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Will It Shred? Satisfying ASMR Shredding Game

Will It Shred? Satisfying ASMR Shredding Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by BoomBit Games located at BoomBit Games Office 102 - 2 London Bridge Walk SE1 2SX London. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Veary satisfying, and short adds can get you a lot of money. But I think there should be more of a final goal after you buy all of the things than u can get with coins
I really enjoy shredding all the items, love the progression n all as well. Entertaining shreddable items, appropriate sounds. My only issue is that ads play even when I say I click "miss out" options. It might also be nice to have an option to remove the grinder's sound as well to accentuate the items crushing noise.
I got first place in the pvp event and didn't receive my electric drill item prize. Messaged their support team 3 weeks ago, absolutely worthless. I told them about my problem and they started talking about a different game. Once I clarified, they never responded. I wouldn't recommend any Boombit game if this is how they treat customers.
I actually love this game. It's a great way to pass time. Even tho there is alot of ads, you upgrade fast, and you have the option to level up alot. Keeps me entertained thanks!
The game is fine I guess. Sorta satisfying but not really. The game forces ads down your throat every other stage, making the game itself almost unplayable. Maybe when making a game, let us PLAY said game. Not fill your pockets with cash because of the ads.
An ad played when I tried to participate in the event, then when the ad ended the key prize opened. When I opened my gift the event didn't trigger and I lost my attempt and my #1 spot lead.
It's a fun game there are quite a few adds 😞 but overall it kinda fun. 😁 The adds are mabey for me it's like a add every minute in a half but I would recommend downloading this game, and if you don't want the adds you can turn off your internet. But all of this is just my opinion and experience.
The game was really boring it was the same thing over and over again. You would grab the item put it into the crusher wait for it to crush and then do the same thing again. And every item has the same animation when it gets crushed.
This game is for all of the people that love ASMR it sounds like actual ASMR crushing like download this game download it people that cannot stand crunchy noises you're missing out on this game out but the people who love watching a s and Mars on TV definitely definitely I recommend you guys to download this game download it right now what are you waiting for you're still looking at this text message but download it.
This game is so annoying the ads are most annoying I hate them just get rid of them game just get rid of them
I appreciate the game, the concept & the need to make money from it, but to have ads every LITERAL 5 seconds is obnoxious. Tone down the ads and for what it is you'd have 5 stars.... Or you can pay the $3.20 (that i did for my youngest) just so the click bait ads would go away.
The game is amazing but I gave it a 3 star because every minute or few seconds a ad pops up tone down the ads ok I know you need money but dang the experience can be better
I really like it I recommend it. It kills time it's really satisfying my fav thing to crush is coin diamond and brick
It's a good game when I want a break from more complicated games. I gave it 3 stars instead of 5 for the forced ads. I dont mind the ads for auto shredding and upgrades, but the forced ad after shredding like 5 things is annoying and kills the flow of the game. Otherwise I'd rate 5 star
I like it its a good game one thing i dont like though is that it has alot of ads like it offerd me free 8000 coins if i watch an ad so i watched it it didnt even give me 8000 coines then when i denied it it just did an ad anyway
The app is cool but theres a lot of ads and things that ask if you want to get a bonus which you have to watch an ad for, when I click on miss out or watch ad it just leads me to the app store. Its strange.
This is actually really realistic! I love this. Sometimes those YouTube videos aren't as good, but when you're in control, it makes it better. One small disappointment is that everything cracks like glass. Great game Though!
Good time waster. There are a lot of ads as mentioned but multitask and do something else while they are on. Didn't take very long to get all of the items to shred.
Poor game and a rip off do not make a purchase says any purchase will remove ads I still have to watch ads to do challenge mode which is completely broken it stopped loading items for me to shred mid game and when I was FORCED to watch an ad to play a game after the ad finished it didn't even allow me to play the match but put it down as a loss
It's a satisfying game but it makes you watch ads and rate the game to play it's so annoying because it happens every time I buy a new thing so that is why I'm eating it 3 start it's a good game but i hate that it makes you do stuff to play it i had to rate it right bos to play!
I like the game but there's 1 thing that annoys me every time. When the coin goes to get crushed and it wants to me to get extra coins I press miss out cause I dont want to watch an ad and get extra coins. When I press the miss out button it takes me to the google play store which makes no sense. It frustrates me every time I am very upset. If the developer is reading this. Can u please fix this problem where it doesnt bring u to the play store it's making the game very upsetting. 😑😑😑
satisfying game. I usually support developers by watching advertisements but the amount of ads on this types of games is RIDICULOUS till I had to resort to using Adaway. Another issue is this game is vulnerable to the simplest hack using game guardian without much effort
Amazing game lodes of options of things to shred but there are a lot of the same things but that's rare and there's alot of ads but I love the game:)
Amazing very satisfying i love how the way the game is created and the reason that i gave 4 stars because there are alot ads
yet another game that would not load, every single time I attempt to load it crashed, straight to the home screen. not hating, and only because I respect that people spent their time into it. Be awesome if this could possibly be fixed.
What is this game it's rubbish the noises hurt my ears also I keep getting ads after I put one item in the shredder bam ad I'm only giving two beacus I like the spin machine but everything else is just rubbish
It's full of ads when you press miss out an ad appears and it's really slow on mobile and if all the stuff I said was fixed I'd give it 5 stars.
I think it's a pretty good game but the fact that there's so much ads and I would it rated 5-stars if it didn't have so much ads
Best game, but I'm giving 4 stars because it's a good game but after I shred one item my game crashes
Filled with fun. Just turn off Wifi to opt out of hideous ads. Relaxing, like any other ASMR game. I would recommend this app, but turn off your Wifi.
Its kinda hard to explain but here it is I really love this game and im addicted after 1 hour around Idk how and why lol. This is the first game I dont mind all the ads because the rewards are worth it kinda look Fwd to the ads its such a chill gave I can play and watch a movie at the same time and have fun. This game may not be for everyone but I adord it gread balance Thank You
Relaxing and somewhat entertaining... 4 stars because I dont like to be forced to watch an ad after I decline a special offer that requires me to watch an ad.
If you guys play Minecraft there's a new update coming in 2021 and it's called caves and cliffs update
Maybe add a restore purchases button incase someone removes the app then wants to play it again another day
I Dont Get It Why It Doesnt Work And Why The Items To Shred Are Gone, And I Dont Get It Why It Forever Loads On When You Get Twice The 10 Spins On There, And Also When I Keep Putting Items In There It Just Stopped Working And All Of It Is Just Done! I Really Dont Get It Why I Have This Glitch On My Phone But Its Just Not Working Right Today!
Ok I get it you wanna make money but come on someone said that every time you shred something then an add pops up it would annoy me plz make less adds .
Good graphics, it's satisfying but this game fires an unskippable ad at me every minute. Even if turn off my internet which works with most of the ad-spamming games, it still tries to load an ad, and ofcource this won't happen because I have no connection. However, your game just locks itself if it tries to load an ad, so every time that happens i am forced to restart the game. This means that if you're in an environment where no internet is available this game becomes quite unpleasant to play.
This app is the best, It keeps you from that temptation that you just want to break something up or an urge to grind up an object into little pieces and see them scattering all across the place well this app does just that. This app is just great get away from that temptation of what you have on your mind.
This game is so satisfying!!!I have alot of money in it. It is so good and alot more fun than any other game I have. I love unlocking new things and love that you dont need wifi. During all of this virus it's getting all the stress off. Recommend it alot and all those bad reviews are probally just glitches but overall this is very smooth on my device (Samsung Galaxy 20e) So this is a very good game. Recommend alot.
You it's insane !!!! It will be even nicer if the will be more electronics with much delails inside the things Ex - PS4 - will allthe circuit ad chips Pls do this in next update
The game works finally. Weeks ago there weren't any items to shred but now it works now. Thats why I put 5 stars.
Quite a nice game, most of the objects do break down realistically but it would be nice if some objects were flexible and didn't just break into pieces. For example the can should be bent and then ripped to shreds but instead it just falls to pieces and goes through the gaps. Overall it is a satisfying effect, graphics are nice, there's a fair few objects and it runs smoothly so it's not a bad game.
It is very satisying and very addictive but the problem is that there are way too many ads. There even forcing you. This is a good idea but still, there are bugs, and problems that need to be fixed.
Fun game and is very satisfiying, but just after a little while the game is just boring and a waste of time.Otherwise it's a fun game.
I can't even play the game it loads forever don't download if you want a fun game but I'm downloading it later to see if it's fixed because I'm going to uninstall
The game has some great potential with some more updates and graphic updates but the graphics so far are okay. I've given it a three star because I've lost all of my progress and the only way to retrieve it is to log into Facebook, I particularly don't like doing this for any app, mostly because they use Google Play to connect. I was quite far into the game with Thanos' gauntlet the drone etc. The game is really good at passing the time though...
This app ia great... But their is oje problem. Your app has to many ads. I cant even play the game. Please fix it asap.
Did not sound like asmr and the graphics are terrible they need to work on the sounds even the machine it's very annoying the background needs work and there's ads to I know I need to turn off my internet but still needs some work
This game is super fun. I love the sounds and the effects and the many different items there are to shred. There is only one thing keeping it from getting a 5 star review from me, the ridiculous amount of ads. I know you need to make money. I think it's fair to watch an ad to unlock a new item early, to get a bonus multiplier, and to get 5x the amount of coins when you shred a diamond. But forcing people to watch ads anyway when they don't want to get 5xis wrong. It interrupts gameplay too much
Meh. It's a time waster, but it is almost impossible to not watch ads even if you say no they still play.
Not very fun if you crush the same thing it's not going to be different just the same as last time also when I look at a add to get coins I finish the ad but it takes forever to load in so I wait for a while until I can't get my coins so I have to get out of the app and close the window so I don't get my coins should be zero Stars
I would rate 4 stars because there are a lot of ads but there are a couple reasons why i rated 5 stars. Also "shred multiple items" is actually "shred 2 items" but that is good because the game would crash. At least on my tablet. Also the quality choosing is awesome!! If the quality would always be high/ultra, my tablet would crash. It runs smoothly when you shred 1 item at a time. But 2 items it bugs a little. But that is just because of my tablet. I love how you can collect different items!
Will it shred? Yes!! I love this game alot! The app developers really put alot into this game, the objects, the sound effects, the look of the shredder, everything is so genuine despite alot of ads that are intrusive but hey good work means great pay out of it! Highly recommend this game, you'll never stop shredding whatever you get your hands on!
This game is awesome you can play it all day long I love it keep up the good work I just wish it had an update thank you very much
The title says " Satisfying ASMR" but, every time the items get sliced my phone vibrates. I'm deleting this app immediately.
It's good but sometimes when I off my internet connection it's logging and I can touch anything to back 😑😑😑so I off my iPad But it's not back so I repair my iPad Cause I want it to back so I don't love this game I'm not interested πŸ˜‘πŸ€¨πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜–
This game gets a 1 star for me because first it's all cool and stuff but then after it gets so boring people who get bored quick I wouldn't really recommend this game to them but that's just my opinion. YOU'RE LUCKY I'M GIVING EVEN GIVING U A STAR
I expected a lot more from this game.All you do is drag things to a machine to watch it crush but it isn't even that satisfying!!πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽI recommend not to get this game!!
If i play tgis game in my phone is start gliching and many many ads ok i delete the game pls fix it if not i will give one star XD yep one star
I rate this game one star because it has too many ads and it drives me nuts please fix that?! Thank you!
It is ok but I think they need to work on the app just a little more because some of the things u unlock in the first round are the interesting things but when u get to the bigger rounds u get things that are not as satisfying
Game is very simple and addictive. Problem I have is the constant advertisements that show up. They're too often to enjoy the game, every few things you break you're forced to watch. I understand it's a free game but this is ridiculous. Overall it's fun but the ads make it difficult.
This game is awesome, satisfying and cool! The only problem is that it has a terrible amount of ads, other than that, good game
This game is so addicting! All you do is shred stuff, to get money, to shred more stuff! The ad's are fair too! The only time you get a non-optional ad is after you crush a diamond, and it's not even three dollars to get it removed! You shouldn't even do that because most of them are skipable in five seconds, anyway! I love this game and I highly recommend this game to everyone!
Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!! I find destruction to be VERY cathartic. This game has it by the truck load! Even better with having to unlock stuff and upgrade the machine by shredding stuff! My only complaint is that i cant physically throw the stuff into the machine in person. And that's not something any Dev could fix. To the Devs please keep up the amazing work!!!! I'm absolutely have zero hesitation in going premium (or whatever it's called) with this game!
You want me to rate the game so bad that you bother me every minute? Okay, here is your rating: one star for pestering me and for relentless ads that I had to remove with Lucky Patcher.
This game was really nice . Like it was pretty satisfying and really addictive the thing is that it has way too many ads but if turn on the airplane mode all the ads will get cancelled. You won't see any ads after that . I love this game so much . That's why I rate β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† .
This game is and can be more fun but I have to give it 1 star cause the ads are so bad , every 20 seconds or 30 seconds theres an add and thats not counting if you want to use the auto conveyor or 3x bonus ads
This game is so fun and i love it. Why 3 stars? Because i found a glitch where you put the pineapple in the shredder and the pineapple disappears. Please fix this!!
The game itself is very simple, not a bad thing, but breathtaking games are what the fifth star is for, which this game is for. However, it is very fun and is a great time killer. I give props to the devs for ads not being a common occurrence, and if you do decide to watch an ad, the reward the game provides you with is actually worth the 30 second wait. Not many apps today have that, which is a shame really, I'd love to see some updates with more items, other than that the game is great !
Game - Do you want to watch an ad for a bonus? Me - No thanks. Game - Screw you, here's an ad with no bonus anyway. Me - Uninstall, 1 star review.
I love this game I can stop playing it for hours banana skin for like 2 hours 3 hours and it's great I got over a thousand points
Shoving your hand into this shredder would be more satisfying then playing this horrible boring useless game. Low key fun tho
I like this game but when i got to level 2 when it ask extra coins or miss out i do missout and then it takes me to playstore to download other game which I don't want to so i don't know why so i hope the people who made this game can fix it then i will give it five stars after they fix it
U trying to force me to watch add?? If i click on option miss out then also u redirect.. I m hate this game just because of this problem
I love this game because it's satisfying but one more thing the last ones don't work! So I rate 4 stars
Love this game, but one thing I don't is, it vibrates my phone when items are being shredded. I want to know of there are any ways off turning the vibration off.
Boring. Amount of ads is to much. You get to play for 30 seconds or so then you get an ad. Items can't be rotated.
It is a very good game. It has satisfying sounds (which I love) and I can say that when you play the game for the first time, you get a little addicted. Also, all you have to do is shred to get money to buy new stuff to shred. I am saying that it's gonna end up boring. And don't forget, I really loved this game and I would like to see and other games from this designer. Thanks!πŸ‘Œ
I really love this game I can play all day witch I did anyway download the game and have fun it's amazing I love it so you should love it
Fun time killer but when you place first twice in the challenges and don't recieve the prize? Also if your searching for an opponent in the challenge and the "welcome back" pops up over the top.. you lose your turn at the challenge.
I am SO addicted to this game! Yes, it is one of those random, pass the time games, but it's so satisfying to crush all of the things that you can get! It does contain ads, but usually only when you're getting some kind of freebie. You can also challenge other players to see who can crush more items in a certain amount of time, which can earn you a good bit of gold. And, you get a lot of free spins everyday, which give you all sorts of prizes. I highly recommend this game.
Its a really fun game the only thing is everything is soo overpriced like if I buy a cell phone its cost like 10k and it only earns me 50 dollars and one more thing THE ADS there is wayy to many ads but other then that I recomend this app
At 1st I thought wow I finally found a game that done force adds after 5mins of playing, I was mistaken, I get that free to play games need to make money, but shoving adds in people's faces every min isn't going to earn you a good rating, when you spend more time watching adds over playing the game there's not point in having it. "Uninstall"
The game is very fun but after the bonus I don't get any more objects which I find very wered but over all good game just fix the bonus issue and i can give 5 stars
Its dumb that i still hear the music whille im in youtube also im stuck on this loading screen im also boredbut ita still cool
This game is not that good just here and you won't like it so do not download this game it's boring and you just got to dragon the machine does it all
Decent. However, it refuses to log into Facebook. I click the button, click Continue as, and it just hangs up.