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Woody Dice Merge Puzzle

Woody Dice Merge Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Athena Studio located at Creative Tower Fujairah City United Arab Emirates. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
GOOD BRAIN GAME This game is fun and keeps you thinking the whole time! You never know what games are gonna be like until you try it! Can't stop playing and now I'm hooked! Try it, trust me it won't disappoint! FUN, FUN, FUN...
App keeps crashing when game runs into a problem. There also needs to be a button for quitting and starting a new game when you run out of space. A hint popup would be nice for.beginners which can be turned off for experts. Sound effects are very primitive and I prefer to run it on mute mode.
Omg I am so addicted to this game. I paid to get rid of the advertisements, But even if I wouldn't have, there aren't nearly as many adds as people are complaining about. I'm actually losing sleep because I lay in bed at night trying to figure out how to hit 10,000. For those who are complaining about how it's played and the rules, you just suck at the game. Get over it. For those who have problems with it freezing, the problem is on your end. Change your settings on your tablet or phone.
Awesome. It's challenging, but it's a fun challenge!! Your mind is always searching for the best route, the best way to go to win! You're always looking for putting the most matches together! Don't pass on this one!
Its a challenging board, I just wish there were more squares, the board isn't big enough. Its sort of like the 2 player game where you make blocks against your opponent and whoever connects the most squares or blocks with their inititials..wins.
Enjoy this game lots. Different and challenging. I looked for. "how to play or instructions or a totourial? I'll figure it out as I go along. Great game thanks.
Really easy and yet exceptionally challenging. Nice graphics and comforting if you need something to occupy a busy mind. Good work guys.
Fun strategy game. I give it 3 stars because I wish that there was an undo button so you can undo your previous move. So I suggest adding a undo button because sometimes I accidentally place a move somewhere on accident.
Great game. Stays on pause without closing you out. EASY to figure out without instructions. That's why it's called a brain game.
Too many adverts adverts before you begin a game & directly after is way too many pester power doesn't work on most people & is bloody annoying
I love this game. I really really do. However, it is seizure inducing. The little reward circle, flashes periodically, cinstantly. After each turn. And there's no way to stop it. it causes migraines, and seizures. There should be a warning label. Fix that and I'll be back.
It's very addicting!!!! Just when you think you've gone as far as you can, the next move makes all the difference!!!!! Highly recommend this game for all you puzzle fanatics.
I love this game when I start playing it hard to stop great for sharpening your mind you do have to concentrate but its amazing
I'm really enjoying this game. Still working on my strategy to keep beating my score. I think there is more to the game than meets the eye at first. I've only played 2 or 3 games so far.
Great game I never played it before untill now lol but I can not stop playing this game it's a real thinkers game even when you think about your next move it may or may not be right you have to play it your self to see what I mean but i give it a 10 + game really a great game to play
Very fun and different. Stands apart from other " wood block " activities. The ability to rotate the dice prior to placement helps prolong the game instead of just being stuck with the position of the ' dice pair ' add they are dealt.
Cute fun little game. Wish there were options for a larger grid or different power ups. Quickly becomes repatitve
I love this game, it is very addictive. But I wish there was some challenges to do, or have some puzzles to complete. Then it would make it more fun to play.
The game is fun and quite colorful but I could not find an explanation of how to play or the reasons for it. At least, tell us the direct instructions on how to play!
Its fun and can distract you for quite awhile. Bad part is when ads play they sometimes replay or you hit the x and you have to do it a few times to get to the game. but I really like the game
Ads at the start are horridly long and freeze half the time. You have to watch not (1) but (2) 30 second ads just to get the game to load and the second one freezes half the time causing you to restart the game and watch an additional (2) 30 second ads where you hope none of these ads freeze. I've had to watch (6) yes (6) 30 second commercials just to get the game to load. Bye.
Great fun and addictive. There are hardley any ads so no interruptions. It takes your mind off your daily stress
I like this peaceful merge puzzle game. No internet required. No time limits. It's relaxing but challenging.
I was so tired of playing mindless games! Love, love, love this! Fun, thoughtful, strategic, fantastic!!
I'm now in with the top players so it tells me so very pleased a great game I've said it earlier get this game you will love it will really test your skill len William's
Really dig this game! Good time killer. Not too many ads, which is GREAT! Only wish there was a way to go back to a previous move, if you need to correct a misplaced move.
This game is a lot harder than it looks, I'm sure there's a trick to it,but I haven't mastered it yet, only 1195 so far.
It is a fun and challenging game. I will continue playing it but I think that you should be allowed to move the dice once you get them up in the grid box.
Love this game. Very addictive and very challenging. The only thing I don't like about it how it sometimes gives u blocks that can no way be used in any manner therefore forcing you to end the game. Otherwise it's a great game.
It's hard to enjoy playing when you know your being cheated and it's so freakn obvious that it pisses me off so im uninstalling the app and looking for another merge puzzle that's fair. Thanks anyway
Once i installed..game on and now i cannot stop playing. It's a little tricky and u have to paid attention on how u place ur dice but overall..I enjoy playing.
I don't understand it. No matter how many times you go at it I never know if I won or not. I looked on YouTube for how to play it but nothing was shown.
Not the game advertised. The ad showed dice advancing upward as you match. This is just your basic diced merge. I greatly dislike false advertisement. UNINSTALLED right away.
Really like this game. Its challenging enough to keep you wanting to play but not too hard that its no fun. Im addicted to this game already, very hard to put down.👍
I really enjoy the game, and don't mind viewing some ads, but some Google Play's ads are made so that I can hardly get out of them. They flash back and forth between the game and the download page. I have to turn the game off, and come back. Usually, I delete games with these ads, but most of the ads are okay. Other than that, I really enjoy playing this game. It's a fun challenge. Thank you!
This is a great game of logic! It's relaxing and addictive and I love that you don't have to be tempted to purchase gems, boosters or coins in order to advance to the next level! It does have ads, but only a video at the end of each level. And the banners don't bother me. However, you can purchase to remove the ads. Love it...totally recommend it.
Love it...it's a game where you are required to think. Also like the fact that there's no "effects" balloons popping.. fireworks exploding!!!
If you have a bit of time to kill you be happy play this game, ads a a bit of a bad after each up pops the ad if you do not mind the ads well this game is the one to down load.
With disappointment I am un installing this game, it's got to a point that when I open the game an ad starts which is fine but theres a bug that at the end of the ad the game wont start it's just a black screen. After restarting the game several times and watching the advertisement start and end and crash- eventually you get to play the game.
It is a fun game and easy to play while time passes on. But it gets stuck on commercials, you press the X and it'll go right back to commercial...several times, then it will freeze up or turn itself off!
Utterly challenging, keeps me on my toes. Strategies are needed ,and at times very frustrating, but l love this.
It's an incredible game of dice , skillful is a must . If you are not skillful you will be at the end of this game . BUT way too many ads.
It makes no sense...there are no instructions. I mean, I GET IT, but soon the board it full, there are no more moves, but it keep gi into you more dice to play with...????????????
I'm giving it 3 stars because your game has problems. It freezes up. When I try to move dice sometimes it won't put it where I want it to go and it lags. I love playing it. But needs to be fixed
Love the game but... you know... the ads are one thing to wait for but the sound with them is aggravating
The game is harder than it looks at first glance. With that being said, it's great fun. I just wish there was an option to exchange the dice in play for the ones on deck..
Really like it. It challenges me. The first time I played it without really paying attention. I thought my first score was minimal. It wasn't, just dumb luck. I kept playing to try to beat my original score. It took me awhile but I finally beat it. I like the challenge of trying to get a higher score.
Curiously addictive, and I have to say, after having a few mini strokes and one not so mini one, it's really helping me sharpwn my thinking.
The game keeps freezing up, and ends the game. Tried restarting my phone to see if that would work and it didn't. Love the game though.
Awesome game!!!! Great for young people and adults!!! Can be a challenge depends on their age and if they don't give up what grade level they are in!! And for adults with deminta to help with regrowing new brain celcells that have died out I am going through the process also!!! And I can tell you this if you do this everyday you will see a difference and so will your family!! And it depends how long you have had it may determine the final outcome!! But so far I am glad!!!
Fun. But when you finally run out of spots it takes you back to the beginning instead of moving forward on levels. That is the only reason it did not receive 5 stars. Update This is a great game now please make the tutorial great as well Most of it is fairly simple but the questions I need answered would probably be answrref in a better tutorial.
There's nothing random about this game it's a stupid reg game you win win at want you to win and that's the only time when you need a 5 and I'll give you every other number but that 5 and tell All the squares filled up I do not recommend this game it's a waste of time