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Word Blitz

Word Blitz for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by LOTUM one GmbH located at Am Goldstein 1 61231 Bad Nauheim Germany. The game is suitable for Teen (Sexual Themes, Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Poop ads. It was the ads about poop, complete with something resembling chocolate pudding that was, I assume, supposed to look like unhealthy feces. Score one for you guys - it did!! And after watching it four times in a row, I'm out. Uninstalling and moving on to less scatological pursuits. Disgusting.
If people don't play, then you are just stuck with the 6 games you have open. Can't open any more and have to wait 2 days to play.
Should have more statistics for your profile such as wins-losses, win streak, average score per round, etc. And a player should be able to link to Gmail, not just Facebook. Otherwise a fun game.
Love the game but it crashes constantly. Both the app and on fb. Needs to be fixed. Phone and app are up to date. The only fix is to uninstall and reinstall. After a few times a day it stinks!
There are words the game doesn't recognize, but it'll tell you there are hundreds of words in the puzzle, it's annoying!πŸ‘ŽI'm tired of some of the same words over & over. When I play with 1 particular friend, it'll say she's started a game. I'll click play, it shows her score as hidden, but when I'm done, she didn't play that round, gets zero points, misses that round & it happens DAILY.πŸ‘Ž
Love the game until it stopped loading a day ago. Message says a link is broken or page was moved?? Something like that. My friends keep playing. I am starting all over, in another world of Blitz. I down loaded it separately. It isn't connected to FB.??
I love & enjoy the game it's lot's of Fun 🀩 but I'm upset because I was#1 in the game and I got a new phone and now it's making me start from scratch and it's not fair cause I worked hard to get my trophies
I l9ve this game but it seems to have a lot of glitches as i could not get back in recently to play. And it seems to also be much slower receiving my spelling so I'm not sure it is capturing all my words well.
When I play in league I should not lose about 9 trophies if I lose a game..As when I win I get 1 trophy. Even when the other person has about the same amount of trophies as I do. It doesn't matter..I always lose way more than I ever win. It makes it nit enjoyable tbh
Its fun! Especially when im having a brain fart moment!! I can"t think of any more words. I enjoy it, though!
This is bullsh**!I installed this game thru Playstore just to be able to rate it, but have been playing through Facebook for months... probably over a year! Earned my way down to level 29 and all of a sudden it was a "new season" and I was bumped all the way back to level 35 given a lousy 20 hearts (credits) to placate me! What a let down! If I could give it negative points, I would.
I think it interesting how I do better or worse depending on moods and environment. Kinda telling in an off topic way. However tons of fun.
Gotta love this game! Challenge your friends, family, even your boss, best of all challenge your mind. Great way to boost your memory and vocabulary!
I like the game. Sometimes the ads can be a little glitchy and I have to close out. Some times people start games with me and I have to play them in two days or lose my trophies. I just want to be able to take a break and be left alone for a while. I don't see that option.
I love this game on Facebook messenger games. But this game has a lag time which slows down the amount of words you can create
I LOVE this game! The app is useless to me, however, until they can link/ transfer my trophies from the Messenger/ Facebook game. I refuse to start from 0 when I already have 2,000+ Already emailed tech support; they said it cannot yet be done. Bummer. Also, it is waaay to cumbersome a process to add players from my own FB friends list with the "ID" when it's already made me sign in WITH my Facebook username. What's up with that? Lol!!
I love this game played all the time on phone but my iPhone crashed is there a way to sign in so I can play with the friends I already play with on messenger, I can open with Facebook but had to reinvite friends.
Was great with short ads. After the update on 2/17/2021 the ads are very annoying. Now instead of 5 to 10 second ads they are now 30 seconds to a minute. Im thinking of uninstalling. Update 2/22/21 the ads have become even more annoying and most are now 30 seconds plus! Either offer a paid option or im deleting. This is STUPID! Update 3/18/21 after this update I cannot get the app to load. I have deleted and reinstalled. Nothing!!
Was a 4-5 until it stopped working! Stopped again and cannot open. The game is disappointing and frustrating to play if you continually have to lose all points if you try to reinstall.
Was great until yesterday, I can't open the app, I deleted it, removed from facebook games. Reinstalled it, added it back to facebook. It doesn't show list of people I was playing anymore. People I was playing with their screen shows it's my turn. Tournament is gone, sad for such a great game
It's a great game but my facebook updated and I can't get back on there, I created a short cut, and connected to facebook but I don't have my friends on there
Some words don't seem to be used on everyday English language. Would be good to know what words or languages you could use
It's a really fun competitive game that you play with multiple players you can chose to play against friends, in a league, and other interesting things. Give it a try.!
I loved playing this game every day to sleep and now it's not working. It says something is wrong wirh my connection. I restarted it and it still wouldn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, cleared cache and all data and even tried connecting via a VPN but the same issue persists. I tried playing it on Messenger but still wouldn't work. 1 star from me because 0 isn't an option.
Fun game on android 7. Upgraded phone last week and now it's Freezing up when run from FB or messenger. Trying the dedicated app to see how it runs.
Im very upset right now. I dont know what yall did but Ive been playing this game for over a year & all of a sudden its gone. It first wouldnt let me go into it when I pressed to get in. Then downloaded the other & starts me off from begining when I was finally at 1650 points. I played it every day & now lost all my friend too. Very upsetting. Very!
It was fun. However unofficial. ZEN is a word. The fact that it isn't is a tell-tail. And uncertain how I was able to score 67 point on one word "SIZES" But, some How; did not capitolize on retracting the pathway that i took for the login<{ENDERER>]//when_i_wood_Have_z_Bern; //>[ENDER]>//AND//>[END]>//z_GET_z_iT//; (!&)
I got to a high level, now I can't even access through FB. I don't want to lose all my trophies but I had to uninstall after trying a lot of other things to connect. Totally bummed. I had almost 3000 trophiesπŸ˜•
Pissed of that you changed everything without warning. I have suddenly lost all the people I play with. This us B.S. and utterly frustrating!
I have played this game for weeks and today it quit all together! I had to restart by downloading the entire game again. I was extremely disappointed as I had tournaments on going and friends playing (matched up with me) as well.
I enjoy finding as many words as possible as quickly as possible from the game board. I am able to play this game with my friends. I like the scoring system, which includes points for length of words found. Double and triple word and letter squares keep me on my toes. Often there is more than one way to form a word. I have to be careful to use the way with the most special squares.
I love this game but now I can't play it on facebook for some reason. I wish I could get back in. I have tried just about everything. I got on a game but it won't play in Facebook and my scores and friends are gone
I love this game. So happy Monica invited me. I am getting better. I know this is helpful to improve and maintain basic skills that I allowed to get rusty. Most of all it is fun. Recommended for all.
The more I play Word Blitz the better I seem to do !! Good brain exercise for me β˜ΊοΈπŸ§ πŸ‘!! It was harder when I first began, but I am up for the challenge, with family and friends πŸ‘πŸ“πŸ˜!!
My main game, although I wish it didn't steal and appropriate my friends list and send them deceptive messages, which is nearly unforgivable if I didn't get the mental benefits I do from this game. I've stopped playing several games because of that kind of stuff and I'll stop playing this one if they don't knock it off.
As much as I lIke this game, the ads are not closing when supposed to ! They make you close twice. Which is basically messing with us mentally and getting me sick . Literally. You guys know this is happening and its your responsibility to manage that. A lawyer needs to look into this !!!
I would give this 4 maybe 5 stars if the countdown screen was lit up a bit more like it used to be to get your eyes ready for the game. Some people have focus vision problems which take awhile to adjust when transitioning from countdown screen to start of game screen.
I have been playing your game for years under my name Brenda Starks, until today!! The games I logged in through Facebook crashed!! I lost everything. My points, my playing partners, the game club I had... GONE. So know if I can figure out how to invite my friends because apparently it takes some kind of player number? I will be happy.
I love the game but don't like the fact that interrupts and forces you to play someone else when you didn't want to. The game is fast paced and I have arthritis in my hands so that it's difficult to move as fast as I would like. The solo challenges I totally enjoy
This is my favorite game. Love playing against the equally matched players. Never boring and improves my vocabulary. This used to be my favorite game but they changed the platform. You have to start all over. Add your friends. Lose your progress. It SUCKS!!!!!
What is the point of login into FB, and you cannot see your friends list? A separate APP from the FB interface does not make sense. Thus, I play various players, but those initiating games within FB required installing FB messenger as well. Surely your developers can merge this App with the FB interface to eliminate dual entry points.
Game won't load most of the time. I love this game, but getting annoyed that it won't load. Also, way to many ads. Always have to reinstall it. I lose all my points. I'm in 4th place on the leader board with my friends, sms nite I have to start over? That sucks. Makrs me not want to even pay anymore. For 2 years I've been playing this, and now I have to lose my 1230 points, and start with 115 points, plus lose all my friends that I played with. Not worth the hassle. I give up.
Enjoy the game & have been playing through messenger but now it won't let me in. It flashes through several pages and then takes me back to the gaming screen.
Luv this game. however it stopped opening.After finally reinstalling I lost all my scores trophies and co-players πŸ™ƒ
I am sooo addicted to this game.I am able to play many people at one time and I get upset if they take to long to play. πŸ˜† l started off frustrated because I couldn't play and get over 100 points l recently reached 500.l just love the game 'LOVE THIS GAME
I love the challenge of trying to figure out every single possible word that I can in the allotted amount of time they give you! It's exciting and unnerving all at the same time
I love the game. But I am no longer able to play with my facebook friends. I invite friends through messenger and Facebook. Many of my friends play back. But I am not able to play games started by them. I am forced to do RANDOM SEARCH and play with whoever is willing to play. Please help.
More stats , interaction, the ability to pause please. Most of all offer a paid version so I don't have to immediately shut down the game in-between every round. I don't see your ads. Offer a paid version.
Just like boggle- love it! Wish there was an option to do some boards without time, to find all possible words for practise.
I enjoy the game I only wish you could play by yourself and not have to compete with other people. But it's challenging and enjoyable
.after uninstalling then first download due to slow, inaccurate play, I downloaded it again and,it is worse. Unplayable, slow to respond and leaving out letters touched. Liked it when first I used it. Probably will uninstall it for good. Try at a later date when plays better, if it does . All fixed and back up.to speed. Good fun
I liked it at 1st but now it freezes, or gives my wins to the opponents. I don't understand the point system either. Lose by 2 points they take 6 or more trophies, when by 500 pts, you get 1 trophy? I'm forever stuck in the 1700 range because of the stupid point system. Edit: I will never buy from wish because 7 ads in a row with no way to mute the music is just wrong. It could be such a good game but as. Kmn.
I've been playing this game for a few months and love it! However it stopped working for me on Facebook 😭 I, intentionally downloaded the game to see if I could connect to Facebook and play through the app instead. However, that is not an option. I really love this game! Help!
Give credit for real words aka add more to your dictionary. You give credit for a word like DA but sometimes a legitimate word you get nothing. Make it more challenging. Also it's the same words every game and then credit is given for a plural of the same word. Change it up!
I have severe ADHD at 57 years old. I only passed one history test in school because I cannot remember names for numbers. This word Blitz game helps quick in my mind and helped me to see frontwards and backwards. This is an educational game that is a lot of fun.
Its a smart game but difficult to invite friends coz a lot of people don't know it , ,wish we could just be playing with random friends
The game was freezing up yesterday and in my trying to fix the problem I accidentally disabled access and I have lost my scores
It's good thanks or was, however I have installed up to date app on new phone Samsung A41 and now I cannot play on the league as it is not there and only one friend has appeared. Disappointing about the league... its just not there as an option to play anymore, I can only play in the league if I play the game on my tablet
Meh I have been playing this game on Facebook for a few weeks, and I have earned a bunch of trophies. I went to see if this was on the play store and it was. But, when I signed in through Facebook nothing transferred?? None of my friends are there and none of my trophies either. It was a let down, great game but I would like my stuff. I just wanted to play it on an app because I don't really like playing on Facebook, oh well, I guess Facebook will have to do.
I love this game is very addictive test as your wits against other people try to beat your score but it's hard for me lately could be anybody score I don't know why but I guess I fell off a little bit I God bless everybody have fun
I love the game but what I HATE is that it was wiped from my phone and I lost everything all my progress all my points and had to start over from the bottom and I've been playing for a long time! and some of my friends have had the same thing happen and I can't recover all my old games. Needless to say I'm pissed
I have been playing for a few months. I really enjoy it, but game will not open now. I choose play, it looks like it's loading to play but it won't load, if goes back to screen. Now it won't open & I get a screen prompt: reviewed, shared, favorite, more. And a bar that says play again, but it wont load..I've invited a lot of people who are waiting on me to play but game won't respond. I still get notifications that it's my turn to play. But can't play
I'm connected with Facebook on both the app and the way I can play through Facebook or messenger. For some reason I have two separate versions even though both are logged in with Facebook. I have different people on my friends list and it lets me play the daily challenge twice. Please fix.
I like this game. It's more fun and very useful. Especially the students to know more words and spelling.
Great word game helps with mind and fast thinking good learning tool. Having trouble getting on today which is March 23 2021 don't know why
I became adddicted early on. Rewards, first firecrackers now trophies, are equally useless unless like the rules and scoring I must self teach. Facebook's interest piqued at the popularity of games like these and now have spoiled the experience with their annoying ad trap with tricky button placement and redirects seemingly designed to use the game's fast pace to garner their coveted ad hits. Takes 2Γ— the time to play because of all the "ad*tivity" and requests to "share" everyhing.
When playing a a league game and it gets to the end, it will steal your points. It will tell you that you have a certain # of points but then after it is done tallying up your opponents points and it goes to the final points screen, you'll have 50 - 300 points less than what you had tallied while playing. It will literally steal your pionts making you lose and not even explain why your points were taken away. Not acceptable!
My app on my phone (not in Facebook) will not open. I have restarted my phone twice and still wouldn't open. I do not want to uninstall it because I will lose my 1065 points! And I will lose points if I don't respond within two days from those playing with me! Please advise immediately! This is the only game I play online. I am addicted to it! Please help me!Thank you.
I love this game! I used to play the Boggle app, but it became too easy. With all of the perks you can get like freezing time, it always felt like I was cheating. I like when everyone is on the same level playing field. I do wish this had some sort of player profile so you can see how many games someone has played or won. I haven't lost a game yet, I'm pretty proud of that! But there's nowhere for anyone (even myself) to see that statistic.
I love the game but the ads are terrible ...I'd almost pay for an ad free version...also why can't we chat w our opponents? Fix these two items and you'll have a much better game!
Just a really great game. It's the only one I play on any device. Addictive but at least it's one of those games that can help keep your brain power sharp 😊
The latest update has killed the game!! Every advert is too long and keeps taking me to the game it's advertising. I understand free games will contain adverts ,but these are too much .Really frustrating and will probably be deleting game now.
Was playing this on facebook til it won't start. So tried to install this app but results are the same. Clearing cache on all apps didn't help. Still getting stuck at the loading screen. APP UNINSTALLED..
I've been playing this for a long time now. It helped me get through some pretty stuffed spots with cancer and all. I I will be uninstalling the gameI wi because it is now eating up my battery because it shows too many games on in between the games that you play. The ads of games are over ridiculous. I like the other ads they had because at least they were selling things that were worthwhile. And sometimes I bought things. It was better quality before. Too much advertisements. Games eat battery.
It is a good game but the adverts get more intrusive and go on for too long,when will they realise No One is intrested
Addicting! To be honest; I began this game In an attempt to improve my memory. It helps force focus & happens to make me feel accomplished, as well. I love it
Awesome game when I first got this came I played no kidding all day. I was addicted. It's my favorite came to play. I loaded it wrong one time and was so bummed I couldn't play. I tried for hours. Then I thought of another way and I got it to work so far. I'm wait to see if I can play this one person and what it does. I'll let you know
Great app! Lots of fun! One thing that does need to be introduced is an option to leave a game if the other player is inactive (since you are capped with how many active games). Bit silly you have to wait 2days before you can start a new one
Though the game is quite interesting and informative too but it is literally disgusting that the points I gain by building words automatically deducted from my score and sometimes it happens so frequently that I have decided to quit playing in the league!
Since the new update I had to reinstall the game and start ALL OVER again, now you want a I'd number for me to RE-INVITE my friends??? Honey if it ain't broke then don't fix it.🀬😱 Other than this mess I have really enjoyed playing and I was doing quite well Thank youπŸ€ͺ
So many nonsense words. The lexicon is weird and not from native English speaker. Too many big score nonsense words.
I absolutely love this game. But it gets where it's not recognizing my touch correctly. And it will not link the words. So then I start getting lower score and I don't like that one bit!
Great game with long nauseating ads that I merely shut the app down to avoid. The ads are a huge deterrent. Offer a paid version
An amazing game, full marks, easy to use, addictive, fun, But there's something that's bothering me, if you win against who has zero trophies you get zero trophies, that's not the problem, the problem is that the game says "You won 0 trophies, can you do that again?"
I really enjoy this game, however something happened so that I can no longer open any of my previous games, even ones that were in progress! I think it had something to do with an update from the company, but I'm not sure. Will you help me? Also, it's confusing when you add or subtract words! And it happens often.
BRING NIMBLE FINGERS & quick swipe action to this game; you are likely to win and don't disregard d'Smallies! (words) The _you_ (we the individual players of Word Blitz) and the play _Everbody Feature_ makes your head to head with your usual contestant set a bit more interesting, when you see πŸ‘€their score in the _Against Everbody_ category, letting you check on your play-'pal'...
This mini-Scrabble word puzzle is just right for a few minutes' break but enough fun to keep you playing those few minutes over and over in marathon daily battles with your online pals.
The game is great but this game suddenly stopped loading on some Android phones, including the one I'm using and this is really frustrating. This started about a month or 2 months ago, I even reset my phone just to play this on my phone but it simply stopped working on my phone. And there are many players I know that same the same experience
Fun. Alot funner when it gives you all the points. Sometimes I don't get credit for asany as 5 or 6 words. Other than that I love it.
This is one of my favorite games. It never gets old or repetitive. It kept my brain sharp after my head injury
I wish there was an easier way to back out quickly when connecting to the game through a link via fb messenger.. as in to go back to your conversations. There are a LOT of ads too. They make it difficult sometimes. Otherwise I LOVE this game!!!
Im very upset right now. I dont know what yall did but Ive been playing this game for over a year & all of a sudden its gone. It first wouldnt let me go into it when I pressed to get in. Then downloaded the other & starts me off from begining when I was finally at 1450 points. I played it every day & now lost all my friend too. Very upsetting. Very!
My account is gone! For the second time in as many years, my account has completely disappeared. I have had to go in and set up everything again. It recognizes my UID but starts me back at the bottom and my friends list is gone. Any ideas on what is happening? Love the game, though, and will keep coming back.
I had a great experience and I love this game. I just wanted to know if you have a Word Blitz game (that is Free) that I can play by myself. Let me know either way please.
The game is challenging but it keeps breaking down. When I restarted it, I lost my friends & it keeps failing .
Too much propmting to play. Feels like harassment. Great game, but way too much pressure to play. Already considering deleting this app.
I have played tjis game for years and now out of nowhere it won't let me play and is starting me all over like im new. Everything a friend plays against me I get a link in my messenger and I use to click that link to play them back and now that link goes straight to the Facebook page and I cant play. This needs to be fixed asap this is BS but once its fixed I'll change my rating
This is a VERY fun game! I do get better and better each time. I like it because it depends on both, skill and speed!
I used to love this game however ever since the change with trophies, stars and hearts a while go it's super lame. I get one measly trophy if I win but if I lose, I lose up to 9 trophies. There's no unlimited or free play against other players or AI. You have to invite friends. You can participate in a league with random players but you need hearts and have to wait an hour for them to refill (limit 3) and sometimes can watch an add to refill them.
Promising but needs some work. Games you don't actually participate in should not count (if you score 'Zero' in the first round, due to a mistake starting a game and backing out (when you just want to look at a profiles and the game starts when you're not ready). Also, a option to turn down the volume would be good, without turning the whole phone's volume down. The beeps are quite loud, but I don't want to mute them.
This game currently is not allowing me to play with Facebook friends it was OK last nite but is not registering on my Facebook and currently not working on Google tried Re register not working either anybody any clues how to fix prob as all other items OK on my tablet
I have been playing this game for a while and recently an advert about bondage from an interactive story game keeps coming up. I tried to find a way to report it but nothing, so here we are. As I've said before, I'd pay a reasonable fee to have NO adverts. This game will be uninstalled if it continues. Update: Feb 7. 9 in the morning on a Sunday and I've had to see a bondage advert again. Uninstalled.
This is probably my favorite game. As I grow older I am increasingly aware of how important it is to keep my mind in sharp shape. Playing this game will make it easier to keep track and love doing it.
Love the game but having a problem with it syncing with the Facebook version. I didn't sign into my FB acct right away on the mobile app, racked up a bunch of points, then signed in. Now since signing into FB, if a FB friend tries to start a game with me (from FB), it considers me a "new player" & starts me over from the beginning & also doesn't show those players from FB in the mobile version. Any way to get the mobile app to sync up with the FB instant app?
Great game and I really enjoy playing. Only problem I have is recently every time I play and select a word the screen goes blank for a few seconds before restoring. Obviously this limits the amount of time I have to actually play and is becoming very frustrating! To the point wherd its not worth playing. Anyone else had this problem and if so, how do I rectify it?
I love this game but am concerned about the adult nature of the ads that come up between rounds.... This is an age 4+ rated game, yet there are some adult topics that are shown in the 'Chapters' adverts. One in particular relates to bondage! Please advise that this situation will be resolved, as I hate to think of children playing, being subjected to this inappropriate advertising. Edit: I have contacted the developers and this ad is still showing up. I will take this further.
I played this game via Facebook and added a shortcut on my phone. The shortcut stopped working and it will no longer let me access via Facebook. I downloaded the app and even though I used my Facebook credentials I lost everything. All trophies are gone. I had reached level 11 but from what I can levels are no longer a thing? The one-and-done games are also a thing of the past since now it seems you're required to do a 3 game round. All of this without warning.
Used to love playing this. High scores, rapid responses. Joined a few tournaments, did well---DONT EVER DO THAT, CUZ YOU LOSE ALL YOUR POINTS on leaderboard. Unless there's a trick they don't explain. Don't understand how I could high rank in tournaments, yet my ldrbrd score goes down, way down. Who is responsible for this gimmick? Must be millenials.
When first started it was great. Learned more world. Scores were climbing then suddenly whatever word I play was not registered properly. I noticed your game's board only partially worked on lower half only. Please fix your game's problem as it has negatively Blitzed my scores😑
Fun game, a few glitches, freezes up then givers you a zero for the round, not happy about that at all! Wish it would allow to pick random players to play instead of just my friends.
Last week I had a problem opening Word Blitz and wrote to them asking for help. Ann-Kristin responded letting me know what had happened and i should be able to access the game by doing so updating. I was still having an issue and wrote to her again and she responded quickly as with my first email. She layed it out step by step and advising me to try another device. My laptop shows so many more options then my cell. Ann-Kristin was so helpful and kind. Thank you again Ann-Kristin!
The set up is clunky and unless you down load the app you cannot access fb messenger without going through a lot of drama.
Since you updated the app it has been giving me problems. It shuts down after a game an erases my winning points which lowers my score! Please fix!
Was playing with family and friends for the last year. Had established high scores and during the covid really brought the distance between fam and friends more together since visiting is out. A change happened 3 days ago and lost all players, was asked to reinstall, platform not the same, totally different. Now forcing me to post on my feed if I want to play, won't allow me to play with the dozens of friends I already know...only can play with strangers. Try 1 more time, then moving on.
I love this game but I can't use the app because all my progress is in Messanger. I'm logged in as myself but it starts like I've never played. If I could resolve this then 5* all the way.
It took me forever to get connected to it..I was on it for 2 yrs.got up to play one day and it was gone..had no idea what happened,then learned the same thing happened to most everyone else..people were telling me how they got reconnected ,but none of these things worked for me,finally I found an app some one suggested...But have to make my own friend list...so not so much...
2/23/21 - OK, these ads are getting longer. At first I could ignore the 10 second ads, but since the last update the ads are now at least 25 seconds long. If I cannot get a paid, ad free version of this app, then I'll be deleting it & recommend to my friends that they do the same. 1/18/21 It would be great if there were a paid version of this app so that I could get rid of the ads. That's what keeps it from a higher rating.
Uneven scoring and trophies not awarded! I've been playing for about 6 weeks, and it started out fun and was addictive. Lately, I'll lose in the League and lose 5-8 trophies but when I win usually get 2-4?? Also, several games I had far more words AND they were much longer, but the other person WON? WTH? Like nonsense word "Zee" and "Zees" was worth more than my "Sleepy?" It recognizes non-words over ACTUAL words. When I win against friends, no trophies given. Bummer. Was fun while it lasted.
Where are my friends!!!🀬 I play this game with my FB friends. Recently, it won't load on FB. So I downloaded from the playstore. I connected to FB so I should see all my friends, should have maintained my RANK, but instead it's starting me off like it's my time with a tutorial!!! You should have a negative scale for reviews!
I very much like this game before.this was great but then suddenly after a month been playing..i cannot open it..always loading and the apps say it was an internet connection. But i believe it was'nt because of all games this was the only one i can't play now
I love this game! It makes you think fast! I have learned a lot of new words, though I don't know what they all mean. It's a very fast game. I enjoy playing against others I don't even know! It's word search on speed, however, I recently have been playing against someone, and every time I play against her, it only shows the words I found, not her words, or both of our scores and I never know if I won against her or not. It's no fun playing solo.
Playing WB gives me JOY. However, it couldn't load via Messenger anymore because a prompt is telling me "Cannot Play Game with Platform Access Disabled. You disabled access to apps, games & websites on Facebook in your app settings. You must renable access before you can play games on Facebook. I didn't do it. How come this happened to my game? I need HELP!
Would have given it 5 stars if it didn't keep stopping, its just happened these last couple of weeks, so frustrating
Best game ever got to have my fix daily.addicting for sure.damn u word blitz.i has to have u.........and still is #1 fav. Game to play.
Game keeps on hanging at log-on screen. I cant access the main screen recently. It registere as "please check your Internet connection" when my connection is indeed fast and stable. It sucks. However, if i try to connect with mobile data, the game seems to operate well. How do you fix this wifi connection issue since our home wifi is indeed very fast and stable, but unfortunately that is the problematic connection with this app and even in FB. What a waste of data.