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Wild City (Mafia RPG)

Wild City (Mafia RPG) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Anansi located at RM L026, 2/F TAI SHING INDUSTRIAL BLDG 273-279, UN CHAU ST, CHEUNG SHA WAN, KOWLOON Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Violent References, Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i have played this game for years and have never seen it down for so long..its been 2 days now u cant log in..please get this fixed and compensate everyone for their loss of daily and monthly rewards..this is bs..emailing the developers is a joke..the emails dont go thru and u get no response
This game is full of cheaters and hackers. Been playing for years now and strongly do not recommend this game. Administration does nothing to correct these problems, they say accounts will be banned but the issues are never addressed .
It's tells me to enter my username I enter it then I click ok then it's says connecting to network it Bean there for 1 hours and it didn't create my account
I used to love this game. I'm ready to uninstall at this point, though. I've paid cash $ for items that show up in my warehouse at first, then magically disappear. I've messaged admins and get no response. Then there's completing missions and never receiving the rewards. Moderators are as dirty as my police officer nephew that thinks beating up handcuffed inmates is cool. And forget about all the twerps who have multiple alt accounts and cheat their way to the top. Over this game.
Love the game. Although there are big problems with accounts being lost on similar games and admin giving the run around. Gangster city online was linked to this, disappeared and now I lost my account after 2 years. Admin be like I'll get it back but after answering feedback after about 3 days still can't get it. 😠
The game is awesome but it stopped working since yesterday. I've tried number of times and it doesn't work. Game opens, says 'checking version' and it keeps on checking, doesn't move any further. Devs please resolve the issue
the game has been crashed dow for the past 2 days and i think its stpid how it takes so long and last time when everyone managed to get back on game all we got was 2k checks that i cud of easy gotten myself either fix it now or just leave it alone
what's going on you guys need to update it fix it patch it I wasn't able to do my login today what's going on guys plz
its suck...cant refill the energy without buying a pack..no fun at all except you are ready to spend your money on it.
The game is impossible to play with the hackers causing lag. This needs to be fixed asap as you are losing many players
This game taking too much time for checking new version, I just downloaded it with the new version of game, but still taking yoo much time
This is an awesome game and I'm not going to lie it needs new players to join it's been going almost 8 years and I'm an old school player Murie#1 would just like to say to GA even if you need to shut the game down to fix and get rid of the hackers then put it bk up with new security measures I believe the hackers have targeted the casino and the lucky wheel plus your gold system this once was a thriving application and can be again only if GA act now and new players join the old Windows servers
Amazing game been playing for 7 years but the servers need to be put back on maybe even a reset, i have invested to much money in wild city for it to just go. Also the hackers and botted programmes need to go aswell they have messed up the flow of sales & more thanks. Vəųźpéŕ
Many people see this game as a way of life and take it very seriously indeed I myself have been playing from the very start the game is almost 8 years old but until recently I and a lot of others can't get into the game due to it not loading up but I'm sure you're aware of this problem for all the time it would take to just respond on here then all will see it we as players have used real life cash to Enhance our accounts so with that being said you owe the player's an explanation to this prob!!
One of the best games out there, but I have login problems since yesterday and game keeps on crashing. Kindly assist.
This game is no longer active. No admin or developers working on it. They do not exist anymore. Hasnt had an update since May, 2018. Anansi sold off the game to some other company that put this game aside. E-mailing anansi will get your e-mail bounced back and letting you know the domain doesnt exist anymore. Do not think about spending any money here or joining. This game had a lot of potential. Its biting the dust now.
Terrible I can't seem to get into the website to be able to change password it tells me it's unsafe and I just bought some gold!! you people would get no stars if I could do that worse customer service!!
I was happily playing this game for years now.. Getting to a level of 100 and something then all of a sudden like other ppl who have experienced cannot log on and crashes. I have tried to load game several times and log in via Facebook but the same msg "unknown error" keeps coming... I'm not willing to start all over... Very very frustrated about this.. Shame coz now i probably won't be able to continue.. WHY CAN'T I RETRIEVE MY ACCOUNT VIA FACEBOOK.. Keeps telling me "unknown error"??!!!! ###
full of scammers .. only the old players rule the game ..the starters gets crippled all times they cannot win a event ..mods don't do their job ..especially dog tags etc ..every events has to be like low level player vs low lever,mid level vs mid level ,higher vs higher ..how can a 100 level player withstand against 450 level ..worst event is dog tags ,super force ..only higher level player gets everything ..starters don't ...
It says checking version and keeps doing that, i tried everything like, restarting device, restarting game etc.. fix your game please
A lot of people are not happy right now due to server crashing & lag spikes... s1 are rating 1☆ & have conteacted you guys. When the problem is fixed we will re rate. Thanks
Is the game down right now? I am unable to open the game as the loading screen is stuck on "checking version". Are you guys updating the game?
Good game. But now my facebook login is playing up. Have mailed gm and no reply yet. Anyone with and tips
i pay for monthly for a DAILY collect/mission/op, whatever u wanna call it. and i havent been able to get on the game in 4 days. As a matter of fact, nobody has been able to get on . And there is absolutely NO WAY to contact their customer support in the game. This is ridiculous. i want answers
I have been a long time player. one of the more higher up players. Game Tag PE#1 on server 3. Well recently they banned more no reason. I have done everything in my power to try and resolve the issue but with vage messages and proof I did nothing wrong they have still kept me banned. My advice will be player beware. They could steal from you as easily they did me if they want.
still unable to play '.' I emailed tryed 3 phones emulators can you at least respond with a working on it :/ I insisted over 5,000,00 us in this game and I dont wanna lose my progress
See its last update 2018... Now 2020 Nowadays Facebook has problem with this game... If you bind account with Facebook... It will lose.. Many player have lost their account. They are not working.
I have an issue with the game ( it freezes on checking version and it won't load), i have been trying to log in for 2 days now and still nothing. Please fix this or help me if it's a problem with my phone
This is just a rip off from others games. The worst part of it all is that you can hardly get anywhere when you gotta waste time constantly traveling too distant places for petty items like crowbars and razor blades. The system needs improved the style needs improved and most of all whoever put this together doesn't understand crime. Game is weak.
Game was one of the best online but now with all the game hackers hacking game lags so bad cant even train and you will be lucky to be able to do anything
I have written a 5 star review in the past but now the game just seems rundown, no Texas hold'em with stale add ons last updated over a year ago besides the mine. Please upgrade so I can redownload load and feel like I'm playing a actual game
How you just going to kill all servers of the game when there are people who have spent hundreds and more playing for years? And you mails and gave it a death sentence date, refunds are needed to all those who actively played and spent on this game since 2013.
I love this game, very addictive. But all of sudden game stops playing keeps on searching for server. Deleted it and downloaded again still same issue. What is the problem? 😭
I've been playing this this since 2013, spent money on this game and I can't log in to the game since August 2020.THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I've emailed multiple times about my account and not being able to log in thru Facebook anymore!
This is an amazing game and is incredibly fun and tense. My only issue is that when you buy a gold pack for the first time, you are supposed to get double, but whrn i got it, it gave me double, but when i logged on again i only had the normal amount. However, it is a great game.
I'm getting very frustrated because I can't retrieve my account which is connected via Facebook on my new device. I've mailed GM from my old device but so far the problem hasn't been resolved. I've spent plenty of money on this game in the 5 years of playing and I'm very disappointed GM can't solve this problem with Facebook.
Game would be better if fights were equal to another player's stats, if the cost of things were actually affordable for new players! This game needs an update and take away force, its pointless and you can't level up.
I've contacted admin several times thru email about being able to get my account back. I've spent money on this game and been playing since 2013. I can't login thru Facebook anymore and admin has not responded.
I played this game years ago, it was very good, but now the password reset won't work, and I contacted support and still didn't get a password reset
the game was good, today is full of hackers and cheaters, debsdabomb on server 1 added 3000 cards in 1 month, diablo on server 2 has already added more than 500 cards in 3 weeks, that is not fair with who plays without cheating. this is the second complaint I make, but by the way you anansi will not do anything to fight those cheaters ... you must have realized that the top players are not buying more gold, they will only come back to buy when you do away with the cheaters .
After logging in the IHOP on flight it glitches out and yeah I keep losing money every time I log off and I log back in more money is missing out of the bank I've lost over 300 mil in the bank for some reason it keeps glitching out and when I'm in Flight I'm carrying items like flowers and crystals they disappear out of my bag when I get to WC is there any possible way you can help me or refund my account I do appreciate it thank you
Just a suggestion to add bank interest rates rather than just taking money from players all the time just to make it a bit more realistic
Just recently it won't load the game off the main screen. It stops at checking server and won't load or progress any further.
App freezes or crashes when entering chat, app crashes sometimes when performing an action, app restarts after sending a report to Admin when trying to open the conversation. *Please fix the game crash bug*
The game is aimed at the old strong players, makes it difficult for new people starting out. The mods miss use their powers. Reoccurring bugs and response from admin are a joke. I only stay in this game for the friends I have made.
Fun game, HORRIBLE management I would not spend money on this app. Recently switched devices and was unable to log in to my account. Finally gave up after 45 days of auto responses from them. I've seen some poorly run games, but this is the worst of them.
Good game 1.connecting your account via fb isnt working and you cant create a password. 2. Retrieving your lost account isnt flexible so you start from scratch each time 3. Poor admin services (never reply mails)
i just love ittttt played hundred times on hundred devices but still love it as much as i did the first time. brilliant game
Been playing this game for 4 years. I have spent tons of $ on this game. Have not been able to log in over a month now. Can I please get some answers as to what is going on with the game?
Game is great and I really enjoyed this game it is like being in a mafia family but due to abusive administrators they ruin the game I was put in the hospital for one hour and fifty five minutes for absolutely no reason If you want five stars stop abusive administration Abusive administrators like MinksMonii ruin this game Hope you can fix it.
Customer Service and Game Admin Do not speak English! All attempts for intelligent Assistance with serious account problems is useless. DO NOT invest a single dime!
The game full of hack and moderators who are opportinist.. The game is unfair.. I lost alot of money in it and game admin never care or answer.. There is few people who get everything free and they even trade and earn money from it.. The game is fraud
Toxic game full of cheaters,hackers and scammers.None of them get punished of course.It was fun like 3 years ago.
I joined the game about 5 years ago now Built up an account to lv 166 as I was going through the game year's later I encountered a player who was leaving the game and offered me his account as a gift and I loved it one day I logged in and it wouldn't load so had to uninstall and reinstall forgot my username and password for it mailed game administration team for help and they sent an Email saying if you want to be removed from our network please reply I wanted my info for it but got nothing
I have bought gold and packages with real money and now I can't get into the game to play it and quite frankly feel ripped off!!!
Game is not opening since yesterday, hope it will be alright soon. Worked on this game so hard and now game suddenly stopped opening.
Just recently it won't load the game off the main screen. It stops at checking version and won't load or progress any further. It's not the first time this has happen. I have restarted phone and game and still nothing. Please fix this. I have played this game for like 6 years and just started seeing more of these issues.
Hey im having the same log in issue i cant get in at all saying the app is in development.. Ive played forever i emailed no one got back to me. Please if any one gets info please let me know and ill do the same..FIX THIS ISSUE NOW!###
would be HELPFUL... IF WE COULD ACTUALLY CONTACT SUPPORT IN GAME INSTEAD OF GETTING A BLACK FROZEN SCREEN FFS.... other then that... this is an excellent game. i love ittttt