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Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Once upon a time I would have given this game a 5 and written a great review. Then they let this game die. They stopped doing events while and bringing in new stuff while there was still a huge amount of people still playing worldwide even after 3 years of it going. They let it die and keep their other games that suck like summoners war going that's older. They made so many good players mad. Pure stupidity. i would have given it a 1 if not for the good memories I have of the game so a 2.
I don't know why i always fail to login into game from 9pm to the next day. The game kept telling me about network error while i was using other apps well. Please check it out. Thanks. By the way, game is so damn good!!!
game has good graphics, cute characters and easy to level up your heroes. Lots of equipment and gems can be acquired in the events. Frequent updates and good contents.
great game and they give you a lottttt of freebies, but sadly it can never be a 5 star. Lion, Erin, and Evg are so broken without them you can't compete in pvp.
Are you guys going to fix the game or not? Half of the global z players can't play because the game freeze on the village page. It is been three days and there is no respond or updated about this issue from the developer. You will lose a lot of players if you don't fix this soon.
I think this game is dead. It used to be very EXCITING...New events, new contents, always something more to grind/more to power up...Now although many players are still playing (me included) developers have stopped doing anything...No events, no contents..Nothing..Now when I play this game all I see is players are quitting one by one (90 lvl players mainly)...Like this game is crumbling away one brick at a time, It is really painful considering this game still has much potential. Such a SHAME.
i love this game.. i play this and summoners war mostly... however what is preventing me from making this a 5* game is the random crashes... trying to use a single scroll (1-5*) equipment scroll it crashes and sometimes i lose that scroll without getting the equipment.... if this happens when i get a high ranking hero it would be a 1* through being irritated
I think it's good game, but don't know why I can't open it in my 2 mobile phones or my iPad This make me feel angry how come it happens on the day the battlefield is end and on the day we can change the equipment! hope it can fix soon, just change from 4* to 3*
Very cool but why not crossovers just like grand summoners did? :-) and try to add a sandbox mode so you can experiment with units and that if i get low star units they become powerup materials or evo in this case. And try raid bosses? Also why not add......... Voices....? Annnd the artwork is verry neat! And special events? (@nd maybe have a sequel ( it could have 3d graphics?)) (Btw if you didnt have heard of grand summoners its a game try looking it up?) I can't explain about it stupid limit
Awesome game! Fantastic characters, battle system, leveling, skills, graphics and interface! Great work!
I can open my old account...TT😢😢😥😥..no reply until now..theres a problem in my acc...i cant open anymore..
The first time I played everything was fine and I was enjoying the game but then the next day onward when I try to log in it tells me "Network Error" and I can no longer gt into the game.
It's sad to see that Com2Us has chosen to let this game die , especially when it has a lot more potential than Summoner Wars , this could have easily been one your company's top money makers , all you guys need to is Update the game content and make it more user friendly....
awesome game thus far, I like the auto battle that starts early in the game, quite generous with giving away high level heroes as rewards.
Play this game a long time ago but need to start from earlier because i have lost my old account..i don't know why but i enjoy olaying this games.. have alot of memory for me.... Hope dev not giving up on this games..
Great game just feels limited on the units u can get from summons only way to get a good unit is from legendary scrolls . Any other scroll is useless I have no way to grind for the better scrolls cause I don't have units to beat anything
The game is mediocre. PVP is completely asinine in the game and unbalanced beyond belief. 1 hero can wipe your entire team, while they match you against level 90's. Many more options available.
I'd give 5 stars, but I can no longer play the game. I try to start and it'll go back to opening screen every time. I uninstalled and reinstalled and turned off my phone, so I'm at a loss. On my previous account I had spent $70 at least. So, please reply to help me be able to play again!
The game was very decent for a very long time. My pixel 2 updated to the newest version of Android and the game no longer loads. I click on the game and am greeted with a black screen that never changes. I've tried uninstalling and re-downloading the game. Just will not load.
when i try to power up my equipment it alwayd says that ive reach out the max level of the item. but item dont even have plus. I love this game even though the summon rate is horrible. Please fix the problem.
I like free stuff, and an oddly named Rosemary the obviously male 6 star pirate thing is still better than grinding for months for a 6 star critter. I mean heck, out of literally thousands of mobile games, I'm always going to choose the ones that best balance f2p with challenge and reward. And there has to be a decent amount of strategy required, even if it's nothing new. And this game has all that, I think. Seems to anyway. Keep me interested with events and new content and I'll stick around.
This game is ridiculously more rewarding than Summoner's War. No comparison! I will never get Lion Relus, to really invest in the game like I want to; just like the Paladins, Dragon Knights, Pandas, and many others rated highest in SW... The major downfall is a first day player can takeout level 50-70s, because of how rewarding it is. So this part cheapens the game in my eyes. Typical Com2Us though with the ever-impossible feats of transcending and empowering skills of your characters! 3.5*
Been playing this game since 2015 and it's been exciting that I do not even care any other games. They have unique events, heroes, etc. that I really looked forward to. But now this game is dying. No new events, new contents even new update, it's just like it's being abandoned. Now even the strong players have been quitting one after another; hackers in-game are everywhere and it's sad. Now, I feel lazy even just to open the app. Please don't let this game die. From 5 star to 2..
This is so sad that dev has abandoned this game. This is game is by far the best strategy game I have ever played. I cant get in to Global Z server. No more events from dev. I wish they would bring this back again.
Game no longer is fun, WT now is only catering for new users, and money! Every update is a slap in the face to old players. They're not doing anything for older players and the game has now become stagnant! New players enjoy, old players? find something new to play! Also every update brings additional problems to a game that already has a lot.
1. performance is a bit poor, should have options to turn of some effects. 2. The x3 Speed is still slow, wastes time, enegry and money of the world.
Hi love the game but it keep shutting my screen off. I can't tap my phonescreen everytime I played this game.
This game is way more fun than I thought, the combat in this game is very addicting and even though the character modules are small, I still like them somehow. Great game, it will really just allow you to play for hours, especiay the further into the game you get.
Is this game not compatible with the Pixel 2? After an update every time I try to play the game gets stuck on a black loading screen. Have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail, real glad I can't progress anymore since I can't log on.
looks like I'm addicted already. tons of heroes tons of events tons of bonus stuff. no forced ads no forced micro transactions but I will likely spend some cash. good job com2us keep adding good content.
So the game use to be fun but much like summoner wars the game is made to d*** you and waste your time and rob you as well, you constantly get the same monster and then they make ridiculous requests in order to get rid of it for, a legendary monster will only break down to about 10 legendary pieces but you've wasted a entire scroll for it, why dont I get my scroll back?, they also want you to pay to break down a mon they've constantly given you with diamonds you have to pay for through them...
I'm having a problem with the game can't access anything in the game always stuck in the village i already sent an email the problem started when the new event started the farming master event I'm almost done with the last event plss fix the problem and don't tell me its my internet connection
lots to do love this game. now just need to ba able to control the characters yourself. Manual moving characters are always better. Love the game though!
So, it's the usual "Collect 1000 of the same hero for no reason" type game. Has o.k graphics and standard gameplay. The thing what really put me off was the prices of IAP. You can get skins for each hero (that barely changes the look and gives a tiny 5% bonus) They cost £28.99 (about $34) per skin. Not for every skin, but for 1. Complete cash grab, Devs will get their £££ then kill the game off like the rest of their games. 3* just so devs might read.
Love this game so far. I'm a long time player of Summoner's War, so when I saw the com2us logo on this game, I immediately knew it was a safe download. :)
its a wonderful game but i got suddenly reset atleast 4 times already for me, so very dissappointmented
Deserves zero stars. Right at the start its already bugged, game just glitches out everytime i goto the main menu
There is basically very limited guide on how to do things in this game. You're basically left to guess how to complete the missions as they do not describe how to gain mastery etc. Also the player base is one of the most unhelpful i have cone across in years of gaming. Good luck getting any help understanding how to progress in this game.
Love the game, good job. More gift pls like mythical hero or gems maybe, much thx, anyway the drop rate is so low, its so very very hard 2 get good hero, dont think bout mythic even legendary its so hard 2 get, so thats why i asked to get a good hero as a gift, yht would be great if it was mythic, already giv u 5 stars though ;)
As of 6-22-21 I can not access any guild content & conquest Island is STILL "holding server maintenance" for 2 weeks! Please help or fix, i devote hours every day to this game
I like it so far...I'm having a blast playing it. However, I gotta complain on why do I have to spend a tad amount of gold just to change equipment or why do I have to spend at all on a simple task of changing gear. I mean I could understand on changing gems but this...Anyways, good job.
I never stop playing. thank you dev team. if you are looking for a game to make sure you never run out of points/mana to play this is the game. Com2Us has been around for a long time. i remember play Magic Tree and running out of point to play and being pissed. i never paid for anything or would recommend the game. This game is different, i can play all day and i even pay items, not play points but eggs, and scrolls. this is how you make a game. youi can play free too and still advance. good job
I really disappoint with this app game , i always support all game Com2Us , but this one is really ..... , My network wifi speed is 2-3Mb/s Lowes is 1Mb/s , when download on this bigger is 500kb/s it let download 2H , after i just disconnected , it not let me continue downloading , after open it again , it not allow to download , after reset the app , stills not can be to download , only reset device everything to normal , but my network still can't get reach over 500kb/s , i don't know why ,
Does not fit on Galaxy Fold or Fold2 screen due to resolution. Too difficult to play on the small front screen.
Upon downloading the game I fell in love with the art style. My only issue keeping me from enjoying it 100% is that game feel sluggish when I click on things. I'm not sure if it is a lag issue or what, but it is very annoying.
Excellent artwork. Very helpful Auto feature. Lots to like about the game. The Village looks like a bomb exploded in a dumpster. Dreadful mess. THREE Event icons? THREE Special icons? Come on now. Get some organization. There's about 40 things to tap in a space the size of a cell phone. It is bad. Then why the endless spew of popups? Are you trying to harass players to drive them away? Just put stuff in the inbox. But I do like the game, however the interface is a mess that needs cleanup.
It's a mediocre plot, average controls, looks great visually, battery sucking game. It's a grind to level up RPG. I personally couldn't get into it. It's just bland.
Has a excellent combat system and a neat star up system too. Too bad its ruined by poor draw rates and an absolutly terrible power up and leveling system. Even if you are a pay to win player, the basic packs are super expensive. Look elsewhere. You are better off playing a different gacha game.
Please continue "Heroes war™" . I really like it. I didn't find any similar of "Heroes war™". I willing to pay for it. Even offline version if possible. It's my request.
This game is very good, unique design, simple control, much better than summoners war. So sad that dev abandoned it. The latest update was on 12/27, after 15 months, just to fix minor bugs. Just why? Pls bring this game back
Com2us needs to be more honest about download space 90mb but then tap to start game....boom! 1100mb more
This game is done...STOP download n stop playing...trust me..it been years not this game has been abandon by come2us
Real fun game to play. Very easy to master. The game is very supportive with all the rewards it gives to new players when progressing through the game.