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Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by b-alive GmbH located at Panoramastrasse, 88444 Ummendorf. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think this game would be awesome if they would fix the problems. Eveytime i get my zoo large enough things start messing up. I try to buy jump equipment and i get stupid snoe machine and need to change the ground again. Also you get cacti instead of trees you want. Very frustrating.
Its a good idea but it's super hard to control if I try to move something it just spreads can't place anything and can't find what I'm looking for but its a super good idea plz fix the controls and add some more options for deco and more animals plz
Premium should not be real, just give us those animals. It is so dumb, you don't need premium to have exclusive animals in real life. People will give better ratings, and others will download this, so please just give us all the animals and habitats. PLEASE.
its like zoo tycoon for mobile so its really nice its really fun but i dont think you should need to pay to get everything i find that unfair for the peaple who cant aford it
it would be good but you have to pay to make your animals happy like my animals want to jump on trampolines but I can't because I don't buy the whole thing maybe there's some more things for people that did not pay for the whole thing then maybe i would rate higher also there's very few animals I'd like some more animals for the people that don't pay for the whole thing and you also have to pay for the whole game to buy your visitors Refreshments I think it's very dumb
Pretty fun game, just wish there was more customization with the game settings. For example, I would enjoy it if we could have an option where we could turn animal deaths on even if we are playing in an easy setting. It would make the whole sandbox thing a lot more enjoyable.
Really fun game except that u have to pay for more animals and different places plz fix it this would make your game more fun.
i enjoy the game quite a bit. but there are a couple of problems. 1) when my zoo is finally starting to look like a zoo it freezes and i have to wait an eternity to do 1 thing. 2) sometimes when I'm trying to place an item it changes the item into a snow machine, it's really annoying and it would be nice if you could fix it. 3) it would be nice if we could name the animals that way i funny accidentally sell one i wanted to keep. as of right now those are the only problems i have with it.
I had barely any options of what to do because you need premium for practically everything which sucks so for that 1 star also I just think it's a bad game
I like the game, but I want dinosaurs :(, and I'm just a kid, and I have to wait for my birthday to get premium, pls add more free dinos and animals :(
I bought this game on my other phone. It's really fun . but i had to get a new phone and when I downloaded the game again with the same email from when I purchased it. it told me I had to buy it again. Which is stupid. Why doninhave to but something I already bought the first time. I even checked my history of thing I bought from my email and it's still there. I installed the game and did it again . And still have to pay again for it what a RIP off
I only rate this game 1 star because it won't let me get the keepers to fill the feeders which is making my animals ill and the game basically unplayable. Please tell me how to fix it and ill rate this game better πŸ™‚
I really dislike this game. The game just wants money by making you buy Premium for EVERYTHING! Like buying animals and types of terrain. And the tutorial isn't even informative and it says use this tool, and it's not even there! I couldn't find the bulldozer tool. I would not recommend this game to any Users. Avoid this game at all cost, for your own sanity.
This game is very cool and it is also one of my favorite games. I love managing my zoos in this game. I also love landscaping. There are very cool decorations in this game and I like building enclosures for the animals. So cool
This is amazing!Graphics are great but why do we have to buy premium?I know you want some money but really? And another thing. If I have any animal with babies,next time when I play it no babies!no that animal at all!Please fix this!
I like this game but, it is not that good until you buy the premium version of it and I don't like games that much when you have to buy it to play.
Great game but when i give an animal what it needs it will not use it im giving them the right thing that they need like food but good very good game but this game reminds me of zoo tycoon 2 but pixeled and not 3d
It's a good game if you like spending money on EVERYTHING. Barely get any animals but otherwise it's ok.
You might as well buy the whole app than just paying premium, because you only get like four animals for free.What is the point if you can't feed the animals and what is the point of a zoo with only four types of animals.I definitely don't recommend this app. It also has terrible graphics. πŸ˜•
This game reminds me of Zoo Tycoon for the Nintendo DS so I was very happy about finding this. It is very challenging but once you know what you're doing, it's a great management game. I decided to buy premium to get access to, what I thought was, everything. I was pretty disappointed to find that there is an additional premium plus after paying Β£3.49 for premium. I would've liked to have bought the entire game for that much.
Love this game except for one major issue. I bought the premium upgrade, And was enjoying the game even more when my phone dropped the app. Now I am alittle upset as I can not recover my paid for upgrade. I would appericate it if someone who worked on this game would kindly please reissue my upgrade.
I would give this game 5 starts, but it's extremely laggy and I can barely move the screen. You really need to fix this. And the graphics could use some work, I would really like the game better if it was realistic.
It is good app.But how many players can play this?There should be some more unlocked animals.Some rare animals should be locked.
Okay it's a nice game but like everything is for premium people. Seems like a cash grab for than a game. -_-
I love the game I love all the animals but you could fix the wrong lipstick I really want it realistic
It's not so good game. Most of the animals are premium and they need to get by BDT. So it's not a good game that I think.
It's a really nice game and it reminds me like the zoo tycoon game of the nitendo DS, but there everything is free to get open it all and here you need to pay more than $3 and that's to bad. if this game would be free it had be more awesome and great.
Wonderful game, fun creative, best zoo tycoon game on mobile! But I only wish you had the ability/option to name an animal or leave the number also hoping you could add arctic wolves one day (since you have both normal and white tigers). But other than that good game!
The game only wants money I cant unlock the other animals because they're prime and for money and the the trees so the Okapi's cant be happy also can you fix the wolves so they could u see the scratching posts better and unlock everything else and only animal I made happy was the penguins sort of if you can fix that please?
Super fun! Reminds me of the original zoo tycoon. Sure, premium is 4$, but that's not much and it's a free game. It's so customizable and fun, I love it.
Hard but fun. I wish the game could give you more advice on how to make the park successful. What do the visitors mean by "the paths could be landscaped nicer"?
I love the actual game; the problem is that you only get one location and five animals along with limited resources and missions unless you pay for the premium version. sure, it's only 5 bucks, but I would at least like to be able to have a full experience of the game before I spend any money.
This app is very adicting its sooooo fun u get to make ur own soo and it can look like whatever u want u should get this game its very fun!!
This game is fun an all but I don't like the fact that you need to buy the premium version to play the full version of the game. They give you only 2 or 3 animals out of 33 to play. On top of that, you don't get any decorations or terrain and hundreds of other stuff they have in the game unless you buy the premium version. If not for these things, I wpuld have given this game 5 stars review. So please don't make us buy almost the full game to play it.
This game is veeerrrrrryyyy good! I would actually recommend this game to my school, it has very stunning graphics, total control over the animal and fences, it's like a dream come true! But 4 stars coz the game is kinda limited with maps and animals, I know the devs have to earn money too, but can't u just put some are, like ads r very nice way of monitization, pls update and make all dlc free, u can put are, I will try to make sure that no one hates on your game, Thanx tho, this game is nice
Good game, like the old Zoo Tycoon games. Major draw back is only a few animals are free, the rest you have to pay for (just gimme ads instead!). Two stars given due to lack or autosave - you can play for an hour and in two accidental taps, you've lost all progress. Also lags like crazy when you grow your park.
Well it's pretty amazing but what I don't like you have to buy the full game it's annoying I wish it's not premium cause I dont want to buy it pls make it free
I love this game but there is a few problems.1.is that when i but down a tree all the animals disaper and them it kicks me off and all my apps are this game but i get them back but i really love this game.
Good game, but everytime i give my animals what they want for them to be happy it doesn't work or the people would always be mad about 1 thing that i can't fix which is the ground because they want it to be smoother but i can't fix it to make them happy
I actually paid the $3.99 to unlock game features. When I saved and quit the game, after many hours of play, my park had over $100,000 in game. When I re-loaded, my money amount flipped into reverse and I somehow ended up with over -$100,000. This caused a huge cascade of problems in my park, meanwhile profits are coming too slowly to ever hope to save my park and animals. If I'd known this would have such a huge game breaking bug, I never would have paid actual money for it. Unacceptable! 😀
Really fun and I'd recomend it to anyone only problem you have to pay for premium but once you have it's great
For some reason it wouldnt load on my old tablet, but it might have just been beacause it was just to old to load the game
Literally only 4 or 5 animals you can play with unless you buy premium. I deleted it as soon as I saw that. There's nothing to use unless you have it. Looked like a fun game, but I came for the animals which there was none (unless you buy premium). Other than that it looks like it would be fun. The controls I used when I did the tutorials were a little confusing.
I love the game but I want more animals please 😣πŸ₯Ί like spotted hyena, black Backed Jackal, Nile Crocodile, Cape Buffalo, Monkey, Chimpanzee, Jaguar, African Crest Porcupine, African Wild Dog, Black Panther, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Koala Bear, Aardvark, Striped Hyena,Dingo, Coyote, Leopard, Cheetah, Gibbon,Tapir, Komodo Dragon, Snow Leopard, White Lion, White Rhinoceros, Tiger Shark, Emperor Penguin, Leopard Seal,Gray Seal,Big Horn Sheep,Musk Ox and please πŸ₯Ί want the Animals to be polygamous
Great but I wish there was a premium version separately on the app store so that if you delete the game you don't waste money geting it again.
This game isn't very helpful.I still can't figure out how to feed the animals without getting premium stuff. I think the zoo in the photos took ages to do because this game is glitchy and it doesn't let you feed very many animals without premium.
I love this game but there was a little lag But I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this game ever but can't buy the premium game boring game and only okapis,king penguin,racoons,and wolf that's only pleasssssssssssse make it free for the update πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡β€οΈπŸ₯° much more like than thisπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
It is a great game I love it I love the graphics and everything and I was wondering why does the premium have to be so expensive why does there have to be a premium I'm just wondering
They make you have to pay for most of the animals because at first without paying you only get about 3 or 4 but nice if you payed
Iam very impressed by this game! if you are searching for a best zoo building games then please download this. there are levels and you can finish all the levels. Iam having fun with this game. last time before downloading this game i saw a comment that a member who download this game build a beautiful park and she did not save it so all the animals were not as she build. she became very angry. and wrote a very bad comment. but it is not like this it us very entertiment. please download this game
This game is absolutely terrible. You only get 5 animals, the graphics are horrible, and it's not realistic in any way. I tried making a zoo and I couldn't because I had to waste all my money trying to "please" the animals. This game is horrible and I definitely wouldn't recommend it.
Very entertaining but could definitely be better with a quicker way to earn some cash to speed up the building process
Take note, this is NOT a free game. They offer the very bare minimal of everything. Only a few animals. You have to pay to upgrade. Graphics suck. There are tons of way better free zoo games that offer alot more.
I love this game but Im giving 1 star until you fix the game where it doesnt crash 10 times in ten minutes like every time right before i can save my progress. I paid for every thing on the game, I should be able to play it.
To the creators of The Wildlife Park franchise, My name is Avery Stephens, thank you for I'm taking the time to read my letter. I am experiencing problems typing to the name Zoo profiles on Wildlife Park, as well as wild creatures and the farm game. The game won't let me type the name of the file so I can save it. Please correct this error. Also, might you do an update where we can name the animals? This recommendation isn't as important as the saving error, but it would be nice. Thanks again
I love this game.Though i find it hard to keep an eye one the guest and the animals mostly because when and animal are about to have its offspring i sometimes freak out cause i didnt know. But i find this a good game as i can still watch over my zoo.But i do wish i could have all the animals to how they interact,play etc...
This game is super fun. I would rate it a five star, but, the only problem is that it makes you tired of playing very fast, so it earns four stars. I would recomend it with another game.
The work area of the animal feeder, gardener etc., Can you change the work area to some colour? It's hard to see and place the highlighted part
As soon as you start there is no tutorial, you can't get an animal keeper meaning none of your animals are being fed so they die!
I love the game overall, I think you should fix the graphics and the lagging. But I LOOOOOVVVE the game!
Love the game but where is Asian elephant, Black backed jackal, Black footed ferret, Black bear, Black and white ruffed lemur, Brown bear, Camel, Capybara, Caracal, Fur seal, Gemsbok etc. I want to game to add missing animals
I like the game and know it is part of a series. but could you please add animals like white lions, grey crowned cranes, wildebeest, cheetahs, vultures, kudu, lemurs, and monkeys such as baboons or capuchins. could you also make exhibit choices such as rock walls, more fence styles, and indoor exhibits/ self made animal homes. could we also have a guest p.o.v. like your other wildlife park games.or you could make a game with those things. please take note of this for possible future updates.
Its good but. Why do you have to pay for more animals? Just why?It would be better if there where atleast 3-4which had to be paid for
For a free app, it's pretty good. However you could just buy Planet Zoo for 40 dollars, and have much better graphics. Though good job.