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Wild Tamer

Wild Tamer for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Gameplay truly enjoying. There are bugs keeping you from saving onto your accounts. Please beware of purchasing anything before putting money into the game. Does not allow restore purchases even though it gives you that option. Frustrating to find out that from iOS and Android you cannot share same account. Leveling up items is the best. I love that you have to work and spend valuable time harvesting the items needed to get all the items for weaponry and suits to special artifacts to help you.
Love the game, but it is very laggy and kicks me out. Loidins screen has too many assets which makes it take forever to get past. Particles make it hard to not lag, this is aessage to 111% I love all your games. Get back to me and I'll rate 5 stars
I used to like this game a lot becuase of the art style and its quite creative. But I cannot make an account with Google Play and i lost all my progress. When I tried to use Google Play to make an account, it tells me to check my connection but my wifi can use other apps normally. I also contacted the developer with the email given and they didn't reply. I hope that they can fix this issue and get back my progress.
Love it 🤩 simple game. Interesting and original concept. Old school. (5 stars and I never review anything, but this time it's worth it) Not a pay to win, there's no waiting (for energy for instance like other games), adds are at minimum and optional. However, I did pay to remove them to support the developpers
The game is fun and all but cannot save progress due to "connection error check your network". Tried everything to solve it but it's clearly a game related problem. If you really want to play, make sure you are connected to save your progress or pray that you don't have to reinstall it
Fun, tired or walking three hours to get one shot by a cobra when I'm looking at somewhere other than my phone. Wish you could have more hp cause being one shot is the most boring and angering thing I've ever experienced in my entire life, makes the game really hard to imagine getting to islands other than the starting one.
Amazing little game thats so different from anything else youve ever played. You go out and fight some animals and use those to fight bigger ones. Its a rogue like so you have to keep going out. Its so satisfying roaming around with these huge monsters to fight by your side. AMAZING GAME. Everyone should try this game
It's been fun so far; most features are left to be figured out by yourself, which is pretty fun. The first time I opened the game, it froze and became unresponsive, but I feel like this app has a lot of potential; I'm looking forward to it.
Great game, however way too grindy, went up against ths boss with a full compliment of the strongest animals available, and still got defeated, also buying armor/weapons with the bones/wings is far too expensive.
I like the simplicity of this game, yet there is a challenge system that becomes really awesome as more animals show up. Balancing creature benefits and styles is great! Plus, having all the equipment and upgrades makes any game great!
Great game but since you cannot save/load your progress, everytime you change your phone you have to start over again. Been playing for almost 4 years and devs just don't care about this issue.
A lot of people probably think the same as I but the wolves are just too many on the first map I understand but how you supposed to kill anyting. With all the wolves you can't defeat the tiger or the mammoth it just gets me mad. Maybe on the king cobra health a little bit this game is the best it's just too confusing. The mammoth the Sharpstone falling off the cave make sense for Tiger it doesn't make sense. Love the game hope you see this!
Fun, but with a few moderate issues. Biggest is that if you misclick on an ad, it will take you to the ad page and *restart your game*. I was almost done exploring the first island and it started me over from the cave. Teleport too expensive too. Second issue: The rewards for accumulating materials isnt that great after your first item or two. The jump from beginner items to mid to high level items is way too steep and makes it feel like nothing but a grinding game. Fun game, needs tweaked.
its lots of fun!! theres cute animals and such. however as you progress with the new islands things get increasingly difficult. plus, it's a bit of a hassle to farm more animals once you die since you lose everything. you dont lose money or any resources you collected, nor do u lose hero animals, but you do lose every single animal that isnt a hero. its kind of annoying. however, it is still an okay game.
Its good but it is realy hard I've played for 3 months now and I still can't beat the first boss and every time I die I have to start from the base and its annoying over and its kind of pay to win without paying it takes a lot of time to get strong and have strong animals so it would be good If it was easier
This is really a very good game like the concept.. but unfortunately developer have stopped looking after the game. Currently it is just unplayable. Come back dev.
The restore purchase doesn't work I brought the gold fish and I didn't noticed that it was for a limited time and so I taped restore purchase but it didn't work but I am not angry about it because it was only one dollar. I think the problem is from my side but I am still telling you you guys because the problem could from your side too and I think there should be an option for keeping our tamed animals in our caves so that we don't lose every animal that we have tamed Thank you
The game is fun, but good god why is it so hard. You'll find yourself tempted to fork over $5 just to progress one step, only to find yourself at another pay to win situation or spend hours grinding away. Other then how the game is balanced its not a bad game.
Great game however when I get so far into the game it just crashes. As soon as I choose the map and it's on the loading screen, it'll get to 90% loading then it'll crash. Not sure why, could anyone help?
I have nothing bad to say. It's a really great game. I love the swarm tactics, the cute designs, the story line. Bosses are difficult, but that's what bosses are supposed to be.
I love this game it is AWESOME!!! I recommend playing this game it is hard But fun the only thing is that when you fight a mid boss or boss it is hard to avoid the rocks that fall please remove the feature that the rocks fall or the vines come out of the ground or you know those extra moves please if done I think over all the game for me would be a bit funner and I think for a lot of other people BUT over all its a great game I absolutely love it no adds no bugs (that I'm aware of ) it's great
Great game but. I used to play this game alot months ago and after a long time away from the game I thought "how's about I revisit this game?" But to my surprise I couldn't play the game at all, I get to the opening cut scene telling me of the history of the main characters people but then the app shuts off. I've tried more than ten times but still haven't been able to play, sad.
i like this game so much the arts the bugs the boss and the graphics overall it fun the first world so much bug like the rats the rabbits and the frog i like that we could tame bugs,animals,reptile and much more 5star for this game from lalthanzauvi bawitlung thank you for all God bless you all
Not really as fun as people are saying. The enemies are so numerous that you're constantly being attacked. I spend most of my time running away from swarms or having to run away from the cave because it's surrounded by enemies and I die right outside the cave I was trying to escape to from enemies in the first place. The art is really pretty though so I gave it 2 extra stars for it because it is a really pretty game. Finally uninstalled after I couldn't take the frustration anymore.
It's a pretty neat game, you explore and defeat capturable enemies and collect materials. Gems are the premium currency as usual, to get them easily you'll need to pay, however exploration and special zones net you a reasonable amount after a bit of time. Overall, unless I hit a pay wall or gameplay slows to a crawl due to not paying enough money, I'll say it's a nice game
There are bugs keeping you from saving onto your accounts. Please beware of purchasing anything before putting money into the game. Does not allow restore purchases even though it gives you that option. Frustrating to find out that from iOS and Android you cannot share same account. Leveling up items is the best. I love that you have to work and spend valuable time harvesting the items needed to get all the items for weaponry and suits to special artifacts to help you. Emailed a lot no responses
I stopped playing this game last year and just went back to it today, however I'm unable to connect to Google play to load my old data, the prompt tells me to check my internet connection even though it's working just fine. I don't really want to start from the bottom, please fix, thank you.
Used to love this game. Got a new phone, now i cant log in, save, restore my old save or purchases. Please fix. Also now i see if i DARE to leave/switch the app while paused in the wild (say to answer a quick text) and come back, im transported back home and have to walk or spend materials to get back where i was. There are times where i watch an ad and get no health or reward. Devs keep ad revenue and in app purchases but dont care about this game anymore?
One of the few games I've played where there are ads but they're actually unintrusive - watching ads can get you some resources but you can genuinely play without them. And the game itself is a lot of fun! Great job developers.
It look cool but for some reason it doesn't let you in the game thats a bug that they need to fix mostly but i have played it and its fun but that was in 2019 and it was good but now i just remember the game and how fun it was and magical it was i miss it
4&1/2 stars. Needs just a little grammar check. Otherwise, it's like a wonderful handheld version of "Don't Starve". A favorite game of mine! This is less scary is all. Loving it so far!
Game is great and long, good graphics and variety of different animals, only thing i didn't liked that it's not possible to save your process with Google.
The game is good and enjoyable although a bit repitative at times. Also me and several other users have been facing issues related to not being able to connect to google play services and back up our data so I'd like to ask the Devs to work on that.
It's a fun game a bit frustrating sometimes about how difficult it is at some stage. I would recommend it to my friends but I just want to get it saved my progress to my acc so incase I lost the game I could re load my progress and won't lost. It gave me errors that I'm "not connected to a network" and keep trying to save the game and it always shows that. I am hopping that you can fix this error and hopefully could play lots on it. Keep the good work guys. And updates aswell 👌
Overall the game is one of the best I have ever seen. But recently I have been experiencing a problem with saving my data to the cloud and I do not know what to do. Can someone help me, because it says I have to check my network but it's perfectly fine?
Yo I seriously hate to change my review but I can't log in?!?? I bought so much stuff and I put so many hours..no Day weeks months into this thing and I really just got dropped like this?? Enjoy this game while you can but I hope you like it enough to start from the beginning allover again when. You're done
Over all good game. Controls aren't bad but some of the buttons are too small for phones like the map button. I also found a crash point in the ads. If you hit anything other than x , it will open Google play, then when returning to game it restarts wild tamer. It can be a real pain when you use a heal point and get sent back to home instead.
Mediocre game with too much monetization. Banner ads at the bottom, and to get healed at healing well need to watch ads? Ridiculous! Watching ads suppose to add more value to some of the game features NOT to access in game features. The only way to get mask is by gacha, buying pet slot using gem and the price keep increasing (from 5 to 12 for the 2nd slot) It's understandable the devs wants to make money but the way this game monetized is robbing player from the fun of playing it.
the game itself is awesome but theres some issue with saving/loading/restoring progress. i uninstalled it for a bit and came back now but when i try to restore my progress it says "please check your network connection" (ive saved my progress before uninstalling and my wifi is fine). now i have to start from the beginning. hope this wil lget fixed soon
The game is fun and but there's a little problem I can't save my data and it's sad 😢 when i save my data he said please check your mobile internet but i have my mobile internet on and it's strong not lagging so i will give it 4 star now until that bug is fixed and my wild tamer is now back to level 1! I deleted it for a brief moment Kuz I'm full storage and befor i delete it i try to save my data but it's not working so i have no choice but to delete it without saving my data😢
Incredible! I'm very entretain and very happy, I love the exploring, the recruiting animals and all but the game frozes a lot and stops responding and closes, it's very frustrating and makes me very angry.
Wonderful game, really fun. A little hard at the start, but as a tip: try to tame every new animal you see, and remember to get the hero version of it. Also try to get a bunch of deer and scarab things before you take on the deer boss, they make it pretty easy.
So great game and i played it for many weeks until i reached Sea map it became silly cuz u can't complete that map and if u want u should waste 1 hour for each one boss so it would take 5 months to complete it and u should buy the Vip monsters to make it easier in sea map, btw the previous maps r very good and i deleted game when i reached sea map but if I'll play it again I'll repeat previous maps.
This isn't a bad game by any means, the gameplay looks fun and interesting and I really like the concept, Unfortunately The game is plain broken. You can't connect to google play meaning you can't save regardless of how strong your own connection is. I've heard this developer is aware of the issue but can't fix it or otherwise don't seem to care to. Unfortunately that makes this game unplayable to me personally. Great idea for a game however. I will change my rating if the issue is resolved.
Played for a couple months and then it became too much of a grind. Would play for days with minimal growth and the game lost all semblance of fun. Too much of a grind for very little rewards. I watch tutorials and adopted those strategies to my own gameplay and I couldn't seem to ever beat the dragon. I admit I just felt stuck. The repeated failures trying to beat that boss were making the game seem like the only way I could beat that boss were to purchase gems to upgrade my gear.
This game is great. The game has cool mechanics that are quite easy to learn. It is decently easy to progress. I have had a great time playing this game. I recommend.
This game is Kinda Good But Yea 1st Island your going to progress slow as Heck. 2nd Island Nothing is strong there because Like Everything can be bursted by swarms, and also My animals and Hero Pets are surrounding me but At the 2nd Island for some reason. Freaking Earwigs and Locusts can still hit me.. but overall very good game and I ain't frustrated
Ads aren't a problem at all which is good. But progress is hard to make when the game kind of forces you to put alot of time to get resources or watch ads for them. I know this is the system y'all built but the progress is so slow that a casual gamer has no spare time to figure out how to beat a mid-boss or boss
I really love this game its fun creative and just a great game all around but there are some terrible things about it like around the start once your going to beat the mini and final boss its very hard you either have to grind for a few days or spend some money wich is very annoying also the game has alot of trouble with Google play games and tracking data
After about 2 hours of play I can say. It's nice so I'm giving it 5 stars. Controls aren't wonky and monster A.I is responsive. There could be more to it. What should be done is raising the monster material gain like bones etc.. The map also feels a bit empty (which is ironic because it's huge) and I think mining nodes could be better and add more of them. They could even add a wider selection of weapons to choose from. Regardless it's very chill.. Maybe add a untame feature I'd use. Idk ;)
I like the game, but it's very hard for me to recommend it to anyone with all these bugs. I can't save my progress and sometimes I'll just bug in place and have to click the go home button for the game to fix itself. The ads are very annoying and the in-game recourse balance doesn't make sense. Over all I thing it's a waste opportunity.
One: I was able to play and it was fun so it's not a one star. Two: I can't play now for no reason and it just kicks me off the app. Three: I have gotten rid of and reinstalled it too many times for it to be a minor glitch. Edit: it's working now after a couple years and it's incredible, 111% is a great game company who I always check in on for new games.
The only problem I have with the game is that it is very difficult to get materials and that the prices of the equipment for our character are very expensive and a viable solution to this is that in the store where you can sell materials you can also buy materials even if thise materials were 2 or 5 times more expensive, it would be much better.
Definelty a network connection error so becareful spending alot of money. I gave them a couple bucks in support because its actually a pretty awsome game. Need to put actual effort into collecting but its not one of those games that forces you to pay to actually progress. Be careful, lvl your equipment, and this game is totally doable for free.
I love this game. My progress was really far and then I changed my phone and all of the progress gone. But it's okay I will keep play BUT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN YOU FIX THE SAVE-LOAD ISSUE? It keep telling me to check my internet connection and I'm telling you MY INTERNET IS FINE.
From the Makers of Dokdo the Amazing Open world game this game Is amazing ! Combines the hunt and Character companion elements that I find amazing ! So far just started but already I can see there's dozens of Animals and monsters to tame and catch ! You go around fight em aoe style and dominate maps thanks again for this amazing game !
Good game but does not allow you to save progress incase of phone crash. Keeps saying to connect to network but that is obviously not the problem. Hope they fix the bug so I can put more time in it.
I give it a 5 star because i like it in a way that there is more options and it has a wide adventure, different places and the story does not end immediately, over all it was fun and enjoying.
The ads and video ads are pretty obtrusive, and to really get anywhere in the game you HAVE to buy addons, or suffer through grinding literally twice as much. (Theres a paid bonus that doubles your loot rewards). On top of that, the developers reuse assets all the time, and dont bother to make boss animals stay useful for any time at all when you reach a new zone. They also haven't seen fit to smooth the borders of water bodies, and they have a jarring line and right angle border.
I just updated the game and now it won't let me move the character, tryed reinstall and didn't fix it
Played it once, thought it was a cool concept. Now however I cant get past the starting page , touch to start isnt working. Whats the point of a game you cant play pls fix
Awesome game but there's no way to save gameplay. It says "check connection" for I dont know what reasons. I was changing phone and I cant get back. Can you fix this?
I love this game it is AWESOME!!! I recommend playing this game it is hard But fun the only thing is that when you fight a mid boss or boss it is hard to avoid the rocks that fall please remove the feature that the rocks fall or the vines come out of the ground or you know those extra moves please if done I think over all the game for me would be a bit funner and I think for a lot of other people BUT over all its a great game I absolutely love it no bugs (that I'm aware of ) it's great
By far one of the best mobile games I've ever played. This game is absolutely fantastic, the look is awesome, the controls are easy to learn, the fighting isn't too hard or too easy, the only ad that doesn't give you a leveled and honestly quite amazing reward is a picture that pops up when you open the game and all you do is tap the X and it's gone. The things you can purchase for a few bucks are terrific, though you can very easily get by without them, they really make things go smoother.
Fun, silly and addicting, I like this game so much I just tried it one day and poof I'm deep in game play even though there are some bug with controller and the animals I take glitching in walls are, but it's a good game other than a few ads.. I recommend this for anyone that just wonna chill and play or just wonna past time.
Slow progression, forces you to walk through the entire map to get to where you once were. That or pay to use wormholes which will only land you in an area you're unprepared for UNLESS you spend inane amounts of money to buy animals. This game is a good concept but genuinely is painfully slow and unbalanced. You will get killed left and right without a herd of animals and so you can either spend unfair amounts of in game currency or run though a good part of the map at least to accumulate.
I didn't think I'd end up liking this game as Much as i do. The art style is really charming and the gameplay progression is great so far. Plus the micro transactions aren't shoved in your face. A game that isn't pay to win is nice for a change
"Dear Game Developers: "This Game Is Really Really Amazing Game, I Love This Game Very Much, But This Game Levels And Maps Are To Small And This Game Is End". "1. Please Add More Animals 2. Please Add More Maps And Events 3. Please Add Multiplayer Mode Etc... 4. And Ads Problem, Ads Are Showing In Gameplay Time, (Or) Please Release Part 2 Please". "Please Fix This Four Problems Please, I Love This Game Very Much"...
Dang it. This is simple and addictive. It did steal my time. I can't believe it, they were right. Very nice and easy to play, although I for some reason thought I needed a rat army every time and didn't realize I could tame other creatures, so that definitely took much of my time 😂. I like the artwork, very pleasing to watch take action, and I've always liked having little animal pals, so that's fun too. 😁
I love this game! but I cannot give it a five star not even a four star. the first boss is so hard to beat. I have been playing this game for aboit 2 mounths straight and still cant beat it. I will change my rating if when i beat tge first boss. Its just too hard to beat.
It's cute and the gameplay was err okay. It can be improved tho. There are just stuff in that makes me play less... maybe the point n click thing? In some areas, it just doesn't fit right... like it could be like this n that, should work like this n that.
It's not the 1st time I've played this, since my previous gameplay died with my phone for 2 years. But when I came back, to be honest, my love for this game is still there. The art, the system, a game that is not forcefully putting ads on your face, it has never change. But I was about to say that this game is not a data saving game so I was to report about it, but the tip section said it 😔.So if you guys read this if possible, I just wish it can be a data saving game, just saying, no pressure.
I absolutely love this game! It's unique, challenging, and addicting. There's a lot of grinding you have to do, but honestly its one of my favorite parts about this game! I highly recommend giving this game a try.
This is the third time that I can't save/load my game through cloud. I played this game three times in three phones but I can't save my game even though I have a strong internet connection. This thing pisses me off. I'm tired of restarting this game over and over
I really like this game after about a day of having it the game started crashing and it wont even get past the loading screen then it exits out of it. I have deleted it and redownloaded it multiple time to see if that would help anything but it didnt and I lost all my progress in the process because it wont let me save it. When/if they fix this the game would be awesome and I would play it all the time but due to these problems I cant.
One: I was able to play and it was fun so it's not a one star. Two: I can't play now for no reason and it just kicks me off the app. Three: I have gotten rid of and reinstalled it too many times for it to be a minor glitch.
I love this game the art style is unique and the gameplay is interesting. So the way the game works is that you kill three of the same enemy gain a hero enemy that had a cooldown when it dies and some enemies are able to be recruited into your tiny army when defeated but after you get a hero of that enemy you can simply upgrade them by defeating the same kind of enemy. You will lose every beast you have when you die that aren't heroes so know when to teleport home. Overall cool game so good luck
A lot of people probably think the same as I but the wolves are just way too many on the first map I understand but how you supposed to kill anyting. With all the wolves you can't defeat the tiger or the mammoth it just gets me mad. Maybe on the king cobra health a little bit this game is the best it's just too confusing. The mammoth the Sharpstone falling off the cave make sense for Tiger it doesn't make sense. Love the game hope you see this! And it would be nice of you to give us all a boost.
This game is so good I just love it. Everything in this game is so fun!! Edit: I just don't know what to say about this game all like taming the animals are so fun and getting stronger after collecting each artifacts and armor and your Druid weapons, I love this game 🤩
Expecting it to be bad but its pretty good, although it won't let me connect to play games meaning I can't save. Art is funky little hard at first, since the devs don't update this game anymore heres a tip changing your setting time changes the game time meaning you can get daily rewards fast
I stopped playing this game last year and just went back to it today, however I'm unable to connect to Google play to load my old data, the prompt tells me to check my internet connection even though it's working just fine. Also, the ads for extra gold/materials/gems/revive animals/restore health DO NOT load. It keeps saying "Your ad is not ready. Please try again later." when my internet connection is working fine. Please fix these two problems.
I love the game But there is some issues. The Hp is very low this sucks I can't get some hits instead of my army or I'll die instantly Also the adds aren't working i just get the messege "ad is not ready try again later" I'd love to pay money so I support the creators but it's really hard in my country so i just try the ads but they ain't working fix this please
I love it! One of my favorite games! I highly suggest this game, it's very fun, and doesn't have many ads. It's also a 2D game, so if you like 2D games this one is for you. But there is one problem, it doesn't let you save so dont uninstall it.
This easy to play slide n' glide is an amazingly entertaining, and surprisingly tactful little game. I really enjoy the simple yet detailed design and adorable cutscene when you discover new areas!
Used to be a great game, but I can't login through Google Play anymore and load my old data... Have seen other people encounter this issue too so hope the developers can fix it soon. Edit: Developers do not care about this game anymore. You can't save progress or move it to new devices so don't waste your time unless you are okay with losing all your data.
Needs a lot of balancing before it will be a good game. Amazing concept, a lot of potential. Player health/defence needs to be increased. I shouldn't be able to die in one-two hits from something I have in my army. I think it could be fixed by adding in xp for killing animals to slowly level up health/defence/attack. It would add a nice grinding aspect that would keep people playing. (Edit) they gave up more or less. Nothing has changed. It sucks putting in 5 days of grinding for nothing.
Would be 5 but the game loads up and doesn't let me move at all, says I have 1000 health, says I have tamed animals but shows none of them. Tried re-installing and does nothing. Trying to load saves also does nothing and says I have a connection issue
I love this app so much. If you want, some purchases make it better, sometimes it can be aggravating, but its just so good. Its cute, and the mechanics are simple, with a lot of customization options once you start collecting things. Worth the download <3
The game is great but I put 3 stars because there is a big problem with ads, I can not watch them to get bonuses. When I try to watch ads my game crashes. Besides that it really seems either I am way too much of a casual player or the game becomes nearly impossible without $$$ after the tiger boss.
This game is great! The progression is so difficult! It's very difficult to do anything. Pay to win games are not good for casual gamers. Look forward to seeing updates.
It's definitely a lot of fun. It feels like a classic simple game but still tons of fun. One thing though unlocking more slots costs soooo much gems and I cannot kill the stupid tiger. I've tried soo many times even with buff but everytime I die because it didn't give me enough time to avoid the spikes and it's stupid. They should add an option where you can respawn if you have more than 60-70% of your animals
This is the best game that I ever met, the Grafiphic was so cute and elegan. But there's a connection errors when I want to save the data. This is the worst problem. I can watch adds but is that connection problem? Come on... Fix it please I will give you 5 star.
It is a great game but the only way to heal is to get back to the cave and ads. it will be better if some of the ads were offline. And if there were some little camps around the islands that will be of help.
Very light and fun! And the best of it is, it's not pay to win! Ads are not annoying, it's even worth it to watch 30s ads. Kudos to 111%, definitely one of the best mobile game publisher there is
It's a good game but maybe nerf the mid and final boss on the first island it to hard maybe get rid of the rock fall move or make it that the red area show above your animals I probably would of gave it a five star review if it was like that
The game is fun to play but it's pretty hard to get far, you have to spend hours just to get enough to upgrade that doesn't really even help you. If the prices changed a little it would be a lot more fun
I returned to this game after a while but I seem to find like 15% as many gem rocks as I used to. Even if that's just years of not playing causing me to remember wrong the gem grind has always been abysmal, VIP or not. Honestly it's got a lot of cool ideas but the end product is very half baked.
Giving this 4 stars because of a few things. 1: it's good enough for me to come back to. Great game. 2: I was extremely far in my last game but can't access the save so I have to start over. And 3: my "no ads payment" is still functional so that's a plus. Would recommend
It's a cool well done rpg feeling game with a great adventure. I just found my first cave to enter then a cutscene happened and I saw what was chasing the buffalo! Brilliant haha, though I only have deers and rabbits just now. But the game prompted me to rate and I thought yeah it's so well done. Great job!
Extremely fun, and addicting. A good time waster and cute like graphics. I dont really know what else to say because I suck at reviews but I fun the game pretty fun so try it.
I love this game, Top 3 mobile game for me and this game is rough at the start but once you get a hang of it it's really fun, Going on mass hunts, getting farther each time. the ads are good, they don't force them. Watch an ad for some gold or material? Maybe not? Your choice The only thing I don't like is the account saving system, I wish there was a way I can save my google play account with it. I can't transfer my data to my new phone.
Really nice and unique game. The only thing that let this game down is, you can't connect to Google Play, which means your progress aren’t saved to cloud. It infuriates me because it’s a fine game but the devs aren’t addressing thia issue which is experienced by a decent amount of players. Thia way devs, you won't be able to kwwp the good rating.
One of the BEST & FUN game I came across. Interesting gameplay & artwork. Happily pay dollars as I already did for the no ads & BETTA fish that is essential for the healing. Worth it in the beginning. BUT, a few MAJOR ISSUES : 1. The Devs are NOT responsive for bugs complaints. 2. Pay wall by the 3rd Island, (The animal stats scaling are ridiculous. Boss/Mini Boss have similar stats with normal animals. So you can't really farm EARLY animals FOR ARMOR even with Rare Animals. No Armor you DIE.
Don't get me wrong, I love this game, that's why I paid for no ads and such, but it won't let me load my account on a new device. Other people have had the same problem "Please check your network connection." even though it's completely fine, it's the game that needs fixing.
Been playing this game for a few hours and the best comparison I can give it is to a Don't starve and rpg collector mix. I've run into a few high tier enemies who have completely womped me, but I think that's to be expected given I had just been exploring pretty far from my base. I'll continue playing and if anything comes up, I'll come back and change my review.
This game had a lot of potential. Cool concept, decent graphics, but the gameplay was broken. Your character is your massive weak point, but you can't tell your minions to attack without standing right next to the enemy. If you die, you lose everything and you die fast. It just isn't worth all that grinding.
This game is probably the best game I've played thats free. Better than games I've paid for, for that matter. Ads aren't forced, but you can watch them to help you out. There is a cap of one every couple hours or so per benefit. The game remains challenging from the beginning and gives you a sense of adventure as you explore different areas and animals.
It's a fun game with some IAP. I like the meerkat, goat, beta and my favorite to remove ads (actually removes all the ads, but allows you to receive the benefits as if you watched them really helps to earn gems faster, and receive healing/buffs while enjoying the game more). I usually dislike games with currency IAPs and this game has them so I deducted a point for that, but you don't have to buy them or any of the other IAP to progress.
Great little game so far. Kept me up way later than I should be. Paid for the ads removal, well worth it. The game functions wonderfully when you can just breeze past a fountain and top off your health. Fair payment for a game like this.
The graphics of this game are lovely, have their own style. The gameplay is also interesting, there are many types of animals, leading them around to hunt new ones, starting with the smallest ones.
I like the game, but when I try to save my progress on the cloud save it says it can not connect. So any time I change devices I have to restart. Kind of a deal breaker. I already spent like a dollar to get one of the buy only creatures, and it's always there when I start, so at least I don't have to keep buying it. Still sucks not to be able to save and transfer my progress.
Well , its kinda nice... Delivers precisely what is advertised... I guess what i don't like about this gane is that there really isn't much customization.. everyone gets the same animals, the same weapons and armors, except mayhaps the mask... Also, not much exploration, really.. just some decorated space wuth random gem nodes sometimes...
Game as itself is fine, but the cloud save option is not working for more than year and noone bats an eye. 3 different devices, none of them can save or load... Says: no connection to internet
It's a great game and quite addicting but it can be slightly annoying when you don't know where to find specific types of animals. If you include a map or campass in the next update I'd give it 5 stars
Came in not really having any high hopes,but honestly,it's a pretty good game! The art styles is nice,the controls are pretty good too.i haven't gotten that far yet,but I like it already :)one thing though,I wish when you clear out caves,you can take the cave andn stay in it so you wouldn't need to go back to home base everytime,,,,
Pretty fun game but has flaws. Just to name some of the obvious 1. Very small cap on ads you can watch for whatever reason. Which blocks a lot of things. Healing stations, resource nodes, etc. Require you to watch an ad but after watching a couple you can't watch anymore for a long time. Essentially just making lots of things on the map useless. 2. Your animals stop fighting any time you move the slightest amount. Repositioning is crucial to combat but gets your animals killed. Doesnt make sense
The game is all perfect for me and i didn't get any bug and glitches. This a very good game i really appreciate the hard work of developer and i am giving it 5 stars rating.
Really hate the formations of the creatures. No matter how hard u try the one with the largest ho stays in the middle which is the safest while the one with the lowest hp always goes to the frontline. And hate the fact that i cant save my progress when this game takes too much time progress
I give this game a 2 star, its alot of grinding for so little, and teleporting areas cost way to much, first world was hard as hell and very slow progression, way to many wolves, here a tip: matter well either run away from them or go at night to fight the tiger, but overall I love the art style and the design of the animals, il rate it little higher if it get a bit better and less difficult, I know this game got some potential
To the developer's that read this i just want to say grate game love the grafics the story line new and amasing wild creatures to collect n upgrade with gear and wepons but there is one thing mising that lead me to a 4 star inted of 5 it is levs! In most game u can gain XP to lev up charters for rewrds n stats for power such as Hp and damage wich could mack this game slightly easyr and a lot more enjoyable if u could add this to the game then ill gladly give this a 5 star as soon as i can!
Very good! I enjoy finding different animals and the art style is very well done! Getting jems is easy and if you strategize, you can pretty much get all the masks before finishing the first stage. Sometimes, ads don't work and it really upsets me when I cant heal at a well when I'm at low health. This is why gets 4 stars from me. Other than that, excellent, no complaints!
Hello this game is great I love it but I have some few suggestions you can add 1:Remove button- Allowing player to remove some weak creatures to his army without going or teleporting to the house/base 2:Army button- Allowing player to see the hp of his army because sometimes my strongest creature is dying or low on health and I can't see the health bar.