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Wild West: New Frontier. Build your super farm.

Wild West: New Frontier. Build your super farm. for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Social Quantum Ltd located at Suite A, 19th Floor, Two Chinachem Plaza, No 68 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Id like this game but make the crops shorten it minutes for growing so that we could harvest it quick and make mote money anf stars. And acquiring the tools by video ads.
Would have been a five star. But it now takes more than 200,000 experience points to go up one level!!!! Instead of becoming easier as one levels up!!! Then the chests cannot be sold or deleted! Filling up the barn and roadside market. Please fix. Thanks so much!
So far I like it, having a little trouble with when visiting other towns and purchasing items from a cart it shows available but then you click on it and it's gone ๐Ÿ˜ 
Best farming game with awesome graphics and other features. But after a level it becomes boring because of limited number of plants and crops. I would like to get honeybee, banana plant, mango tree, mushroom, sugarcane, beetroot etc. We can use honey and sugar to make our foods more delicious, and use beetroot to color yarns. Please add more decorations and improve prizes.
The only issue I have with game is that periodically have getting on the game. I keep getting the message that I am not connected to the internet when I am.
It starts crashing within 10 min just after installing it, n it shows it is of 65mb but in 10 minutes it consumed my 1gb data it eats data like hell ,waste of time n data, stopped working but consuming data,half star for this game๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคง
great game๐Ÿ˜, I LOVE IT..here some suggestions I wish 1. honey bee.. and some honey products. 2. training for pets and vet, and Fun competitions between players' pets, comparing health, training and hygiene. 3. day and night, with real local time of player. 4. Climate change challenges, to simultaneously raise awareness and entertainment, such as generating clean energy from animal waste and sun, saving water...etc
Why has my game suddenly started over??? I have no way to get to settings to try to log in again. Just sits there in the startup mode queuing through each step like it is a brand new game! I loved the game until it did this. I'm fuming because I progressed so far and now I am beginning again!
I love this game but when I go to cook something it keeps spinning I can see some but most I cant. Is there an issue with the game? I have restarted my phone and cleared cache
The game is fun , I love the chats when you are in a group you become like family ,its easily ir With a few friends an you can talk
3-4 star Fun game lots to do. Love things like fishing stagecoach events. U can advance 4 free with plenty of patience. U have to gather so many parts to upgrade it does take alot of storage it makes it hard to store other things. People want to make a profit & I do purchase, its a little pricey since parts cost so much. My big issue is useless items that are hardly used & fill the sale paper. These items need added to the order board & train more chest,table,sissors,etc. could easily be 5 star.
Wonderful game I ever seen before.i give 10 star to the game.because 3D images are beautiful.we can make good neighborhood and sell items in our market like we done in our real life.i luv the game very much.and also we can play another games in this game .
I love to play this game. So when I got a new phone I wanted to start from the beginning. And I am very disappointed when my touch screen wouldn't work at all. My phone is perfectly fine and works properly it's just this game that d touch screen doesn't work. I already filed a complaint using my old account but the problem still remains. I hope it s solved soon.
I love this game. Really the graphics is great. But my farm froze after 3rd level. I uninstalled it and installed it again. But it didn't function. Even after I rebooted my device, it did nothing.
The game is about farming. I like farm games. In the game the graphics are awesome.You can grow plants and make the cow's feed and feed your cows. You will take milk form the cow. With each new levels you will get new recipes, plants and machine. You can join the neighborhoods or clans or leagues. And playing event you will take many prises. You can make foods like Pancake. And sell it on the market in adjust prices and how many things. You will chat your leagues and take help from your friend.
This game is nice and you will surely enjoy it like I do. Been playing this for months but lately i'm having a hard time going online coz it takes forever to load the game! When i'm online and go to other farms it also takes time for me to go back to my farm and load all the stuff. I already ask help from the tech service but got no reply. I've been uninstalling and reinstalling it over and over just for me to get in and play! Please help and fix!
Its fun and addictive...but the fishing part is way to long time wise. The jam should be in a seperate cart and less time to make. Getting gold horseshoes should be easier to obtained. Clearing land for use and fishing should be easier to obtain. After every 2 or 3 levels we should get another box in our selling wagon. I am starting to make a list of changes I would like to see. I do not know how much longer I will be playing this game...expensive to keep playing.
I would give it a negative zero .. after playing for about 2 years .. My computer lost my game .. I tried everything to get it back,countless email to quantum and alot of $ to develop my farm .. I provided screen shots of receipts .. now I don't even get a response to mail I will never play another one of your games, this is how you treat your customers? All I can say to people is they got my dime, but there motto is sorry don't waste my time!
It could be a good game, though it takes to long, for alot! Apples are days to get, you can't survive with one feed maker & money takes forever to get. You can't build on the land, axes & saws are never. Not sure anymore? I'm done! Too frustrating
Well, loved it at first but then got to a certain level and it was ridiculously hard. Everything to do doesn't start till lvl 13 and I'm only 11 so unless I wanna sit all day grinding like crazy (Wich btw is nearly impossible too) I can't do anything else)
It's a kinda fun game, but boring with the same things over and over for the past two years. Where's the city? Half the time I can't get on because it won't load, or things disappear like trees and buildings, can't make products because can't see them. Where's the city promised two years ago? Frustrating because you can't get supplies needed to expand unless you use real money. I don't think spending money would make this game logistically better, just more of the same scenery. Co-OP is good!
This game has beautiful graphics but the apple farming is killing it and expanding buying the saw mill, train is way to exspensive, and it takes you days to get to the next level even by playing twice a day.. you need to upgrade the game ....
I don't know what is happng but I'm in level 15 and I went out of the game and I came bck only to find animals gone I can't play anything there I don't know what is happng pls help me out.... and its a nice game I just dont know why is that happng...Thank u in advance
Love the game but all the sudden it will not open. I have put alot of money in this game. I do not want to have to uninstall it
Im a grandmother and love this game i have been playing it for 3 years now it has great levels if you lime gardening and animals this is the game for anyone
game running slow when weekly stagecoach race running every time. need to upgrade server speed for Asian player..
Great fun DON'T INVEST ANY MONEY ,great way to chat to some cool cats and propers , and don't invest wb (in game dollars) into upgrades,poof disappear, in fact don't get twisted/trapped, don't bother you can do better with your time ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด
this game has no information on how the different items are to be completed. A bit frustrating. This is supposed to be a journey of adventure, tips for the new user should be readily available.
Very cool lots to do, but unfortunitelly you have changed something and it has made me start over from the begining. Very upset about this. I will not reinstall this game. Srry and i was gonna spend some cash to get coins and stuff, but not anymore.
Cute game.. love the graphics.. items take a way too long to make..3 hours for an egg?? machines are a little too pricey.. takes to long to build up coins.. a bunch of down time while waiting for stuff.. I'll continue to play and hope it gets just a bit easier and a little more fun.. this game is actually harder than Hay Day to build up your farm.. didn't think that was possible
I just opened my game to play and it is gone. It is starting me over from scratch. I have over a years work into this game.
Enjoy the game very much. Been playing for 22 months. Three times a glitch had me complete same task twice and still said I failed the task, which kept me from a better prize level. Currently on level 57. I will continue to play. It's more fun when you join a neighborhood. !!!
Love the sound and graphics to this game. It is very similar to many other popular farming games (many which I have already tried) What makes this game different is that we are able to turn the camera angle 360 and zooming in and out that is why I rated the game highly. Edit rating from 5 to 3. All the stations cost a lot of coins, I sell a lot but still behind on many things. The orders uses too much items to complete.
I loved this however came home tonight to a total reset. If it doesn't get back to my current space a I will be Uninstalling and not restarting.
Was loving this game now with this last update I can't get to my farm! It brings up someone elses farm so everything is gone!!!! Can someone tell me how to get MY farm back???
I love everything about this game. I have made friends, enjoyed the competitions, and just keeping up with so much to do. It does not get boring in anyway due to the enteraction with the people joining you in activities. Other farm games are nothing but collecting things not enteraction.
Its a wonderfull game ,all the pets sound are adorable ,the views are good and even love the confrontations between cats and dogs. But i have one problem:i am continously getting only iron horse shoe either from the train or the order board.i am not able to unlock my fishing site. What can i do? Please i cant wait to level up ,as the game is very interesting.
Great game ...interesting and challenging! Still feel it's a great game but there are a few glitches that come up a bit. Would love to see the update soon!
Once again, another farm game that pisses you off because not enough storage and can't get the parts to upgrade your barn and silo unless you spend real hard earned money to play the game. I hate you game designers! Make a game fun without the greed!
Game is to slow . Doesn't run half the time i have to clear and reload. Takes money to be able to play this game so will probably uninstall.
Love it! But what I really wish for is an edit mode to better help you reorganize your farm. Also what is up with "build the city of your dreams coming soon" you've been advertising it for over a year and yet no new words on the subject what gives?
Everyday play game of farm city , nice , interesting to play a game . The farm city ,design by self nice & gorgeous excellent game of the farm City . Some of at home , some times visit a friends correct some time visit family, when we are free from any work , get a play a game .
I've played a couple games like this. I'm uninstalling this one. Everything costs too much and it's so slow to get coins. I've leveled up and unlocked a lot of stuff but the next few buildings and items are between 10 and 40 grand. You're lucky to make 5 grand a day. You can't keep up with feed for the animals. Lots of stuff takes forever to produce. Too much grind. Not enough reward.
Unfortunately this game steals CONSTANTLY. Try selling stuff road side, it's disappears. Try filling orders, it steals the items and doesn't pay you. Try making products, they disappear right in front of your eyes, and your ingredients are gone. Ridiculous. Now they made it so you can only choose preselected questions or issues. Guess they got sick of so many complaints. Maybe they should have tried spending time fixing the problems, instead of wasting time blocking player feedback...
Half the prizes from the order board from watching the video dont show up and most of the market where you buy from other characters doesnt show up. Be a great game if I got my rewards. Might have to uninstall, bummer I enjoyed it,..
You did an update 3/2/21. I was approximately level 72. All day when I try to open game it starts me at level 1. Don't understand how or why but frustrating. Hate to uninstall since I've been a long time player. Please fix.
I love the game but after playing a few weeks the game started over from the beginning. Lost everything I worked for and I don't want to start over. ๐Ÿ˜”
The game is ok and I am looking forward to the spring time and building the wil west town been waiting long enough, the side games ๐ŸŽฎ could be in proved especially when the snow boarding game ๐ŸŽฎ comes on by just touching the game ๐ŸŽฎ move it from side to side and tapping it for the person to jump ๐Ÿ‘ just like the other games that have the same type of game instead of having to tapping buttons on the left and right handed corners ๐Ÿ‘ graphics could be improved a little bit more
Its frustrating that the more money you have the better your chances are to place top three. There should be a limit on tasks to make the playing field more equal
It would be good to have Quest's to do and not just simply farming, can get quite boring fast! Which is a shame as I usually love these's kinds on games
We need translation like ather games . I need to understant forieghners people on the games we need translation to english
The game is fun sometimes, but it can be very frustrating. There are to many glitches in it that you can't get help with. Every time you go to tech support they give you the same run around. Examples are Did you clear your caches. Did you restart your device, or Reload your game. These are the only response you ever get. Believe me 99% of the problems are not with you or your device. It is tech's just not doing anything to resolve the glitches. It is also to hard to get the items that you need
When I first started this game I thought it was awsome, and some aspects of the game I still do. But there is a awful lot that needs to be changed. They allow people to bully you, and harass you, and will do nothing about it. All they want is your cash, and also they take post down whenpeople put up like this they delete. It ruins the game for alot of others. You wouldn't belive people actually behave like this in a game, but yes it dose happen. Sq need to put a stop to it
Great game. Wish you would have,more to it. Plllleeeeeeeeeeez.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„We need new UUUPP DAAAATTTTE๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹We still need an UPDATE! Been waiting almost 1 yr.๐Ÿ˜จDo you hear the players of your game?๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ“ฃ๐Ÿ“ฃOver 2 yrs. waiting, where's the update? Never mind I am just going to uninstall. By...
This is the most fun my great great grandma has had in years 30 years ago her favorite farm game got deleted from the App Store "Frontier Ville" I believe was the name of it. Anyways I recommend this to anyone who has a lot of spare time. I even enjoy it and I'm 18 I'm only lvl 17 my gg grandma is lvl 54 I can't remember.anyways if you have a lot of spare time I recommend it to you. And I'm done wow this is long,bye
The game has gone to hell to many coins not enough westbucks. Time to make some of the product is to long. Waiting to long for the city or whatever you are doing. Stagecoach race tasks are horrible not enough points and to long to make product and not enough helps for the helper tasks. All in all you suck.
Can't sell tables,jewelry, ect.... have to gather them all up and have you delete all the hard work and time I put in it....b.s.
The game is fun, but the game is UNFAIR in that the people coming to your farm want to request a lot of goods but pay you NOT EVEN CLOSE to the requested items VALUE, same for the QUEST BOARD QUESTS, if those are fixed, then it will be a way BETTER GAME, and if the in app purchases were NOT HIKED UP for the MEAGRE returns in exchange, then this game would definitely be a 5 star, but until then this game gets a 3 star.
Terrible most of the time i lose game and put back too lvl one very annoying and when there is something wrong with the game never compensated with anything social quantum you should take a look at how hayday run their game always rewards of diamonds when a problem that is the way too keep players
I have been playing the game for some time now, then the game just started over. Everything is lost...all my coins, buildings etc โ˜น๏ธ disappointed...
Love, love, love this game! Very user-friendly and open-ended game play, along with team work with friends you can make in the game. Need more games like this! Kudos!
Love this game! Love the graphics and socializing however I can not get on all the time. I have to uninstall and reinstall and I still can't get on. It says I have internet issues. When I check my internet connection it says I have 400mps. I can get on everything else that requires an internet connection with no problem. Please fix this issue. I am not the only one in my neighborhood having this issue and we don't all have the same internet!
I like the games so far I just hope it's not one of the games that your whole farm end with dead fruit trees because you do not get enough things to remove it I played one before and delete it at the end will see how it's going love it and the cute animals so far
It is very good. I wish the things needed wouldn't be so expensive seeing that the land space is so small and to get cash to do what you have to do is highly in demand. The animals and the food to prepare takes too long. Doing my best with it
This is the most fun I have had playing any game to date. I enjoyed it playing just on my own, until I was invited to team Fellowship Racers. Now I play with fellow players from all over the world. I would not hesitate recommending this game to anyone. 10/10
Great game that I play with my kids, ages 11, 10 and 5. Love the neighborhood which we use to play together and help each other with challenges and orders. We had an issue with the chat feature on the game and I contacted them and they promptly fixed for us. Highly recommend for a fun filled game.
I reached level 13, started to build the sawmill and from that moment the whole game froze. I can't use my mouse at all, nothing can be clicked or opened. Not the friends tab, no mails, no building - nothing. No screen rotation at all or mouse movement. Please advice. Thanks. I'm playing the game via my FB account.
Well its a good game but some players are not good so its good to et a helpfull group.My game is very glichy.Ive deleted the game and reinstalled but my veiw changes.so if i were you I woould leave this game store and go watch this show MY HERO ACADEMEA
I love this game, it's my favorite farming game, it's so cool I used to play this game 3 years ago, and now I downloaded it again on my phone after I lost my tablet, the problem right now is that I can't play it, the touchscreen doesn't respond and I know nothing is wrong with my phone because this is the only game I have problems with... HELP ME PLEASE!!
I don,t like this game because atleast it have two train lines and a iwn port and a airport,helipad an all and work on graphics and population means houses cottages, bunglows,town houses, duplexes and other and make factories more attractive in look and the name is too long make it short and some community buildings more and some special buildings more otherwise it is good game..
No!!! Game is cute and works well, but its MAKING me buy stuff I dont want to buy yet. I didn't even finish the tutorial because of this... I can own 6 cows and youre trying to make me buy three of them to start? Like? What? You trying to build up HALF my farm in this Tutorial? This has to go... Sorry but No! I should have control of when I make these purchases. Its ok to show me how to buy a cow... But dont make me purchase half of what I can have at this level... Maybe I want a smaller farm.
Luv this game so much to do on it, it would be even better, if we could buy certain things that we missed out on like the bear cub and the fox. And certain fountains, ice things etc. , I accumulate money to purchase things I need and tasks. I like some of the things like kites and other accessories and stuff. Just be great to add to my farm. I do play races we should be able to buy items we missed out on like the bear cub and the fix and other decorations too. Open more land too. I have coins.
Loved this game played it every single day even when I was on holiday. Just logged on only to find that I have lost everything it was working ok and followed the help and thank you all back and working
Great fun DON'T INVEST ANY MONEY ,great way to chat to some cool cats and propers , and don't invest wb (in game dollars) into upgrades,poof disappear, in fact don't get twisted/trapped, don't bother you can do better with your time ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด Can not even get into my farm ! Not liking honest reviews?
Even though the fish task are the worst task!! I do Love this game ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ and if you find the right team you will have a Blast playing it!! I Love our team Mustang!! We chat an joke also!!
I would like to see horses on game. Unfortunately there arent. Also how about an an easier way to get ahead. I have lots of coins and nothing to spend it on. Need mo
Game looked interesting until I read the agreement wow its just a game need a lawyer and even he said its just a game this is crazy so I deleted the game nobody else does this!!!!!
I started to play just a few days... I got wonder, that very beauty an the animations, and interesting game.. I miss the direct chat opportunity with the game neighbors
This game is good but it should have offline mode too...and it's loading time us so much....lot of bugs during log in occurs.... I will give and play this game again if they fix these problems.
Love the graphics downloaded Thursday. Yesterday Friday it said they are working on server gave you option to play on another server, started playing. Today Saturday same thing but the button to play on another server doesn't work. Don't know why they work on servers on a weekend when a lot of people play? I will Give it a few days hope they fix it. I tried clearing the cashe and all the other things you said on the troubleshooting page. Now it's not even loading. Get's to 9.9 and sits there.
Love playing the game plenty to do and lovely cute animal l only have 1 problem is its taking ages to get gifts to expand my farm it's taking a long time o do the whole farm
I loved the game to start with, such a nice way to pass the time. It was fun and I finally thought I found a game that you didn't have to spend a ton of money. But soon found out when you hit a certain level it suddenly gets alot harder. All the orders need so much more to fill and not enough room in storage to keep that much. So here we go another game that you have to spend money to get anywhere. My days are numbered with this game. But believe me I understand, (GREED) its all around us.
Its fun, I like playing with people, but I don't like that many of the products you make never get asked for, you never need to make them so they take space on my farm for no reason. I wish I could rest my farm with the knowladge that I don't need many of the buildings, then I could decorate better. The game isn't well balanced. Today it stated blinking and I can't play it, very frustrating, I hope it's not broke because I do enjoy it. I fear uninstalling and loosing my group.
I enjoy the app. The thing I do not like is anytime there is an event things mess up on app sometimes even looses your app. The ultimate worse though is support takes forever to respond back,when they do all they do is ask questions that you have already enquired about. Noah is the only one that makes things happen and fixes the problem. There needs to be more people like Noah. I spend money on this app which I have 4 farms,so I do not like when others in support can't fix simple things.
Help... my game is gone! I've been playing for more than a year and lately I've been getting a message that my connection is lost. I hit retry and eventually the game comes back, except for this time. My game opened and it's back to the very beginning. Is there any way to get it back?
Tried to install, it took so long was getting frustrated. It then loads, yay. Go to open and it needs to update after just installed. 30 mins later still not got into game. Deleted and going to find one which does play.
I like this game. Its good and challenging as well; however what makes me rate 1 star it is because the other machines and items are useless. Machine like joiner is very very useless to the extent that when a player make chest, chair or table these items are useless in which when a player try to sell the items even in a lesser price nobody will purchase it and it will be piled up inside the barn. Emptying the barn with these items is totally impossible.
Love the game although my whole team has had issues with chat not working most of the time when this happens is during a race, how are we supposed to work as a team and complete task when we can't chat. More coins for orders would be greatly benefical in building the mechant buildings and if completion of building didn't take so long.
The experience as been fine in some aspects pof the game. However there are segments of the the game that could be improved. The production could use a rotation button; there are times when you GG ave limited space and what you need is way back on the production line, you could just rotate to collect that well needed item. And a big sore point the followers are out of control especially at racing time. The ferry man is a but lazy; his rest time is too looonng! Inks are much too hard to come by.
I love this game, but it takes too many materials to expand land. Trains should not ask for so much fish since it takes so long to aquire it and then cook it. You can't keep too many extras cause you don't have enough barn space. The game would flow easier if it gave resources more evenly (not 14 tiles and 2 ropes) and frequently. Also don't ask for so many each level.
Have not been playing long but I am instantly addicted. Finding the right group made all the difference. I'm hooked.
I started playing and there is nothing boring about this game! I race and meet people and chat. I play as little or as much as I want. I don't have to buy west bucks to play only to make the experience faster which sometimes I do for fun. I don't have to pay to race. You earn westbucks from a variety of task. Try it out you will like feeding and caring for cute animals and farm fresh produce and dairy. Sometimes I just work on the delivery board with my horse and wagon. Leveling up on the farm!
The best game that I have ever played. I am 10 now. When I was in 5 I played this game and I love it! Then I searched for the app . It has improved alot. Only 1 minor problem. Takes too much storage
While this game can be addictive, l do have some issues with the developers of this game. The leader of the neighborhood has absolutely no authority when it comes to "leading" . Players in the neighborhood can't be removed during a race and are ALLOWED to sit and do nothing!!! If you have an issue with a player, you have to broadcast it on the CHAT LOG so everyone can see it instead of allowing the Leader to privately send a message to the individual. Nothing but excuses from support!!!!๐ŸคฏBS!
A five star today. Great customer service and response time frame. But it now takes more than 200,000 experience points to go up one level!!!! Instead of becoming easier as one levels up!!! Thanks so much, though.
I have been playing this game for a long time and have a full farm with buildings, animals and garden and trees. Just opened the app and it went back to the beginning. My original farm is gone???
You give out to many coins not enough west bucks not everybody can spend real money on games. Since when did it an hour to cook a hambuger or cheeseburger last i knew it only took about 15 minutes in other words you need to make cooking things more realistic. The stagecoach race needs to be redone also you need more tasks with more points and helper tasks need more ways to help. There is much more to say but there is a 500 word limit so in others words you suck. Do something to fix the game
I enjoy this game and have played for years... BUT... updates are NEEDED.. add a different challenge...there are only 2 that are rotated.... add more Decor to buy with coin and Westbucks. Being able to spend winnings and customize more would be great! Add new things to make.. even if seasonal! Maybe add a new farm animal. Hope to see something done soon!
The game is about farming. I like farm games. And there are many option in this game. Like fishing, grow plants,feed animales,etc. And there are many events in the game.Like cokking,race on sarf bot,etc. And I think the most important part is this is the best farm game.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€.
I have cleared cache, force stop, uninstall. Have uninstalled reinstalled 4 times today. Reports I'm getting says it crashes ALOT. YOU GUYS REALLY ARNT VERY SMART
This game is very well worth the time. I'm enjoying it a lot. For a farming game I give it a big POSATIVE ๐Ÿฅฐ
Good game only needs a language translator on it for chat. Having trouble staying connected to Facebook, please fix this.
Can you shorten the waiting time for trains. Can you cut the time for new task to appear Can you give an option to remove followers
Good game but orientation changes every time I start game and in Chromebook there is apparently no way to adjust it.
Nice game . Please make upgrade time less ..so we can play for longer time and upgrade the resources also with watching a video... can't wait so many hours just waiting to upgrade.....that will make the player uninstall.....
I love this game,but i feel sorry for the donkey,he must walking in circle for long minutes if we want to produce animal's foods,can you maybe change not walking in circle but straight ?
In terms of gameplay it's a nice game, worth playing if you're a farming game lover. But after a point, its get boring specially when there's nothing new or regular updates been made. A game remain interesting when it's being updated at regular intervals! The rating is given on overall basis! From updating front it's not very good, but the gameplay and graphics are good!
Love this game, but here an there I can't get on an play, they need to work harder on this game.listen u sent me a site to go for an it won't let me go there, it's not down loading it's pending but my friend did the same she has here mine is still pending all day, I think it's wrong I've put money on game an this is my thanks,there is 122.00 on my game an the name on game is Pursley, I need answers please this D. SMITH IF I CAN NOT HAVE MY GAME BACK, I WANT MY MONEY BACK ON MY CARD NOW TY
There is no way to advance if you don't pay for haybails, you shouldn't have to pay anything to open them, and it is very hard to increase the barn. I enjoy this game but I'm going to delete it and that makes me sad but I just can't afford to play it.
Love this game! I just wish they would add more production buildings to buy with your coins , I have them all lol
Fun game, competitive neighborhood weekly challenge. Game has become stagnant new items promised for over a year and nothing comes through. Cash builds up with nothing to do with it after a certain level. Market is full of items nobody really wants.
Great game. However, I'm sick of the obsessed bullies in some groups. I completed a number of tasks as instructed upon invite for a group. This person asks me to complete another task and so I did. I look back at messages and I'm asked to do 2 more tasks which is fine but when I return to my tablet from feeding my family, this betta has an attitude and is like IF YOU DONT COMPLETE THE OTHER TASKS, WE'RE LETTING YOU GO....as if this is a job with a 401k and medical benefits! My Worst Experience
Love the game but you don't have room to move things around.you give us the little decorations we can't do anything with. If we could remove things and be able to put them back it would be great.
I love that this is a game that promotes teamwork. Good neighbors, and how to best project manage, prioritise, pre-plan, and multitask. Has no violence, gives great rewards & points for good planning & playing. Allows connections w/ hundreds of thousands of "real" like-kind players around the world. Awesome graphics! Helps sharpen my planning, leadership and math skills! Play at your pace. Great game for all ages over 8. Provides tips on improving your game with quick & helpful support.
Kinda cool litrle hard to play on some things and getring the money to m Harvest and make food and clear the feilds and the grounds and making food for the animals is kinda hars to do . And dont know if you can get neighbors in the game and make friends to help you out like the game township.
The fishing is fun. I have all 7 fishing holes and use nets in all 7. Then i get 3 fish x 7 = 21. It works great. Cooking fried fish takes too long, in real life it would be burnt to a crisp, lol. The fish tasks are unattainable because they take too many hours. Please adjust this. I love this game, have been playing for 5 years. The help desk is excellent and accomodating. Thanks for the fun mind stimulating game. Love you guys. 5:5
Good game, reminds me of farm ville back at fb. The issue I have is if my connection dipps even one kbps lower can't farm, can't feed, icons doesn't load a very internet intensive game
It was an amazing game until it restarted out of nowhere. This also happened to my sister. I had been playing for 1 and a half years. Other than that it's really fun and addictive.
I have to keep resetting the music and sound, I turn it off but when I come back to the game, I have to turn it off again, and it's super slow at loading.
Very fun game! I'm addicted. It's also nice that they give you options to watch an add for a reward and that the adds aren't everywhere, you can play the game without being interrupted the whole time.