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Wildlife Park: Wild Creatures

Wildlife Park: Wild Creatures for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by b-alive GmbH located at Panoramastrasse, 88444 Ummendorf. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very addicting but so glitchy Also you have to buy the full version which is useless since it doesn't improve anything other than the varity Who ever made this game is completely useless because many players have complained about the full version. The full version spoils the game
Wow.. I love this game it has good stuff it's amazing the reason I am giving you a four is because it is taking so long to load and the cacher is slow and bearly does his job but out of that it's good!
Dear B.Alive Add more animals, fences, toys, plants and more also let gamers can build their animal homes, plus new things and let gamers build climbing structures shelters, can add color variations for wolves and llamas. Can you update the animal movements . Can you add Mandrills, lemurs,and Baboons. And more animals . Can add more penguins and more seals and sea lions. I hope you read this please
It is great...And can also use some improvements like more animals otherwise it is great you can also add more stuff like birds dragons even that would be cool 😂
Great game But theres Four things one make all The Carnivores attack prey Two makit for when you close the park if visitors are Still in the park they cant Leave Three add more Dinos like Spinosuarus Stegosuarus T-Rex and Parasuar Lastly add Dragons and Sea serpants and Flying animals and Add more Types of Wolves
Great game but some plants and animals were unlock in game and everything we purchase in game change this version into priume version
Peeps, if you are complaining about the zebra and elephant's needs, go to the campain and go to the mammoth and squaggas pages, and it will have everything that those animals needs! (P.S. i love your games!!!!)
Can you add a feature where you have a Unlimited amount of money and I love this game a lot and can you remove the premium feature because it's really unfair for the people who are kids or dont have the money.
This is literally the best game I have found, definitely a 5 star game if only it didnt crash every few minutes right before I save my progress. Im keeping it at one star til its fixed because i paid for the whole game and I shkuld be a le to play it without it crashing and destroying the progress ive made.
Dear B.Alive Add more animals, fences, toys, plants and more also let gamers can build their animal shelters, can add color variations for wolves and llamas. Can you update the animal movements I hope you read this
I absolutley love this game but one thing could you guys add more animals and dinosaurs like trex,triceritops,stegosaurus but you guys can add what you want i dont care just please add more to the game
Great game. The only thing I don't like is there should be more dinosaurs like the t rex and others and PLEASE IMPROVE THE GRAPHICS!!!
It's... older. But fun and and challenging I really don't have any requests or complaints other than more water dwelling creatures
Its concept is very good but graphics very poor & many many animals are locked. I can't enjoy this game freely. Please unlock all animals firstly. Also I can't waste my real money to unlock all.
I love this game for it's real life animal habitats and animal behaviors. It crashes sometimes and pisses you off, but just save your stuff and you'll be fine.
Please please remove the premium mode this game looks so cool please I wanna play it so badly i don't even have money to buy it please please make it normal think about it you will get lot of dowloads from this apps and the others please please make it non premium please
I love dinosaurs but the game will be better if you can use any animal you want and dont have to pay for the animals
controls aren't great and it's pretty limited. not too expensive to full version but the free end did not inspire confidence.
The games look good and fun but i give it 1 star 🌟 because in my android it is loding but taking tome and not coming!!
Closest game to zoo tycoon on android. I love it. With the full version, everything is unlocked. No time outs or stupid stamina bs or spending money to get more animals. Not a kiddie game either like some other zoo games. Well worth the money if you are an animal lover like me.
OMG its so fun i played the other zoo game until i found another game it was this game its fun its the same thing as the other one but it jas cooler animals
I reeeeally like this game,and the other versions,but I think you should make a version where you have just dinosaurs instead of animals.I f you did,I would never delete that game!I also think you should have one on mythical creatures.
It's a very good and creative game, but if freezes about every 5 minutes. Otherwise, it is a very good game.
It's a fun game I bought premium, but I tried to play it and it kept kicking me out every 10 seconds please fix this its horribly annoying
I like the game! a bit laggy but I hope you make more of the stuff free,Also add notifications that tell us when a animal is mate ing or having a baby and other stuff, Otherwise this is a epic game!
Love this game i love how you feel like the manger and you feel incharge it would be better if no premium as i dont like to pay for games mabey you could make it for free would it hurt that much and you would have so many downloads but it is a strong 5 star dont you agreee
This game is fun and on can you just be free for all games because I want to see all the animals reproduce how they mate please and thank you
Needs more free stuff Give atleast 40 percent things for free.Give marine animals and few birds for free.Ok its good but needs more free stuff.Everyone keeps asking dont u think more free thinys=better and better=More purchases. Please give more free stuff please. make a system of unlocking things by playing more or Make asystem to select 10 or12 animals first and buy other later.
Just started to understand and enjoy the game when I found out that the rest of it can only be played if I pay. Feels more like a demo than a normal free game. Now that I'm pissed off, definitely not gonna pay for the full version. Come on. There are a lot of free games out there that offers more in free mode. This is ridiculous. At least give us more animals. I guess its good I don't have the chance to get addicted so I can save money. Very dissatisfied. 😒
This is a good game and all but why all just to have more things be access'd you need to pay, also the zoo's guests are very rude, as well as you can't play all the time or else your zoo gets bankrupt, I give this game a 4
I love this game but you should be able to name animals and the animals should die of old age but great game you shouldn't have to impregnate other animals to get the dinosaurs but there should also be more dinosaurs and animals and a way to go into the environment with the animals there should also be an ability to have unlimited money, but very good game keep up the good work hopefully more games will come out.
I love this game. Not only do I have every version on my phone. I also have them on Steam. Along with Planet Zoo by Frontier Development, which I know is not one of your games but it is in the same league. You and Frontier should think about joining forces to create the Ultimate Zoo simulation
very confusing, while the concept is great, the gameplay itself isn't really my cup o' tea. It's not the worst game out there, but it isn't the best by a long shot. :V
I thought the game was fun but I wish I could build the fence easier. It took me 20 minutes to build the one enclosure. Please fix.
I mean, it's good. It's just so incredibly hard to make money once you start off. Not a single time have I successfully had a positive income and satisfying guests are a nightmare. If this game ever gets supported again please fix these issues.
Amazing game and great time waster. so many animals and cool things to learn. highly recomended. although to get lots of animals it requires purchases that are totally worth it
Brilliant! Had it as a kid and like that you could demo for free to see it was the same as the PC version. Bought full version about an hour after the demo.
I love this game but my only complaints are how u don't start with much things and how the people complain to much that's it but I have to warn others that the wolves repopulate to fast and I watched a wolf be born it's like the girl is glitching everywhere
I think it's an awesome game but some people aren't allowed to purchase most of the animals so maybe in the next update if there is one please try to fix that
Is a game if you insalet is no big deal but if you buy the extra animal,plants and decoration is worth not only downloading the game but to buy the extras
Good so far but hard to set up animal terrains due to my lack of knowledge on what goes where for example im from usa not sure where joshua trees would thrive animals don't give good enough examples of types of trees
The free play mode when played for some time is glitchy and do hang sometimes, but all in all nice game
Its fun but confusing and laging so bad when you build so far your almost done but its soooo lagingggggg pls fix it but its fun but I thought this was a free game but you need premium to get every thing that annoys me I just want to get that panda and tiger and wheres the saber tooth pls have an event
This a fun game with simple controls but not basic and boring I like how it tests your attentiveness and your managing skills.
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To the creators of The Wildlife Park franchise, My name is Avery Stephens, thank you for I'm taking the time to read my letter. I am experiencing problems typing to the name Zoo profiles on Wildlife Park, as well as wild creatures and the farm game. The game won't let me type the name of the file so I can save it. Please correct this error. Also, might you do an update where we can name the animals? This recommendation isn't as important as the saving error, but it would be nice. Thanks again
soooooon good. u have to play beast dinosaur-zoo park ever! i like not like love dinos and animals if u like both play
Have to buy full verson... did that. It's super glichy when I go to place a heater. Please fix this. Also pls add that if u make a prehistoric animal then go on to another world that you could still have the animal and not have to make it al over agen on the new world. Plz fix this and I will consider giving 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars. I hope u fix this!!!!!
I love this game and i think you should make another sequal that lets you get on the ground and go in the enclosure. Also we should be able to name the animals. Its a great game, though
Great game but can you add more free animals plz cause no point downloading for free then you have to pay later for game