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Wokamon - Walking Games, Fitness Game, GPS Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Shikudo - Fitness and Focus Games located at 68/1-27 Murray St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009, Australia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoyed this game until clicking to watch a video and receive a bonus started to freeze the game. I've Uninstaller and reinstalled, but it doesn't fix the problem. (the issue got fixed) still dislike how long it takes to get the lottery items and how much gold is wasted getting them. Makes things frustrating. There also needs to be more world options. Once you upgrade them all there's nothing left to do with them.
Only app, like this, I've tried that works with Google fit. Also the only one with an in-built pedometer that worked pretty well on its own. Best balance of real world to in-game rewards that I've seen so far. In other words, you get more benefit from walking than you do sitting around on the couch playing the game. My only real complaints are the artwork, animations and sounds. They're not bad, they can just be a little...off-putting.
Doesn't work anymore after the latest update. When I try to use the app it just says "waiting" and doesn't open.
It is what it describes itself to be. I'm simple. I walk, then I poke a monster so it will shower gems.
For the life of me I can not get this to sync to my fitbit. I have done EVERYTHING it says to do to get it to work and it still wont work. It's extremely annoying and aggravating. Also nothing shows. Not the ME tab nothing... just the sync badge and the egg. That's it.
Fun for the whole family. I downloaded this app with hopes that my daughter would be inspired to be more active, and success! She asks daily to get active, so she can build up her monsters. I do appreciate the many chances to evolve, to feed them, and the graphics are amazing. Thank you for such a great and health derived app.
It's an ok fun, but it ate my phone's battery like it was nothing. Usually I lose maybe 2% of battery during the night (max), but with Wokamon my battery consumption at night was easily over 20%. I did not link Wokamon to any fitness app, so maybe that might have helped with battery consumption.
I love this little app to link to my fitbit. It encourages me to get even more steps or exercise that much more. Super cute, and fun as a little idle game.
Quite fun/addictive. Been playing for over 3 months now, my guess is in another 1-2 months I have got all the figures. I seen there seems be some lucky box in iOS version that still doesn't exist for android though? Would be nice if android were getting that too.
It's very simple but that's fine, I just needed something to motivate me to walk more. It's cute and it gets me to look forward to checking in. I do worry it will get exponentially more difficult than my actual exercise does, but so far so good. I'm confused why my 2 mons only wear Christmas clothes even though upgrading the clothes are a large part of playing. Old update?
This is an idle game with an interesting hook: instead of time or button-mashing, it's based partly on steps. The big problem is that it doesn't actually count your steps properly; it only barely seems to work while the game is open, and even using fitness trackers, it'll discard steps if the game hasn't been opened in a day or two. It's also, honestly, pretty basic as an idle game, and the looping 30 seconds of music grates.
Pretty cool little game. Not much in the way of instructions though. You kind of have to figure it out as you go.
I've been enjoying the app for a few days now and found it fun. We can get bonuses for watching short ads which is pleasant enough. However, today one of the videos included detailed descriptions and photos of an animal being tortured to death (literally, not in a hyperbolic sense); I had to stop. Definitely not the fun motivational view I previously considered this to be.
So addicting. Makes me want to walk more so I can level up my Wokamon. Sounds stupid, but super effective!
Fun app which gamifies walking, make sure you open before going for a walk, or it won't count your steps.
The game is nice and fun to play withthe exception of having to tap the Wokamons like crazy to get crystals. That gets really annoying.
I'm finding it a fun way to stay active and it reminds me of a toy from my childhood. still enjoying it. and am super happy to recover my old monsters when my phone went on the fritz and had to be replaced. although starting over at first was fun too. reminded me why i enjoy it so much. :-)
As a child I enjoy this app because the steps I earn help my little pets so it's good that way because it makes kids want to do more steps to unlock more things. If you do get this I have a little hack type thing for you: leave the app for a few days then go onto it and sync it again and you can level up your pet loads and it's really satisfying, but that's just me you might not find that satisfying!
Good fun app, it gives a little more motivation to do that little bit extra exercise, yes it may be a simple game but it is addicting! There's absolutely no in your face buy in-app money offers either as I've seen with many other apps, as its mostly based on your steps, and you can watch videos to get plenty of extras too.
This is fun! It reminds me of a Tamagotchi mixed with Pokémon. It's also encouraging to get more steps in to evolve your little creature. Cool game
Thanks for the tips. Been playing it a bit longer and I'm really enjoying the cute little monsters growing. Keeps me active
A really good and simple game add free and all. Not pay to win either and a great way to encourage you to get those steps in!
It's a good walking application that keeps me & my kids interested, as well as active during these glumly days. We can't wait to watch our special little aliens grow up or gain special outfit pieces after our weekly walking trips.
Hello exercise friends. I have been with wokamons a few months. I think the hardest for me was exercising with the first wokamon. The levels feel they are unreachable to hatch others. I have two new ones, I prefer more to tag along with my walks. When I link it with my Fitbit watch, the wokamon doesn't seem to be walking with me so I decided to untie the knots.
I wish it connected with samsung fitness app but that does not bother me. The monsters are cute and it's a nice leveling them up is a nice thing to look forward to after a walk.
I enjoy the game. Just disappointed that because I no longer have an iPhone I cannot save my progress on my android phone since my iPhone game is linked to my facebook. And i dont use any of the other 2 options to save your progress.
Its pretty fun, I really like that im rewarded for walking in a cute way. My only critique is that I wish there was more to do with the creatures, or ways to improve the creatures further
Game is really engaging, but only to a certain point. The Android app has a limited number of worlds, and the lucky draw is quite weird (would very rarely give anything other than fruits, and when it does it's only accessories, never worlds). So at some point in the customer journey you reach your maximum and there are no intrinsics for you as a customer to continue the play. You gain more and more crystals, but you have nowhere to spend them. Disappointed.
Fun to pass time. It won't let me like it on Facebook though.. and if it pops up to like, I try to click and it cancels it. I want my topazes! It's a fun way to get you walking. The more steps you take, the more experience you get. I wish I could use it directly on my Fitbit to pass time.
This game is confusing and not really based on steps. It rewards you for watching ad which suck. That and tapping your phone. I wish this was actually a game to encourage you to get more steps in.
My husband and I linked our Fitbits and play this all the time. It's fun and easy, and you get rewarded for Fitbit steps, which makes Fitbit use more fun.
The developers did a half baked job on the android version and it shows. If you go back through their updates through the years, first their android developer quit and now they don't have the budget. I've stopped bothering with any of the ads for extra stuff because there is nothing to spend it on other than a new monster once in a blue moon. All the other iOS features are missing here.
I wanted a cute app to motivate me to walk more. This one's very cute but not very helpful because leveling up is tied more to tapping the screen for gems than it is to walking. Uninstalled.
Fun little app. Motivates to fo skme extra steos. A lot of "watch a video to do this or that" messages that are annoying but it's not pay to win or anything so overall great app
I walked two and the game didn't register a single step. Yes I have it connected to my fitness tracker.
Game keeps crashing after a few seconds, same with fitness RPG, if they could fit that would be great. OnePlus 7 Pro Edit : Developer has responded and the game is now fixed. Great customer service.
Pretty good app. Not quite as fun as I'd hoped, but I guess I can't have Wii Fit U and Lvl Up Life and Google Fit all in one. The idle tap feature is fun, but it feels like a waste of time and subtracts from the usefulness of the app. Maybe if the tapping was optional and that part ran a little bit more like Tangerine Tycoon? Just a thought. I like the idea of clothing giving you more XP. Can we have more clothing options for each Wokamon? I think my Wokamons are a bit warm in their winter best ;)
My kids are racing around trying to get more steps, so they can uptake their wokamons. Clever, cute and fun.
Awesome! ĐawnIaod (WHAFF) App. Make FREE MONEY. Absolutely, Lovely game!. Really It's veryenjoyable Cool level game. I am in level k. Put one annozing thing about this game is that therest team had got much better weapons thanthe left team. I've been getting on feed back whatsoever regarding my game that freezes n out of j games to play. I lost a lot ofpoints because of this issue, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connection. The game completely freezing. Please mix this jug, this has been going on the new.
Played on an iPhone a long time ago and it says data transfer is not possible, which I don't care about, however it's impossible for me to sync any new data???
Dissapointed. The game has waaaay LESS features if you play on android vs iPhone. My friend gets loads of new worlds and different lottery boxes etc (playing on iPhone) and android gets 1 lottery box that only ever gives out fruit. So no chance of getting any accessories that can only be unlocked with the lottery. No new worlds either. Been playing just under 2 months and I've ran out of things to do Annoyed new update only bought 1 new wokamon that has to be bought with 800 topazes.
It's okay.If I want more crystal,I have to tap a lot on that alien to gain crystal.Instead of that you can modify this with stepping your foot will pop up more crystal.So it will help to engage on active more feet rather than finger.
This app is great for motivating me to walk more. The only reason it gets four stars instead of five is there's an annoying issue where a random screen pops up while I'm on a roll tapping on my monster to get crystals and slows my momentum.
Attempts to link up with my fitbit redirected me to a page on how to sycnc up my fitbit, instead of accomplishing the task. Not working.
Love the app however I got a new phone (iPhone to Samsung) and now I've lost all my data from since 8 started playing. I have gone in and deleted all data synced fia facebook and tried again.still didn't work. Now everytime I log in it lags out and tells me to go save through Facebook before continuing but it says it not acceptable between samsung and iPhone.
Have tried multiple times to sync my fitbit, but it redirects me to a page telling me how and it doesn't work. I've synced it before trying rhe app I've uninstalled and reinstalled and even restarted my phone, I wish I could play
Pretty sure this game is for children but as an adult with ADD, this game is a good distraction and something to fidget with while also motivating me to take more steps every day.
So far, it's been great. No issues with start up or crashing and it encourages me to get more steps than normal!
Fun little game to play along with getting your daily steps in! Great concept with cute creatures to evolve!