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Word Break - 2021 Crossword Puzzle Games

Word Break - 2021 Crossword Puzzle Games for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Avocado Mobile Game located at 1441 Kettring Irvine CA 92620. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A fun game, but when you have to buy hints with real money. Too bad, another game fail because of greed.
I really enjoy playing this game and I'm over 40 levels in. I would be farther if I didn't have to constantly force close the app in order to continue to the next level. Please work out this issue!!
Unplayable unless you pay for it. I have never come across an app with so many ads. It will actually interrupt you mid play to push an ad.... and I do not purchase an app until I'm enjoying it for a bit so...this game is a hard pass.
The ads seem to be on a timer? They open mid-game which cause accidental taps, which then (on my phone) opens the browser, then opens the game page in Google, then kills my battery by 5% and causes my phone to occasionally freeze. If you like these kinds of games, look elsewhere unless you feel like spending the $2.99 for no ads. That's a no for me, considering I didn't make it 10 minutes in to see if I really enjoyed the game.
Frustrating to figure out a word when the letters are not provided for your use. And the hint button adds a letter not in your choice of scramble letters given.
I like the game BUT ads that spring up without warning and in the middle of playing is a HUGE HUGE _NO_ from me. End of levels/individual screens, acceptable to a degree but not if it's interrupting play. And I'm not going to buy the "no ads" option, the developers are just trying to milk every step of the way.
Quite a fun little game, but I can't recommend it on account of the ads being way too aggressive. Not just between games, but just after swiping a word or even just as you are in the middle of swiping a word. 30 second commercial in the middle of a game? No thanks. Developers say they need money and I get that, but the methodology leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, I'm aware there's a pro version. No, I won't be buying it based of the bad tactics shown here. Cya.
Needs a proofreader! When starting the app and completing the tutorial, there is a sentence with the word "continue" misspelled. May want to go through the app and see if there is anything else not spelled correctly.
I could've given 5 star if not for the double your reward glitz.If the video didn't play, the reward will be lost.I am so frustrated.Anyway it's a good game.Addicting and informative.I got to learn new words i didn't know that exist.😂😂😂
What's with all the adverts they come in even when your in the middle of a game you are forced to watch them or leave the game cant get rid of them unless you pay not a relaxing game
this challenging & fun. hard to put down. answering Developer...I JUST started playing. too soon to give more feedback
Only got to the 2nd or 3rd level - An ad after every completed puzzle just annoyed me - especially as a 1st grader could have got the answers - not a crossword and insanely annoying because of the ads.
I paid for the no ads and it still played ads. No amount of trying to update, restart or restoring my purchase stopped the ads.
i keep winning my levels and getting the bonus words but i am not getting my coins because it says time out try later but then goes on to the next level without coins
Too many adds the only good is they are short-quick to end and is everyone considered a child now who needs that computer voice saying, "Great job, fantastic and more", that is most annoying? Your Welcome, and I'm already aware that the sound can be turned off. maybe developers can put a button at the start for ease of shutting the dumb voice. Thanks, have a good day!
its good game to spend time while waiting. but the Ad are to long 15 second and more. so i'm delete it.
Really like this game, as it challenges your brain. Howver i am uninstalling it because of the really annoying ads forgambling after each level. No need for it.
when you win a level you have the option of doubling your money but the ad/video never loads and you don't get paid for winning that level and way too many ads when you don't want them and you can't close them!
I hate it because when you play the game it has way too many advertising and videos your game is being distributed every time. I personally don't like Google Play Store!!! I wish they had another app you can download for games only without any interruptions
Keeping the brain active every day playing the game. It helps remember words and is a lot of fun the more you play.
Having ads is one thing, but having ads pop up in the middle of a level is ridiculous. How am I supposed to look at the letters to find words if I keep getting ads in the middle of the levels?!
lots of fun and addictive it looks easy then it makes you think great way to pass time on line or in waiting rooms....loads of fun
keeps your mind sharp I really like this app! I would of gave 5 stars if it wasn't for all the annoying ads!
Wayyyy too many ads. Between rounds, and in the middle of the game. The ads are so often 30 secs, non skippable. Ridiculous.
pretzel level 18 is not achievable without coins to bypass. this is because the answer contains a letter not provided by the game. source with a c is not achievable because that level does not provide the user with an option for c. i would like 300 credit for the game error. and obviously needs correcting by the developers.
I love this game but I'm about ready to uninstall it! These stupid ads appear in the middle of almost each game! The only way to get away from them is getting out of the game!! Too much hassles to get in & out to play! 😡
played for 6 minutes then uninstalled right away. game was okay. worse will be the ads. i know you need to fund your company through ads, but the ads on the game is just ridiculous. i had to endure 3 ads in 2 minutes of gameplay... i wouldnt even purchase something to remove ads because your game is honestly nothing special. its just a waste of money. if i were you, i would limit the ads so people will download, play and enjoy your game.
Great game. The graphics are different from some of the similar games, and are refreshing. Easy to progress, which means lots more fun. Love it!!!
just started to play it, so far simple, fun they do have alot of pop up ads but run quickly enough. I'll update my review after I've played for a while.
The latest update has made this app unusable. It has crashed 20 times (not exaggerating) in the past 24 hours, and 10 of them were from today alone. I cant play the game without it crashing, and when it does work, the levels get reset.
Seriously lost me at the long, loud, forced adverts. I turn the sound off for a reason but these stupid apps play anyway. Deleting.
Complete trash....so many ads you need to pay to take away!! Worst game I have ever come across. Shame on the creators!!!
even though I like the game I do fill that the ad are cutting in to quick especially when your half way though a word.(not cool).otherwise keep the levels coming
An enjoyable time filler - support responds quickly to issues. Too many ads is the only reason for not 5stars.
This game helps me keep my brain active helping to avoid memory issues. The peaceful background music creates a relaxing atmosphere for critical thinking. The encouraging words sometimes offered make me want to play longer. Thanks! Love the game.