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Wonder Park Magic Rides & Attractions

Wonder Park Magic Rides & Attractions for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXOWL INC. located at PIXOWL INC. 350 Townsend Street #836 CA 94107, SAN FRANCISCO. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm having issues with my fried chicken stand, its been broken for days and despite clicking the spanner to fix it, it does nothing. my broken rides menu doesnt even show that it need servicing? I've been struggling with getting certain combos and items due to this, as getting coins is a bit of a pain as well, buying another one seems pointless, espeically if it does the same thing. I've reduced my rating until this is fixed. Thank you.
I like the concept of this game. I loved Roller Coaster Tycoon, I use to play it for hours on end. I've been searching for another game that would be equally as good. This is not that game. This game moves very slowly. It takes, what seems like forever, to be able to add other amusements and as far as I can see, the land to build on doesn't go out very far. This could be an amazing game, if it moved a little faster and had a lot more attractions.
This game forces you to purchase coins using real life money to advance in the game!!! Also, it stops you from advancing unless you buy ridiculously expensive games and characters using hard to earn gems... uninstalled... cute as hellbut NOT worth it
Dont invest money until you played a week. By then you will love the game or see it as a money grab that block advancement at every turn. Max level 15 comes fairly easy and fast with promises of more but with the music that cant be muted it seems no money in it no fixing things. Items that you desperatly need but cant get without spending money will frustrate you again and again. Rather spend cash on a stable long term game.
downloaded it with excitement then deleted with disappointment after a couple days. great concept but it takes too long to start it all up and get the park running. as a time management game it's great but I like to get a move on to start enjoying. hope this helps to make some updates. goodluck!
Then you need to take it off that it can be played offline also. I would not recommend this game because you having it can be played offline too.
It's similar to goosebumps horror town. But, I can't seem to visit my friends in Facebook after its connected. Its a little annoying to get trade in the magic shop because most of the time I'm offered the monkey items and I can't even get it cus I need to unlock the gift shop first. Due to that I had to wait 6 hrs for until the next offer. But now my problem is I can't get the chocolate ice cream to upgrade my inventory.
Too many ads. It's not like the SIMS game. If you want to play a SIMs game go download it. It's a tablet game to build a park but after playing for a week. I deleted it. I thought we were going to build an amusement park, with decent coin amounts but instead your are wasting more coins to play.
Um... it's not very good...TERRABLE! Don't waste your time on THIS game. It's in need of a lot of fixing. To Gamemakers: Don't reply please. Keep in mind that when you click the button that shows a character, it also includes park goers. Then it doesn't work. Please fix that.
Game keeps closing out unexpectedly. Also won't let me watch videos, or use diamonds, to speed anything up. There's a serious bug that needs to be fixed. Once it's corrected, I'll rate 5 stars. The game is fun. Just has some issues. Also you should maybe add some mini games, to pass time, and make money. 😊
I absolutely love this game. 3 stars because coustmer service is a Joke. This is definitely a money grabber game. There are no adds unless you watch one for a jem. And to progress you need a insane amount of gems. One ride took my 240 Gems for a upgrade when all I was trying to do was move the ride. No help from coustmer support. I will not buy another pack from them because of this.
I love the game and concept! Would give 5 stars if a couple things that would change in the game to make it more enjoyable and easier to play is making the carousel less expensive and easier to get the fish. And if I could expand the land without so many gems! Other than those its a super fun game.
while it has great potential, its slow. For example, when doing the quests, it finishes and takes a few seconds to move to the next one. When you first start, there are usually tutorials that show you what things are about, it didnt have a real way of showing me so i was left looking for what i was suppose to do. Theb, i saw this itty bitty hand pointing to the grass...but the main gate needed done and finding that was tough! it's got potential, and would be great fun if the flaws were fixed.
Hi, I have purchased the Venture Pack 2 days ago when I was at level 31. I didn't know that level 32 is the max level. There is nothing much to continue play. Can I get a partial or full refund? Thank you.
I'm loving the game, the flower cups don't move...why? The whole enjoyment of the game is the rides, for me, so it's a bit disappointing, when the "rides" don't even move... I just downloaded about 3 days ago. Now the smile meter is apparently resetting at 50% and I haven't gotten the milestone awards, either. 😒 Now, I made 4 popcorn apples for a combo, and they're not showing up, to sell, even though they're in my inventory. 😡
When I first started playing this game I loved it!There was all types of tasks to do to keep you busy!Then the game started acting up and it would freeze up and not come back on,or if it did come back, I would have to start all over again!I started over once but restarting every time is ridiculous!Susan Hamby Feirick
I adore this game. The graphics are great, the quests are fun and you meet a variety of characters that are charming. I like crafting food for money. Why only 3 stars? I give this because I find too many things in the game needing actual money. Characters, Inventory, Land Space, Food Stands ect. I understand needing to make money but having this extent of pay things is a bit too much for me to enjoy the game. Also it heats my phone up quite a lot, have to limit my play time for 1-5 minutes.
I had a technical problem not sure if anyone else has had the same problem but after playing for a few days having a blast playing making progress all of a sudden I couldn't use the videos button to skip things or in the fortune teller booth to get another card. I didn't try the gems button considering you obviously need alot of them for special monkey rides. I really like this game, been way to long that I found a game I really enjoy playing and didn't get bored.
Great game but a couple of bugs that need ironing out. when I win the main prize in the fortune tellers tent, the game freezes then stops. Also, the shop to sell extra items, everytime I refresh it, it shows me items I don't have. I very rarely get to sell extras without having to refresh about 6 times or I end up binning them. Also, ridiculously hard to get the smile meter up unless you're constantly in the game, which is impossible as I have a job & a life so impossible to get all the tickets.
As of May 10, I was able to download the update and have had no issues with it failing to load so this game has been doing great! Thank you for the fix and the prompt response to my issue. I really do like the game a lot. So I have changed my review to what I wanted to give the game in the first place, thank you guys. And keep up the hard work you are doing on a great game! unfortunately I have to give this game 2 stars not because of game play that was awesome, i really liked it, but because it keeps crashing and i cannot even get into it. i believe this is all due to an update that occurred. once you can fix that glitch to where i am able to get into the game I will return until then I am sorry but i had to delete it. i should not have to reinstall a game every time i want to play it. i sent in my error report but got no response.
Great game BUT...I've been in Max Level 15 for a week now. I can't seem to use the Dessert Factory after unlocking and ice creams available. Very rarely on receiving gems and toy cards UNLESS you buy with real money. The more you unlock rides and expanding your park, the harder you get 50% Smiles or up. I wish I can scroll out to see the whole park rather in sections. LOVE the movie but NOT the game. Pls update!!!
Love this game, had me hooked from the get go. I'd love to see a marketplace in the game that is global, so all players can sell and even buy items from other players. UPDATE: re entered my game after an HOUR and 5 of my attractions had broken. Had to use 3 gold blueprints which have taken me so long to save, not happy
Well ive played this since it was released and was/am part of the beta programme. However im absolutely gutted and shocked to see and hear that the game is finished with limited support and no more updates EVER. Basically it was just a good bit of advertising. We play the game we see the movie and that is advertising. Now the film has been and gone we can all be swept under the merry-go-round. Pufftttttt
Well.. I just downloaded the app from a ad I saw and got up a bit but needed to exit the app to use my phone and went to load it again and it shows black screen then kicks off... Once fixed I will raise my rating to a higher star, Thank you and hope it gets fixed! I am liking this game 😢 EDIT: Game is up and running! Woot! Thank youuuu!! 😁😁😁
Nice. No bugs at all. Turns pretty hard into "pay to enjoy" after 3 weeks or so. Not gonna spend my life time watching ads every 5 minutes to buy the next crazy thing on the story. Bye then!
This game would be nice if the graphics didn't turn black after 20-30 minutes of gameplay. Once the cover up starts, it partially cover some attractions at the park and eventually it turns black everywhere. Making it impossible to see the game. I really wanted to like this game because I like the movie. Please fix it. Once this issue is resolved, I'll update or remove this comment. Thank you in advance.
still not giving 5 stars, I max out levels which is fine. what stinks now is getting tickets to make things are ridiculous. I can barely get smile meter up and all it does is give me diamonds. there should be an easy way to get the tickets like when we sell things or compete a quest. so I drop it two stars because I can't expand my wonder park because I can hardly get the stuff to expand with no ticket..
First let me say, I LOVE this game! I mean really love so much I am willing to pay hard earned money. But I think there are a few changes which need to be made. First, Greta has two challanges that are RIDICULOUS! The first one is to buy 2 boat lakes. The first you buy at $8000. The second is $20,000. The reward is $300 or there abouts. The second is to buy 2 twists. Again first one reasonably priced. Second outrageous. And again small reward. I could go on, but I'm out of characters.
my game keeps shutting down every time I try to open it. Can you please fix it. Plus it it doesn't give enough experience points to level up. Seems like it takes forever to try and level up and you need jewels to unlock other properties but you either have to buy them or just keep saving and its so much to do some of the quests.
Something is wrong with this. It starts loading & then before its finished it kicks me out before it even starts. Been like this for the last 5 days. can someone contact me or fix this problem. I have already put in money on a app that stopped working. I will uninstall . todays date is June 28 with no results! its been over a week now
Cute game, but there's a few things bugging me: 1) All visitors are gone, and despite adding new attractions, I can't seem to get anyone into the park. I can't find help for this 2) Even though sound and music are both turned off, the game always launches with both. I have to toggle on/off again for quiet 3) If I even brush against a button, the game will register the press, so I end up accidentally making the wrong thing all the time, then I have to wait for it to finish before I can try again
There is no way of having choice to be able to do some missions for the stuff you need instead you are expected to pay real money for everything Defiantly wont be recommending this game for children as parents wouldnt be able to afford it
5/7/19 app has stopped working with new update. won't open at all. 5/8/19 after second new update this morning app is working again. I like the game so far. I'm still getting used to the game. the only thing I would change is possibly putting an option to skip goals if one is unable to complete them such as purchasing rides that cost gems. thank you for your fast response and fixing the issue of the game crashing.
This is a online game, Wonder Park is a fun game, challenging at times. Have to try out to see if you like Wonder Park. Players have there own style of games we play, this game is different and enjoyable, I do like Wonder Park and look forward to play.
Cute game but it really needs an update. There hasn't been an updates for awhile now. I miss playing some of the events. I have tried playing your other games like the Peanuts and the Addams Family, those games are constantly getting regular updates. But wonder park has been abandoned. Unfortunately, there is no way to save your progress other than Facebook. I don't use Facebook. When the machines break down, you have to pay coins to fix them. Please fix these issues with an update.
love this game been playing bout a week now but already has me hooked....I was looking for something different as was bored with my other games but yes so far so good........the only thing i would say is some of the extensions that you buy it would be better if you could use money you had earned instead of diamonds that more often you will have to buy.....but on the whole good
I like this game alot. Been playing about a week now. Would be awesome to be able to add other players as friends besides Facebook. And be able to visit and collect rewards from them daily also. Maybe even add Daily objectives to do. Only complaint is the low amount of money you get for most of the objectives completed. Seems to take awhile to even get a couple thousand. Especially when it wants me to add more rides and unlock new areas at the same time. Makes you feel like your behind.
this new update would make you be able to go higher than level 15. any news to when we will be able to go higher than level 15? Dont invest money until you played a week. By then you wil love the game or see it as a money grab that block advancement at every turn. Max level 15 comes fairly easy and fast with promises of more but with the music that cant be muted it seems no money in it no fixing things.
As fun as the game may be there are a lot of glitches that need fixing. Sometimes, when you update things in your park it will cause big black boxes that replace whatever you updated and some of the other attractions as well and the only way to fix it is to close down the game and restart it which can be very annoying when it happens multiple times in one sitting. Also, I have maxed out at level 15 and the game has stopped counting experience points to level up to 16.
The game is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the movie it was based on. However, many of the things I attempt to do in this game, such as collecting items or starting rides, make my game crash and waste my coins. A crash occurs EVERY time I play it. It's getting to the point where this game is practically unplayable.
This game has potential as a park builder sim, but it's not really all that fun as one. It could easily have been a tycoon game rather than a typical mobile town building game disguised as a park sim and covered in micro transaction madness. The game is perfectly functional however on my Moto G6, and there's no lag. It's just this game is more of an ad for the upcoming film Wonder Park than a fun game.
Woah i must say this game is the most interesting one that i have ever played. The UI is attractive and the in apps packs are really inexpensive if you compared with those in the market. Best part is you can actually survive playing without even having the need to spend a single $.The game started off quite overwhelmingly so to speak, keeping you very busy.But as you progress, you will notice that you will be caught in a loop.Overall ,very good game and highly recommend to coaster fans out there!
There are so many glitches in this game! When turning on the merry go round none of my Smiles are counted! The smile meter sometimes rolls over in less than 12 hours. When I first began playing this game there were people walking around with smiles at some of the decorations now they're none. Also they have not updated the game for you to get past level 15.
Online game or offline game please tell very slow to enter the game I don't like this please change even one time I didn't play
I've been having a on going issue with the game closing on me in the middle of the game, i re-open it and will do it again. And it keeps giving me error messages that the game cant reach the internet or isnt connected but it is bc when i close or it foces itself close and i re-open the game i can keep playing. It will continually do one or the other and i dont know whats up with it. I dont know if its glitching but just want to let the developer of the game know. Please look into it. Thnx
This game has good graphics and is overall fun to play. However, the video ads only work for me about 20% of the time after restarting the game over and over, so I can't get my free gems and skips. The smile-o-meter resets back to 0 every 12 hours, so when you need to get over 23k of them for the reward it becomes impossible. There is a lot of potential for this to be a really great game, but it's not there yet.