots of British words aren't accepted (eg. posh). Unsure why some words aren't accepted at all (gay, cyan). Would be nice to change the background look once in a while, say each group of levels. I'm on level 300 and it's getting samey.
This game has never had a repeat scramble of letters which is nice. But it seems as though you can't really level up at all and a lot of common words don't count not even as extra on some rounds and than some rounds they do count?
Thank you! I got it back! I love this game and thank you for responding so quickly to my question. Ive updated my review! This game gets "life" off my mind and is my go to relaxation app before bedtime.
Few ads, best app of this particular style word game. Clear graphics, clean layout. Highly recommend.
This game sure sharpens my mind helps me to think quickly and refreshes my brain. Sometimes we forget some things that we learned in school because are doing many different things in life. This game keeps me on point.
Although this is a great game and I enjoy playing it, there are some simple words that is just not added into this game's vocabulary. I'm not sure if the creator or creator's of this game find the words inappropriate or perhaps they don't intend to offend people. But personally I think it's pathetic when words like rape...or gay...or virgin can be found in any English dictionary.
Pretty fun and doesn't spam ads too much. Sometimes it doesn't accept words that are very obvious like "arid" or "ruse" and sometimes it takes totally made up words
This is a fun way to unwind. As another reviewer mentioned, it is also refreshing to have fewer ads that are easy to clear. I got rid of a similar app because the app required you to watch the entire ad, usually at least 30 seconds. That really ruins a game.
Great word game. No ads constantly! Relaxing and challenging, definitely recommend this game to play 🙂
A really good brain workout for newcomers to the English language. Thank you my memory was tested wonderfully for 15 minutes.
Lots of fun to play can be challenging for sure. Sometimes legitimate words don't count as extra points though. That happens quite often
Keeps your mind sharp. Great memory builder. Love it. Best of all is that this game can be played offline.
It's frustrating to find legit words that aren't what the game wanted so they aren't playable. I don't seem to get credit for finding words the game didn't expect.
I got hooked on this game right away,they give you several hints ,its a very addictive ,I love it ,thank you to all the developers oxo
I really enjoy playing this, but wish it accepted more words that I'm positive are real words. Can you fix this?
It doesn't accept a word and then when there's only one word left, it suddenly accepts the previous rejected word. Very frustrating!
Its a fun game so far, just finished the first 32 levels with no ads! Yep! Thats right. No ads. Whoever made this kudos and thank you
Nice game but like others have said the game won't accept many ordinary words that are definitely in the dictionary and are commonly used, it's a bit annoying but at least the ads are unobtrusive.
I really like this game. Makes you doubt yourself when you can't find the final word. Enjoyable and only a few ads.
At 66 I need all the brain exercise I can get and this little game really helps me to be alert as well as helping my memory. And it's fun too !
The game is very addictive; however, I was well into "Skillful" when I discovered I'd somehow dropped back 2 levels! I wrote to ask about a fix but never got a reply. Pretty disappointing but I'm working my way back up! It's also too bad so many correctly spelled words do not count as extra points, OR a word may count in 1 puzzle but not another. Why?? If you have a decent vocabulary it would be nice to use it. 🙂
Im not sure if you can play this app offline, I've never tried. I'm fine just playing online. It's getting harder every level and it's challenging. I like it.
Really enjoy the fun and the learning this app provides. It's awesome that you are able to see definitions of words that are new to you as well. An awesome way to relax and learn at the same time. Great job!
The game itself is okay, though it doesn't recognize a lot of very basic and common words, even as 'extra' words. But the ads - noisy, full page interruptions - completely ruin the experience. They still play even with the phone in airplane mode. I can't even find a way to pay to get rid of them. I'll be looking for something else.
The word game is great, for mind challenges. Most words are not there always, that you might think are there
Overall great game. I like that you get points for words in your word bank immediately. There are some inconsistencies; some words are accepted sometimes and then not counted for your word bank at other times. Also, lots of common words missing altogether from the game's dictionary.
A game to play on your own. Useful to play when waiting for an appointment. The higher the level obviously it gets more challenging
Really like this game, though obviously it's US rather than British English. Many British words aren't accepted (eg. posh). Unsure why some words aren't accepted at all (gay, cyan, talc). And it's very prudish (won't accept sex or orgy)! Would be nice to change the background look once in a while. I'm on level 700(!) and it's getting samey.
It's fun and fast. It's not interrupted by endless sales efforts. And the rules are simple and easy to follow. Great choice!
Fun to play! Installed after reading reviews and so far enjoying. Ease of movement with fingers smoother than other word games. Will update as I level up. So far, so good! Not ad annoying!
Best word game I've tried so far. Ads not intrusive. I like that it's not against the clock. So far so good......
Enjoy this a lot its good even though a few inconsistencies whereby words recognised in one session are ignored by later. I've scored a good reserve and learned new words on the way 😁
Love it! Thank you for the challenges I love to test my knowledge. It is funny how the simplest words can sometimes stomp me yet another level up and I breeze through it.
Basic but practical. Not showy..i like it...is testing on the brain for sometimes very obvious, but hard to find words.
So far, so good. I needed to find a new word wheel game because I finished the one I played before and I'm still awaiting new levels. Having tried several they were either inundated with ads (which could be removed with a fee), or they didn't work with my s-pen. Then I found this one which ticks all the boxes! Still on the easy levels which are a bit boring but it needs doing, but looking it so far!
Fun and addicting. What dictionary does this use? Legitimate words do not appear in one puzzle but then appear in the next puzzle?! Finding bonus words awards ten but revealing a letter costs much more; maybe make that fifteen? Overall, good clean fun.
Relaxing. Lots of words with no context, just figure them out from the letters. Seems pretty random at times but still fun enough.
I had a lot of levels & coins & I opened it today & poof everything was gone & I have yo start over. If it happens again I'm uninstalling.
Many words are not recognised not even as extra words. Silly as idea behind game OK. Developers should rely on for example sowpods. Don't want to play a game where I am constantly annoyed about a simple issue like this. Uninstalled.
Good word game. Actual words may not be accepted, but it causes me to think harder about other possibilities. An unaccepted word one time may be accepted in another game board.
would get 5 stars but there are far too many words that it does not recognise. everything else is great. ads only 5 seconds and are not excessive at all. fix up this issue and this will hands down be best word game of all time. I'm at 3828 of "intelligence" and plenty further to go but could not be bothered as it is annoying
Very user friendly. Self explanatory. Fun & easy. You even have the option of not to listen to the stupid music most of these games have that is very annoying. No pop up adds. Nothing. Just good clean fun... highly recommend. Great brain teasers.
Disappointing that there are actual words that are not recognised as Extra words, ie. level 113 did not accept leary. It happened in levels before this but this is when I finally started getting more than fed up. In addition it took some obscured old English words, but not others. And names...acceots some but not others.
It's fun to play. Keeps your mind busy. Little easy at first, but gets bit harder as you go. Love how there isn't very many ads at all with this game. That's one main reason I've kept this game. That & I do enjoy playing it. I'm a word game fanatic love my word games.
Addictive few ads, plenty of ways to get coins if you're stuck. Not sure why Gay isn't in the dictionary though. Gutted replaced phone lost levels
I really am enjoying this game. Not too easy,and not too hard. Enough to be mind challenging. A really good app to keep your mind sharpened.
Sort of boring, it could be made to be more interesting but it's a good brain workout and helps to recall common words and to spell correctly. Single player offline and free with a brain workout can't be beat.
I just downloaded this game last week and it is addictive!! Word Game 2020 is one of my new games. It's fun but also help your brain stay sharp. Also helpful to free your mind too. Just watch an ad to collect free coins if you get stuck.
Removing original star rating because of the pop up adds i won't pay to remove them because it will take forever to get my money back same ads overand over beforeandafter the game candy crush is just offensive long ads and very often at that deleting app as well as Google play
I love this game. It makes me think hard even on 3 letter words! When I have trouble finding a word I just scramble the letters and they may pop out and I see them in my head. Great brain exercises!
It was a little different from the Word Scape game my husband has, this game so far only goes Across NOT Down. And eases you into the game, allowing your brain to acclimate. I am old school, pen n paper lol, so this was nice, as it didnt frustrate me. The App itself, works very smoothly and as for advertising, you barely notice it, it does not interfere with the playing of the game.
A word self-challenge game that's great for pass time employment. It clears your mind for concentrated focus on leveling up. Play to relaxing music. I enjoy playing when in the mood.
Yes it's a decent game, for what is a very simple idea. What annoys me extremely, is that it refuses to recognise lots of words. I get that it forces you to think of specific words it wants you to find, to count towards your progress, but there are so many words it doesn't even count towards your "extra words" reward. Don't the developers have access to a thesaurus?! Also the same word will be recognised in one game and then not the next.
This game is excellent, for the whole family. The quicker you solve the word, the faster you can solve the puzzles, its a great brain simulator in keeping the mind active.
Pretty fun! Interesting game to play. Keeps you thinking. It's really a cool game. You have all these letters to make words and you have to use your brain to put the words together in different ways .
I love this game! There are hardly any ads and when there are they are only 5 seconds long. Also, the hints are only 25 coins and easy to get, when other games are 200 and they make it almost impossible to get coins, and when you win a game they only give you 10 coins, some word games are very stingy. This one is great! 😘❤💕🌸
Doesn't recognize lots of common words. Inconsistent rules. One round it will require that you spell both the singular and plural version of a word, but in the next round it completely rejects a plural. I tried to ignore little imperfections but they didn't feel little after a while.
Fun and sometimes challenging. But as ads load the game freezes. Also, many words are apparently not recognized, gay is not a word? Sometimes plurals are allowed, sometimes not.
Like this game much. Well-designed in that it's directions are clear, & players are given the opportunity to learn both the substance of the game & it's complexities from playing from simpler to more challenging words.
Best word game I've found in a few years. Ads are there but they aren't overly intrusive like they are on the numerous word games I'd uninstalled. So far, so good.👍
Although the game sometimes rejects common words, it does accept some more challenging words. It is also inconsistent in that it sometimes accepts words and then sometimes rejects the same words.
It's the best of the circle word games. When I saw it was by these gaming guys (duh...I can't remember) I knew it would be great. Ads are not after EVERY game and they last 10 or 15 secs.
Cool, I'm addicted to word games, and this one is good and most importantly it's not overwhelming with adds
Fun word game, but doesn't provide much encouragement for progress. After completing 270 levels, I'm still a "Newbie."
I enjoy this app as a decompression tool end of day. It's challenging, uses real words, & expands my vocabulary.
As others have said, there are many words that the game doesn't accept, but the developers made up for that flaw by creating a game that doesn't sacrifice user experience for profit. Ads appear occasionally and the player can choose to watch one for extra coins, but that's a vast improvement over most games I've played lately.
Ads are annoying but the game is relaxing and a lot of fun. Great to have a word game that's NOT PAY TO PLAY.
I really like this game it is very relaxing and fun. Once you start playing you want to keep going until you reach the next level. The only problem I have is when I reached a high level it started me over from the beginning.
I love this game BUT every time I clear my document and video storage, I lose all my progress! This is the only game I've ever had that saves files to an easily accessible storage area that normally has nothing but junk from ads in it. Too bad. Oneplus 8 Pro
The game works well, is very entertaining and good for the brain, and best of all has limited ads! Thank you!!
Great little word game with a very very few adds. Only issue, they don't accept certain common words. Example gay. And other words that have possible, not so nice connotations. Then there is words that really don't exist like Yogi. Or that are old english of some sort. Then there are the plurals. Which at times are accepted yet other times not so much..
I absolutely love this game! I'm 43 and I'm trying to exercise my memory and my mental fortitude. The saying is true, if you don't use it, you lose it!! This game is wonderful and it works offline as well! Thank you so much for making this so easily available!
❤❤ enjoyable wit little to no ads. Ive been playing for a while now. So the get coins by watching ads button dont work. 3😔 bout to uninstall
Fun game...nice soft music as you form words with the letters given. You have the option to turn music off. Update: after playing this game for 3 months...still like it!
Fun game...nice soft music as you form words with the letters given. You have the option to turn music off.
Good. Only criticism is, you do get extra word credit sometimes, but other times perfectly good words, even simple ones aren't accepted. Example, for the word "Hidden" I couldn't get credit for "die", which is frustrating. A button we can press to add the word and get credit for it, would be ideal.
It's fun and challenging but the app doesn't recognize some of the words - they are in the dictionary. It needs updating, Because it's free I can't be picky.😀
I chose this game because I was tired of constantly being prompted to buy something with other games. Overall the game is great. The only con I have is that it is pretty common for me to find a word that's not one of the hidden words but it doesn't give you credit for it as a found word. These are words that have been in previous puzzles so I know they are part of the game dictionary. Not a deal breaker, just annoying.
This game is fun and challenging. Unfortunately too many words are missing and real words are not counted as real. It's frustrating seeing actual words not counted as words. They need to update their dictionary. If they fix that I'd give the game 5 stars.
This word game app gets very challenging as you go up to the next level. It does give you a brain teaser in trying to get the right word. I have to play with this word game app some more to understand it a little better.
This is very addictive! However I would like it better if wasn't American language and spelling. It's also frustrating when a word isn't recognised for a score but then is accepted in the next game
Great app! It is very great for vocabulary. It is also low MB, so it does not take much space. It made me very good at spelling and grammar! Also, it does not have any ads so no ads pop up and annoy the gameplay. Would definitely recommend this app!
the game is ok, but the words are not right a lot. There is an ad that appears about an Ipad for seniors whereas you cannot move away from. I have to exit the game and start over each time. It has no purpose.
Enjoy playing this game ,now I have a new device I have lost all my progress, novice level 472. Disappointed not going to start again. so it's a no from me.😭
I am enjoying playing this game...have tried plenty of others and each time you get one correct a long ad comes up to annoy me!!Not with this one..I can choose to look at ads and a small ad is at the bottom,which I do notice, but it is not in your face the whole time!!! 10 out of ten for the makers of this one!!! Very happy!!!
I enjoy the fact that this game is not an insult to the intelligence of people. The words are challenging, make you think, but are achievable. Thank you. I was sick of kindergarten word games that others seem to be.
It's challenging and smooth and it gives you a chance to figure out words that you get credit for babe. I really like the game keeps my mind right.
Literally just started playing hours ago. Quite pleased with it. Ads are necessary...I get it. But, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that the ads in this word connect game are not long and they don't pop up as frequently as they do in other words games..Thanks, so much for that.. FIVE-STARS are forthcoming!
It's fun to play this; however, my complaint is that it doesn't recognize some of the valid words. And I would also like if using a valid word regardless if what game wants you to pick, will actually work instead of just giving you points for extra words.
Very fun game. Can be challenging but gets you hooked by starting out easy. Not too many ads either. Very engaging.
Many words that are actually in the dictionary are not counted. There is no logic for when they will accept a plural as an additional word. Hard to follow what counts.