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Wolf: The Evolution Online RPG

Wolf: The Evolution Online RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by App Holdings located at 601 Union St. #4200 Seattle, WA 98101. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOVE IT!! It's very good app. Except when I try to press a button sometimes it presses somewhere else, Other than that ITS GREAT!! IT EVEN GAVE FREE FOOD FOR LIKING IT!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ(my kids rating)
Nice game. There are some glitches. In a real wolf pack, there is one alpha, one beta, the hunters and patrollers, and the omega. The ranks aren't preset. There wolves fight for the ranks. In this game, most wolves are preset as betas?If you want a wolf story, get this game. If you want a wolf hunting game, just try Wildcraft or The Wolf. Please add more animals! Other than rabbits. And a bigger game play space. I once got stuck on the edge of the mountains.
I like it. I really wish you could friend request and when you created a room you could share the room with your friends. Also a list of who's in a room would be nice too. Otherwise it's an amazing game.
Good game!But I have noticed a few things..-1: You have to have at least 20 meat to GET MORE meat..-2:I had to restart the game over again (Basically get rid of it and install it back) Because I would run out of meat and can't get anymore-3:Its way to laggy- Hope this helps! Please fix these and one thing I wish to have is daily reward's :>
I really like this game but it takes a while to complete some quests like this one: kill 54 sheep :0 I'm just asking if you could make those types of quests a bit easier to complete but this is still a good game for sure recommend this game ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ†š๏ธ๐Ÿ‘.
This game is a great game and i love the game but i'm having two problems 1 how long it takes for the chests to unlock like come on 4 hours max? And 2 gems, it is so hard to get gems because of how long the chests take to unlock, i get you want people to stay but making the chest time 4 hours max is alot of time. I am sorry if this repeats someone's message already but please lower the chest time if only by an hour or two, people wouldnt want to wait 4 hours for something they are rewarded with.
Great game!! It's a beautiful wild wolf game ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ here are a few updates you could add to the game: New wolf types, like dark hero wolves , which are the dark wolf, the NASA wolf, the star wolf, the galaxy wolf, the milky way wolf, and the candy wolves, like the sugar wolf, the candy cane wolf, the candy corn wolf, the pumpkin wolf, the chocolate wolf and the sweet treat bucket wolf, and lastly, the lickerish wolf. Bye hope you liked my comment :D
it's a great game in all but do not purchase for anything on it! why? because I purchased something in the game and I waited....and waited.....and waited... but didn't get it but it still charged me my money! not only that but when I email them they don't respond, PLEASE GIVE ME THE THING THAT I PURCHASED OR MY MONEY BACK.
Well I like the wolves in they are so cute but I gave this game three stars because you can't explore very much the challenges are really hard it it's soooo difficult to get gems . I'm sorry if I'm being harsh but I'd love if you would please fix these little things but overall I like this game
Its a good game but sometimes its annoying! Sometimes when you get a new guest it says breed a new cub, but before that guest you already breeded a new cub and its really hard to get breeding orbs! Anyone good game! Thx foxie ventures! ๐Ÿบ
Its pretty cool game I have no problems In this game all my other games are glitchy,have bugs, and more. I rated this game an 5 because it's better than any game I have.
can you change somthing?: can you make ALL of the wolfs have wings,but keep the amount of gems and gold the same???? PLEASE???? (does VERY VERY sad doggy eyes.)
The game is very fun graphics are good but the gems are very hard to get i hope you can fix that but other than that it is a very good game i like it so much :).
Overall its an amazing game and I would give it a 5 star but... THE GAZELLE PHYSICS ARE TOO HARD and your saying i gotta catch 49 of those things when I can hardly even catches one!?! Its outrageous how easy it is to loose a gazelle please fix this problem...
I love this game it's so cool,there is one thing tho...they need to let the wolves have voices so I can hear the speak for when u are reading to slow and lose half the story๐Ÿ˜‚ .but other than that it is a great game..I reccomend this for anyone who lives wolvesโค
Its a good game but alot of glitches, i cant connect to facebook so if i delete the game then i restart, i have already lost one of my purchases and had to restart, there goes 20$ i wont get back. Its glitched 2 times to the point where i had to uninstall it and im now on my 3rd round of restarting everything and im not only missing out on my own money spent, but time and quests! Ive also emailed about the issues and money lost but no one gets in contact with you. Which in my mind is BS
um, when you get to a cearten level it takes crazy long to do because you need to hunt more, and more, and more. you get the point. I'll rate it 5 if the hunting for higher levels is dropped or easier hunt numbers. by meaning lowering them I mean I had a level where I had to hunt 40 sheep, and sheep are hard to hunt, 4 at a time with a 40% chance of losing them mid hunt.
Update it so everything looks realistic and the ground, trees, wolf, everything i have nit yet play it but update it and Thanks if you updated it and make the den big Look big thanks
Its a really good game. Sometimes it can be kind of a challenge. I like the quests because most of them are a battle. The animation isn't the best ๐Ÿ˜•. But its good. Its average, definitely not horrible. I like it. You can hunt bunny's and sheep to get meat. Feed your wolves with meat to make them STRONGER . It has a good story line. You can fight bulls bears jaguars wolves rhinos and lots other animals . its a lot of fun . Good game.
I love this game! Just threres problems:Not easy to get money, is this online or no?, Can't fly as no winged wolf when there's fly bottom and u can fly with button as winged wolf, and yeah, that's it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX MY PROBLEMS, btw, good game with not many ads!
pretty good. But it gets boring after a while, u have to be vip for everything and its not fair, although, i couldent stop playing after i first tryed it. Can u make a dragon and dinosaur one please? if u do then ill give it a 5 ๐ŸŒŸ because ik it will be fun and i love dinos and dragons. Also make the velociraptors the size of the ones in jurassic world and no feathers. I hope u add these. Thanks for reading.
This game is pretty neat. But this is like any other wolf simulator, there's nothing special or no fun really. This game is okay but I seen much better. Surprise me and maybe just maybe I will like this game! ๐ŸŽฎ
Absouletly terrible customer service because there is none. Do NOT BUY ANYTHING. It will take your money but you wont get what you paid for. if you contact the Dev they wont even acknowledge your existince by responding to your email. Terrible customer support. Edit took them a while but they came through big time and solved the problem.
I gave it a 4-star because I still don't know what I can discover seriously I've heard that there's more about the game /app I would say it's all right I'd like it I would rather rate it's a five-star but 4 is good enough I love the game but it doesn't excite me when I board whoever is reading this please download๐Ÿ˜„
I like it but it was boring to watch some wolves fly and I cant. Please make it where you have the flying skin's at the start of the game and I'm keeping it deleted until you do it! Good game though ! But for now I'll give ya 3 stars...
This game is awesome just make sure to clean up storage before downloading and they have more games like Horse Tales but if you like wolf Roleplay games this one is not Roleplay its survival go try Wild craft if your a Roleplayer 5 stars for me
Hey, I love the game, I recommend it to those who love wolves. But in the pictures for the game, it shows that when you evolve a wolf, it changes to a different wolf, the game does not do that, plz make this change. And plz, plz, plz.. sheep are super hard to hunt, and that quest I am stuck on, is EXTREMELY hard to do. "Hunt 40 sheep" that's a little to hard for a lvl 11 to 14 to do, plz change this, and plz add some more wolves in the shop. Anyways, amazing game, and it's a fun game! Love it!
Frustrating. I like the idea of the game, but there is no game help at all. There's no way to contact for support. I went to buy the new player package, but it won't let me buy it unless I give them my Gmail password. They have no reason to need that. When you ask a question in chat, no one answers. I see things that I would like to buy in the game, but I won't spend money on a game that I can't contact if something goes wrong. You get wolves in chests, and they disappear.
I love this game! Definitely addicting for me. But please reduce the time of energy refilling. 15 minutes of waiting time upsets me a bit. And please add more ways to earn gems besides getting those from chests. And also, chests only give a few breeding and evolution orbs, really upsets me because you need a lot more of those to breed and evolve wolves so that means you need a lot more chests. But other than that, the game is pretty amazing, good job!
I don't understand why you need so many breeding orbs... I had 10 but needed 11. Now I have 11 but need 12?! 4 wolves at level 10 and I can't do a thing with them. I like this game please fix this to make it reasonable. This is just ridiculously expensive to evolve when the name of the game is wolf: the evolution.
The game is good and all but theres is a small problem... you have to be VIP to practically get everything like BE VIP to play the cub BE VIP to get good wolves(to have a better chance) at the start its really hard to defeat the bulls and bears...I know devs have to get money and all but we cant all buy stuff from games im just testing some games and giving some help to other people.
my wolf as lying down when I clicked a sheep to hunt. My wolf whenever got up and I wanted 25 energy. Also while fighting I got stuck at the attack screen. Nothing happened after that. I used to love this game but not so much after that.
It's a really fun game but I can't defeat this one 2 V 2 because my wolves have 130 something hp and the Wolves I'm fighting against have like 220 something hp I try and try but I can't defeat them I would like it if you would make it if you're wolves are like level 10 the other wolves can't go higher than level 10 because I die non-stop to those wolves and it's a quest so I can choose other wolves
Even though the graphics aren't the best they are still really good and I really like how there's different wolves involved with it wolves with horns and wolves with wings too and they really show out all the really cool colors and really warm colors to and collision between I'm really having a good time playing it even though there's a limited amount of energy it still doesn't take that long to get more I highly recommend this game
This game is great but there's some glitches. So far I've only found 1 glitch and its really weird but also very very funny. The glitch was 97% of the characters body in the floor. This glitch needs to be fixed. Also, it would be really cool if the character could jump whenever it wants.
I love this game so much download it so you can have fun while playing this game because you can invite friends and it's so much fun and you can get different wolf skins how do you get wolf skins by getting chests๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ
I love how you can hunt,play with other people,have fun,and make friends also my favorite part is that your a wolf I love wolves well keep up the good work on this vary vary fun game
Nice game, decent story, but the chat doesn't work... Why have chat if it doesn't work? Graphics could use some updates. That's all.
This is a great Wolf Evolution Game! But, I always uninstall it after like.. 2 Days because it has only two places in noob lvl. Maybe a new update like bigger space, or Minigames! Please, do those suggestions.. Thank you for reading.
The game itself is fantastic but I cannot connect to my facebook account, it keeps telling me "This app is still under developmemt" and I have to be a "test user" or I have to "request permission to an admin" just to log into my account. Please fix!
The is stressful when your lvl 14 and you do the rhinos if takes your weakest wolves and make them fight and the. You die and you lose and have to have 300+ gems to help WHAT THE HECK NOW I GETTING IN SO MUCH STRESS BECAUSE OF THIS IT WAS FUN AT FIRST AND NOW ITS STRESSFUL I ALMOST DELETED THE GAME BECAUSE OF THIS FIX THIS
A good game! The models textures may not look to realistic, but to me it looks like it's BREATHING. That takes quite some effort! Story cutscenes are always interesting to watch, & battles/hunting are run lil' activities to do when bored. Definitely one of your best ones, Foxie!
Really fun and addictive game!!the only two things that I would ask for is maybe also collecting food/meat when you fight big animals and to make the words on the quest menu maybe an easier to read color and maybe a little bigger too. sorry but I am half blind and still don't see the best in the other eye. thank you so much for this app it is amazing!!
It is very very annoying when I push / click the quest thing it just freezes, when I restart, The Wolf restart s To!! Pls fix it
I like the game, but i have a couple suggestions. The suggestions: Can you add a skip button for progress quests? I think you should be able to watch an ad to activate it. You should also be able to get the rewards if you completely watch the ad. Can you also allow us to pick whatever wolves we want for progress quests. You can do it for daily quests, but why not progress quests? I am stuck on a quest because i am forced to use weak wolves! Please add this...its a great game... thanks..
please make pups be free like adults so I can play as a pup for free and for ever. I absolutely love this game but the problem is sometimes it lags but I don't think it does that anymore. Please make more animals that are not strong so I can be lvl 100 or something like that. Please add more colored rabbits too. It's a great game.
Today after I turned on my tablet my home screen did not have the app on there and I was scared that all my hard work would be gone, but it was not. Many times I've had to shut down my tablet in order to get off because my screen freezes. It is a VEEEERY fun game though. I give it a full rating, even though the issues happen. ๐Ÿ˜‰
This game is great! You can do so many different things like hunt, breed, evolve and many more! All the wolfs look so extraordinary and majestic, I wish I found this game sooner I've been playing this game since I got it I can't leave it alone! It's ashame you can't add other players as friends but you can talk to them, if you could do a bit more with other people would be โญโญโญโญโญ!
I love this game but I REALLY hope that you don't have to wait a long time to have full energy I wish it can be infinite energy and pleas have it so we can watch ads for skins including the skins with wings they're beautiful. But apart from that love itโค๏ธ
One just one problem...let us have a winged male/female wolf when u log on Otherwise...its great!keep up the good work Your friend, Athen a
They scam you for your money! One time I was gonna play this game that I found it was cool and really wanted the white winged wolf. So I asked my parents to buy 250 gems for me which was 18.99%. After they agreed and brought it, I couldn't see my gems anywhere! I tried reloading the page few times but still nothingness! Our money has been taken away and they just don't give your present back! I demand a refund now! This is unacceptable that my parents payed 18.99% dollars for this scam.
I love this app more and more every time i play it. Its awesome and wolves are awesome too,i recommend this game to anyone who loves wolves.
Love the game! But the reason why i gave it 4 stars is: When i join NO ONE is there! No one!! It says its supposed to be online, ro play with people!!!!!!! I recommend to update that. If anyone else has this problem, listen to it. Thanks!
Great. But I'm sure ur wondering 'why 4-5 stars?', It is because I have a few suggestions. 1. Can you please make the food amount bigger. 2. Because can you please make the horses cheaper and the Rares easier to get on lvls 6 and up? Like make them 1-2 gems? 3. Because I said hello in a different language, it banned me from chatting for 2 weeks ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก! 4. The boss bear is glitched and hits with 500 power! I can't fight anymore! 5. Please make the pups accesable to anyone. 6. I need more coins!TY
i really like the game but it needs a few fixes, i just dont know what, but anyways, amazing game you should try it out! (p.s. i dont really like the controls and i want it to be offline so people can play it at all times)
Needs a few changes, I don't like how everything is so expensive. Like, make some atleast under 100 gems and lower. Also, how slow energy refills. I was off the game to let it refill, and TWO hours later, it finally says "your energy is refilled." Please fix this, and also add more wolves and quests, people are getting bored of the same wolves including me. lastly, more people are cussing and saying unnecessary things. Please fix this
This game is fantastic!!! I love the story line, and all of the rare wolf's. Epic game!!!! 5 stars!!!!!
So far I love the story and the way it challenges you. The graphics could use a little more work on it would draw more attention to the game. I also like u can chat with others online which could also add voicing so people could talk to others too would be nice. But in all I love the game so far. Besides I love wolves and wolf is my zodiac ๐Ÿ˜„
If there was a way to sell or get rid of wolves in the den, I'd give this a 5 star. If you could add something like that, it would be awesome because I know there are players who want top get rid of at least 1 or 2 wolves. It could be set up as a 6 month between wolf removal as well...
I've played this game before I had to wipe my phone and I think it's good but it isn't exciting because there's nothing to do really but I like that you can find a mate but I would like it if it didn't take so long for me to level up and find a mate but one thing really like is that some animals are harder to kill then others and that gives me a challenge and it's kind of like the the wolf just harder and when I wiped my phone I was level 7 and I also played a game called wildcraft
This game is so much fun, and I cant stop playing it, but there is a few problems. One problem is, I cant save an account, and I really want to so I dont have to worry about deleting the app and then getting it again with saved skins, unless there is account stuff, cause I dont see it. Second problem is that I have to wait daily to get energy back, which is annoying, but I cant complain. Its a really fun game, with a good storyline and good graphics! :3
edit: almost one year later and its still happening. my device is a samsung Galaxy tab 3. Its a awsome game, i highly recommend it. One problem though, hunting is glitched. The camera glitches makeing the target bar (thing at bottom if the screene with hand and target) hand desapere so i cant hunt, ive been waisting all my stantama. I am now stuck on the 4th story quest level.
Very good game, the animation is awesome. One thing in particular is that when you are online playing with friends, it switches you offline. Also, I wish that you could get gems easier because you only get gems in chests. Another thing is, Please reduce the time to get energy back. I think that 15 minutes is a bit too much. Also, the chat doesn't work other than people joining and liking your wolf. Other than those four reasons, I think the game is amazing. Good job.
This is the best game of wolves. I became an Alpha, I got a really good pack, and I'm so high level, I love this game, you should download it, I'm not a robot or anything, I am telling the truth, this is a really good game install it, it's a really good game, trust me, if not, oh, well, you're missing out, are you don't have to other, I will want you guys to give the 200 gems for 30 days VIP. Could you do 100 lower, please it's too much, and I can't do that, and some other players, can't or 50
I like this game very much both me and my cousin when we play together. But there is one thing me and my cousin hate, the hunting rabbits part. It is so hard when you have to slide your finger you should fix it where you only have to tap the targets to hunt. Other then that the game is really good. Nice job.
This game is amiazing so so so cool and soomeny things to do but not gonna lie the skins are realy hard to get expeshally wollves but it is good you can hunt you can live like a wolf if you get snow buety my wolf you walk on WATER and you can explore even rase your own wolf very good game good job creaters๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•
this game is awesome to tell you how you hunt you tap the lightning bolt with meat and tap the target when the finger gets to the target at least 2 times and tap the random targets and feed your wolf (s) then breed em with more and do quest to level up!you can be offline or online just with settings please play this game and support Wolf:The Evolution -Online RPG.Thank you
A good game with good graphics; but the controls are difficult, takes too long to load, it freezes up, and annoyed me with alerts after I shut it.
My experience on this game? Well ....... All in all it was good but the game got very boring after the first couple of quests. And the people, don't even get me started on the people. It's clear that the developers don't care about this game, they could make this review alot more positive. Edit : went back to the game and none of it has changed, complete waste of anyone's time!!
What a good game you have thereโค๏ธ,but can you pls fixed the energy bar because its takes time to play,it takes 20 energy just for a rabbit hunt,this is just my opinion but can you pls make it 10 energies it will make your game more easy to play,but anyway your game is good and enjoyable thats all,indeed.
I love this game it's pretty detailed are good and games about wolves any other people that love wolves would love this game it is so fun and everything's good about it I never ran into one glitch ever! That's all I Like to say
This game is essentially pay to win. Tapping when hunting is unresponsive, storyline is mediocre and art too. Joystick for moving frequently freezes and suddenly sticks in one place when you lift your finger. I enjoy it because it poses quests and will spend time. However, the price for vip is impossible unless you pay. The feature of being a pup should be free considering in your horse game you can be a foal as long as you have it. Most likely deleting it as it takes up space.
i like the concept of the game. it is very fun to play. the only reason its not five stars is the fact you go through energy to quickly. if you update it and change how much energy cost to use then will change to five stars. please change this. shouldnt cost 90 energy to fighy or 20 to hunt needs to be more like 5 to hunt and 20 for entire fight for 3 wolves.
I love how i can play this offline! But I feel that the graphics on the wolves faces could use a tad editing. Bears, tigers and jaguars are very ugly, need major makeover! The joystick control is kinda buggy. Sheep are difficult to catch, and gems are too difficult to get, along with the cards from the chests you need! However, gameplay is great!
This game is really fun! If you like to roleplay with others, this game is perfect! I was so excited to see a rpg game with wolves! Please make more games like this!
I love this game do quests and battle and get wolves and reveal stories by doing quests and more! But can you fix the chat like let players chat i saw a chat botton and i tried to chat but i cant can you please fix it? And can you also fix when im hunting sheep and tapping it doesent work?
I love it, especially after making a couple of purchases! However, the game would benefit from diversified emotes for the sake of roleplays, a system of adding and talking to specific friends, more quests, a way to change the username after choosing your initial name, and diversified howls/growls/barks/yelps, etc for the different species available- maybe even a different sort of howl for each species to make them stand out. More customization to make a character personalized would be great too.
I rlly think this is a great game but to pay for that much in the store just for gems is alot but other then that I say it's a pretty good game I love the wolfs and I love playing with friends and I hope yu all stay safe and have a great day and be careful ^โ‚ฌ^
This is a game where you collect wolves, level them up by hunting meat and feeding them, complete quests, and fight with your wolves. The gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward. if you are a casual player, you can still make progress and train your wolves in time. I hope to see in the future a possible friend menu, private chat rooms for roleplaying packs, and other small customizations that contribute to fun social gameplay.
I love this game it's pretty good and time consuming, on only wish that you will one day return to this game and update it :)
My experience on this game? Well ....... All in all it was good but the game got very boring after the first couple of quests. And the people, don't even get me started on the people. It's clear that the developers don't care about this game, they could make this review alot more positive
I find this exploration of wolves to be quite enjoyable. Not only that but they have an energy refill rate that lets you come back for more...often. Only wish there was more explainantion on the purpose of loyalty points. All should be part of this adventure. Might be nice to be able to play in packs too. Have your friends be able to hunt with you? just a suggestion.
Love this game but one thing- can you add a disable target on fights? It's super annoying espacially since i'm on a laptop that doesn't have a a touchscreen. Other than that good game :)
Cool game but the fact u cant hear voices of wolf like in hunt sheep and rabbit i aslo think u can add more animals and more controls and if there could be team co-operation of wolves pack in fight would be nice just saying
OM FLIPPING G!! THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I have 1 wish though. My wish is there wasn't a energy bar. At least make the energy 200 if you guys don't take the energy bar out.
I loved the game. It had amazingly beautiful graphics, gameplay and worked like a charm. There was a perfect amount of ads and they never poped up when I was doing something important. My favortie part of the game was the fact that you could hunt your own rabbits for food. Even though it takes a while to the winged wolf, I recommend this to any wolf lover. Another good game is their horse game that they advertise in the game.
As long as I have played, (though not long mind you) I have experienced no lag and the game is a lot of fun.
Literally the worst and ugliest game I've ever played. The wolves are absolutely hideous, the controls are laggy and overall bad. In one of the first few queats they pin your one wolf against 3 bulls. I guess they don't know their app sucks because their in-game currency is outrageous and totally not worth it. There's an app called The Wolf which is 10x better and more reasonably priced. Everything about this ad is just terrible. Definitely do not reccomend
Its okay but... I hate having to wait for energy and how it selects what wolves to use in battle. It always pick my weakest and its super hard to breed them because i barely get breeding orbs.. I perfer wolf tales.. Install that game if anyone is reading this. Its great
It's not fair. 1:When I tried to catch some meat when I was lying down and my wolf wouldn't get up and I just wasted enegery. 2:The boss bear is to hard that you need like 3 evolved wolves to defeat it. 3:When I press the target button it just stays there when I press it until it dissapears. PLEASE FIX THEM!!
I don't like it at all the controls are hard to control and it's hard to kill animals like what? Worst game I've downloaded yet try and fix it or not. Other games are even better than this
it's the best! you can even become a vip! you can fly wing wolves too! and also go around the world as a wolf cub! and if you don't download this app you will regret it! then almost everyone in the world has the app! and if foxie games deletes the app when everyone has it you didn't get it! thats when its too late! so get it now what are you waiting for?!?! but im banned for making room names please fix this
It's okay at first... but... the game gets boring after a while and most stuff costs real money... and everything gets boring and hard, and, being an under 13 player, i don't have anything to do...
It's very laggy and I have very good internet so I think it's the game,I would not recommend it, it has good battle gameplay but after a few minutes it gets to laggy and you cant play
I love this game but I feel suggestive things and a few problems that happen 1.to change username sometimes I will change username I have 3 but I dont want them to be the same but I have 2 username name COOLKITTYCAT and I dont want to delete it and get it back to change it so I'll have to restart 2.reporting when I play sometimes I hear people swearing or bullying others players even me I dont want this to happen again 3.a friends list what if we never see them again we will miss them too
I'd have to say that there are superior games than this. Controls can be difficult, gameplay is lacking, and graphics glitch all the time for me. Was only fun for about a day.
Awesome game! All the wolves you can get are so rad,the story is interesting,and it's cool you can talk to people! It's really fun,overall heckin epic game!
I love this game I started with Horse Paradise and that lead me here all though I wish there was a bit more to do other than hunt, breed,evolve,and eat. Maybe if you added some keys on what to do with things you earn like the gold because I have no idea what to do with that. Please reply.
Great game but can you add an option that if you watch and add you get an award im currently working on getting a new wolf by breeding but i dont have enough... Otherwise great game keep up the good work!๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Game took my money. Wanted to buy the $1.99 starter pack, but after buying, I got nothing. It says my payment was successful, and that I can't buy the starter pack again because I already bought it. But none of the items were added to my account. A shame, because I do enjoy this game.
The problem is that I would luv more detail in battle and wolf's an slow down the speed when reading the story line pls that would work out 4 me. and the houl sound goes first and then the mouth I think that is a lil problem.so pls do this and I would happily rate this 5 star. thank you .ps. do more detail on the realistic doings. thx am going to unstall this game
OML i so have to say five stars. but.. i wish we could choose our starter wolf from the common section. also,why do we hve to take so much energy from stuff? can feeding cost less meat please? but in general, THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!
Awful game with an awful developer. Made an in-game purchase that I never received. Developer stopped replying to my email after asking for proof. Avoid at all cost. Run by crooks.
Wow, there's SO many useless things about this game! For starters the quests are'nt anything new. Just the same things-Level up, breed new cubs, battle the stinkin' enemies. My second problem, why did you name one of the wolves MAJESTIC DEMON! This has brought SHAME to Christianity! The graphics are so messed up! I've seen a DOG'S breakfast look better than this! Also when was the last time you updated this ugly game?! The fact that you have to pay SO much for VIP is utterly ridiculous! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ก
Great game! However, I'd like if the view were from a diffrerent angle, or atleast if players could change it. Please make this change, I'm just asking to be able to look from an angle... not above? Please? But, overall good game!
I saw some other reviews and I am not the only one having this problem. The game reset itself and I can't get my progress back. I really need to know is there a way to get my progress back without having to go through the whole story again. But other than that it's the best wolf game I have ever played.
This game would be so much better if there was more to it than hunting and fighting bears. Breeding and evolution are cool features, but it's so hard to get meat to level up wolves. why don't we get meat from the other animals we battle? that'd be so much better than relying solely on killing rabbits for chump change!
This game is so fun i play almost every day. It is a game about helping your pack leaders by fighting bears and bulls and other wolves and hunting bunnies sheep etc. It helps me learn how to concentrate and I have always dreamed of being albe to change between a wolf and human!!!! Now Go Download This Game Its So Fun!!!!
I like this game, but I WISH that you could befriend players and look them up. I made a friend, but the game closed and I couldn't find them again. It's a good game just don't think you keep friends, unless you get a social media or something else.
good game fun but shouldn't have to wait for energy ik its quick but still come one I hate having to wait to play a game and I get it's to make money but fr come on, or atleast a really good idea honestly I think a lot of people would enjoy would be getting an additional amount of food for hunting kinda like in other games where u have exp for doing something then u got the reward also kinda like that not much but like 25 extra meet would be so beneficial thanks
its a wonderful game! i like how there is a life story to your wolf.. but the one thing is i dont like waiting for energy.. maybe you could make it kinda like wildcraft and if you drink water you will get 3 persent of energy.. but in all i love the game! its so cool too๐Ÿ˜Š
This game is alright. I enjoy playing the game but I wish that you could sell wolves that you don't want for meat. I have gotten wolves that I don't need in chests and have been forced to use them in quests and level them up when I could be leveling up my greater wolves. Several times the game lagged while I was hunting or fighting, and it made me lose. I cannot switch my game over to my tablet and I don't want to start over. Please fix this!
I have played this game a lot and enjoyed it. I spent over $40 on in-game items but then came to find that their "restore purchases" does not work on a new device. Their support is also non-helpful, if you can even reach them or get a response. After six weeks of trying to get support I was given a code that does not work and then they stopped responding to me - a waste of everyone's time. Just be aware they will take your money this way with no recourse!
I don't like this game. Because you have to tap to go somewhere and you can't pick your color wolve and there is no freeplay so please change it! Thank you anyway!
I love this game but maybe you could make some wolves easier to get and maybe make the wolves look a little, itsy bit better, and also when you evolve your wolf its a scam. On the pictures and the video it shows when you evolve your wolf it turns it into a completely different wolf, but in the game, your wolf stays EXACTLY the same and the only difference on it is it upgrades your health and strength. This review would be a five star if this didn't happen.
there are tons of wolves but you need to pay for the hero wolves. i really like the story's and adventure of the game and well,you have to hunt for your food but it is really really easy.
This game is amazing and cool like that sometimes I get a hand control instead of tapping but its still cool and there are so oo oo oo many characters and real hunting and quests like a real wolf I recommend playing this game so fun
i I love the game its fun! But why i put four stars? 1I dont like the camera mode the. 2 i need like a lot of meat to level up a wolf and the wolfs powers look kinda weird and when they attack too 3 the wolves are kinda ugly 4 I want to put gender on the wolfs and me cuz they called ME HE IMA SHE!
I like this game! But When I delete the game, I lost my flying wolfs! Took many weeks to get it, And also, please make the game less pay-to-win, so FTP player can enjoy it. If you make data save, I will rate 5 stars, Its okay if you want money. But please make data save.
It's A Fun Game, However, Completeing Breeding Quests that's Not more then one is difficult, You never really get that many ability cards, You can't get gems that fast, You can't friend anyone and you'll get stuck after a while like I have, where you basically are hoping for breeding orbs to complete a stupid main quest cause you have to breed TWICE.
It's a fun interactive game! You can also meet new people! I sadly can't connect my Facebook to the game so I worry about what if I uninstalled the game and lose my in app purchases.
It's a good game. The only problem is that if you delete it then reinstall it then you lose all your progress and purchases. It won't even let me connect to my Facebook account either
Hello, wonder why it's 3/5 stars? 1. I can't speak to other people. 2. It's alot of gold for wolf's. 3. In really good chests I get nothing in it. 4. I'm getting alot of adds. 5. I'm seeing a glitch where some of my wolf body is in the ground. If you are able to fix this, please do!
This game, if you love wolves. It will be rlly fun i promiss. And well in my opinion, I love everything about it! And if a pop up comes onto your screen and it says : Are you enjoying the game so far? or something like that.If you say Yes then you will get 300 or 600 food! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do! :)
This Game Is Very Fun! This Is My First Time Ever Loving A Wolf Game Other Wolf Games Were Great But Started Getting Boring. But This Game Could Entertain Me For Hours! The Graphics Are Amazing. The Quest Are Fun Indeed! This App Is Definitely Reccomended If You Loves Wolves,Simulators And Like To Be Hard Working. But Please Make A Feature Where You Can Change Ages. Cause When I Want To Be A Little Version Of The Adult Version Of A Wolf I Cant. I Have To Buy Or Breed Another. Overall Its Great!
this game is realy fun! but theres a few isuses. 1 gems are most of the game and there hard to get 2 the energy is super slow and 3 all you do is run around and complete quests waiting for your energy to refill but the story is the best part for me!
This game is beautiful. The outside nature around you inspires you. For example the sounds of birds chirping. The howl of the Wolf. This game is beautiful if you're 7 or up you should really install this
I like the concept of the game and so far it has an okay story behind it. However the energy requirements for using multiple wolves is unreal. Not only that but the energy requirement for hunting a single rabbit is way to high for such a small amount of meat resource.
I love this game so much! The details are on point! The only thing that i request is to have more animals to kill when you start. Cause theres only bunnies to kill, that all. Another problem I have is the lack of not enough breeding orbs, the chest don't give enough orbs, they only give 1 to me each time, so it would take so make days to fulfill one quest. And lastly, please make more ways to gain meat and gems, mostly gems. It's quite hard to get gems so I'd appreciate if you had more ways.
I...like it but I don't now what to do when I don't have any energy and all I do is quit the game but I don't want to quit the I like the wolves but I would like a updated that you can get a wolf with wings just for...100,000 gold is that good?
It was fun but some of the wolves wur a little hard to get. It is so hard to become alpha it takes forever so long! I literally have played it 4 2 years and it still isnt even OMEGA!!!!!!
best game ever! but i find it annoying that if u get an artic wolf at the start when u breed u get another! i am desparate for an omega but if i get a white wolf omega ik i dont have it for long because of the evolution pool pls can u update it so u can choose what personality instead of getting it i would love the option!
going ok , graphics are ok, gameplay, wish there was more open areas and more game to hunt than just rabbits, join a pack online and come across other packs and fight, there is a lot of potential with this game just needs a bit more features, but enjoying storylineand it all starts with that
Like the game but I'd like you to add a feature or two to it. For example skipping quests or maybe a way getting gems instead of buying or leveling up only. Also VIP is cool and stuff but seems kind of boring so maybe add some features there too? I know a lotta people and I wanna friend them so I'd be glad if you added that too. Aaand maybe a possibility to get more breeding and evolve orbs from chests. That would be good. Whatever you can and want to add to the game from above please do it. Thx
This is a good game! My friends told me about it it's worth instaling! The controls are easy to use, very challenging game tho. The graphics could use some work but overall it's awesome
I love this game! There is so many wolves to collect and evolve! But the graphics on the wolves need to be fixed on the face. :/ But the game is still great!
3 lanes, 2 Portals, 1 winner: Battle your way through Heroic Arenas. The Arena is calling you, Heroes! Build the ultimate deck of Minions and Spells and dominate your way to glory in this epic real-time PvP battle game. Conquer the Heroic Universe arena by arena and deal as much destruction as possible against other Heroes! Collect and upgrade an unstoppable army of Minions and round off your strategy with the perfect set of Spells. Think you can reach the top of the global leaderboards? Youโ€™l
Its a good game just wish there could be a single player to, not just mitilplayer and more things to then hunting, quests
A good game! The models textures may not look to realistic, but to me it looks like it's BREATHING. That takes quite some effort! Story cutscenes are always interesting to watch, & battles/hunting are fun lil' activities to do when bored. Definitely one of your best ones, Foxie!
It's a great game and kinda fun, but there's a problem or two. It takes 90 energy to hunt the bulls with three wolves. It worked fine before, but now I'm having my energy taken away without doing anything. I can't even get through the first attack and then it goes to the loading screen and then back to the online room, but it switched from online to offline. My internet connection is perfectly fine. There should also be ways to get gold and gems easier.
There is a lot of potential here. I agree with other comments that the graphics need work, and the hunting animation is very strange for me and breaks the immersion a bit. Also if you look away during a fight you can lose very quickly. But I love the concept and it's not too difficult to move.
The game is easy to run and also has orginal designs and story line. The game is actually challenging, and it is easy to have an enjoyable experience without paying any money. This game has a lot of potential, but lacks a few features that I personally find necessary, such as adding friends or changing your username. I suggest adding these features for more convenience. I would also enjoy the idea of having a player vs. player area, and/or a way to team up with friends in battles or hunts.
No. Its not Open World. Yes it's kinda pay to win. No the fight-system isn't like bite and biting. Its literally more like spell system. Wich you need the card for it. (Except the common one) So that's it. Oh and this is offline game.
This is a wonderful game! I love to play it, and don't even start with the story. This game is wonderful! But the controls kinda suck, you have to tap your wolf to go into full mode and why would you even need that in the first place? And you can't move the screen around like in Roblox so i just have to deal with staring at my wolves butt's. ๐Ÿคฃ
The game is good but there is one problem you need to solve.....I can't breed and the gray wolf!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญI don't know why but there must be some issues with game.....so i can't evolve the gray wolf....
I really like this game. But i have a request for horse paradise. I think there should be a curser to move instead of taping the screen everywhere. But overall i love wolf evolution! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š
There is some few bugs like when you lay down and click on to hunt a rabbit the screen freezes but all the quality of the game is good
I would like to be able to swipe towards my target for regular attacks and select special attacks on the side. I think allowing a main attack to be automatically selected will help push this game further. Please fix and I'll give 5 stars for sure!
I love this game!! It's just that the V.I.P. is kinda weird cause you never have a choice if having it permanent and all you get is being able to bring a cub outside and more useless stuff (no effence) can V.I.P. please at least be permanent and maybe you can get better stuff. Also,The controls are a bit wild cause when I tap not to walk but to unfreeze my screen,I walk. So please change that. Other wise,really great game!
I just started the game today and I love it! The reason I gave it four stars is because it's glitchy but otherwise it's a great game and very kid friendly! The controls are simple and easy to manage. The only change I suggest to make is to give a free chest to someone who just started but again, just a suggestion. Anyways it's a great game and thanks to foxie with all their evolution and fun games, I'm almost never bored!
It's awesome! Just a least make it where you don't have to be vip to do everything. Also make more wolves. This game is really cool and good story line.
I can't seem to find a way to get my old account back, I switched android phones and it's not letting me connect with Facebook, not happy that I have to start again.
The game is awsome though i wish it did not take money for the gems. Its so awsome i played it for only 5 days and i already almost have all the wolves! Also do you mind adding a drace kinda wolf that stands up? (Just made it up) and it had wings? And it was the same as blue feather but it still stands up? AND its color was rainbow? Or maybe it can be a rare wolf and stay down. I love it the same as wild craft. ๐Ÿ˜Š and i accidently paid 400 dollars. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Š
The wolves look disgusting and I personally think the controls are terrible. Why are the prices so high? I wish that when you got to a certain level you could earn the special wolves that have wings. I think you can, but still.
I think this game is great, its fun, qood quality, and the story is funny, and clever. Great for kids! I recomend this if you are a parent and your child is having issues with making friends, or finding something to do.
OMG, I love this game! It has SO many wolves. And you can fly! The one problem is when you're online, the server is not stable..... Also the chat is right there but it refuses to work. And people say unnecessary things on their servers... You know what I mean?! The graphics could use a little work.... But otherwise it's a really amazing game.
I love the game but I vote three stars because the really cool wolves are so expensive on gems and its really really hard to get gems
This is a fun wolf game where you can fight other animals and creatures like Bears and the other things you get to raise baby wolves and this is a ad free game and you can even get chests where you can get food to level up your Wolves and pups and you can get special wolves like element wolfs and winged wolves Alpha and horned wolves I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do bye
This game is very fun you can hunt and fight other animals, but there needs to be more to do and more environment in the game
Game is creative and fun, but graphics are bad, physics are worse, the storyline is canned. If you could look past the bad graphics, the game is fun with mechanics of hunting, breeding, and combat. The main character isn't relatable. If you rename the 1st wolf, the game still continues to call him Midnight. If energy was more/infinite, I might still play despite everything to encourage the Creator's to keep working. But it's not, so I'm uninstalling. I hope for better but don't recommend as is
its awsome i love it best game ever and i cant wait for Fish Abyss i looks so cool, but one thing is i wish u didnt need VIP to play as a pup and to get other wolves for loyalty points u can still get them in a chest. But keep up the good work!!
This game is really I LOVE the wolfs they are so cute but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because hunting sheep is so hard maybe u could lower the speed or on all the larger prey by the way I'm at quest lvl 8 and I think hunting is gonna get harder
I got a new phone and I lost all my progress. I'm done with this game.. I spent over $200 on it. I used to enjoy it but I can't play this anymore without feeling that it's just a pointless waste of time. I want my money back. Edit: Still feel this way so my review is not out of date.
Very fun game. I played it in the past and got a new tablet, couldn't find it on the playstore and panicked. Very glad to have found it. Wolf anatomy quite off but the graphics are overall good and doesn't detract much from the gameplay. Fun story and mechanics. My main complaint is how hard it is to get breeding orbs: I'm on the quest to breed any unevolved wolf, but I'd recently bred a wolf outside the quests and now don't have enough orbs to do the quest yet. Otherwise great, def recommend.
So far I love the story and the way it challenges you. The graphics could use a little more work on it would draw more attention to the game. I also like u can chat with others online which could also add voicing so people could talk to others too would be nice. But in all I love the game so far. Besides I love wolves and wolf is my zodiac ๐Ÿ˜„. Some glitches need fixed, ranks of the wolves, and maybe let u sell adult wolves too for ones u don't need would be nice just like the pups.
I love it but it's so pricey for the wolfs. but its not really a problem, but if u could lower the prices that would be awsome,and the most problem I have is the controls it soooooo hard to move the wolf, and I think it would be great if you would add a chat box, that's all for now See ya!
I love the game! If you add trading I will give five stars because it would be cool to trade things like evolve orbs, food, etc. And wolves so I can trade for one with wings c: so please add it.please don't ignore. Reply to my review for feedback if you don't wanna do it or that u will
game is fun in concept, the wolves are cute and i like watching the story parts and interacting with battles. however its sad that this game relies so heavily on buying everything with real money to keep playing. the energy refills are not enough to play for more than a couple minutes, and the "events" only last 24 hours and are impossible if you dont have your eyes glued to this game every second (ive done the math). wish it was a better game because it really is fun when you ignore all the bs.
Ye its a very good app, really love it.. Made lots of friends and I spend hours playin the game. Its like an addiction. But I would love if u could get more breeding and evolve orbs from chests cause sometimes I donteven get any... and I would be really happy if I could get gems exchange fo gold. Other than that Im really satisfied.