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Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fast Fun located at Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Addictive game, very few ads which is always a good thing. If you like this sort of game then this is 1 of the best I've come across..... yet.....
I did enjoy the game and then I reached over 200,000 BUT it still says my high score is only 67610 so why should I even bother playing is it just stuck on that score completely disappointed.
There are no glitches, it is fast, and ....... I'm not bored! I'm awake and I'm going to delete my other blocks games! Send me some similar games to try out. Thank you!🤗😎
Love this game and the challenge to fit the blocks together, wish I could turn them round sometimes though.
I love the game, but I refuse to pay for a no ads version & the endless Matchington Mansion ads are highly offensive. Until unsuitable games & their ads are not allowed, I will uninstall this really good game. Sad.
This game is very nice i love it . You never get out and there are no ads in it 😘👍 for this game.
Great fun and sometimes frustrating in a good way, hoping the correct shape comes your way when your grid is nearly full. I spend hours on this without realising. Superb game. Thanks
I just started playing and so far really enjoy the game. I like that they have different pieces than just the standard shapes found in most games. Background is uncluttered and not distracting. Off to a great start.
Love this game, keeps your mind going pretty good. You want to keep competing with yourself for a higher score.
So far so good! Very clean clear appearance and unobtrusive ads. The inability to manipulate the blocks adds challenge.
It's a challenge it gives the brain a workout, lol It keeps you engrossed and thinking about that next move I really like it, easy to use, no interruptions, it's a good game Thank you for a great game
This game was enjoyable until an advertising panel appeared at the bottom of the screen, and the playing grid became smaller. I realise that advertising pays for these games, but should be between games, not across the screen while you are playing, and changing the whole layout. Uninstalling today!
I enjoy spatial & thought provoking games like this. Keeps me thinking & analyzing where the next piece will complete a row.
Great game with very few permissions! Kind of like Tetris only you place the various pieces at your own speed. I love it! OnePlus 8 Pro
it's so incredible and feels someone that he must solve it to have a big score and if he failed it . He must try it again.💜💜💜
Great game! Very relaxing; especially when I choose to play with the volume up to hear the nature sounds. Sometimes I get lost in this game. I also love the challenge of the "bomb" option. After several months of trying, I finally hit over 30,000 points today on the "classic." Yipeeee!!!
It's a good game but has a huge fault. I've now accidentally tapped/deleted my games running score 5 times because of the position of the restart arrow on top RHS of screen. PLEASE fix this asap.
I've played something similar so I knew I would enjoy this game. Would have given it 5 stars but there isn't a flip facility. Also cant find the rules
The game is really good you play and get some points,you never get bored and the are only few adds so yeah love it
The game is great without ads and they give you more of the single blocks in the game. You can just keep playing for a long period of time and feel relaxed.
I like how the game challenges my spacial thinking. There are a bunch of ads but it is a free game and use the add as a reminder to look up and rest my eyes. Definitely recommend.
Love the quickness of the appearance of new puzzle pieces so you can plan your placement and increase your speed. My preteen grandkids will love this.
It's the best game ever made 😁 it's relaxing and claiming 🙏 I love how my score goes up alot right now I'm at 15,000 dowland this game and ur trouble will leave an u can think about ur troubles and solve them.
Absolutely love this game - it's extremely addictive though. I'm constantly playing,and trying to beat my own high score. Definitely recommend 👌
Enjoyable pass the time game. Well presented and easy on the eye. Love the birdies, thought I''d left the window open. Other than ads being rather intrusive, very good. Will keep installed.o
Love this one. Would like if it had rotation or a box to put one piece that cant be used or that you want to save for later.
Just downloaded this game to help me relax because I couldn't sleep one night and as I be gdx an playing it and loved it. Definitely did more than expected. It helped me to relax.
I think this game just keeps you always thinking what's your next move will be. So I'm 70 yrs old and it makes me have to decide and think. It keeps my mind healthy.
I just installed this game today and so far I think it's a great game. There are ads they don't interfere with gameplay.
I reallyblove this app. As you use a shape another one comes up right away. You are able to plan out your placement better.
VERY well-designed, lovely graphics, works very smoothly. It's also waaaay to easy to get going & not come up for air during a "quick break". And doesn't seem be over-run with ads so far, either! ° It does seem like as I fill more of the frame, ONLY larger blocks are offered, when large & small seemed evenly mixed at the beginning. ° I'd also love to see a version that is like a daily challenge, with some blocks already in place randomly. I look forward to seeing more of your skills!👍
An adrenaline rush after a long day when I want to reward myself in being in control, call all the shots, like a frank sinatra, doing it my way :)) & having fun quick fast and in a hurry,. In this quick fast attempt, I have a goal in hopes of winning and believe I can beat my last attempt or try it two or three more X's :)) I just love this game before I lay me down and go to sleep!!
This one is nice. Just that-nice :) I mean I usually don't leave revews, but the game asked me really nicely "do you mind leaving us a nice review? It really helps!" Also, when I lose it's like "Ouch! No more moves! Try harder next time!". I mean it's fun too, and there's the bomb mode for an extra challenge, but it's especially nice ;)
This wood puzzle is fun to play and it is challenging as well. I like that you keep going until no other moves are possible. No ads to watch during play time. This is a big plus! Love this game!
Its like a slot machine. You only win when they allow it. Its still entertaining, but after awhile you'll figure out that the blocks arent so random, and it was already pre-determined how far you were going to go.
Ok, to many 'not random' blocks that don't fit. A limited use rotate feature would take this game from 'meh' to very good.
Extraordinary! In a world full of games that will cost you money to flip a piece, this game is a breath of fresh air. Simple, calming, easy, extremely enjoyable. I absolutely love it. Well done to the developers. Keep up the good work!
I love it, most other games seem to do anything BUT give you pieces or shapes you need, rather they seem to be quick to give you anything but what you need & this game is the total opposite!!!!
everytime I get to over a hundred thousand points the whole screen goes blank and dumps my score I really like this game but it's awful frustrating to have that happen thank you
Love the different shapes and another rotating in after one is placed. I find blocks challenging and fun.
This is a good , relaxing app. If you have no mental problems I guarantee you'll enjoy kicking back for a few minutes with a coffee or beer while you stretch your mind muscles... . that's what I heard anyways. I like it either way
I love this game no BS about you can win money it's a good game it's kind of like Tetris but yeah if you're not looking to supposedly win money and you just want to gain that's fun this is the game for you if you like things like Tetris cuz it's kind of like Tetris but yeah I give it a five stars
Game play is too short. It seems to have been designed to make the user fail too early. And saying that the user lost at the end of the game when there is actually no way to "win" is pretty lame. The forced ads at the end of every single short game is also pretty annoying. The only way to avoid this is closing out the app and reopening (also annoying). The functionality of the game, aside from forcing early loss, is actually pretty good. It's a shame that the annoying features outweigh the good.
I like that there is a good balance between games and advertising. I'm the past I have uninstalled many games because of too much advertising. Thank you for a good experience and I will keep playing and occasionally click on your advert links to do my part.
This game wood block puzzle is soooo coooool. I play it the basic way and I innovated to play it with a flick-it technique. I also played it with a circle twisted place where you want it style too.
Gets you thinking, increases your ability to react fast and passes the time ... much more enjoyable than a jig-saw puzzle.
wood block becomes challenging with each shape that appears. this game is very addictive play it and see for yourself
Huge. couldnt play because pieces are humogous,and I cant see well lol. hate the ouline ehen moving pieces and its just unpleasant to look at. sorry it got to go
This game is awesome.. very little interruption from ads and it truly challenges your thinking abilities to solve it.. it keeps going until you can't fit a block... Oops shame on me 😁🤣😂😁.. got to get back to the gat
It can be challenging or it can be relaxing. Depends on your own rate of action. My one drawback, like other wood blocks, it uses a lot of battery. But as a game I rate it a 5.
I wish that I could give this game a minus 5000 score. This POS app will, with no warning, flash, then display very briefly, a message that states "GAME OVER, NO VALID MOVES". The hell of it is; there are ALWAYS VALID MOVES REMAINING. This developer has got to be one sick puppy to program his game to assure that no record setting scores will be ever achieved.
Awesome game. I just downloaded it & I have been playing it for about an hour none stop. I stopped when the rate me ad came up. LOL. Awesome.
Wood Block Puzzle is super fun. Place incoming wood blocks in the best places on the grid to fill a full row or column which will then disappear to create new empty places on the grid.
I found this game to be relaxing for me, which I appreciate. I like to see if I can get the block in to fill the line up for it can vanish for more puzzles.
I turned off the sound first time I played. Perfect. Opened it again, sound still crossed off but keep hearing birds. I like my own music. Not on the game!
It is a nice game no ads and you can reach a very good high score. Please install the game and write a review about this game it helps a lot people how nice the game is.
It's a fun game I love puzzles it's almost like Tetris except difference I love it. It helps the time go by.
Excellent game and It even encourages brain memory so its a win win plus its a challenging fun game you don't need a signal to use. And its even got extra games every so often that are awesome like the one one one race. Cool game try It out n call me a liar. Wont
I really love this game, it is addicting in a good way, i have not had any problems, i am loving the sounds! Thd doundcare really satisfying and calming :D
Having a lot of fun with it. Love the way it brings out different shapes, and how they fit in somewhere, eventually, and keeps the game moving ahead! Really enjoying it!!
Great block app, much better than others I've tried. Really enjoy playing and love the background relaxation sounds, the first app I've not turned off the music etc
It seems so much cooler. The lines do not light up when complete anymore. The movement has improved, scores seem higher too. I like the New shapes.
I really enjoyed the game and it's second time I play it as only just got a new phone and really enjoyed what I can do on my phone. I have to see what else is available for my liking. I will always put my veiw to you
Like this game. Seemed less programed to cause you lose so it could through an add at you. Could use a bigger board. Worth the download and play.
Wonderful company on the train. Except that you cannot flip the blocks. Every moment on this game is awesome. Always trying to beat my previous scores
Addictive, fun and a thrill when you get to watch the rows fall away, can't put this down, great game
Simple game for those short moments to keep you occupied while waiting for something or someone. The Bomb is fast paced.
Fun game. My only complaint is that I hit what I thought was the "undo last move" icon and got knocked out of a game. That reverse arrow is NOT "undo"! Would be nice to have that feature... I moved too fast and made a mistake.
Love this game. Relaxing bird sounds while you play, however, when you lose a board and an ad is played, it is LOUD! The developers need to have NO sound with the ads (please)!
love the different shapes. but if another finger touches the screen, some other game appears. when you close it, the game you were playing disappears and starts all over
I enjoy this game but am totally fed up with the developers method of cutting off a winning streak. Several times I have had a high total going and then the game would show that stupid " ouch, no valid moves" when actually I had at least one and sometimes more valid moves remaining. I have attempted to take a screenshot but the developer has the software programmed to change the page immediately after ending the game. As stated, I enjoy the game but not some of the built-in "tricks".
Addicting game, favorite blocks game, play it up or down. Easy to maneuver, is my go-to game to relax and unwind, even to focus when I need to clear my mind. Just the ads are sometimes annoying and disruptive.
So much fun! No colors to distract. My new favorite wood block app. . . . . Jan 24, 2020: Been playing for a while. Not so easy once I got a fairly high score. Good! Makes the game even more fun. Still in love. Now more than ever. LOL. Thanks!! . . . . PS: I mainly play offline and haven't had any problems with the gameplay. . . . Nov 4, 2020: Still loving the game. But now I'd like auto rotating blocks in wood color. 😁
I think this game rlly makes you think a lot so there is nothing wrong abt thinking; It is also very relaxing like you take your mind off of things.
I love this game it is so fun, If your like me and you love challenges then this is the best way to test your skills. And it will teach you how to get out of tricky spaces, and teach you how to test your brain in puzzle.
Excellent puzzle for relaxation and calming the mind , w/all thats happening around the world if your looking for that puzzle to have fun and challenge your mind you have the right one to download.
I used to like this game. I don't liked it much now because I am in the middle of a good game scotding 10k + now ad comes up and a new game starts and I had More MOVES to MAKE on THE GAME in progress. WHY ?????? I am mad about this.
Relaxing and soothing If it starts to be a muti player gave then it becomes competitive that can lead to stress...or some people may like the challenge...I enjoy playing the classic just the way it is....
I Really Like The Fact That The "Music" Is Unobtrusive..... Game Is Very Relaxing Especially After Dealing With Very Taxing Days..... Kudo's For A Job Well Done!! 👍👍
I love it. I have to think fast or I feel like I do. It makes me use mu.mind yet it is relaxing to play!!!!!
Love this! Scored over 45,000 on first sitting, then kept falling asleep & made the wrong moves. I can pick it up and lay down. Great rest to my mind for a few moments. Then go back to what stuck me before, my mind is refreshed.
Fun - Challenging - A joyful way to spend some time. Watch your placements cause it throws tiles that don't fit very good. But if you play it right you will get the tiles that will clear the board eventually.
Only bad thing is, halfway thru each game, it opens aotomatically opens up the play store, and the only way to get back to the game is completely close the app and then reopen it. NUSANCE! Also, you could include a way to rotate blocks.
Out of all the games l've experienced, this one is the best..it holds my interest in trying to complete the pattern before I'm unable to make any more moves.
This game causes you to think fast in order to keep up the pace. It is interactive because it has a strategic program that calculates which blocks you have not allowed space. Thus you lose if you do not have the available space for the acquired blocks. Fun!
Loving it so far although I'm not certain if I am just playing a random game or are there levels? Is the goal to simply beat my high score? Other than that, this game is quite addicting and can be challenging. I love it!!
Great game, cannot stop playing. Both challenging and exciting. I would recommend it for anyone that enjoys a challenge.
hard to put down, i appreciate the game keeping my score on going , since i work third shift . allows you to keep raising it higher. making it your own competition.
I like that there are always 3 tiles to work with. This distinguishes you from the rest. Why not have more tiles to work with.
Love this game , its addictive , no ads and no in app purchases , pure pleasure , shame there isn't more like this. Great job guys 5*****
this is a really good game. just challenging enough where i don't lose my cool if i don't win. sometimes its just not fun to get tense over a game!
I am getting better. It's not just the # of blocks but the way the shapes face up, down, either side. It almost seems the game anticipates your next move and helps by giving at least one works le helper.
THIS GAME IS WAY TO ADDICTIVE. I love it!!! My mom had this game on her phone. I would always play it I never really got to play it to long because my phone needed her phone so she could play lol.😆😆
This one is really good. You can pick which ones to use and save pieces for later. See how long you can keep it going! I like it.
Excellent game ideal for time pass. The best part is that you can continue to play the same game even for days.
This game is lots of fun. I love the way the blocks show up. It gives you time too figure out Your next move
It stimulates the brain, gives you a chance to laugh at your errors and yes it helps you go back in time and find your wrong moves and great choices. Fun, silly, frustrating. Good all around
It was a little fast, but I think that was just me. I liked the fact that everytime you use a block, another one appears so you don`t have to wait. owo.
Fun and very good relaxing game to chill at the end of the day. The adds are bearable and not intrusive, just perfect.
Great game! Really makes a person put their mind to work, which is good. Love the challenge of it. Really fun! 💜
Makes my brain really think. Alot of fun. Very fun to play. Makes your brain really sore to think that hard and do the right move.
This is a very enjoyable word game. Like most games, the levels start easier and gradually get harder and more intense. Recommended!
I love this game I go to it when im bored and theres hardly any ads,but it can be frustrating, but its FREE
Simple design, few commercials and an interesting way to pass time. It's addictive and hard to put down!
Don't let children play! I've enjoyed this game for months. It is a simple non violent game and you play against your own high score. BUT, today, an ad popped up showing an animated maid vacuuming and a man was pressed up behind her, fondling her breasts! As if that wasn't bad enough, up comes the animated wife, pregnant, looking horrified. Two options are presented. 1. Divorce him 2. Join them This is beyond the pale! I'm a middle aged woman and I was shocked! Don't download!
the game was ok. I got an ad, ok. but the when it went back to my game it took me back to zero. I uninstalled it.
What appears a simple game soon becomes addictive. Tha ads are there but not intrusively. Very relaxing.
For something fun and quick when your just sitting around, this game is awesome (in the bomb version for Adults and older kids though and the other version is good for younger kids.) I gave 4 stars, but if the bombs came in faster and maybe get in situations where you had more Multiples of Bombs at once then I would have definitely given this game 5 Stars! Regardless, it's a good game!
This game is fun, but addictive. You could start a game and think your only going to play a short time, after an hour😊😊.
I am enjoying this new (to me)game I just installed. Bored with solitaire and the wordscapes words are too repititious.
I love the birds and other sound effects It isn't complicated I do have to think though. It's relaxing!
I enjoyed this game. I was able to go for quite awhile before it ended. I liked that I could choose new blocks as I played rather than having to play all before getting the next set. Very well thought out. Thank you.
I love to play this block puzzle, because there is no timer. The special feature of this game is the next piece appears as soon as there are less than 3 pieces to choose from, which is awesome!
Hi I just wanted to say this game is awesome. It helps me relax when my phone gives me problems or when I'm stressed all I think you guys need to put a place where someone can change the music to some more relaxing music and some place to change the background colour but this game is awesome 👌 I recommend it 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ please download it
Yes it's less annoying than other wood block puzzles and I've had no adverts yet. One less star because it doesn't have a control to turn off all the sound.
Different from a number of other similar wooden block games. The bomb option provides an extra challenge. The pieces to choose from appear quickly which pushes me to make a move quickly. Overall I have been very much enjoying this game.
Love the game but gave it 4 stars because I turned the sound off so I don't want to disturb people around me but every commercial after the game comes on with sound.
Love the game. Don't like the pop up ads. Game is a challenge. Love the challenge once you played three or four days. Each move has an affect on the net puzzle piece.
It lets me see if I can get a great way to end with best moves by my choices. And I get to choose the games and not be forced to another type.And with all the time we have to go through this game keeps your minds eye busy.
Theyre not joking it plays faster than most any other game I've played in a long time it makes for high scoring games. Most of all it's really a fun game to play I've only been playing the game starting today. Its a wild play. And it still is great there are a couple of ads but all in all its livable and still fast! Its a go game in that you can play it on the go as you move. Not tied to the net so to speak!
The game itself is fine. My problem is the inability to turn off the sound from the adverts, meaning I cannot play the game quietly without turning the phone's sound down/off, or plugging in headphones, or trying to find the advert's speaker icon (usually hard to spot) once the noise has already started. At the end of one recent game, for example I, and everyone around me, was treated to a woman screaming at very high volume. Not acceptable.
Ok this is honestly a good game like good like good good and it doesn't have any problems that I can not like. And it just calms me down. There isn't that many adds I guess but I just love how soothing it is.it so fun and ya I guess that all I have to say about it. And a highly recommend it!
This is a simple, fun and relaxing game. Yes, there's ads, but they are at the bottom of the screen and don't interfere with gameplay. There are also five-second ads between plays, but not a big deal. Great time waster when you've nothing to do...or don't feel like doing anything! Trying to beat my top score of 85,560!
Fun, easy to pick up & put down (that sounds like faint praise but it's great for someone who uses a game to kill time while waiting in lines, office waiting rooms, or during phone calls with boring relatives 😁)
fun game and improved version of puzzles , i like that i can listen to music and play it at the same time
It just stops suddenly and clears the screen to zero, even when there are more moves. No real bennies or rewards. It's not very dynamic.
Total shite game play with ads right across the play space. The game is brill and almost addictive. The experience of playing is shite
It lets me see if I can get a great way to end with best moves by my choices. And I get to choose the games and not be forced to another type.And with all the time we have to go through this game keeps your minds eye busy. Some sites limits your imagination like the color by numbers. All the colors have been preselected for you. Art is suppose to stimulate the imagination.
I really enjoy the game but have trouble getting the pieces to move. It's. like they don't feel my touch and then it goes to an ad. When I backstroke it goes back to the game but this can happen 5 or 6 times a game. I would rate you higher if I could play a full game at one time.
I luv this game! Very easy to play yet challenging as well. I have not had a single problem! Download it..you'll luv it too 💘
disappointed... loved being challenged by the old version. got kinda addicted to getting a high score! I like the new shapes, but the new rules and other aspects have taken all of the fun and challenge out of it. it's now too easy! other versions out there similar to the pre change that I might install instead...
The game itself is very enjoyable, but very aggressive ads are constantly interrupting the game, opening several tabs in Google Chrome causing it to crash. I've uninstalled it.
Nice playing and can keep one buddy. You have to start playing when you don't have any appointment. Thanks
Enjoyed the experience, plenty of chances to score in the higher levels without interruptions.Easy to concentrate on the game
Great game for those of us who like to strategize, need to work on slowing down our thoughts to be able to pay attention to detail. The more you do it and practice, the better we are able to be. Have fun playing this very addictive game.
A reasonable challenge and definitely the best wood block puzzle game I've found. The first one I've bothered rating. Thumbs-up 👍
Very good gameplay really helps me to relax after working as a front line worker. The game deserves all five stars.
I really like to play this game it makes you use your brain and I'm old and for being getfull this makes me think before a make a move
interesting take on tetris, easy to play, you control where the pieces go through a grab and drop system...you pick what piece to use ..down side the iconic tetris music is not playing in the background...lol..but overall great game
I love the pace of the blocks coming out,as soon as you place them. Your mind has to think quick. Observing the complete board in seconds. The screen is attractive to th eye, homey appeal.Also, not to many ads .I have been away for awhile, and I came back to this block game because I enjoy symmetry and precision.
I have fun playing this game l like trying to get a large group of points all at once It helps me free my mind of other life
Well, first of all there are no instructions. Soooooo, there is that. It is addictive. Moving stuff around is fun.
This game is so much fun. I am addicted to it. I have one problem and I don't know what to do about it. Sometimes my keyboard will appear and it blocks the lower part of the game making it impossible to play. There is no way for me to get it to go away without eradicating the game I am playing. Very frustrating.
Game is good, standard block puzzle game. Ads are discrete at bottom of the page. Ads do pop up really easy if you are not careful in what you are doing. Passes the time away.