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Wizards Greenhouse Idle

Wizards Greenhouse Idle for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Harha Studios located at Askaistentie 26 as 11 20810 Turku. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so original! It's very fun and interesting. . It's also a very relaxing game. I recommend. You try again because I know you will like it.
I am not having issues with my internet. Everything else I use my internet for works fine. I get ads in the game for daily double & for library rewards & they work fine. But once I go to garden then to castle & then back to garden it won't load & has a black screen. Also once I go to cellar it does the same to go back up. Again Everything was fine until the last update a few days ago. Is there not a better way to report issues other than here on reviews? I will change my rating if this resolved
I get it's an idle game but there's literally nothing to do but continously click the plants and upgrade them which makes them ready quicker. If you don't click on the plants to harvest the mana then it's just wasted time. They don't produce mana unless you are actively clicking. Maybe some people like games like this, I just don't.
I've gotten the Griffin and the Rune that gets 4x the gold. Progess is a bit slow since I have to get 100000 gold to get the castle to continue the quests. I think having a couple more quests before getting the castle would be a little more fun. Making potions is a great way to get gold, but because it's only matching it gets a little boring. Unsure if it's a thing as I haven't unlocked the castle yet, but it would be interesting to be more then just matching on the potions.
Over all fun idle game, laid back ads aren't super intrusive like most mobile games these days. The glitch after the second harvest still happened for me and isn't letting me open the game now which is unfortunate. Soon as it's fixed I'll be playing again.
Love the game, very soothing. However the offline amount doesnt function correctly. I earn more offline from being away for 15mins than I do for being away over an hour (I have the upgrades to add +50 some odd minutes to offline collection). the mechanics of that juat dont make sense, making it hard to figure out when to log back on to optimize offline funds.
It was fun with quests but i been stuck for over a month because my 3rd or 4th quests requires the castle which is overpriced unless I use real money. I would have considered if it was $5 but its more than $80 so im uninstalling. Good luck with that pay wall.
Cash grab. Music settings do not apply across the whole game. Horrible explanation about the game mechanics and that you get a 4hr timer after selling. Ad rewards not even worth the time to watch one.
I would give this 5 stars, because I really love this game. For the last week or so, it has been resetting my timers and not saving the mana I create. Or I close it and go back in and the mana progress is not as far as it was before. You don't have any support email I could find anywhere, so leaving it here.
Game is great lots of fun, only issue I have is there's no volume control, not settings button to turn off sound affects
The only thing i dont like is that you cannot choose just one plant to sell.. It makes you sell all at once.
This is a simple but fun idle game. It has a very slow pace, it takes weeks or even months to unlock parts of the game like the castle. I do have a question, is the 4th plant you unlock in the castle greenhouse, with the green bits, bugged? It's output of dark mana is less than the plant before it.
Does not work. 1. Bought every upgrade, did nothing. 2. Bought the records, did nothing. 3. Bought the runes because they are impossible to get. Didn't help. Got the new plants, they are worse than the old. They give the same amount but slower. Wasn't worth all of the money I spent, since none of it worked. I even bought the -75% and it did nothing. What a scam!
Honestly, its ok! Pretty decent- NOT Ok look devs, I'm still tryna get to 7 plants and its been like 3 days!! Ok? Its kinda boring if you need to get to 7 plants. Maybe make it EASIER?! Please reply?
The game glitches after selling plants and mama for the second time. The 3 most costly plants and the middle one glitch out and you can't tap to collect or upgrade, and no matter how many times you close the app it doesn't fix it, I've even uninstalled and reinstalled, still happens
I was one of the people having issues with going between the quest area and the greenhouse and it going to a black screen and saying connecting to server. When this new update came I was hoping it fixed the problem, well it didn't seem to unfortunately, well I sold my plants and the problem corrected, I no longer get a black screen and the moon has come back, thank you for hearing us, I really like this game, it's so peaceful!
Lost ALL of my progress, my owl, my dragon, my plants, 30k gold, and almost a million runes. I was thoroughly enjoying this game and was considering buying gold but what's the point if it just gets lost? Super disappointed.
The game concept is great. The graphics are beautiful. My biggest issue is how slow paced the game is. I don't expect idle games to move very quickly but this is much much slower than I prefer. The side quests are incredibly slow paced and repetitive. 4 days for a dragon search is a little excessive. The potions for gold feature is cool but honestly, not worth the time it takes to earn enough to make it worthwhile. Could easily be 5 stars for me but just takes too long to make progress.
This is a fun and simple game. It's pretty relaxing. I'd like it better if the castle greenhouse moon effect would stack like the regular one does. Also I'm confused about the purpose of the seed power upgrades. I can't figure out what they're supposed to do. Nothing seems to happen when you buy them...
There's a bug in the mana price above the potion does not match the price it take to create the potion. Thanks for the quick response 😃
It's nice and simple and pretty but super glitchy. It doesn't always track the mana you earn, or it will forget all level up upgrades when using vinyls. Needs work. Edit response #2: the amount of plants does not change, just the upgrades after buying 26, 51, 101, etc. It's like it forgets those.
Boring. I was really looking forward to playing this game and it turned out to be just a waste of time ...also the moderator from this game seems to be trying to convince people to play this game and denouncing its clearly defined drawbacks...I don't buy into review comments but the negative comments have merit. The concept of the game is nice, but it is just too boring and after you level your plants up when you do sell them you get to start at the beginning base of the same plants tsk, tsk.😒
"Quests" that pop up as random characters saying they have something for you are just opportunities to make in-app purchases. Not cool. Otherwise, nice game.
It's a great idle game, but the plants found by your dragon are in no way special. I suppose I was hoping the plants my dragon took 23 days to found would perhaps make a LOT more mana, or sell for much higher than the default plants.
Boring. 3d quest is to buy castle. 200k gold. You can get 5 k gold selling plants you grow all day. Will take 100 days to buy castle. I quit. If you just want to grow and aimlessly harvest plants..I guess its ok.
Found this a day before my birthday and this is perfect for helping my anxiety and just getting out of my own head in this special way other idle/tranquil apps just don't have, who else wouldn't do anything to be a real life witch like this?
Devs need to check their coding. In the dark garden, the 4th plant costs significantly more to upgrade then the 3rd plant, but produces less the 1/100th of the dark mana. 4th plant: lvl 11, 288k upgrade, 8.3k mana gain, 3rd plant: lvl 54, 113.1k upgrade, 1.3M mana gain. In normal greenhouse wizard's tea is significantly cheaper to upgrade. Brilliant (1st plant) at lvl 159 is 4.5B upgrade, Ocean (3rd plant) at lvl 93 is 4.8B upgrade & Wizard's at level 202 only 3.3b, & makes more mana then ocean.
It's not bad the commercials helps...and basically you're just growing plants selling them ... helping customers(npc) growing plant and there are more things than just that it's good game