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Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by головоломка world studio. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One star, because I have no freaking idea how to play or what I'm supposed to do and I can't find anywhere to look such a thing up
I love your game but... just make it a bit harder please. Ive been playing this game for a while now and its to easy so please make my request come true and that would be the best. X from Ralph X
this game is super enjoyable!😄 the inly issue i have is that there are a little to much ads. otherwise, i love this game😊
Its a nice relaxing game. Though its a very simple game, there should be some simple instructions on how progress.
Love the game, you could add 3 chances per game to swap blocks or 3 chances per game to rotate blocks. Still very happy to play & kick tush.
Word Block Puzzle is quite hard but exciting! I would definitely encourage my friends to play Word Block Puzzle.
This game is really easy to play, i find it really calming playing this. Definetly worth a five star rating!
I love this game but $4.99 to get rid of the incrediable amount of ads is insane. Come on people, not all of us have extra money. Mtimes are really tight. How about eliminating ads till the virus is subsided. Other than that I truly love playing this game.
I have had smooth gameplay and a fun challenge throughout my experience with this app. I don't mind the ads either (despite there being quite a few), they're always easy to exit. All around a pleasant game :)
I really like this game but sometimes it has bugs and it has a lot of adds in it but I like the game 🙂😔
The game is good and relaxing and also good for our brain but there are so many ads I think the owner of this game do something for ads but the game is really good the sound of this game is amazing. I really like them. 😍. Thank u for reserve our problem and do work of our problem Thank u so much 😍
Highly addictive, great game play but the adds are a joke. Adds last far to long, are far to frequent too. Its more of an advertising site than a game! Uninstalled after 15 minutes, got sick of putting my phone down for the adds to finish!
I loved this game, played it almost daily. Unfortunately, the latest update completely changed the game and I no longer enjoy it. If it remains the same I will be uninstalling.
very addictive, the only thing is I with you could turn the shapes to a different angle. I keep paying over and over trying to beat my high score!
I enjoy doing this game's as it keeps my rains working.all the time.thankyou.regards Warren patterson.
This looks like a fun game l ve been getting really bozrd with someof the games. But with the stay at home rage going on my days are a mombo jumbo of game after game after game but so be it...... l do like playing games keeps the mind moving. At times l really do lose myself in them. Thanks for keeping me busy. FROM ME.
Love this game! Been playing it for a couple of years. I love that it is not a high adrenaline game. I like playing something I can pause and continue later, and that doesn't have a timer :)
I Love the blocks in the game. And i don't know i love the whole game . You make the game very carefully thats why the game is a topper do you know this game is my fav love it "THANKS"☺☺ lllllllloooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee iiiiiiiitttttttt
love this game. keeps the mind active. the ads were annoying but into second day they have gone....for now. Adds came back sadly. But o well
Was good until update. The update wiped my high score and the game has now become so easy its pointless. No T shapes, no L shapes.
They remove the circle block destroyer!! I used to be able to reach a score of 5000 with that circle thing help. Now I can only get a 1,000 score on a good day. Please bring it back!!! It was what made this game so special & unique.
Oh this is soo fun and challenging ,it is like so addicting and fun and i play it where ever i go and the cool thing is that you can play it without wifi ,like at the bus stop or train station ,or even play it in the toilet at wallmart but overall it is so fun!!
it is very entertaining and satisfying as well but i gave it a 4 because of the Ads that always comes up
It was a fun little puzzle, good for challenging yourself. And then the designers decided to upgrade it and make it next to impossible to get any kind of a decent score and it became the worst puzzle ever. After I'm sure what was a zillion complaints, they changed it back, complete with our old high scores. So thank you designers for putting it back to being a nice little puzzle again. You have my approval!
I simply love Woody. Lock puzzles and to break my own scre gives me a real trill of excitement it's just brilliant
Don't update to 4.4. They erase the block destroyer, or whatever that is, so you can't destroy the block when you have that full cirlce kind of thing. Its hard to get 300 points. Before update I was able to make it to 3000. Damn!
The game doesn't allow you get into it. Basically every 3 games each games is 10 seconds long. You will see a casino ad. If the point is to play brain game. This games only frustrated my brain. Not worth it. Uninstall it.
This is very great for children my daughter Joselyn play this more i think it was really really awsome for my kids tysm for making this app thank you!!!!
The ads are so long and waste our time a lot because they keep popping up once in every 2 to 3 mts. And man! They are the same ads everytime. Playtime is less and ad watching time is more. I am giving one star and uninstalling.
fun but a pain. the program would intentionally give you blocks that will not fit. for example, i was stuck and was given 2 huge blocks along with the zig zag piece. I was only able to use 1 of those pieces and lost. I have been playing for 3 years or so and it happens often
It's a very nice app and if one time you will start to play it is very hard to leave in between . It also a favourite game of my mother, she use to play it the whole day and she actually enjoys. I only wanna say that if you are the person in your house and you just want to just paas your time so download this app and then you will see that you also don't want to leave the game. Very interesting game thanks for making this type of game which makes us feel calm and just forget our stress 😊😊
Tell me one you have uploaded this beautiful game toh advertise others gane or uploaded it for our enjoyment i am fed up of skipping ads when my mobile data is on
Very enjoyable the challenge is you how far you can go and no pressure just fun and so far no ads i highly recommend this game
The game is not so interesting as it should be,just only because of irritating frequent advertisement on every chance. This is too irritating watching unnecessary advertisement in between of game.
I've had this game for ages and its awesome! Every time I get a knew phone I download this game! 😂 The only reason its 4 and not 5 stars is that they keep updating and changing the set out. I dont really mind which they use (because all the versions are a lot of fun) but could you please stick with one instead of changing it every second day?
it's really fun and you can play it when you're bored and it helps with puzzle solving skills. and even not too many ads! it's a great game
I played constantly, but since you took away the ability to rotate the new piece, I have gone back to my colorful block puzzle. That was the only feature that was unique about your game.
It's ok. Pretty annoying when you build up a top score of nearly 4000 and the game updates, I lose that score and the rotating the shape thing is no more.
when you are somewhere an need something to occupy your time this puzzle hits the spot. even the little adds dont distract you. just want to get to work on solving an scoring on the puzzles and its addicting to.
I love this game it is very addicting and i like how when the block you have to put down only has one spot it can be placed it lights up in yellow.
It's really good & amazing thing for looking some ones brain and it's amazing amazing......... I think the best way to get our brain back . The comments for this reason is so nice my instagram @alona.7080 please comment me share like and follow plzz and download this app please.
The game is really good and relaxing but it is just really really unfair that we have to start all over after our achievements,that will make people hate the game and not want to play anymore. It just like all Hope are gone pls fix it I only watched an AD twice and I can't watch again to save myself
good app. I've been playing it for a while. Good way to make time to by. Only one issue: this app doesn't let you play music which is the only negative in my opinion. Everything else, awesome.
Overnight the game has changed. The tiles are now smaller so there are more tiles per line but the worst part is my top score has gone!! Visually, the bigger tiles were easy for me to see, the smaller tiles have made it harder for me to play the game. There's no option to change tiles, after reaching 200, like there was before. This was a game I loved but I really don't like the updated version.
I gave four stars because of the advertisement gave middle of the game i dont like that. If there is no advertisement I'll give five stars
played this game for ages...absolutely loved it but now the whole format has changed and it's awful! whoever came up with the idea replace it with a completely different game needs a serious word with themselves! IF IT ISN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!
I liked the game much better when you could watch an ad for another turn. also it is designed now to where you cant get past your high score
I have loved this app for years but not until I have updated it recently. There's always an ad popping out even if I'm playing offline.
Wonderful game. it is not at all horrible like the other people say. i recommend you to install it but please make the blocks rotate and i wish that you will listen and update this game
Well i cant win but i have a highscore of 515 but i guess this game doesn't have levels but its still fun
Great concentration game. Shame the continue option was removed with the update. would be good to have an undo last move option
This is nice game because any one play like girls,boy, women and men. when we have to do mind fresh that we can play game.thank you for making nice game
This WAS a wonderfully challenging game until they updated it. My highest score previously was over 4000. My sister had one game over 6000. Previously, up until you reached around 2000, it was a game of skill and then they gave you more interesting pieces to help reach higher scores. Since the update, reaching 1000 is extremely difficult and it has taken all of the fun out of the game. I haven't uninstalled it yet,but it's coming.
Great Time Waster! I play this while waiting in line as a great brain teaser. I defiantly recommend this to all ages. However the ads can be frustrating.
It is very very very good because kids use this game and learn new thing so my father is playing this game at night and playing for 2 to 3 hours because my father really like this game but l don,t like this game but because you are saying so why you rate this game 5 starts 🌟 but why so because one day my father is playing this game at night and l come and say papa why are you using phone at night so my father ignore my thing and say rate this game 5 start and l say ok so that,s my story
The game makes one think; but it is completely under your control. At any time you can offer up a series that will destroy a person. Then one plays it even though they hate it just to try to do better. Sadistic!
The game was fun but after a while adds started popping up and i could not get out of them exept by exiting the whole app and re entiring. it was anoying so i had no choice except to unistall this game.
Nice game 👍👍👊👌 But a little hard😵🤯 😫🥵🥶😑🤥 I like this game a lot and my family plays it too , I have told so many friends about it , and they had played it too. 💗💓💞💕💖💯🧠. It is mind collapsing game 🧠. Even my small sisters and brothers and cousins also like to play it . Especially Even my grandmother likes to play . And she plays awesome 👍. Whoever has found this game is a genius and a huge salute to the service .thank yoouso much .good luck and find more game like this 💯💓
This is good for brain. And a very good time killer but there are too many adds. After one round there's a add in between, pls work on that, else the game is very good......
Stay away from this game!!! What the developer has it set To do is; in the beginning of a good game play will suddenly stop, a message shows " continue??" with a 5 second clock counting down. SO you hit the button to continue play a nd it gives you an ad. Then, you click the X to get out of the ad (after having to sit through a 30 second ad) and when you click to get out of the ad you get a message saying GAME OVER!!!. You lose whatever score you had. This very annoying feature comes up very
not bad...i enjoy the game. but too much ads, sometimes it gets so annoying....dt shud be fixed pls.thumbs up..
It is kinda iq test but there is ad after every thing take to less storage and it takes less ram you can play anywhere anytime because you don't need internet for it
Great and awsome game I play it in my free time . It is hard but exciting. The only thing is that please try to remove the ad which will make the game more exciting. 👍.Thank you ☺
A good and positively addictive solo game. Enjoying it a lot. Two suggestions: 1. the system of scoring should be available for user's reference. 2. For moves when the field gets fully cleared, the points should be raised to the count of the no. of pieces cleared in such moves.
I guess I play the game so much that it pretty much forced me to give a review. This is my excercise my mind game. It has ads in between but they aren't allowing.
This game is so good because it helps you to find were should you put it no ads great fun game for my kids 😉 😀 😄 👍 😁 😜 😉 😀 😄 👍 😁 😜 😉 😀 😄 to this game there's 40 seconds ads for me
This app although good but there are ads everywhere which is making it worse. In starting I was ok with it but now its so annoying but I still did not deleted it as I think that You guys will improve it. I didnt choose the above games because of this games.
theres so many adds that pop up and cover the whole screen! and the add doesnt fit on it so I cant even close it!!! I have to constantly close the app over and over and over again and its anoying please fix it!!!
Was surprised by the change initially (bigger block puzzle layout) but adjusted and really like it better. Now it's back to the small format again. Why not have an option for both?
I love this game it is so fun it is so smooth and it also works offline i mean how cool is that other people are complaining about the ads but you could just turn your wifi off and BAMM no ads whatsoever you lnow sometimes you got to think of your own ways I ❤ this app
But too many ads!!!! Even if when I play offline / no WiFi / no data, still have Ads!!!!!! Please remove that ADS!!!!!!!! IT'S REALLY ANNOYING!!!!
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