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Witch Love Story Games: Magic of Love

Witch Love Story Games: Magic of Love for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Interactive Story Games. The game is suitable for Teen (Sexual Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
BEST game ever, this game is mind blowing, althoug it needs data connection to unlock a new chapter, other than that its preety awesome
Sorry but I had uninstall it the story and the graphics where very basic. The storyline wasnt that compelling either unforently. I wouldnt suggest this to anyone over the age of thirteen. It looks like a game for teenagers but not for adults. I dont know if that was what they was going for?.
despite the reviews, I thought I'd give this game a try. when I saw the start menu, I figured 'oh no, it's one of those browser games made by the dozen with the only differences between them being names and character "designs"...' but I wasn't entirely turned off from playing it. when I opened the settings and saw you need to watch an ad (basically, indirectly paying the developers a small amount of money) to CHANGE LANGUAGE, I immediately uninstalled it. yikes!
This game was really good, i love the story, it's so unique, i will able to give 5 stars but, when i was in chapter 3 this says unable to download story data, can you please fix this problem pleaseπŸ˜“
Only 4 chapter is left but it's STUCK... I can't go forward. Overall the story was great. But it'll be a big bummer if I can't get the ending. At middle for few chapters those pop up spell books and stuff will stay covering middle part of the screen which was kinda annoying. But at least I could go on with the game at that time.... Please fix it~~~
No star (was forced to give one) I immediately uninstalled this game as soon as I read the first few texts. The story is both boring and cliche(and not the good kind of cliche), the way it's written reminds me of what a child would write in primary school (I swear it caused a headache just reading it), the art is not appealing (the MC's head looks like something outta minecraft) and it's just really uninspired overall. Please improve these if you plan to make more games like this in the future.
Best story Ever but sadly I didn't get to finish it because I restarted the game by mistake I saw no point in starting the game all over but still best game ever
Looked like a fun fame with amazing art, but I couldn't even get to the first "chapter". Also, as a review previously posted by someone else said, as soon as I open up the app, an ad popped up, along with one one the top. Yes, I understand they need to make money but really? Its too excessive. Would not reccomend to install.
This is an excellent game! By far one of the best I've ever read! The characters feel real, thwy have so much depth to them, the twists and turns were genuinely surprising, and I love the way the whole nature of the story changes depending on which side you pick! Also, I love the character development and conflicts going on in the story, they feel like actual threats the MC has to overcome. Please make more stories like this! I love it!
I strongly recommend this app. When downloading it I thought it was just another stupid love game but it shocked me. It has so many drastic and dramatic turns you wouldn't even imagine could take place. It is all over a great game. A huge shout-out to the Developers.
I'm giving this three stars because the game stops and skips most of the chapter and then i don't know what's happening and also why do we have to download the chapters.... downloading the chapters is a really big problem because sometimes the chapters don't want to download and it's kinda annoying. The game is fun to play but if you could fix those problems I'll change my review to 5 stars
I can't get past the set up stage.. This app is really slow at loading then once you get to the name your Character part you can click the box to try, but it does nothing, and no keyboard does not pop up either so after several minuts of trying I clicked the ok (although my character would have had no name so I'm glad it didn't work) it was froze I'm guessing; because I had to exit the app altogether. So I'll rate your game better when you fix the bugs so that people can actually name then play.
I really loved the story line. This was probally best story games out there. I always tried to find one like this till now. The creatirs did really good with the art style. Some of the wors were misspelled i notice but its just small errors nothing big.
It looks fun when I first downloaded because I'm into like the supernatural stuff like magic and mermaids and vampires and werewolves. But I couldn't even get to the first chapter it just loaded and then showed me a black screen that said magic of love and stay there. Please fix this bug so I can enjoy the game andreita its proper rating.
Okay, my curiosity took the better of me and I played the game through. It actually gets better later on if you survive the first three chapters. But it doesn't make the game good unfortunately. The writing is shallow and too fast-paced. Therefore nothing in the story has real emotional impact, the plot twists are lame and the love interests...ugh. Daniel and Stephan's "routes" were okay and then Vincent pops out from nowhere claiming that he seized the throne of hell just to impress you...
Fulled with ads from the start screen and through out. Watch an ad to choose your preferred language. Poorly written, plot goes nowhere and is the already over used story of an orphaned witch drama. Art is horrible and so are the controls or lack there of. Says interactive but all your choices are already picked by the "writer". So utterly pointless.
very awesome game....nice story...love it...although its a nive game but i have completed chapter 3 and when i download chapter 4 data, it gives server timeout error..its been an hour since it is giving this error...fix it fast plz...the rest of the game is perfect ! now chapter 8 is giving error :/
This app is good but I can't download chapter 3 even tho the internet is pretty fast... And if you create an app like this please do it complete because we're impatient to wait new chapters, I'm pissed off that's why I uninstall this app. It's a waste of time waiting to the chapters to be updated. Why don't you update this app when it is completed not make people wait. This app only depends on the people so please if you are not imbecile enough do what I said coz' it's for your own good.
Everything was going great until chapter VII, it kept saying 'Unable to download, server timed out!' You can't do this to me, please fix this bug ASAP!
The friend in the story is very pushy and annoying, and in the end it just makes you blurt our your secret.. worst story plot and the ads pop up to to soon. Literally went to some truck site twice because of how big it is and the fact that I was trying to get through the game made it more annoying. Over all, bad ads and horrible that the choices dont matter at all tbh....
Another awesome game by you guys. The charcters, graphics and the story are really great. There are so many fabulous clothes and hairstyles as well. Thank you so much for this game. And I also look forward to the next chapters and more games. Thanks again.
Very nice game but when i want to unlock the chapters faster or when I want to chose some dress or something it tells that you should watch a video but whenever i want to watch the video it tells that a video is not available now and that happens every time and also make the game offline and there were some spelling and grammatical mistakes and when the levels are unlocked after one or two hours when i want to open it and play it says you have data loading problem and i don't have net problem.
The game is good but I was only able to read upto chapter 2 when I try to download chapter 3 it's always show unable to download.so I stuck between plz do something.
meh. I just skipped through all the stuff in the first two chapters, it's pretty boring. and the characters aren't interesting, the dialogue is.. somehow off. I might try this later if the story is ever completed because I do like the art and the story premise, but it's rough.
While the game looks nice and doesn't require money to unlock chapters or content, the writing is very bland. The characters are flat, the dialogue is stiff and everyone talks the same way, if you replaced every word in this game with a fancier one from a thesaurus, it would still read horribly. I'm only up to chapter 2 so far, but the worldbuilding seems very lacking as well and choices don't seem to matter at all. The main character is plain as well, it doesn't even feel fun to play this game.
Before the game even loaded, I was served an ad. After that, the same ad looped in the top banner over and over and just about drove me mad. Thankfully, I stopped playing before that happened because the writing is so artless it's painful. Not only does it manage to insult childless couples within the first two lines, it's so stiff and plastic I felt absolutely zero sympathy for the characters or their story.
I liked everything tbh.The story is interesting and well written. Even at some points when decisions are kinda forced onto you, later it makes sense xD good job! (Also I didn't mind the ads. Made it pretty easy to get my fav outfits etc. If you don't get an add, just exit the game and retry, or exit your internet and try again)
This game is the best game I love the fashion and the story is very touching please make part two pretty Please πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ€²
This was really all about the story telling and I really appreciate the no nonsense of buying or earning gems to unlock a chapter. You are able to read the entire story ofcourse there's a waiting period to read each chapter but you can watch ads to speed up the waiting process. I really loved this story and characters. Excellent work and I would very much install another story and recommend this one.... MAGIC OF LOVE IS AMAZING AND TOTALLY WORTH DOWNLOADING. MORE OPTIONS CLOTHES & PICTURES
I don't get it.. Isn't the game supposed to let us choose the story? This one sucked for the fact that it wasn't an interactive game. The costumes of the girl.. blahh. And honestly it's basically reading a story book and all u do is turn the page (I.e click "Next"). Seriously??
Art: Great. Story Plot: ok. Game controls: little buggy at some parts but still ok. I would give it 5 if other chapters can be played free. Data stopped downloading at chapter 6 stating "server down unable to download". Sorry... Uninstalling.
The art work is pretty unique. Some of the art looked a bit off anatomy wise but overall, pretty good. The story is predictable and I could easily guess the plot twists before it actually showed itself. The villain was terribly written and did incredibly stupid things like not killing the protagonist and her family cause it would be "fun" like seriously? Also most of the time, the choices you make don't matter. For example you are forced to tell your friend your secret even when you tell her no.
The storyline is so interesting! AND You don't have to pay for anything!! All the options are available! My only complain is that the game keeps lagging which makes it skip some part of the story so sometimes i got confused. Other than that, this is a cool game
I loved the game its very nice the story is interesting and magical ...everything's fine but I wanted to start it all from the beginning from chapter 1 unfortunately when I started the first one all the other chapters were locked again πŸ˜“ it was not good disheartened me please do something 😣
This game is basically my favorites optuon game. But, I hate the fact that we barely get ro choose stuff. Juat her clothes and sime important stuff. I think the game would be perfect if we had a little more control.
The first few chapters are completely ripped off from charmed with subsequent ones being mostly ripped off. Spelling mistakes throughout. Some options don't make sense or contradict the current story. Replaying different story options hilights it as being more flawed.
I don't know about everyone else, but I love this game! It's one of the only story games where you don't have to pay for gems or diamonds, but you just watch ads to unlock options. I love the drawing style, and the fact that it's not 100% about romance - there's some mystery and fantasy adventure in there too!
I really enjoyed this book. It is by far the best of the books that this company has produces.❀πŸ”₯
It was amazing, i went with the dark side but it will be amazing if you made one like that just with the choice to be alone and maybe you could do a werewolf one or a vampire style ones and a thew times it would pick the opposite option than the one I wanted oh and I really really dislike Stephan and every time I choose the dark side he always getting on my nerves and when it was the coronation he tried to stop me and onetime the main characters mum and Stephan kidnaps me and takes me to heaven
Okay so, the art is all it has going for it. The story is so slow and extremly bland. "Lots of magic" Hah! Once you chose an outfit you cant go back and change your mind until the next time they let you change your look. It takes so long for the words to crawl across the screen and when an ad pops up at the end/beginning of a scene, it wouldnt close and I had to leave the app and go back in to continue. At least it remembered where I was. I dont recommend it.
I loved the concept and the art. What I believe you guys should work on is how the story plays out and the characters in it. I've only played a little of the game and I've realized the mistakes. The story rushes too fast and the characters have no personality either. Also, sometimes the dialogue repeats itself which isn't enjoyable. Next time you create a dating sim, make sure the story is enjoyable and a fun read for the people playing! Thank you for your time.
This is my favorite interactive game so far. I'm in live with the story, characters, clothes and more. I wish it was longer or that it has a spin off because the story is so good. I would love to see more clothing options too.
This game is basically my favorites optuon game. But, I hate the fact that we barely get to choose stuff. Like her clothes and some important stuff. I think the game would be perfect if we had a little more control.
I love this app 😍 the stories are so good and we can change the language and choose the t-shirt the hair and what she wants to do 😍πŸ₯° just wow
It takes lot's of time to download chapter it shows only one thing is that ' unable to download the chapter try again later' but the starting was great but i stuck in between means it takes more time to one chapter was so bad that's why I given two ✌star's
I have never played a game like this , this game is awesome πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎ, the story , the drama you did an excellent work, the graphics are ...... I don't even know how to say it. It's an incredible experience.
i love the art style, and every episode has long stories thats why i like it, but the only thing im giving it a 4 stars its because i cant change my outfit every time, i can only change it if theres an event or something. but its pretty good.
Best story ever . It was so intense and emotional and there was so much action . She had a lot of choices , clothes, hairstyles, love partners and much more . I loved the suspense and everything about it . Best game ever.
At first it was amazing πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ but when I did a remake of one of the episodes it was doing the opposite of what I picked. Then it started freezing up and taking me to ads it has a lot of ads. Overall it was a great game like I loved it until that happened . Also it was slow.
Would love the opportunity to actually play it and judge it fairly if the start-up loading screen didn't constantly get interrupted by ads that freeze and crash the app. πŸ˜‘