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Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Block Puzzle Free Games located at HANGZOU, CHINA. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game. If you play it fast without really thinking you will be surprised what a high score you can achieve. it's great fun and I recommend it!
well i did like this game.. sort of time pass during traveling.. but now m gonna uninstall this game as the ad box comes right in between the game screen.. covers the playing area which is quiet irritating.. anyways.. i understand money is important but not at the cost of quality..all the best guys
There are a lot of wood block puzzles out there, and this one is my favorite. Doesn't take up too much space on my device either. I don't like the ads, but they aren't inappropriate or anything. Overall, good game. (Big time waster though. Don't waste your life!!!)
I love this game it is so fun to play with my friends we challenge each other to see who can put the most blox down. The only thing that I don't like is that there are not that many kinds of blox and Im hoping that you can update the game and put more kinds. but otherwise it is a great game so I gave you 4 stars. Keep up the good work★★★ ★ ☆. ps I love how it says HELLO in the add pictures!!!
its fun and easy for kids to use i was babysitting abd the baby started crying and once the baby started to play she got me a new record by the time she feel a sleep she was four
I love this game because I'm a big fan of the same thing every time I like get the little blocks it like brakes so I have more room and it's like some fun and I have like 10 of these games now
addictive and stimulating. this game will capture your attention for hours at a time. Self control is a must when playing.
There is no need in Playing the game with out Any Purpose or something to get out of it it is corny and ends to soon without any chance to have a little fun. pieces Don't Flip circulating is stupid .You Did What Tetris did Play ( But So Far ) Then Lose out in the process So you See There is no chance In Getting But So Far then Stop Cause The Game is not going to let you go on
Gave this game 5 stars originally, after reviewing it, game started having issues. The watch video option stopped working, have to close and reopen game and then can only use it once before needing to restart game again, disappointing because I love this option
good game but the advertisement aren't appropriate. I definitely would appreciate if such explicit ads are taken off for I don't want my nine year old watching such ads.
I enjoy this game but the only drawback is there are no instructions as to what the objective of the game is.
Don't like this version having to clear all the blocks before getting more. Sometimes I like to store singles .
while i was playing this app, my phone warned me "overheating". this means just one issue. this app is probobly a fishing app. while you use this app, it abuse your phone to make bitcoin or other crypto currencies. google should do someething to reveals the aims of producers of such apps. i hope!
It is a lot of fun. I found I can listen to TV and play the game at the same time. It is very relaxing. Fast forward about a year later. I was in the middle of playing a game when all of a sudden it froze. I have never never never ever had a problem with any function of the game. I'm going to try and uninstall it and reinstall it and see what happens.
I always have something to do when I'm bored, the wood block puzzle keeps me occupied. gotta love it.😁
I love playing this game. it's very relaxing for me. When I wake up at 3:00 am with a lot on the brain, this gives me comfort. Try it. Don't think about winning, just solving.
It's a love hate kind of game because because of the blocks you are given but does pass the time and can be real fun and addictive if you are given the right setup
Good for my brain and i enjoy play this games. But sometimes i bored when i loss the amount that i want
This game is very nice. I am just addicted in this game 😍😍😍You should also try this game at once. I'm sure that you'll also love this game very much.
Excellent straight forward game, no unnecessary complicated rules. You don't need to over think moves.
My name is Tanya this game is very nice it gives me a feel as if I am back in my childhood playing with some blocks. Whenever I get bored or when the wi fi works slowly I always play this game and it feels very relaxing also. I love this game.😉😉😉😉😄😄😄😄😄
very fun and helps alot with the motor skills. its time consuming in a good way. helps to pass the time.....thats for sure.
fun game but closes before game is over have to try retrieving which seldom works so have to start a new game
Love the neutral calming tone of the wood and the click of the wooden block sound. It's a great time passer when you're waiting for an appointment. Time seems to go quicker which keeps you more patient and relaxed about having to wait. I also find this game very relaxing as it takes your mind of anything that might be causing you stress. It's rewarding too when you beat your best score, when you've almost filled the frame then get the right blocks and keep the game going. Great !
Nice game for senior citizens. Love to play whenever I get tired with chess and books. Kids will also enjoy this game. Shall continue to play whenever I will get tired with chess and books. With this game senior citizens do not feel lonely. It gives good company to senior citizens. No one else care as much as wood block puzzle does. Other games are also available in store but wood block puzzle is unique. Shall continue to play whenever I will get tired with chess and books. Buckup, keep it up up
good game. got a high score but since an update, cant go past that high score. possible bug to get more ad play??
enjoying but tough to get even higher scores...little discouraging. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kept pressing on and challenged to get higher scores. Don't be fooled by the "great", "good" and still get fair score., One has to just be determined to ENJOY the game and aim higher. Remember, it's JUST A GAME !!! 🤭
Liked this app so much.... But now it locks you on the ad at the end of the game. Annoying. Going to find something else to play.
It's great fun and keeps your brain active, I can pick this game up anytime of the day it's so addictive
Quite difficult & no rescuess , mostly is long blocks , short blocks seldom have , if put wrong can't move out , the blocks can't change to another way only 1 way block to put on , please check , thanks .
This game is super good and really fun. The noise when you put the shape on the blocks is so satisfying and im supposed to fold the laundry right now but i cant stop playing it.
Enjoy playing. It would be great if you could undo last move. Many times I drop a tile by accident. Also, it would be nice to be able to see the end result before restarting the game. The board is covered by the choice menu when there are no more moves.
This is a good game, but I'm really fed up with the constant messages( they're never ending) to tell me to play!! I really wish you'd stop it. I'll probably stop playing games altogether if these messages continue.
Designed for players to lose. It is a challenge to put the pieces together. But it is often impossible to close gaps because only a limited number of shapes are available. For example, one frequent shape has three boxes on bottom and one in the center on row above. Yet there is no corresponding mirror image to fill holes. Add more shapes and this game would be lots of fun.
Good for my brain and i enjoy play this games. But sometimes i bored when i loss the amount that i want. Now i feel like i wont already but never have the reward
The games ok. Good pass time. Wish there were levels instead of having to beat your own score. I got a really high score in the way begining and ive had this game for about 3 months now and havent beat my score yet.
Amazing.✅ Give it a try and you will love it. Invite friends and if you want a mental challenge go and install it right now. It is for all ages and keeps me and my child the whole time we are at a long occasion. It helps your lateral thinking and you will absolutely love it's calm backboard. It is the most amazing thing I have ever played.☺️It helps your reaction as well. I love how it keeps you entertained wherever you go to and it is COOL. From me it will be not 1,2 or 3 stars but 5 stars☺️☺
You definetly have to use some strategy skills in order to keep up with this game. I enjoy any game that allows you to expand your mind. If you feel tired at the end of your game you have definetly utelilized your mind to the deepest core that Z, it wolp0ppppp0
I LOVE this game its such a time killer and you can play the game without wifi it so fun and i could play it all day you need to get it oh and it does not take much space up👍its a great game
Very enjoyable for a man almost 80 keeps me thinking which is good for the grey matter keep up the good work ancient
So entertaining, especially when you have to stay home due to Covid_19. This game makes your mind active and you have to plan your steps carefully to avoid ending the game too soon.
Nice, easy-going puzzle. No time pressure. Keeps my high scores. I can exit the puzzle at any time, even by switching my phone off without having saved anything, and it'll go back to where I left off, the next time I want to play.
It's not a bad game overall, but there's still room for improvement. For instance the option to remove the ads and possibly different theme options.
wood block puzzle game that requires a notebook talking about the most expensive property on a standard.
the game is very likeable, but loses a star because I feel there should be an undo button for mistakes!
I'm traveling with my husband alot in his truck an it always helps to keep me busy. Love the game!!! :) thank you
It is fun and enjoyable to play at any time since it is not that complicated . You will get addicted to it and have your own strategies to get more points. It would be more fun if there is more types of blocks.
This game is kinda fun. Addictive. But the aspect that pisses me off, is the frequency with which a respectable set up, is submarined by the algorythms. Its like the moment you should score, the game screws you. I don't mind a challenge. Dont mind loosing either. Thats to be expected. But the constant "stake through the heart" sucks. Removing.
I love block puzzles but this one is one of the best. Now that my score has gone over the thousand mark, i'll just keep going on until i can't go on any more, how far can i go? Brilliant game.
Much more user-friendly then the app for wood block I used to use. Ads are placed at bottom of display & out of the way. "Game over" is much easier to close for starting a new game. Enjoying this version immensely. Thank you!
Thay asked me to leave them a nice review since this is one of the only decent games that hasn't asked for my mums personal data so if you ask me its pretty good game. Normally when games ask for mobile data or personal data they usually only give you the option to say yes but this one hasn't asked me yes but hopefully when it does If it does I hope it'll give me the option to say no. Although they could try to make a bit more challenging they could have levels and each level would be harder.
U need to STOP telling people where the blocks go! Otherwise it would be fun n challenging. Right now it's annoying!
The game has a good quality and is fun. But I think the player is not the only one who plays the game, because the game decides what new shapes they present to player (unless it is chosen randomly which doesn't seem so). I think the player has to have more choices to choose from.
I love this game wood block puzzle it help me to control my anxiety my stress clear my mind make me secure and positive I wanna thanks ty all the people that work hard with there mind bringing ideas for help and support and give us motivetion and moments of fun to us the costumers thanks a million I really appreciate this you guys are awesome amazing with this glories unique amazing games my God bless you all. Martha Sandoval Freire.
so my description of this game is that it seems not fair or unfair mostly because I'm a child and I'm 10 only soooooo yeah... but what I'm trying to say is that this game doesn't give you enough time to actually play the game and it like one of those games that you play and you just wanna throw it to the wall so yeh. So also I gave this game a 2 rating because like what if you need more time like what if you went to poop like what the heck!!! Anyways THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!
It's OK that the blocks don't "fall" when lower blocks removed. However, would really like to be able to rotate them before placement!!! Also, an "undo" button would be really nice.
It was very fun, relaxing and mind soothing, I rate it a 5 star because when I'm in situations I just play this game and carry on with life.
Enjoy a bit is of switch off time with this game, adds are a little annoying, but I get a little addicted to the strategy
Fun and addictive although I would like to be provided with more information about how columns and rows are knocked out..it is confusing.
Love the game. I wish there was an option to cancel the last move. But apart of that is a great "Tetris" style game...!
This is a fun game to play because it challenges your mind, but it's not fast paced so it's kinds relaxing too!!
The game is good for my age bracket, not stressful, like the challenge of improving my score. Tile board could be bigger meaning more spaces, and would like to get more than 3 pieces at a time.
I hate that when I decline ads, my game is finished already, when it should not be. I will be uninstalling...
I love this game I would play it for ages then not play it for a while but when I go back to playing it I can't stop until I beat my high score I love this game would definitely recommend it
Plays pretty good but should be able to twist the blocks to be up or down or sideways.also its a quicl and easy game to learn how to play. Also the game can either be quick and over pretty fast or if your good it can last longer. ( also bc they give the player extra chances to win)..
Very good game exiciting trying to beat when time runs out like no more moves left.most of free games are locked on and dont work.good onya who thought of this game wood block puzzle thankyou look forward to more of emx
It is restrictive, It doesn 't let you enjoy playing because it has not useful places! There are many similar GAMES which are better than Wood Brick Puzzle.
Two things... 1. Too often gives an impossible solve, with three pieces that cannot be put anywhere. This would be less annoying if didn'seem like it was done on purpose, when the score gets too high. This cost you 1 star, znd another one for the new 30 second videos for apps tha I'll never get because of the long videos. 2. When the game starts, I am asked to participate in some sort of Google thing, without the option to 'Deny' permanantly.This cost you 2 more stars. Uninstalling.
During coronavirus people are asked to stay home meanwhile, there is not a lot of things people can do, therefore they turn to the phone too occupied their minds. The wood block puzzle keeps my mind occupied for hours... I truly enjoy playing this game... it's a great game to play!!!
VERY addicting but fun. I did not understand the scoring system for a while, but I have figured it out. I fond I am figuring out better combinations for better mind strategy.
I love it, its easy and quick. So if I'm busy its a game I can jump right in and play and relax my thoughts. I especially like playing it before falling to sleep. I"m 58 years of age and I love the less color and graphics in the game.😍 fun
Fun game to play when you want to kill some time. Has minimal ads 🙏👊 Only negative is it doesn't quite fit the display of the s10+ or the S20+
Ads are inappropriate and intrusive. You don't need an ad after every game AND during play. The game is also unfinished, some bigger combos don't even award a word/congrats like the smaller ones. No leader boards. No updates except for more ads.
STILL LOVE IT! 2nd review! It is not as easy as it seems! As an old fart baby boomer it REALLY makes my brain work. Recommend highly! Vendor gets an A+++++
Its a very simple but challenging game. The mind numbing game i was looking for. The trick is to just keep making whole lines. Dont go for too many at once. Just focus on making 1 line at a time. My high score is 1531 without any video resurrections 🙂 Try to beat it 🙂
The app requires an updated google games, which is a space hog. It also makes an annoyingly loud sound every time it is opened - the sound settings are reset. Uninstalling, I will look for a quieter option. Aside from that, it plays satisfactorily.
I really love this game. It might look suitable for children but that's not where it ends. Have a go see how quick you get hooked.
Interesting game. It can be better if there are more moves than ads. To keep playing there are ads. Too many ads.
This is an extremely addictive fun game and it's clear. The game doesn't lag. This game makes time go by really fast. Also its challenging. This is one of the best games I've ever played and to top all that its 100%free. And i think its better to get it now than later, because you never know if it is always gonna be free, and even if it did cost money i would more than likely buy this game.Nest thing about it is the fact that it doesn't need internet you can play it anywhere, anytime👊! Less ads
This game is calming, fun, and you have to think a little bit!!! Try it and you will be on it A LOT!!! LOVE IT!°
Something new n fun away from previous conventional block puzzles. . Easier, more tricky but interesting . Need to think n use logic. Great game. Thank you! 💖
I play this game when I have a little down time. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. The advertising is not overly annoying like some of the other games out there. I 'm glad I got it!
Highly addictive and absorbing. Unfortunately this version does not have the variety of shapes that an earlier version had. This makes it simpler to get high scores. I only achieved 3145 over 6 months in the earlier one but have got twice that in two weeks this version. It could be I have got better of course!
Love playing the game, but some of the ads are completely inappropriate. Updated to say I am uninstalling. Been playing for a couple of years, but tired of the ads with adult content. Forcing me to sit through an ad depicting a man kicking his wife and kids out in the rain, a man cheating on his wife, pregnant woman not knowing who the father is, or a couple in bed is ridiculous. My kids play this game.
love the game! However the Ads play sound often loudly even when the sound is turned off. This makes the game unable to be played in public settings or meetings. Also, even if you skio the option not to get a second chance the sound still olays for the Ads.
didn't see a single problem with this game. like to hear the "wood" sound when a line is complete. could maybe use a little more "wow facture" in the presentation if u know what i mean? it's just the wood tiles and the black background. a little boring but still love the game. it's kinda addictive!
This game is incredibly infuriating when it comes to ads. I've reinstalled this game 3 times and when I get close to beating my top score, I sometimes run out of moves. The option to watch an ad and be able to continue was a nice feature that I didn't mind complying to, that was until the stupid ads go away within 3 seconds taking me back to the "Continue?" screen. no matter how many times you hit "Watch ad" it plays 3 seconds then pops back to the screen. the only option is to quit. Well I quit
Game is fun but would appreciate if i can preview the next 3 blocks to better plan my ways of allocating the space. Its always game over when smaller slots are left and then got a big 9 tiles coming with nowhere to place.. Ads pops up after each game closes, still ok with me though.
It's a good game. You have to think ahead and plan your moves instead of just filling in the gaps. It is addictive!
Would have given it 5 stars but I couldn't continue until I gave the game a review. Quite an annoying feature. Hopefully, now it goes away and I can keep playing.
You determine the game board by your very own skill & placement. this game does not become boringly redundant. Thank you! Big time to the developers. Now back to the game. I CAN'T QUIT! Majorly addictive.
Very Lame. Limited number of pieces, about 6. Hell, you may get the same one all in a row. Fricking useless. try another and don't waste time on this.
Fun and challenging when you are about to lose by it is very fun and when you are traveling it is great to play when offline
A great tool for brain exercise. Simple minds can build brain power and have fun at the same time, try it you will not regret it !
This is a very entertaining game it is also fun to play when you are bored and it doesn't have many problems like other games but it does have a lot of ads
it is super fun i am addicted o. trying to get the top score. truly recommend if you are looking for a brainy puzzle that will keep your boredom away and work your brain.