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Word Chums

Word Chums for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by PeopleFun located at 740 E Campbell Rd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75081. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun Scrabble of a game to play with friends and the computer with no time limmit no extra stress Just play the letters when you fet a chance Perfect fun and great way to stay connected with friends and family
Great game, passes the time. The game should give more coins though. Very few coins for words made. Takes forever to upgrade your chum.
If I can give a game no star I would give it I been playing this game for a while I like it but when u click hint ever once there a glitch an they won't allow to post the word. I contact the company to get credit they made ever excuse even after showing them photo of my letter and the word they refused to give a credit for the hint . I contact customer service not all hints are playable after showing them the word I would play in game would not allow me to place it so don't listen to contact us
I have been playing this game for years. I like the fact that you can make a move and if you take a few days to make the next move, it is fine. No rush. Peaceful for the most part. Had a couple people that were not nice but you can always block that.
I suddenly can't seem to get my messages across. Every time I click 'send' my messages don't go through. They don't even come on the screen to indicate I'm sending a message..otherwise good going
I've loved this game for a long time now. I'm bummed that they are charging too much for things now though. But it's fun and I love the cute Chums and all of the accessories! I also love the way they have the Chum get upset when they don't get a good word. So funny! 😁
I would have given 5 stars but I've encountered a problem when I decided to transfer the app to another phone. I was able to downlaod it but an error appears "there may be connection problem (104 -1)." But my wifi is turned on and working properly. What could have caused this error? Pls advise. Thanks.
Addicting and frustrating at the same time! Very much fun. I just wish it would allow us to earn more tries or time by letting us watch a video
I love ❀️ this game. This is my No. 1. I have one small problem. Sometimes I am unable to see πŸ™Š my opponent's score, because of the stuff that they bought at the store. Especially the flag. This is problematic. This is a recurring problem for me. Can you make the flags a wee bit smaller.
Love this game! I especially enjoying playing against opponents they select for me. There is always a great challenge!
Fab game, well designed, too many ads for we cheap charlies! And far too many words that are obsolete, while missing too many actual words eg a jabiru may be the 5th largest bird in the world & novate... Arcane scottish words are too common.
Only a handful of bot games available. 'quick' matches have timeouts of 1+days so can last multiple days each. Ads are constant, even just navigating from one game to the other. Then when trying to rate the game, it wouldn't post, but took me to support instead. Fun, but only the first couple games. Then it gets.. boring and honestly a bit annoying.
Really makes you take your time and try different letter combinations. After almost 5 years I'm still learning and still challenged. tons of fun πŸ˜€.still wish they would do away with banner after each turn. Waste of time
Love playing Word Chums ! Keeps your mind active..you learn new words every day. Enjoy competing with my sisters! Look fwd to it every day...relaxing every morning over a cup of coffee...highly recommend! Best word game out there!
Compared to some others I've tried, this game is unobtrusive, just lets you play without wanting a ton of money and access to your social media. Ads are minimally intrusive and the game is worth the price to remove the ads.
It's a good scrabble game, missing a few words that I know are actual words but nonetheless, it's a great game to enjoy with friends.
Uninstalled. You guys screwed me out of my 70 levels coins and equipment when i changed devices. When i emailed support you never answered. And your tapsurvey screwed me out of getting coins. Oh well , at least ill save a crapload of data not watching every single 15 sec ad . You've really gotten ridiculous with the ads They've doubled since last year Bye word chums like every other game out there You've sold out Answer,,,,, no i wontemail you again i already did message you ,no answer STILL
Love the game, with but one complaint. When practicing with the chumbots, you need to buy more tickets, which I refuse to do. Enjoy it thoroughly.
STLL BUGS 1/23/21 so many bugs, where do I begin? Been dealing with them for 3 months at least now. 1- resign from a game doesn't let you remove it 2 - duplicated games (same player right next to prior game with same player 3- doesn't allow known words to be played 4 - contact support and the rep responding obviously doesn't know how the game works 5 - countdown timer isn't showing 6 - you block a player (ALWAYS GUYS LOOKING FOR A DATE OR ONE NIGHT STAND) from chatting and they continue chatting
My favorite word game, it keeps my brain occupied also love that I can create my own little man piece. I definitely would recommend this game to you all word creators out there. Im defineley in lovewith it .#1
Why I can't login to a new device with existing account??? I tried email, facebook & username login, I get a message of "No internet" or "unavailable" (Surely, I am connected to WiFi). I even tried a creating a new account, still "unavailable". Is this a bug? I've been playing this for years and though I am now less active, I still play with constant player for years. And it would be sad to lose her...
Up until today this game has been my life line during many lockdown this last year. I play everyday however this morningni went to play before I go to work and it keeps crashing and now I can't even log in as app crashes after 10 seconds. I'm gutted
It's actually pretty fun and it can get quite competitive. The ads can be intrusive from time to time, but it's nothing off-putting. My mother and I both think it would be brilliant if there were pajamas as an option from the shop.
Super game! Not sure what else the game designers need to hear. At least 3 times a month, am ask to rate game. Stop already. I love my game!!
I love this game very much. A few years ago I purchased the 'no ads' option. I got a new phone and I lost the progress. I tried to re-purchase it, but Google Play says I already bought it. Is there a way where I can either recover what I had or I'm willing to pay for it again. Not sure what to do. I looked through the help section and couldn't find what would work. Thank you!
Entertaining game good with friends. Fun to change your chums and go up levels .. Some words I haven't herd of or aren't spelt like we would spell them. Variety of different game types ..team against computer or random internet player
I love this game!!!! It is so much fun. I prefer to play against the computer more cause sometimes people take like 4 or 5 minutes at a time. That's so long to wait for an answer to make a word. But it's a fantastic game. Actually playing with a real person is not much fun at all. It takes days to finish 1 game because they stay on for 1 or 2 anwers then don't come back for a day or two. Definitely worth playing against the computer. Anyhow the little characters are adorable and fun.
The ads are completely out of hand. You have to keep closing windows, and app often just closes and locks phone. The developers are three shades of GREEDY. I since got a new phone and the lock/close problem has gone away. Also I recently got a tablet and the ad problem is WORSE. I'm forced to close app each time. There is NO WAY I would pay these people.
1/1/20 so many bugs, where do I begin? Been dealing with them for 3 months at least now. 1- resign from a game doesn't let you remove it 2 - duplicated games (same player right next to prior game with same player 3- doesn't allow known words to be played 4 - contact support and the rep responding obviously doesn't know how the game works 5 - countdown timer isn't showing 6 - you block a player (ALWAYS GUYS LOOKING FOR A DATE OR ONE NIGHT STAND) from chatting and they continue chatting
The interfaces is good. Hint option is also very useful. The different bots give a good change and flavour. Option to play with proper of your choice is very good.
I love the little.characters on the game and the fact that you can buy stuff for them. The characters get really happy and really mad and do different things which makes it interesting. This game gives me something to do when I'm trying to kill time.
This is a fun game and I've played it most days for over a year.πŸ˜„ It's now 2019 and I'm STILL playing daily! πŸ˜† I never get tired of this game. It's now 2020 and I've made new pals and love the new animals and costumes. Play this game folks , you will enjoy it ! πŸ˜† This game always makes me smile when I play. It's even better if you like to chat with all your opponents. We're nearly into 2021 and I'm still playing. Update , it's now 2021 and I'm still Playing.πŸ€—
I like the game play, but the ads now are ridiculously intrusive. There's no option to get out of them, even after 30 or 40 seconds. I have to quit the app and restart just to get back to the game board! Any app I have to restart multiple times in the span of a few minutes is kind of a fail.
Does not recognize previous purchase!! Can't purchase again ☹️ Bought this game years ago for a different device. Tried to repurchase the game on a new device and says purchased already. Very frustrating. Other than that, great game.
I don't mind watching ads. I rack up points watching free videos; 3 times it deleted part of the total points when the next ad was watched. AFTER watching a 30 second ad, popup ads open on their own. One ad counts down 30 seconds in the top right corner then it counts down an ADDITIONAL 15 seconds in the lower left corner! 45 seconds for 1 ad? WC's response: pay & you won't get ads. Clever. Out of 6 games I play, this is only 1 with popups AFTER ads & only one with 45 sec ads.
This is a fun game and I've played it most days for over a year.πŸ˜„ It's now 2019 and I'm STILL playing daily! πŸ˜† I never get tired of this game. It's now 2020 and I've made new pals and love the new animals and costumes. Play this game folks , you will enjoy it ! πŸ˜† This game always makes me smile when I play. It's even better if you like to chat with all your opponents. We're nearly into 2021 and I'm still playing. πŸ€—
Fun game. Love to have several going at a time. Recently starting having an issue with my chat messages not sending. I can receive them, but when I type and click send they don't show up. Also some new ads are wayyyyy too long with no skip.
Played this for ages. Originally liked this. Lately it seems like there are even more adverts. First time thought about deleting game.
I have enjoyed this game for a long time. It challenged me a lot to think outside the box to create words and connect letters to make the best word and score.
Great Scrabble fun! Helps if you pay for no adverts, then you're good to go. Clean word use and opt out chatroom for children friendly games.
I love word games and this is one of my favorites. My only complaint is we need new chums to choose from. I will also say that the price for removing ads was fair.
Great fun game! I've been playing it steadily for a few years. My only complaint is that the dictionary needs updating. Many words that it does not allow. Thank you!
Love the graphics, love that you're able to play a quick game or a classic game where you can take your time. I also love that it allows you to watch ads to get free coins so you can purchase stuff. My only complaint is the hints aren't really hints in my opinion. They basically just show you where you could put a word, which most of the time isn't helpful unless you realize the word immediately, or use process of elimination to figure it out. It would be great if they also gave you a letter too
About time developers did an update! Still many bugs to fix! Now can you get PeopleFun support to respond to messages!!! Ongoing internet connection issues with the game. 4/23 and 4/24/21
Up until today I have had no problems. Now it won't even let me open it and I have people I chat with. If I uninstall and reinstall I will loose all my records and the people I have played with for a long time. I am gutted. Sheena Grundill.
Love the game but it would be better if you could play more games at a time esp when you play with people in different time zone it limits your play esp when people play a few words you have to wait a week cause they quit Thanks so much been playing for years
One of the few games I can play without tiring of it! I have knocked a star off due to its insisting I rate it over and over even after having done so AND paid for the subscription. I will continue to reduce the rating if it continues bothering me to do something I've already done and I keep declining to do again. Good ap though.
Overall good. But i purchased the pro version of the game and yet i still dont get free chumbot play. I purchased it on a different device but when that device broke and i got a new one it didnt carry over to the new device but when i try to purchase the pro version it says i already own it. If i own it i want all the benefits of it. Please help me fix this.
I love this game! Been playing for years. I looooove the fact you dont have to spend real money and it doesn't ffect your gameplay at all. Most games now are all about spending money and those apps are losing gamers for that exact reason. I do wish you would add more accessories/clothes or allow your chum to wear more than 2 items. Overall I love this game and so does all my friends and family. 5/5 πŸ™‚
Learning new words is always fun for me. I love the challenges the computer chums give me. Having a lot of fun with the game.
Game is good (when it works), but the so called help people are ignorant, ive been trying for several weeks to get them to help but they never reply to my questions, game wont load all been tested my end all good its there end thats why they dont answer i think.
Pretty enjoyable... Wish their dictionary had as much as Scrabble for example. Had helped me with my brain health though. Quite a bit. I also think the Chums are cute, but some of the costumes/hats with accessories weren't as expensive or you could earn more during actual gameplay. I have recommended this game to friend's and family.
I had initially given it 4 stars, but the developer of this app seem to have recently decided to go full " MAXIMIZE PROFITS NOW!!! " But whatever the actual reason is, this app now pushes publicity down your throat and to me, that was the deal breaker. Otherwise, it's still a very cute little game!
I love playing Word Chums. I play it with my daughter in another state. We interact and msg on it often. I enjoy buying accessories for my Chum. Wish we could trade them in though even if at less value. Lol. Enjoy it more than the other word game I play with a few that don't use it. I have no major issues to report.
Love the game. The chat not so much but you can block someone from chatting with you. Basically like scrabble. I love word games
I loved this game for a while, bit now I can't chat anymore for some reason. I get messages from other people but when I tried to send a message to a friend it didn't go through, which happens every single time I try to send one. The message just disappears, and I don't know why. I have this game updated fully. Can someone help me with this? I don't know if I want to keep the app anymore if this keeps happening.
Fun and addictive. I enjoy playing against the computer players. The characters are fun. I like the levels of difficulty depending on if you're feeling like you want a challenge or just a relaxing game. I like how you can look up the definition of a word. The only thing I don't like is the computer at the top level plays some really obscure words, like an old word that isn't even used anymore. Other than that I enjoy it.
I have been happy with WC for a couple of years now I bought this game to stop ads on my phone and was very pleased however in the last week I cannot play on my PC as it won't load. I can't uninstall either. As we are home bound the only way I can play is on the phone / Tablet which is not ideal I have to mark this product down due to this very very annoying problem
It's fun. You get more then a few free games. Like all these other apps they want you to pay to play( not me) que isnt a word and I tried to make a play and couldn't and the computer made the same play and it counted. I'm ready to uninstall and move on.
The app is good and enjoyable.. but it will be nice to know why anytime I get to level 10 and above,I can't send message anymore to my friend..I do play this game with my friends across the state and it has been a way of we connecting..I want to know why my chat features stop working and I can't send messages anymore
Favorite game I've ever downloaded! It can get a little challenging, but I still have a blast playing it. The hint word and bombs are very helpful if you're feeling stuck. 5 stars for sure! Any ads are barely 3 seconds long.
A tad addicted ! I love this game so much !!!! I love the animal characters especially the dog and the funny little noises they make when you score well or dont score well ! Im easily amused obviously ! Plus playing the computer chumbots is great practice,I've played and beat them at all levels of difficulty except the hardest chumbot. The graphics are great ,when the words turn green its a great feeling.Its easy to understand,not fussy like some games.So please don't change it .
I am addicted to the game and play every day. I have enjoyed good challenging games with high scoring and of course some defeats. Most opponents are here for the fun of the game but others are using it as a dating agency or a chat line. This really spoils the game. I've been courteous enough to tell these persisting persons to go elsewhere. Overall I have gained some lovely friendships just by playing Word Chums.
Fun game trying to find the best word available for great scores. I like the little fun characters with their fun accessories. I like the high scores possible by playing longer words. It's good to have the chance to bomb bad letter sets and use the hints if you get stuck finding a place to make a good score. There are best word and best game rewards too.
I love the ease by which you can start games with friends and play with them. When I put down the words, the game automatically tells me if it is a word and then if so, how many points it is. In my opinion, the ads are not intrusive. In summary, I would give the app a five star review.
Short but sweet. I have spent 3 weeks trying to get my game back. I dont know what else to do. I tried emailing you about it but my problem falls on deaf ears. Now I'VE decided to start over again and what do I find, but my game. my User ID and all in the system. I can play the player and everthing,.but I cant get my game back. What is going on? I havent chaned my userID or email address or anything.???? I sent a msg, about this and even sent a photo of my stats and achievements in the email..
Really like this game. Needs way less ads and a way to get a game done faster. I have to have 10 to 12 games a going to keep me playing daily.
SUPER FUN GAME! playing w/family with this game is soooo much fun. you use ur brain. its relaxing. the only bad thing is, is that there TOO MUCH ADS. you have to pay money to get rid of it. but overall really nice game.
I love this game, even though I play this game everyday, the game is good but the purchases aren't working. The game freezes for a little while everytime I open it. Can you update the app? Please.
We just look forward to sitting and relaxing playing word chums. The only thing are the advertisements that are sooooo annoying. How can we get rid of them? Word chums is easier than scrabble...love it
Great game. Achievement regarding social media invites just don't work. I invited probably 20 people via facebook and did not get the achievements.
This is a so much fan game. Ive been playing this for almost 2 years. I really love this game but there is one problem I have experienced, My chat does not sending. the first time i used this, Its all working even the chat messages. Now I cant even use it. please explain to me wjat is happening. And any recommendation or suggestion to fix it. Thank you
The game was fine for sometime but now I can't send messages to my friends on it and it's not nice πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί and have try to uninstall and reinstall but it's still not working...
I get nervous playing against people, so the option of playing with the computer version simplefies it for me. I can enjoy being old and slow.
If you love word games like me, this is one of the best I've found! I on!y play the computer and love the challenging levels you can choose. I don't like waiting on an opponent to play so this is great!
I started playing Word Chums about a month ago when it was announced that Scrabble would be discontinued in June. It's similar but has some extras. Very enjoyable. Update: Still enjoying the game, but the ads that flash just above the board are EXTREMELY annoying. I can't imagine that anyone concentrating on the game would be interested in purchasing anything advertised there. Also, seriously as a nurse, I know that it could trigger seizures in anyone with a seizure disorder.
Enjoy the games immensely. Wish it was easier for people to join on regular email. The longer commercials are annoying. The smaller ads are sometimes helpful or a quick reminder. I can leave quickly if not interested. Much more fun. Thanks for keeping me sane when I cannot sleep at night.
Awesome game, been playing for year's without any technical issues. Love the chums and the ability to buy outfits both for myself or to gift to friends. Being a chum is fun, that is why I'm one. Always smiling always gay, chummy at work and chummy at play. Laugh away your worries, Don't be sad or glum ... and everyone will know that you're a chum, chum, chum! Thanks PeopleFun. πŸ™‚