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Wil Knight

Wil Knight for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Negative 1: Requires too much farming, even in the beginning of the game. Negative 2: After that much farming, your upgraded item is so much worse than before!! It loses all the hp bonuses and gives movement speed?? And you lose the low level item, even though it is actually better. Negative 3: After that much farming, with all the risk of downgrading the item, crafting can actually fail, and almost 30 percent of the time. Negative 4: No stat or nothing is explained. And many more negatives.
The game has potential but it's missing quite some stuff. The stage names are just generic "Stage1" names (not even separated), the currency is not well explained (took a while to understand that the white coin is an egg to the companion and still haven't figured some stuff about currency). There is not much other than grinding the stages, no bestiary, no leveling up the character besides the armor, no interaction with other characters, there are just a bunch of "shops" and no sidequests.
Good idea for a game. Its plays well all up until the upgrading. It's a merge/combine game. Combine lvl 1 and lvl 1=lvl2. lvl2+lvl2=lvl3 and so on. Only draw back is that the % of success is horrible. When you have to grind for 7 minutes straight just to have it fail 3 times in a row at a 75% success rate is just trash. Oh and when it fails, it deletes the better equipment of the two. Good game up to that point but because of that, it's not worth the space on my phone
I just started playing the game. It's fun and addicting with the goal of getting stronger in order to advance further. However, I'm quite upset with the egg hatching. We need to watch an ad to hatch the eggs but I think you have problems with watching the ad. Pease fix it so we can fully enjoy the game. Was thinking to give this game a 5 but that held me back :<
No tutorial + full RNG. I was able to farm the 2nd world without any problem and did so for about 20min. Then I proceed to upgrade all my gears by 2 levels and guess what .. The upgraded gear was worst because it gives you random stats !! This is full RNG. Complete bs and waste of time. Dont get this game if you are serious about gaming and rpg.
I like the simplicity to the game. I just play once in a while when I'm bored to kill some time. The only downsides (if you ask me) is the grinding + upgrades. The grinding is real. Damn I've farmed left and right in stage 6 alot because I'm too weak to move on. The upgrades can screw one over. You have a nice tier 3 legendary horse and make it a 4 with higher but worse stats. It seems random to me. Wish there was a stash and the merge % increase per failed attempt.
I'm give 3 stars because I see potential in the game. Good idea, but please make a major update. * when you merge equipment some stay at the same level but makes it worse than * make the eqiptment better the higher you get. I'm running through stage one a lot just to find equiptment. * add quest or achievements. Something else that you can do in the game. * also upgrading other things in the game would be nice as well. Like being able to upgrade the knight's strength or something.. ~Thanks~
I like the game for sure but the thing i don't like is, lover level equipement is sometimes stronger then the high rank one. im stuck at lvl 12 equipement because i can't buy what i want, but i have to waste gold for a random piece of equipement. make a real shop so i can buy what i need. another thing is the pet thing. make them merge for bonus stats etc etc. also make the stages more gold friendly so we dont have to get gold only from selling equipement. over all i like the game.
overall is a good game but still need some improvement. thanks for the item selling updates. the upgrading system on ultra legendary items need improvement. as lv 15 to upgrade it's cost over a million and will increase only a little bit of the stats. also the critical stats once reached 100% stops multiplying (have 110% and still increase only 100%). pets would be better if you could find legendary or better as well. thanks
The only reason I dont like the game is because of the chance of your items not being successfully merged, its like a 50/50 that your rank 8 item that you had to merge a bunch of stuff to get doesnt rank up when being merged with another rank 8 item. It was very irritating.
You need to rework the upgrade gear system. Its all luck if i progress or not. If i use a rank 6 weapon, and have 1 of each of the lower ranks, and then get 1 more rank 1, i should be able to gain a rank 7 weapon. But the probability chance messes it up. Since i may fail and lose any of the times i will have wasted all the time i spent getting the weapons. Either make it 100% up to a specific rank, and then 100% but costs gold, or just have it at 100% all the time. 70% at best is stupid.
game is kinda good and addicting but: 1 It needs some more info on everything.(skills,tutorial...) 2 Higher ranking items are some times worser than the lower. 3 Rework on the skills(fire trail is useless cus you move only front or super broken because you can stand next to the boss and he dies from it,life steal idk if it works or not,freeze doesnt work or on low ranks the debuff is so low that its not effecting) 4 Items need tweeking
okay so off the bat, the idea is not original, it's more of a combination of 2 games: poke in 1 direction until you die, combine equipment that you loot. I have played for a total of maybe 30 minutes and managed to grind to a level 7 helmet which has worse stats than a level 1 helmet. I'd start with fixing that. The art style is cute but its really... dull? It's hard to tap on anything, the UI is not user friendly at all
Grind, grind, and grind. Then upgrade equipement. You got better chance to upgrade in lineage 2. If you manage to upgrade, congratulations! Its now worse than it was. Got to stage 4, upgraded the weapon, now i cant get past stage 3. BUT! You can lose about an hour in this game and quite a bit of your nerves.
Would give it a better score if the combination system wasn't so flawed and when you die you drop a random item which can be your best. I've literally had 4 fails on level 1 item one after another. The combination is really rng and therefore makes it frustrating. While you can combine armor and weapons, you can't combine pets. They are easy to get hard to sell, you have to press too many buttons just to sell one pet and they only cost 90 to some hundreds.
Slight delay when you tap items, kinda laggy. fix that. Add a "select" button where you click on a number of items and be able to sell them cause its annoying to sell them one by one. Also when you sell an item, it still shows its price and the select button, so when its sold, please dont make it show up. Also change the word "Select" button into "equip". Also can you not make us watch a video to hatch an egg? it destroys the progress, specially since i play it offline.
Pretty much brain-dead gameplay but damn if i wasnt taken anyway!!The merging is by far the most engaging part of the experience (thou i'm still wondering why my mergers only upgrade equips about half the time,maybe depends on the level??) A really fun little time waster that u can whip out and play for 30seconds or 30 min (thou a podcast on the side also helps for the latter) Great Stuff!! Thanks 111% team!!!!
The game is simple yet very fun, only reason that I ain't giving 5 stars is because of the lack of simple qol content, such as some storage or the option to upgrade the size of your inventory. As you start to upgrade your gears above level 10, you just don't have enough space to farm peacefully, every 2 or 3 waves you'll be forced to stop for a long time (more time merging or selling useless gear than actually farming). Also, there should be an option to automatically don't pickup low lv gear
this game is very addicting and fun even with the simple controls, but there are 2 bugs I found 1: when I try to open my eggs it says it cannot load the add even when the game is showing me adds. and 2: this one realy dosent mater but I was checking the different stats of the pets and it sayed it was -200 somthing even though it was closer to -30. and one last thing that I noticed the armor that fives tou fire can hurt the enemys when you stand close to them.
Way too many adds. You lose, ad... You win, ad... You get a reward.. it's an ad. The instructions for how to play seem to be lacking for the English language, but it's simple to understand. The biggest problem I have comes with items. Every time you merge your equipment for better gear, it completely rerolls the item stats. This can easily transform your fighter from a winner to a loser. Not at all sure why it's like this, but makes playing for gear feel worthless. With so many ads, I'm out.
I'm rating because I actually want to. I normally decline the common pop-ups to get you to rate the games, but after playing this game for a little longer I realize that it is exactly what I was looking for. Mindless, easy, and straight forward gameplay. I have yet to find any unnecessary fluff or sparkles that take away from the original point of the game or leave a feeling of unsatisfaction.
its a fun game so far, easy to understand how to play and how to use. the design of the game as a whole is appealing, and its a nice time waister. all and all good game, how ever could use more equipment options, like a different type styal of weapons, maybe even adding attack rates or attack damange.
Simple but FUN game but a few suggestions to further imrove the experience: 1. Add storage to store items in Home Will complement other factors as youll see 2. Option to upgrade a certain stat of a weapon with gold It gets SUPER TEDIOUS to grind when youre rocking level 5 Gold Tier (which cant even get me past stage 2 BTW) and with 5 different types of each...yeah u get the idea 3. Option to upgrade passive stats like drop rarity and drop chance Theres many more but these are the priority
Difficulty: 6/10 Gameplay: 5/10 Graphics: 6/10 Controls: 6.5/10 What should be improved/added: Polish the controls when fusing, remove rng chance of successful fusing, add auto-sell for better loot sorting, lower just a bit the amount of ads in-game. Overall: It's a fun game if you like grinding, but can be improved quite a lot.
It's a pretty cool game but if you die they take a item and its usually one of your best items and why do you have to watch a video for every egg I understand that you need to make money but I just uninstalled your game and you won't get any more ad rev or money from me.
Overall, its a fun little grinder/upgrade game with a simple but fun gameplay loop. The ads aren't too intrusive, but they're there. Buttons can be hard to press in the inventory sometimes, and the item upgrade failure system without cash shop upgrades (and no way to improve chances of success in game) lose the game a star in my rating. I'd also like to see some sort of method or pattern to what stats you get when you combine items - sometimes you go from an awesome tier 5 item to a useless T6
Game is trash. The loot system is weak, the percentage to combine is a straight lie and there is absolutely no reason to keep progressing through the stages. Each stage is just harder than the last without a positive play. You could be at stage 1 getting the same loot as stage 5. Once you beat the first stage, you beat the game congratulations no need to waste your time.
Well... a lot of problems in game. Badly balanced, equipement breaks more than it combines, a lot (and even more) grinding, sell option in inventory asks you everytime "do you want to sell" and makes selling annoying. You cannot summon pet without ad, it even asks you "do you want to watch a video", if you tap NO, then no reward. imagine if you have 10 eggs to summon from... There is even more problems, but it would be too long to type.
Maybe if the item upgrade system at least gave extra percentage for the next upgrade (not exactly a good solution imo, but better than nothing) or increased its stat (not level) that could hopefully solve the problem. Plus, my stats seem to decrease after grinding for a bit is it supposed to be that way?
Awesome game, really like, I think it could be even better by tweaking few things like being able to increase combine percent by paying with gold, adding sell all and merge all items that's same tier, also auto sell picked items if they are below certain level and being able to open eggs with cash instead of video ads and merging pets would be cool instead of getting it as it is without tier upgrade chance. Keep up with good work
The game doesnt look like much but for some reason it is oddly satisfying and calming to play. I have a few issues though. First, the continuous ads. Finish level, ad. Go back to town, ad. Die, ad. I can understand some ads here and there but youre pretty much forcwd to pay 4.99 to unlock no ads just to enjoy the game. Second issue high level gear should NOT have stats that are below level one. I have upgraded to stage 10 and 11 (gold) and yet i am still having to wrar a level 3.
Perhaps one of my favorite games I have played in a while. Amazing music (though i don't usually listwn to it) and beautiful details for the equipment. There are of course two downsides that I would like to specifically address. Why is it that in order to hatch an egg, the only way is to watch an ad? And the inventory is way to small when you get to late game.
This needs more updates. I'm stuck on stage 6 of stage 6 (not sure why they have the same name) because it takes too long to upgrade my gear and nothing better drops. Also the mobs get harder to kill but there's no way to scale to their damage without spending a lot of money
This game has potential, but there's a problem, the developer, they add the 'crafting failure system' as a clever excuse to continue playing the game, this system is so annyoing that it dropped 2 stars off the rating, i highly doubt they'd get rid of it, because if they put it there, then they'd keep it for a reason, but this game can be saved once they get that god awful system out of the game.
It's honestly a fun game. I love the art style. The only thing I would suggest changing is being allowed to use merge gear that you have equipped so you don't have to get a different level gear to merge anything with it just to switch back to it. Also it would be nice to adjust music & sound effect levels in an options menu.
I really enjoyed the game. I personally find the gameplay enjoyable but I also have found some issues. I can't seem to open the eggs you find. I keep pressing the hammer icon which is supposed to play an ad and then open I egg (I think) but for some reason the video refuses to be opened. I've been waiting for 4 hours but it still won't play. I've checked my Internet and everything but in vain. Kindly help me fix this problem and I shall gladly rate 5 stars.
Game makes 0 sense. 2 items of the same level make 1 item 1 level higher (if it works). However, often times, level 4 gear will be better than level 5-7. There is no strategy, just mindless grinding by running to the right, dying, upgrading your gear, then repeat. Not a great game, but what makes it terrible is the forced ads after you do ANYTHING, showing how much this game is based off of how many ads they can shove in your face before you finally uninstall. Dont bother.
It's an ok game overall. The gameplay is simple enough, but there is no explanation of the stats or currency. The art style is nice, but there is like 0 enemy reaction animations so fighting just looks lame and quirky, like you're hitting a cardboard cutout of an enemy. Sacrificing same- type gear is kind of annoying honestly. It'd be better to upgrade with a system that's something like breaking items down for a resource to improve that class of items.
Decent game, but needs work. Reminds me of a great side scrolling grinder called MinuteQuest, but doesnt feel as polished. Needs a lot more content, and there appears to be some kind of cacheing/lag issue. 0 lag to start...15m of grinding and it lags out. Force closing and restarting resolves...for another 15m or so.