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Wild Party Bingo FREE social

Wild Party Bingo FREE social for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Asylum Labs located at 1735 Wharf Road, Suite A, Capitola CA 95010. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
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For the past week on all 4 of my devices, when i play it says team is in 3rd place and when game over it says alll teams have 0 bingos. Ive wasted power ups many times and loat out on free power up gifts for 1st place when i know dang well by the count of bingos the team ive beeb on would mean 1st place. When will this be rectified and i should be given my tokens/powers back. This is unreal!!! Loved the game til now
I love playing this game but once you are out of coins and diamonds then it's time to purchase. I don't have the money to buy any. Very disappointed. 😞 uninstalling!!!
I love the game and been playing awhile thru Facebook gameroom. Like Sandra there is one player who disrupts the game while blocking out certain parts. I have turned down his gift and likes but he keeps on finding me no matter what room I'm in! The game is a fun one and I enjoy it but for Jarrel. Need someway to stop/block him.
I think , as much money that I spend , your game should not , STEAL BINGO'S! It, SHOULD NOT, display , TOO LATE, call another number or 2,3, after I BINGO , and NOT, GIVE ME MY WINNINGS.
I like the game very much, I just wish I could spend some diamonds to get chips & that there would be hourly or daily bonus gifts?
This has been my fav game for a number of years I now cannot get it to download to play what am I doing wrong?
I love this bingo app, best one I have however; I keep getting harrassed by a guy named jarrel, he always pops up in the middle of a game on my team right away he starts disrupting me, when I leave and go to a different room he follows me there and disrupts me Im sick, and tired of it and its starting to make me want to delete the game. You guys should have a block button so this doesnt happen
This is a really cool game but the only thing is it takes too long to earn diamonds too long but other than that it's a cool game
Most of the time I LOVE this game BUT I have days like today!!! I opened the app and tried to use my daily free spin. UNFORTUNATELY it froze and didn't let me spin. When I tried to open app again it doesn't let me get my free spin! That means that my streak will be broken and I'll be sent back to day one!!! SO NOT FAIR!!! Then to add insult to innury I can't find a way to get to where I can complain to support!!!
This is no lie...i just won 1 million 250 thousand chips and little 12 thousand somethings and 62 thousands along the way!!! i will be playing for awhile. Thank you Wild Party Bingo!!!
Fast, the 4 card setup is very sloppy and you can't mark all your cards its to aggressive! Dislike the 4card setup!!!!
Never seen how to get on other people's card like they get in on yours but love playing this bingo game it is lots of fun
I decided to log on asylum lab account. Only this time when I log on it take me from level 7 all back to level 1. I am guessing you don't want to be bothering to fix anything.
Pretty Kool on all havev1 little issue I went to sign in& cause I didn't sign in last nite they and they took the percentage away for 1 day I can see if u didn't sign in for a week.but 1 days ?yep I was pissed, you should put in where you can get loaner tokens and you pay back as you win .so w people can't afford to buy tokens every time. We the people are on a strict budget due to PANDEMIC .THAT WOULD BE KOOL THSNK YOU
Definitely a money sucker, Now the game won't even load. I bet when the problem is fixed I'll have credits and power ups missing. Time to find a NEW bingo game.
Do enjoy this game a lot and,and its easy to follow,with being disabled it helps me to relax,thank you lots x x sue
more time frame. Less expensive. Give us more free time before spending money. Be mindful it's not about money but the free time we get to enjoy the game. Relaxation. Thanks for letting me give my feedback.
Your game is fun but ...... You Charge Way To Much , to buy power-ups , and everything else you need to play ! This game is not for me , hats for sure !!!
I've been playing wild bingo for 5 years now and I love it I do love it I like putting money into it the diamonds and stuff and you win enough the everywhere it's so much fun why is it the same pictures of people all the time is there not new people or something That's kind of puzzling is it just a robot thanks Laura
Well this one is open for me it will say loading loading loading and it's ridiculous so I'm going to uninstall it can't play so there is no point for this to be on my phone
it's fun. i don't like that you have too buy chips, or other things with diamonds. other than that ,its enjoyable.
Love it just started playing but how I play just started this and lv it ready if knew how to play what to do am new and just started this
Always lagging!! when I TRY to press bingo - there are 4 bingos left & it tells me late bingo!!! fix your issues!!! freezes & I loose everything that I have put into the game - happened again! Blacks out loosing everything & you never replace anything! You never get back to me. I can't register as you tell me I have an invalid email. Trying to get up with you is horrible - like talking to deaf ears & writing to blind eyes. What is your problem??? Guess I am not worthy of your time or effort
The game froze up a few weeks ago and wouldn't open. I couldn't collect my daily spin because of your fault. Now I was reset back to the first day, after being on 100%. This isn't fair and I'm very dissatisfied. Please set me back to 100% where I was before your faulty bug. I sent a message through Gmail, but never heard back from you.
Its funny how almost every game the same people win in the lottery I spend like 2000 chips bfore I hit this dude zak hits every game. I love this game however; sometimes I wonder if the players are real, if u ask a question or say gla noone answers lol hmmmmmm.
Plz fix server keeps discontinuing Plz fix , also other ways to get more free chips Plz game is awesome other than that.
The latest update took away the party time card. now all you get are two white cards and no chance to win party time items. only way to get on is buy it. unfair! Each subsequent update takes something else away. Greedy.
Love the game but when r u going to add more items like something like finding a way to get chips etc....
I hate this bingo you run out of tokens too damn quick and then they want to charge you actual money to buy more That's freaking stupid ass hell. It's only a stupid bingo game. I found a good bingo game that's actually work spending real money on.Sense money is no issue for me I have been blessed huge money wise.
I really enjoy this game. You don't even realize how long you have been playing, best game by far. 😘
This was a great game of Bingo but I find it infuriating lately! Just today, the BINGO button on 1 of my cards disappeared, stopping me from winning a Bingo. One of my BINGO'S just failed to be counted when it had won well & truly b4 the game ended. Numbers weren't able to be pushed. Even the slots and poker options have issues. ESPECIALLY when, at some stage, my bet changed from a cash bet, to using my diamonds instead! By the time I realised, I was pretty much out of them. VERY VERY UNFAIR!
Been playing for a while now. Games does not disappoint. I get to meet game friends who share their bingos with me. The only complaints I have is that my free gift are sometimes hijacked by the system telling me I miss logging in the previous. I might have used a different tablet and/or phone, but its water under bridge now. I recommend this app. Thanks Developer(s) for creating this app and providing it for free.
Ok...so you just lost my 5 star rating and if i could put it down to xero-i would...if you go back about a week and check my game play...you will see that there was none. And thats because my game hasnt loaded in a week and also kept saying ive been disconnected from my server even tho i have 25 other games that were playing fine...now you want $12.99 to restore my bonus streak when this wasnt even my fault!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Theres other Bingo games out there that can replace this one!!!
This game is really good but five times where the bingo space is and I got a bingo and it turns white and I didn't and could not get paid for this so please fix this from happing again to others
Addictive ly Fantastick Life is nothing without it Only wish that you could paste my Facebook photo in the game Wish I could play the game in my Samsung Tab A as before
Love the game but wish the was a way to get chips instead of buying them. But other than that it's not boring keeps u on your toes that's for sure .
I had a blast!! Till I ran out of chips! I cant buy anything cuz I don't have the money to spend. Too bad there's no quick fix to get chips n power ups! So I have to leave or trade the game for another that gives chips up sooner. Sorry.. I hate to leave..
Need a better chance at winning his diamonds and a chance to hit bingo if the last number you needed was the last number called out
Good app. The only thing is that doesn't let you bingo on the last number call. It tell you too late even if you tap right away.